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Thomas Hawk
I'm not quite sure I "get" why people want I mean isn't it just a Twitter clone? Why go backwards from FriendFeed? Isn't FriendFeed already a superior communications platform? I signed up for it but I'm just not sure how I can justify spending time there when FF is vastly superior.
I just like playing around with new stuff. Already I tend to use FriendFeed more than Twitter and I'll probably goof with for awhile like I did with Plurk. At least I like a LOT more than Plurk. - Akiva
There are two misguided notions: 1) that is a "federated" service out of the box (it isn't), and 2) that because it's open source, it automatically means all features anybody wants gets put back into the service (it doesn't). It does allow you to run your own microblogging service and hack it up, if you want. Number of people who are going to do that? Very, very few. - Mark Trapp
Yeah, I get "playing around" with it. I do that with everything too. But after playing around with it it just seems like Twitter, unless I'm missing something. If I'm going to invest time in something it needs to be a step forward, not backwards. Feels like a step backwards to me from FriendFeed. - Thomas Hawk
the open sourced potential distributed hosting nature of it is whats interesting to me thomas - not a replacement for friendfeed which is conversation & discovery central for me but it could be an interesting experiment in what a short msg'g platform could be if architecturally done right - very early though - mike "glemak" dunn
It is an interesting point and brings up the question of how viable an open source FriendFeed clone would be. The primary motivation for the Twitter clones has been performance, but perhaps there would be other advantages? Just a thought. - Ray Grieselhuber
@thomas: what about ?? - mhmazidi
Actually, now that I think about it, will never be a real player until FriendFeed starts working with it. - Akiva
I see no point to go backwards, of course first you have to try it if you want to compare it. this is what I wanna try when will be public. - dan
I signed, but will use twitter for post feed distribution and the occasional chat, but i agree that this platform is where we should spend most of our time, when we are not creating content. - Mário Pires
i keep my ff twitter free! micro-blogging belongs to twitter and co - Dieter Schwarz
I second utterz, also left a message asking to intergrate its cross posting with FF, this way we can select if we want some or all messages input to FF. - Anthony C.
Damn, I wish you could "like" comments, because what Winer said here is exactly what I'm feeling, even if I'm not a developer. - Mike McCallister from NoiseRiver
I agree and I still find that I post to twitter. My network on FF is really limited and I get absolutely no feedback here. So until more people i know get on board or I become more interesting I post on Twitter and look enviously at people who can get feedback here. Either way, I've signed up for but I'm not using it. - Jeremy Kunz from twhirl
People want all these new things because it's "trendy" to have a bajillion social networking tools. I have trouble keeping up with the ones I have, but then that's the product of a 9+ hour workday coupled with a 3+ hour round trip commute and finding time to spend with the family. - jerry
Great dialog Thomas. Think most of us would agree that FF and Twitter are essentially two different avenues and that if a SOLID replacement to Twitter came along (with an importer) before they fix it .... could (will) see an exodus of a lot of users. - Charlie Anzman
Hi Thomas. You make me wonder where are Pownce, Twine, and the whole. of course it's definitely the triumph of less is more: less functions, more community, that's why we're still twitting - - Alberto D'Ottavi
FF will be the clear winner of this all when it gains SMS functionality - Glenn Batuyong from twhirl
I second Glenn Batuyong, SMS support is really a selling point for twitter IMO - Jeremy Kunz from twhirl
@Glenn that would be a great feature! - Joe Dawson
twitter (when it works) is still better at being distributed and easy to understand - Samuel Bostock
What's great about is that IT IS a Twitter clone. No need to make it "fancier" or "Feature-packed", and what was great about Twitter is that it did ONE thing well (when it's available). FF is only useful for people like you, Winer and Scoble who have followers commenting on YOUR posts. For me, with 0 followers, I rely on my "friends" timeline to read what you guys are writing, and there's WAY too much noise. Especially the most annoying feature the "friend of a friend" posts. - Terry
Of course, I just realized you hit "hide", then "see more options...", then "hide all friends-of-friends". That's a big fail in my book. - Terry
Terry (and everyone else pissed off about noise), protip: if you don't like noise, don't start using a service only following A-listers. Those people are interacting with hundreds to thousands of people, and will introduce you to a huge amount of noise, even on Twitter. If you can't find people to follow that aren't A-listers, maybe being on that service isn't the best thing for you at this time. You can't have your cake and eat it, too. - Mark Trapp
The stole the whole thing from anyway. - Jim Kukral from twhirl
You know if they were an EXACT clone of Twitter (minus the downtime) I think they'd do very well. - Leo Laporte
It's just another tube that feeds into FriendFeed, to me. - Josh Bancroft
their IM works, me and another were having a convo through with IM which i miss with twitter. i just like playing around with new things as well, that and "reserve" my username on the new launches, just in case. - Chris Harris
@Leo Yeah, They just have to do all the same features, and then we will just need a skin on it that makes it look 'exactly' like Twitter. Fail-Whale and everything :P Honestly, I've kinda moved away from the conversation on Twitter and I mainly post on it with, but I don't really look at replies that much until I get a app. I don't know why, but I really just need something that will Pop Up, tell me what happened, then fade into the background. Browser won't do that - Tyler (Chacha)
