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Mike Nencetti
First visit to Zoes Kitchen. http://t.co/qSrPTe1qQa
First visit to Zoes Kitchen. http://t.co/qSrPTe1qQa
This place is across the street. I'll be back - Mike Nencetti
We have one here, it's very good. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Mike Nencetti
My challenge for this spring, summer etc is figuring out how to take vacations. I'll probably focus on Wrightsville Beach, NC as it is the closest to me. Taking a solo vacation is not easy.
That's a good challenge, though. - Anne Bouey
My Friendfeed background is Topsail Beach NC. I'll check there too - Mike Nencetti
I'll also look into a kayak rental and or tour. - Mike Nencetti
Or, you could do an LB and visit other FFeeps. - Just another Bubba
I'll try to get to PA when Friar has his housewarming FF party. - Mike Nencetti
I'm officially on vacation now — now I just have to pack.
Right side up, yo. - Micah from iPhone
ahahah (I saw!) - did from Flucso
I'm a tradesman—I don't need no selfie stick, made this pic with my bare hands. - Micah from iPhone
Very Mario. - Andrew C (✔)
An artisanal selfie. - John (bird whisperer)
pro-tip: do not pack overalls for Hawaii - Meg VMeg
I do love a man in dungarees :-) - Heleninstitches #teamff
Heading anywhere fun, Micah? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
What is vacation - Mike Nencetti
Bring us back a surprise! Wait...I think you already have one lined up. ☺ - Corinne L
I like your overalls. :D - Jenny H. from Android
You should see what they do for his Armor Class. - Akiva
Mike Nencetti
My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 3/26/2015: 22,121 steps and 10.1 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user...
My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 3/26/2015: 22,121 steps and 10.1 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user/394WYT
all time high, but then again this is workweek challenge. I had to catch someone. Surprisingly not in any pain. - Mike Nencetti
Mike Nencetti
no beer, (or any other alcohol) for 11 days. This is a good thing. thankful I have this #fitbit challenge. getting back into shape. having a better outlook on life.
Anytime I feel I need to svelte up a couple of pounds. It's the booze that goes first. :\ Works though. You losing weight or other concerns if you don't mind me asking? - SAM
yes I want to drop back to the weight was before my wife was sick. 152. I'm half way there. I was approaching a new belt notch a few weeks ago. I did not like the extra pounds - Mike Nencetti
Mike Nencetti
My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 3/24/2015: 19,641 steps and 9 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user...
My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 3/24/2015: 19,641 steps and 9 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user/394WYT
Wow, Mike! I was thinking my 11800+ was good! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I think I am done with my high numbers. There is a competition at work. it is fun competing, but my feet are a bit sore. - Mike Nencetti
Mike Nencetti
I know this will not last long, but for now I have reached the #1 ranking. (EDIT) I guess this needs some kind of #fitbit hashtag
Screenshot 2015-03-22 11.43.20.png
What list is that? - John (bird whisperer)
just my fitbit friends. sorry should have hashtagged it. - Mike Nencetti
mostly work, but a few Friendfeed people are in it. - Mike Nencetti
We had a workweek challenge this past week. I won my group, but would have lost if Gina G was competing, She was fortunately in another challenge. Only 10 people per challenge. So that is why my number is so high. I have a weekend challenge going on now. - Mike Nencetti
Mike Nencetti
My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 3/20/2015: 18,312 steps and 8.4 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user...
My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 3/20/2015: 18,312 steps and 8.4 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user/394WYT
it is great to be back on the treadmill. Feels great to get back in shape. - Mike Nencetti
Friendfeed Export and Format (v0.51) for OS X Yosemite (will probably not work in older OS X versions). Download: Here's the link to a zip file that contains the .app file: http://wittman.org/ff...
