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New Avengers Annual #1 is a tour-de-force dark Doctor Strange story from writer Frank Barbiere and artist Marco Rudy. -
Dr. Strange movie meta-commentary: finally an intriguing hero, or scraping the barrel-bottom? -
Supreme Court ruling about copyright statute of limitations throws lifeline to Stan Lee Media. -
Scott Derrickson to direct the Doctor Strange movie. -
Hollywood's superhero movie binge explained in four charts. -
She got rape threats for questioning the depiction of breast implants on a teenaged girl. -
June's one-shot New Avengers Annual #1 will be a Dr. Strange solo story. -
Amazon acquires major digital comics platform ComiXology; collected links. -
MoCCA Fest in NYC this weekend! -
Stan Lee Bemused By Kirby Controversies, Not As Rich As You Think He Is. -
Retailer Brian Hibbs on the current state of back issues at comic shops. -
Dr. Strange sells his soul for power in New Avengers #14. -
Dr. Strange is in Daredevil #32, not being a Darkhold expert. -
Marvel to bring four live-action series and The Defenders to Netflix. -
Marvel correspondence from the 60's reveals peeks of who did what. -
Jeet Heer interviewed by Comics Reporter; The Superhero Reader. -
DC Comics announces move from NYC to Hollywood. -
Those Comics in Your Basement? Probably Worthless. -
Captain America: New Deal Democrat, anti-fascist, internationalist. -
Happy Birthday to Steve Ditko! -
Marvel Pinball Doctor Strange coming in December. -
NY Comic-Con enrages attendees by hijacking social media accounts to spam ads. -
Long love-note to David Quinn's run on Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme by Ben Herman. -
New York Comic-Con coming this weekend! -
Mightygodking's Doctor Strange convention sketchbook. -
Doctor Strange Haunted Pathways board game from Crazy #88 with hq scans for printing and playing! -
Stan Lee's open letter about Steve Ditko's role in the creation of Spider-Man, 1999. -
Legendary comics creators dismiss any industry ambition to lead the way and be less sexist than overall society. -
Dormammu killed off-panel by Magik in Uncanny X-Men 7. -
50 Years of Doctor Strange celebrated by Doc-uberfan SanctumSanctorumComix! -
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