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Mike Nencetti

Mike Nencetti

a tech from Upstate NY who lives in Charlotte NC. GV 980-428-9438
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#Saturdayff There is no documentation of how my great grandfather Cesare Augusto Nencetti arrived in the US from Italy. It was not Ellis Island. We believe it was through Canada.
My father who is also a Cesare says it is Chez-a-rae - accent on the first syllable. he spared me the name and that's why I have an American name. - Mike Nencetti
One of us! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I suppose I am a Canadian, eh. - Mike Nencetti
Mike, what year did your great grandfather immigrate? Some of my ancestors came from Europe before Ellis Island was opened. - Greg GuitarBuster
Greg - That is what we do not know. He was born in 1880. Sometime in his 20's. We have a firearms permit from Italy in 1904, so after that. His father, and his oldest son (My grandfather) were named Temistocle. He went by Tom. - Mike Nencetti
So, I was supposed to have been named Tom. But that is a story for another SaturdayFF - Mike Nencetti
We came through Canada as well. It's been too long ago to get citizenship out of it though. I guess I'm stuck down here. - Brian Johns
Are we talking about this Caesar Nencetti? - bentley
8 children, 4 have left from that link - Mike Nencetti
If you click on View the Document, you can see the 1940 census. However, for earlier censuses , I need Ancestry, so I can do that tomorrow when I go to work. In the meantime, I have something that might be of interest. The link is awkward 'cause it's a search result from an odd little website. It's Donata's newspaper obituary and it says they married in 1904.... more... - bentley
The same little website has a death notice (not an obit) for Caesar and it has very little information. - bentley
My aunt Mary Donata can probably shed more light on this, she's retired and living in Florida. We think he may have been a horse thief, and came here to get away.... - Mike Nencetti
I'll look in Ancestry tomorrow when I'm at the reference desk, so it will be totally work related. :-) - bentley
my last name is extremely rare in the US. most trace our roots Cesare who arrived here most likely from Canada. Would love to find actual documentation. - Mike Nencetti
Still poking around, found a wedding announcement and photo of Albert in 1938. Very bad scan, I'm afraid, so you can't make out faces. - bentley
This is the translated 1880 birth certificate. Province of Caserta Town of Arce Registry Office Extract of the birth certificate of Nencetti Cesare Augusto Year 1880 # 98 In the year 1880, on the 27th day of September at 10.15 am in the Town Office. In front of me, Giuseppe Quattruni (?), Secretary appointed and approved by the Mayor on 11th day of October 1879, and Registry Officer of... more... - Mike Nencetti
This is the 1904 translated firearms permit. Office of Public Safety Permit for long barrel firearms The Prefect of the Castrovillari county AUTHORIZES Mr. Nencetti Cesare, son of Temistocle, of civil status (p.s. not in the military), born in Arce, 23 years of age, resident in Oriolo, to carry, for hunting purposes also, only the long rifle, with the prohibition to shoot migrating... more... - Mike Nencetti
They were married March 28 (26?), 1904, in St. Ann's Church in New York, according to a newpaper article about their 50th wedding anniversary. They moved to Frankfort in 1910.... more... - bentley
Thanks Bentley. The newspaper articles are new to me. I had the 1940 census documents. - Mike Nencetti
I found the passenger list of the S.S. Nord America, left from Napoli, arrived in New York 5 Sep 1901. I DM'd you the info. - bentley
The 1930 census record for Caeser Nencetti [Ceaser Nencetti], married to Donata, living in Frankfort, Herkimer, New York, says that he immigrated to the U.S. in 1901. I was double-checking that it matches the information from the 1901 Nord America manifest. - bentley
Wow :) - Brent Schaus from iPhone
My apartment has no wine glasses, so I am drinking wine from a coffee mug.