— FFexp.php & FFExp2HTMLex.php - "Paging Edition" (customization of Claudio Cicali's FF backup and archive-to-HTML scripts by Micah Wittman. App wrapper integration by Micah Wittman) - Micah
IMPORTANT: You'll need to allow unsigned apps. Here: System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Allow apps downloaded from > Anywhere - Micah
Mac'liler bunu görsün hadi yine iyisiniz bak Mayka abimizin kıyakçılığı yerinde v_v - Alfonker Tapir
Hold on, technical difficulty with download. - Micah
Interesting. I thought I'd see what happens on Snow Leopard. It doesn't even let you unzip it. Gives Error 1. (Not complaining, just FYI...) - Spidra Webster
abi ya vindows? brother i uze vindows - Rendetullah
OK. Try re-downloading from: http://wittman.org/ff... - Micah
After downloading from your new link above, unzipping and double-clicking, I get a plain white window with no labels or anything, only the three red-yellow-green buttons. On the menu bar, the word "nightrain" and nothing happens when I click on it. That's all I'm getting. - bentley
Alright. I need to fix the packaging of the app. Be back in 30 min to an hour. - Micah from iPhone
I'm able to download and install just fine, but running I get the "limit exceeded" error. (OS 10.10.2) - Jennifer Dittrich
Ok, good to know the package may be ok. Jenn, regarding the limit exceeded, I'm not surprised because it's basically running the same way behind the scene's as the bare script. I will try to add a memory setting adjustment that may or may not make a difference, but we'll see. - Micah
Ah, that makes sense. I figure I'm going to have to basically dump most of my feed to backup the rest :/ - Jennifer Dittrich
it's working for me - Mike Nencetti
vindvs lazim admin duy beni - Rendetullah
I redownloaded and I'm still getting nothing. But I already have a backup (no Discussion), so don't worry about fixing it for me if it works for everyone else. - bentley
ahahah abi ya admin duy beni mi yahasha. micah turkish windows users are wondering if you are planning to create a windows version as well. - Alfonker Tapir
Alfonker, yes, that's the plan. The base application is supposed cross-platform, and I'll be trying to confirm it will work tonight. Stay tuned. - Micah from iPhone
The second download worked great for me on 10.9.5. - Meg VMeg
It appears to be working, but I'm not sure where it's downloading to? - Alix May
Yeah, and I already forgot where it downloaded to :( - Meg VMeg
It tells you when it finishes running. Otherwise open app and just click Show Path button in upper right corner, then scroll below to see message. - Micah from iPhone
It just gives me a blank line. - Alix May
yes odd. I can see the files in terminal, but not in Finder, even after showing hidden files. - Mike Nencetti
HOW TO MANUALLY FIND YOU DATA DIRECTORY: Ctrl-Click the ffexp.app icon > Show Package Contents > then drill down through directories: Contents > MacOS > www. In www you should have ff_stream_<your username>.json — this is your raw data. Also: html_output folder has all your HTML files if you converted the data with the app. The ff_media folder has all the images and attachment files. - Micah
thanks! - Mike Nencetti
❤ Thank you so much, Micah. - Alix May
Thank you! - Meg VMeg
FYI: Deleted previous downloads, downloaded it again, unzipped, double-clicked. Still getting only the blank nightrain screen like before. - bentley
Ok so I ran it for the past hour and it pretty much did the same thing as when I ran Claudio's script directly last week. Namely it starts repeating itself after the 10101st row. Which I thought I had read somewhere that they had fixed. And looking at the script version here, you are a couple of point versions behind (1.2 vs the current 1.5). So I had to manually quit the php processes through Activity Monitor and never got to check out the conversion process. - rønin
It's running now - I had to make my feed public (even with the remote thingie, it didn't want to go) - was considering doing this anyway later, so we'll see how far it gets. At the moment, I'm seeing a lot of image files getting saved, so that's something :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Jenn, oh that's good. - Micah from FFHound!
Ronin, I'm updating the code to Claudio's current version, may be out tomorrow. Windows version also almost there. The 10K limit issue isn't likely to change, however. - Micah from FFHound!