Mark, I'm one of those very very few people then. Already talking to a developer about adding's platform to The China Business Network's re-launch. Let the hacking for niche communities begin. :) - Christine Lu
Christine, don't get me wrong: that's really, really cool. And I'm sure there are going to be others like you that find uses for There's this notion that open source = perfect software, and it's really being pushed today and yesterday with It's not a game changer. The "it has potential" argument only goes so far. Many, many, many projects have potential. It's what an enterprising person or group of people do with it that matters. - Mark Trapp
@chacha - you want Twhirl - Leo Laporte
@thomas hawk. you nailed it - rob zand
I couldn't agree more. Why have a new service that is just a clone of another? Unless can do something that Twitter can't, then thanks but no thanks. - Brandon Wood
@Mark Trapp I totally understand about the A-lister noise, but up to certain point I LIKE the noise. I don't really care that one of my friends is about to take his dog for a walk, but I AM interested in Dave Winer's thoughts on whatever-new web app. Twitter for me is the perfect blend of quasi-feedreader and cult of personality. FF seems to be "everything that everyone's doing everywhere and sometimes more than once". Plus, I like the @ reply system. - Terry
@leo, but it won't work; also friendfeed I think is more prone to take over a huge chunk of say what facebook does, rather than a huge chunk of what twitter/etc does. you still need the pipes to feed into the main. I'd also add that a more dynamic/distributed way to have a microblogging like community flow between IRC style chats and twitter like status blogging, so sort of the way to go... - tycho garen
Let me just say, for once, I am enjoying my FriendFeed experience. Maybe it's all about participation. On Twitter, I can just read what others are saying and make an occasional stupid post... but here, it seems more enjoyable if you're actually INVOLVED in the conversation. - Terry
SMS support isn't important to me. I prefer managing my interaction with a microblogging site myself rather than be interrupted. For me, and I may be unique here as a photographer, photos are also extremely important. That's why I liked Pownce a lot more than Twitter when it came out. But FF has them all beat hands down, so I'm still not sure why I'd invest time in something like now. - Thomas Hawk
I would have to agree with you on If twitter has this many problems already, would identi have the same issues as well. I really like FF much better then twitter or identi. - Jeff Chilton
"open sourced potential distributed hosting nature," that sounds cool and all but it reminds me too much of stuff like OpenID or Ubuntu, or whatever it's called. Sounds really good but wayyyy too geeky to ever get broader adoption which is what makes a community site work best. FF has the traction at this point and a nucleus of interesting people sourcing interesting content filtered through social interactivity. Beats anything else out there at present. - Thomas Hawk
I hope that things like this with their mobile extensions will see the end of the rip off that is SMS. - John Cooper
I'm finding FF/Twitter great, but am exploring - Chris
It could be that folks are just looking (desperately) for something that will be more stable than Twitter, while having all the interesting people on it. - Randy Hall
Sign-up is down, Twitter Part Deux - Ryan Taylor
@leolaporte said it all. I get all of the luminaries tallkng to me in real time, and that reaks of awesome. AIR might just be the killer app of the year. - adam garrett from twhirl
Right now, is Twitter, minus a bunch of things. Comparing Twitter and FriendFeed has always been an apple and oranges comparison anyway—one isn't better than the other, since they do different things. Twitter is essentially in beta right now; things should get interesting when Twitter is completely back with XMPP, track, etc. - Albert Willis
@thomas Hawk and @deathbyninja Being someone with an unlimited data plan, I have to say that the usefulness of SMS should not be overlooked. Not everyone has unlimited data, and in some cases, that data is a walked garden (like T-Zones). Plus not everyone has a smartphone, and in some cases, it's just easier to slam out a text message (especially when in an area with crappy data... more... - Ivan from fftogo
@Thomas Yes, I agree "open source, decentralized" sounds very geeky, but all that techie talk will be TRANSPARENT for ALL users once it all just works! - Hao Chen
i agree. Fun to try different systems! - Harry Myhre
It's the fact that it's open source is what is most alluring, to me. - James Rishabh Mishra from NoiseRiver
Honestly, I found it just as slow as Twitter and missing in features. I know, I know - it's open source and features can be easily added. But really, most of my closest friends aren't leaving Twitter and most of my techie friends are on FF. Everyone segregated themselves for me. I reserved my user names at, just like I did at Plurk, but that was the extent of it for me. - Michelle Lentz
Having the ability to post media messages like utterz would be a nice addition to FF. - Tim FitzGerald
Brian Auer
10 things I hate about Flickr (and its users) -
Neil posted a very interesting article about Flickr, Flickr comments, and Flickr users in general. Though he mentions the things that he "hates", the article is intended to point out some of the flaws in the system and the way people use that system. - Brian Auer
Brian Auer
Neil posted a very interesting article about Flickr, Flickr comments, and Flickr users in general. Though he mentions the things that he "hates", the article is intended to point out some of the flaws in the system and the way people use that system. - Brian Auer
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