Burlwood Pinot Noir. Very good. - Mike Nencetti
Tuesday at 9am is my first session with a grief counselor. It's a free service provided by hospice. - Mike Nencetti
Glad to gear you're taking advantage of the service. *hugs* - Anne Bouey
Wine in a coffee mug. I like your style, sir. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Thanks Johnny!
I just posted something on Google Plus - I forgot It was still around.
My post sits there idle, unanswered. - Mike Nencetti
It's not dead, only sleeping. - Kevin Johnson
I supposedly have 1641 followers. someone must have seen that post - Mike Nencetti
I saw it! Here. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Today at Work we had a Chili Cookoff. It is not easy judging between 8
Today at Work we had a Chili Cookoff.  It is not easy judging between 8
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. I used butter instead of margarine.
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. I used butter instead of margarine.
I'm the queen of making "gourmet" boxed mac & cheese. My favorite? Greek yogurt, butter, Ro-tel, and corn. Pro tip- premix the powder with a bit of milk or cream and pour it in as a sauce; much easier. :) - Jenny H. from Android
You are now carrying my child - FFundercat #MOW
Almost a 1 year anniversary for this #MOW - Mike Nencetti
As expected this FF post shot to the top of Google images when I searched on my name. it has since dropped off. - Mike Nencetti
Only lasts a moment. - Josh Haley
That sounds nasty, Mike. I hear surgery can do wonders these days. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I got better. - Mike Nencetti from Android
I still can't get this image or link to show up when I google my name. it used to. - Mike Nencetti
Bump - Mike Nencetti
Good to see FriendFeed back up. - Mike Nencetti
Good to see FF back up, again. - Mike Nencetti
Still here. - Mike Nencetti
Still like. - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
3.5 years and still here. nice. :) - Mike Nencetti
troublesome todler? - chaz2b
I miss Fundercats. - Mike Nencetti
Ditto. - Larua Boats from Android
Sunset at Lake Lure 07-25-2010 -
Sunset at Lake Lure 07-25-2010
ask me anything, i'll try to reply.
How are you doing? Any new additions to the new place, such as furniture, art, throw pillows? - Corinne L
My main goal is learning to sleep. When my wife was home hospice, my days usually stated at 3am, sometimes 2am. I had to change her, and change and wash the sheets. I still struggle with sleep, sometimes waking up at 2am. last night i slept till 4:30, which was good. no new furniture, not sure how long I will be here. - Mike Nencetti
Are you doing anything to help get back on a regular sleep schedule? (Exercise, meditation, medication, herbal tea, not reading/watching TV in bed, etc. That is rather personal, so you don't need to go into specifics. - Corinne L
Well, I am walking distance of the fitness center. it's across the street, Everything is brand new. the more I go there, the better off i'll be. - Mike Nencetti
Shiny new exercise equipment! Fun! - Corinne L
What's your thoughts on IoT? :P - imabonehead
Imabonehead the IoT is my apartment. Dropcam records everything. I like to demo this on my iphone - Mike Nencetti
Have you had any dreams where Beverly came to visit you? - Janet from FFHound!
I saw in your posts that some of her family were mad at you (for unfair reasons). How are you getting along with them now? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I'm glad you're still visiting us here, Mike. What's the biggest change you've seen on FF over the years? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Janet - Beverly did visit me once right after she passed. Not since. Or I visited her in the dream. - Mike Nencetti
Stephen. I have had very little contact with her family in the past month. It's just her two adult children that are mad - they want more money than she had planned to give them. - Mike Nencetti
Woh, in the earlier days, things were a bit more volatile. Remember we used to be the FF Mob. Things seem to be very peaceful lately. - Mike Nencetti
Wine tasting at Crescent Alexander Village.
Wine tasting at Crescent Alexander Village.
I liked the apothic red - Mike Nencetti from iPhone
Made it to the Alexander Village Fitness Center at 5:30am. Yes I actually did work out.
Made it to the Alexander Village Fitness Center at 5:30am. Yes I actually did work out.
Nifty new work phone. Now I just need to learn how to use it.