So, if it is looping, how do you tell? It's still enumerating pages, but it looks like it's recording the same image (and skipping it) every few pages. [I'm in the 250's at the moment, and I've reached the end of my feed in HTML at 35,670.] - Jennifer Dittrich
To avoid looping, download the 1.5 ffexp.PHP script. When it detects a loop, stops automatically. - Ubikindred
Ah, gotcha. I'll stop what I've got running tonight, and retry tomorrow evening. - Jennifer Dittrich
(For the reached maximum allowed memory limit, in xampp/windows it's sufficient to increase the maximum allowed memory size from the default value to an higher value, i.e. 2048 MB, in php.ini. Unfortunately I don't know what is the configuration file in MacOS X environment) - Ubikindred
(it's php.ini lowercase, important in a case sensitive environment; the path depends on which php you are running, the one coming with the OS or the one provided with MAMP) - vic
(Sorry, for any ununderstandable reason, my corrector writes PHP instead of php) - Ubikindred
Holla at me if there's ever a Windows version? - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
The script is universal, you must have a working php engine to run the script (i.e. in Windows the esiest way is to install xampp, putting the script in the c:\xampp\www\php folder and running it in a DOS prompt - Ubikindred
I plan on having the Windows version out night. - Micah from FFHound!
(Sorry, I was talking about Claudio's php script naturally) - Ubikindred
No problem, understood - my version is still essentially his script with an interface and php environment wrapper. - Micah from FFHound!
New version (v0.6) for OS X released: Download: http://wittman.org/ff... - has Claudio's most recent script version (1.5) integrated in now. - Micah
Ooooh. I'll give that a go in just a sec. - Jennifer Dittrich
Rats. Still can't use it on Snow Leopard. I'm going to have to see if I can get Claudio's script working again. - Spidra Webster
I'm running it now - thanks, Micah! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
...69 pages after 18 mins and still going - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
..and done on 71 pages - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
It goes back to 2011. I can see up to p. 34 in the html directory. Are the other pages somewhere else? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
It worked, I got 50 pages (so, about a year.) More or less what I expected. I'll likely do a Tumblr entries purge at some point and re-run, which should get me a lot more of the other entries. - Jennifer Dittrich
Trying with the new one. The old one supposedly backed up 2000+ pages, but nothing in the html directory. - Alix May
Alix, try re-dowloading the app (it's now version 0.6). I fixed an issue with the HTML file rendering. Note: even when no HTML files are created (like backup only mode), your raw data can be there nonetheless. - Micah from FFHound!
I dl'ed and re-ran it again last night. Looks good, I haven't had a chance to look into the data but it did convert and finish instead of looping. - rønin
I downloaded and ran it again without images, and it backed up 102, but only converted to html up to p. 50 - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Looking a the raw data json data, it goes back to Jan 2011, so the early years must be beyond what can be downloaded for me. Edit: 50 pages x 200 posts per page =10,000 posts (which seems to be the max allowed). - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I have back to 2010. ❤ (also 50 pages for me, Higlet) - Alix May
A new, consolidated app install instructions page: http://wittman.org/ff... - Micah
t-ra needs this place
still trying to figure frenf.it out. can only follow some people, on others the "follow" button doesn't work. also I can't post anything. maybe it hates firefox?
I wonder if there might be some issues with bandwidth at the moment. The last couple times I visited, things weren't loading as quickly as usual. - John (bird whisperer)
ah, ok. thanks. - t-ra needs this place
Yeah, doesn't load at all for me. http://friendfeed.com/stplank... - Stephan Planken from iPhone
So far working for me (even tried their bookmarklet), but server speed/bandwidth is sometimes an issue. - Nils Sandin
Interesting. It's just not loading for me (iPhone, wifi/cellular). - Stephan Planken from iPhone
i cannot post. I'm using Chrome on Mac. I did figure out how to follow people. - Mike Nencetti
It's the shape of things to come. - Jim #teamFFrank
You can't post on your own profile page. Go to the general feed or to a group to post. http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... At least, that was what it was for me. I was trying to post while on my profile page. - Spidra Webster
that's where I was, Spidra. just wouldn't happen. I'll keep trying. - t-ra needs this place
The only problem I've had is that it's slow to respond (Chrome on Windows 8). - Jenny H.
