Have satellite tv, internet, 2 cell phones and landline with Bell Canada and a faithful customer for years. Any suggestions for change?
My monthly invoice with Bell Canada is over $500/mo. might be the right time to make a change.
Cell phone users beware. Pay as you go may the way to proceed. Bell Canada does not care about their customers.
Bell Canada bills you 30 days in advance for svc use. Items I cancelled will not be reflected for an add'l 30 days. That totals 60 days.
Bell Canada practices creative acct'g. Just cancelled svc on a cell and iPad I will be billed 30 days even though these items are gone
is anyone going to buy the new iPad2?
His name is Chester and he will need alot of love. Someone was beating on him and starved him. I hope love is enough.
Recently rescued a 4 year old boy doxie to go along with the girl doxie I rescued last year. He is sadly damaged.
Been away far too long.
Pulling into TO have to log out.
Love the new lists capability, but it is really slow. Way to go Twitter!
Mac or PC? My laptop has just died. Any suggestions?
Been away for a while.Glad to be back.Hope everyone is having a great day.
Feeling rather melancholy thinkig abut Kanon. I am thankful for every day that I have with him, but still I worry about the inevitable.
I maintain that dog is the palidrome for god and it is not a coincidence. The love we get is more than equal to the love we give
Dogs just don't live long enough for us, their human companions. I have had my share of heartache with the loss of beloved pets.
Does anyone have any experience with the NSAID metacam? Want Kanon to have a happy old age. He is a great old boy and the love of my life.
Put Kanon my senior doxie on metacam. Seems to be helping his mobility. He is 16 years old and has survived 3 back surgeries.
Maddawg is going to the hospital for surgery. Although it is routine, if there any surgery is ever routine, it is still worrying.
So much to do, so little time. Going home to pack. Travelling to Ottawa with my staff tomorrow. Returning on Friday.
Had a very long ten hour work day with a two hour commute home looming. Hope that it goes without a hitch.
2009 has been a year of weather extremes. We had no real summer to speak of and now as we head into the fall we have a drought. Yikes.
It's raining, at last. We haven't sen any rain in 3 weeks. So far it is the driest September sice the fifties.
Travelling to Ottawa next week and Maddawg is gong into the hospital for hernia surgery. Looks like another crazy week.
At last, going home. TGIF. Spent the entire day in web meetings.
Going to work in the dark. Summer's over. Anticipate another brutal day. Q4 is always the worst, with budgeting, revenue planning, deadlines
Rick it is o.k. to be sad for now, the loss is very raw. Let's celebrate the life that was your father's and thank him for lessons learned.
I salute you M. Bercier. I hope that you are smiling as you look down from heaven. I wish to learn from you and enjoy life to the fullest.
His joy in life was to R.V. around the country. Sickness would have impeded this passion, so he chose to live life to its fullest.
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