Ned Hamson
Cloned Cows To Produce Human Milk -
E Coli not enough - create entirely news way to produce new diseases - how stupid are we? Not even scratching surface, I guess. - Ned Hamson
Horrible! Terrifying! - Do you remember the post about the 15% human sheep some weeks ago? They don't know anything about ecological chains of evolution and the relations and connections between all the lifeforms on earth and their environment, as we can continually watch, but they do all possible to break this chain of life! Is the BSE diseaase named "cattle insanity" or similar in the US too? In German it's named "Rinderwahnsinn" - This word I remembered instantly when I read this headline!! - Kreuzberg-Jakob
BSE Yes. And increase possibility of passing other diseases back and forth to each other. Can you imagine human hoof and mouth disease?! - Ned Hamson from email