Mike Nencetti
The MRI results were not good. "in field" radiation area showed return of the original tumor, and a new growth. We received a copy of the images from all MRI's. Radiation will stop as will chemo by pill. it is now chemo by IV, once every other week for 2 months. Mentally tough to process everything. Still hopeful.
pic is sunrise at Virginia Beach from last month. Moments like this are things to focus on, quality, not quantity. - Mike Nencetti
Big hugs and lots of love xxx - Melly
Thanks Mel :) - Mike Nencetti
The DR's are still discussing her case, so we have no schedule yet. - Mike Nencetti
Best wishes for a good outcome! - Eivind
Praying for Beverly and you, Mike. - Just another Bubba
Let's hope the IV will do its job, Mike! - Stephan Planken from iPhone
So sorry. Sending positive thoughts to both of you. - Me
Glioblastoma grade 4, is a tough battle to fight. Thank you everyone. - Mike Nencetti
Thinking of you both. Stay strong. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
Praying for you both. *hugs* - Lisa L. Seifert
So sorry to hear this. My cousin's husband had the same thing. My thought are with you both. - Katy S from iPhone
Praying for your wife and for you. - Jim #teamFFrank
Continuing to pray for y'all. - LB needs a hero! from Android
I'm sorry to hear that, Mike. Mg thoughts are with Beverly & you. I hope the new chemo works. - Anika from Android
*hugs* sending prayers and support for your strength and for Beverly to respond well to the new treatments. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Strength and love to you both. I hope you have better news soon ((hugs)) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA from iPhone
That you are still hopeful is the most vital point. My best to you both. - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
Praying for you and Beverly. - Eric Logan
Holding you and Beverly very close in my heart and hoping with all my might that the IV knocks that tumor out. - vicster.
sending prayers for the both of you - Kevin Johnson
I do not have the easiest feed to kick out old posts.... - Mike Nencetti
That was and is tough. But I appreciate you having shared it with us. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Mike Nencetti
Crescent Resources set to break ground on University-area complex http://www.bizjournals.com/charlot... via @CBJnewsroom
Crescent Resources set to break ground on University-area complex http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/blog/real_estate/2012/11/crescent-set-to-break-ground-on.html?ana=twt via @CBJnewsroom
work plug. :) - Mike Nencetti
This one should be very popular as it is very near Trader Joes, IKEA and UNC Charlotte and I85. We live nearby too. - Mike Nencetti
who would have thought that this post, about a planned community, would be where I am living now. wow - Mike Nencetti
Mike Nencetti
Going Down. (@ Carillon Service Elevator) [pic]: http://4sq.com/10hfXhy
Going Down. (@ Carillon Service Elevator) [pic]: http://4sq.com/10hfXhy
Yes I live on the edge. - Mike Nencetti
I used to be the Mayor of the service elevator - Mike Nencetti
Mike Nencetti
Down. (@ Carillon Service Elevator) http://4sq.com/1kGgMko
Down. (@ Carillon Service Elevator) http://4sq.com/1kGgMko
it has been a while since I have checked into the service elevator. - Mike Nencetti
Mike Nencetti
I cannot post in frenfit - the error was "504 Gateway Time-out" I did figure out how to follow back. up to 15 people. Ill try again later.
Me, too. I'm just taking a knee for a bit. - Mary Carmen
oh good it is not just my account. I'll check tomorrow. I've never posted. - Mike Nencetti
Mike Nencetti
Nice day for a walk in Romare Bearden park. http://t.co/lwopWUqkwC
Nice day for a walk in Romare Bearden park. http://t.co/lwopWUqkwC
It may or may not be 78f. I do not to upset anyone - Mike Nencetti from iPhone
you just want me to hate you then? - MoTO Boychick Devil
well, it will be colder tomorrow, and rainy the rest of the week. so you can just hate me today. - Mike Nencetti
Anyone on OS X and wants to try out the FF backup tool I just made (GUI wrapper for ease of use for Claudio's script) - comment below:
Need a tester to two before wide release. - Micah
OH, I could run it while I'm here at work. :) 2.5 hours left! EDIT: v10.8.5 - That's So CAJ!
Sure! I'll need some pretty specific directions, but I'd be happy to give it a go. - Jennifer Dittrich
There's also a Windows version coming next. - Micah from FFHound!
