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Nikica Jokic

Nikica Jokic

Time waster, hobby acquirer, and a student of computing.
neektza on Concurrency primitives and abstractions in Ruby -
"That's a console command that starts the example." - Nikica Jokic
Mutable Algorithms in Immutable Languages, Part 3 -
[xpost] Concurrency primitives and abstractions in Ruby -
RT @nikolaplejic: Well, well, well - seems like Zagreb got a Haskell user group! Join @haskellzg for its first meetup:
Concurrency primitives and abstractions in Ruby -
I blog'd about concurrency primitives and abstractions in Ruby
RT @akahn: OH: THUNKS, OBAMA (me explaining space leaks in the president's haskell program)
RT @webcampzg: There is a speaker-related easter egg on the WebCamp web site. First one to find it and tweet it to us gets a ticket.
RT @adrianshort: A quick reminder for those who say "it's only metadata": #stitchup #surveillance
RT @haskellzg: Prvi meetup sljedeću srijedu u 18 u Zlatnom medi (križanje Vukovarske i Savske)
RT @TheTweetOfGod: Stop praying to Me, Brazil. Even I can't help you now. #WorldCup
RT @denibertovic: Any haskellers in/near Zagreb? Join here: /cc @neektza #haskell
JSON, Aeson and Template Haskell for fun and profit -
BALKAN FLOODS Expose Deadly Mines From 1990s Civil War -
Nice moves by Ronaldo. -
Nice moves by Ronaldo.
neektza on Brown belt test for one of Roy Dean's students. -
"Sure, but your intentions and motivations change when circumstances change. I never intended to teach, but after I relocated to a smaller town I ended up being the most experienced practitioner here and therefore I teach now. Now I'm glad that I did have tests like this one because they helped me memorize and classify all the techniques I know." - Nikica Jokic
When I unfollow someone, I feel like I've made a badass statement. So sad :)
RT @mihaelkonjevic: Are you using @yeoman generator-canjs to set up your @canjs projects? I've written about it here:
RT @GeorgeTakei: Can never hear "captain's log" again without picturing this.
Recruiters contact you via LinkedIn and then ask for CV... WTF?
RT @jzy: "The best part of these films is how convincing Tom Cruise is when dealing with aliens. It's like they're almost real to him."
RT @clementd: Stop the bullshit and the hero/artist cult around programming. It has scientific bases like everything else.
RT @lukeredpath: @_supermarin haha…sort of ;)
RT @zeShxXx: #CRO coach Niko Kovac is very angry. #WorldCup2014
RT @SiedVanRiel: No competing team/country should suffer from a spineless incapable referee like this 1. #WorldCup2014 so much technology available...
Check out my personal newspaper on The Tweeted Times!...
RT @ezraklein: Humans have spent more time watching Gangnam Style than writing all of Wikipedia:
Pointless Ruby refactoring nmb 421, if-elsif-else to and from case-when-else. Semantically eqivalent. #ruby #stopmessingwithmycode
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