Nifty new work phone.  Now I just need to learn how to use it.
It has Bluetooth. New to test pairing it. - Mike Nencetti from iPhone
Just paired my iPhone 6+ I'll also order a Bluetooth headset Cisco recommends. - Mike Nencetti from iPhone
With the iPhone paired, the Cisco phone can access my contacts, and recent iphone calls. Calls made on the iPhone while paired go through the Cisco phone. I ordered a Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset should arrive Wednesday. - Mike Nencetti
Wow, nice! - Marie
it also has a USB charger. I was too busy today to do much with it. I would like to get rid of the corded headset, and not have to juggle two phones at my desk. many people call my cell. - Mike Nencetti
Beep boop bop boop beep - Eric - ill subliminal
This is the best feature of Facebook. I set this when my wife passed. No plans to ever change it.
This is the best feature of Facebook. I set this when my wife passed. No plans to ever change it.
A rare selfie.  1/9/2015 -
A rare selfie.  1/9/2015
The selfie factory on tumblr reblogged this. Apparently they automatically reblog every tumblr post with selfie in it. - Mike Nencetti
Colonoscopy done. All Clear. Sorry no pics. When the nurse awoke me from the anesthesia, I was confused, and said - What are you doing in my house?
I didn't think I'd gone under. I asked when I should expect the anesthesia to kick in. - Fred Garvin from iPhone
Going without food for a day was not as scary as going without coffee this morning. I survived. - Mike Nencetti
THAT IS THE BEST SLEEP EVER!. glad you're okay :) - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Scenic frozen fountain.
Scenic frozen fountain.
this fountain is right outside the apartment. surprised they left it on. - Mike Nencetti
I would love to see a time lapse of that forming, or of it melting. - Brian Johns
My niece Katie made this for me. -
My niece Katie made this for me.
My niece Katie made this for me for Christmas. Thank you Katie.
My niece Katie made this for me for Christmas.  Thank you Katie.
I've been contemplating this phrase: "may I nurture seeds of joy and peace." that lovely print echoes my wish for us all! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I sometimes listen to the techno channel on Pandora. Don't judge me.
My first omelette at the new apartment.
The new high tech frying pan deserves most of the credit for not screwing it up. - Mike Nencetti
*applause* - Marie
#SaturdayFF Panthers Win!
As the lone Charlotte Friendfeeder. I am basking in my obscure teams playoff victory this afternoon. - Mike Nencetti
I was a Dork in a marching band. I enjoyed it.
yes, i was a blond. - Mike Nencetti
Me too! (I wasn't blond but I was in band and enjoyed it.) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Sometimes I see jokes on TV about kids in band being nerds but I don't get it. Some of the coolest kids in my schools were in the bands. Including me! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
So was I, for one year--but four miles of July 4 parade playing clarinet means you say "enjoyed" through gritted teeth. Same probably true for any reed instrument. - Walt Crawford
Fellow dork here! - Larua Boats from Android
I'm a bigger dork for not being part of any bands! - imabonehead
Marching band was probably the hardest physical activity I've done in my life to this point. Sitting in a chair (or standing for Jazz band) I could do in my sleep. Marching was a whole different animal. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Marching band was TOUGH on clarinet players' teeth, I lasted one season because I'm a wuss. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
But I loved the uniform. And being in parades. So much fun. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I gotta admit I wasn't really feeling our uniforms. We looked like rejects from the 3 Musketeers. Frilly, curved feather in the hat and all. Hopefully the band has better gear now. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
I upgraded my lamp to LED -
I upgraded my lamp to LED
I went to to IKEA to pick up items for the apartment. I looked at desk lamps, but did not find anything I liked. I'll keep what I have. I like my little lamp.
I gave it an upgrade with an LED bulb - Mike Nencetti
in 2015 I'll be able to travel. Looking forward to it.
I did ok. First time using oven. -
I did ok. First time using oven.
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