I can't right now but could possibly try it later tonight. - rønin
yep! - fewdayslate
I'd like to try it to back up a private room or two. - Kristin
I'll give it a shot - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Sure. - Meg VMeg
Does it include discussions? If yes, I'll give it a shot. - bentley
count me in - Cafo
Awesome. Okay, raise you hand if you're running "Yosemite" OS X (10.10.1). - Micah
I can try it on Yosemite when I get home if you still need testers :) - team everyone from iPhone
Ur, how about 10.10.2? - rønin
Yes. I'm on Snow Leopard (10.6.8) - Spidra Webster
10.10.1. - bentley
both 10.10.2 (14C109) and 10.7.5 if you need - fewdayslate
10.9.5 here if you need another tester - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I have 10.10.2 Claidio's script did not work for me. I did not spend much time on it... I get limit exceeded when i tried. - Mike Nencetti
I got limit exceeded too. - bentley
I'm on Yosemite. - Kristin from iPhone
yes would love to when I get home tonight - Laura Norvig
Mike Nencetti
adding lots of FriendFeed people has greatly improved my Facebook feed.
my "People You May Know" is also stocked with more FF peeps - Mike Nencetti
I'm sorry that my Facebook contributions pretty much suck. :) So it's all these other people you friended who improved your feed, not me! - Stephen Mack
Big Joe Silenced
Musical Instrument and Recording Fanciers - http://www.frenf.it/earlyad...
Musical Instrument and Recording Fanciers
"Musical Instrument and Recording Fanciers" - Big Joe Silenced from Bookmarklet
a test room for one of my interests. nothing in it YET. - Big Joe Silenced
how the heck do i invite ppl to a new room on frenf.it? - Big Joe Silenced
Anyone? Bueller? - Big Joe Silenced
BUMP. feel free to join, it's open. - Big Joe Silenced
The link worked. i clicked subscribe. - Mike Nencetti
i changed the name of the room, but the link remains the same. - Big Joe Silenced
WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Mark H
I asked this earlier on other social networks with likes/faves but no answers so I'll ask here: if you're in a pub and someone - staff or punter - drops a glass does everyone else in the venue cheer loudly? This is typical in British pubs but I'm wondering if it's the same the world over.
Not common in Turkey. - O.S.M.
I think "Cheer Loudly" would be default behavior in American Bar as well #nottthatIhavemuchexperiencinbarsyouunderstand - WarLord
I've never experienced it, with everyone cheering loudly. At house parties, or when out with a group, the group may say something like "Party foul", or "That's alcohol abuse." But it doesn't apply to everyone in the room, just the group. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I think it'd be more likely to happen amongst a group of friends - "smooth move!" But when you don't know the person, you're more polite. - Spidra Webster
Interesting. I think, over here, amongst friends you keep quiet and are typically British and embarrassed into silence because one of your group has drawn attention in some way whereas when it's another group or, more likely, someone behind the bar then we engage "British Abroad" mode and go full loud-mouth-yob-shout-loud-point-laugh at them. - Mark H
I'm representative of some but the people to really ask are college boys...they may well do that. - Spidra Webster
I've been places (not specifically bars, but small restaurants/dinners) where everyone kind of goes "OOOH!" but not in a mean way. Other times someone yells "clean up!" - Heather
From my SoCal experience, it depends on the pub. In the fun ones, you'll get cheers. In the ones that cater to foodies & other boring people, you hear gasps and there's rubbernecking. - Anika
I've witnessed more what Heather described in bars (or anywhere) than anything else. More sympathetic than otherwise. - Anne Bouey
I've personally hollered "job opening!" in jest and I've heard cheering on occasion in rowdier places. Better than making the wait staff feel embarrassed about it, right? - Jenny H. from Android
Why would a pub hire a football punter? - Joe
In my pub-going days, shouting and applause and warm mockery were the standard. - Brent Schaus from iPhone
The role of the punter is to kick a small thing through a large gap some variable distance away. The question you've got to ask, Joe, is why a pub wouldn't hire someone to do this. - Mark H
True. - Joe
+ - Amir
It was once common in diners in the Midwest US to applaud. It was in the army mess too. - Michael W. May
Mazel tov! - Mike Nencetti
Cheers with this common in Scotland too! - Son of Groucho
I think most Norwegians will pretend not to notice to lessen the embarrassment for the dropper. We may even feel a little bit of the embarrassment ourselves. At least during the first ten pints. - Eivind
Who's going to be the first to Photoshop an FF ark? #noskillz - Kristin
Ah! Thanks! - Kristin
we are really happy to see that you are arriving. The host is http://friendfeed.com/senape and he'll be the most important Italian for you (and us) since Amerigo Vespucci. Here is the ff room for the very first questions, if you need: http://friendfeed.com/frenfi or http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... - fewdayslate
Just signed up. I am really impressed with it so far. I have high hopes for it. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Welcome on board :) - Pea Bukowski from Flucso
But I don't speak Italian! :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Did you import your FF stuff using the importer? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I signed up - Mike Nencetti
Higlet - I tried to import, but I got a "page not found" error. :/ - Kristin
yes, it's working but you can ask in english more details in there. There will be answers in english too from us. A server is working on the import queue, so still not seeing any result. use your remotekey to save if you have a private feed, or you have a private room. (really, no problem if you ask in there in english, there might be an english guide very soon anyway. - fewdayslate
you really should do your own english/american post in http://friendfeed.com/frenfi and/or http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... to get proper help from us. It's quite late right now, let us reply tomorrow! - fewdayslate
Thanks! - Kristin
Thanks, fewdayslate and senape! - Micah
http://ff.im/1kTW38 i've opened it for you in here while we move! You are all really welcome - fewdayslate
Mike Nencetti
do I dare do one of those #askmeanything threads. This has been a good week. I've had a few beers. no clue what I'll say
What beer? - Joe
will I be pretty? - MoTO Boychick Devil
Saranac - Mike Nencetti
Only if you feel pretty, Moto BD - Mike Nencetti
Joe, My beers have their own flickr album https://www.flickr.com/photos... - Mike Nencetti
*takes moment of silence* - MoTO Boychick Devil
and your favorite? - MoTO Boychick Devil
Moto, I like Ale's over Lagers. Current favorite is Buckshot, https://www.flickr.com/photos... but I need to try more of the the Lagunitas IPA. https://www.flickr.com/photos... - Mike Nencetti
teach me your ways o brew master - MoTO Boychick Devil
where did you grow up? - MoTO Boychick Devil
Herkimer NY. Central NY. - Mike Nencetti
get back there much? - MoTO Boychick Devil
I think i have a 35th reunion this summer. never been to one. I will be back in September for my cousin's wedding. have not been there in maybe 20 years. - Mike Nencetti
which high school? - MoTO Boychick Devil
Small town - only one school. I'll try to divert the q&a from online banking security questions. was not a popular kid. i was shy. not athletic. never dated in school. - Mike Nencetti
ah. no worries. what was so good about the week? - MoTO Boychick Devil
i'm back to walking on the treadmill. 3 miles this morning. started before 5am. its nice to start caring about life again. - Mike Nencetti
that's excellent. I'm up to about 5 miles. though not today ;) - MoTO Boychick Devil
I'm a bit spoiled, in a corporate apartment, across the street from a new fitness center. - Mike Nencetti
our company bought everyone a fitbit. so employee challenges have begun. - Mike Nencetti
you should drink Miller High Life *runs* - MoTO Boychick Devil
nice company - MoTO Boychick Devil
which model? - MoTO Boychick Devil
i'm quite blessed. but a few months ago things were different. To see what my wife had to endure with Glioblastoma Multiforme. - sorry i started typing rather difficult stuff during your questions. if I ever shared my photos from last fall.... sorry. i'll not do that. - Mike Nencetti
anyone can follow me on fitbit https://www.fitbit.com/user... - Mike Nencetti
done. and nothing to apologize for. - MoTO Boychick Devil
My advice to anyone who has to deal with terminal cancer, it to write. just write. - Mike Nencetti
good advice, I would think. - MoTO Boychick Devil
it was nice to see my company shut down, so everyone could attend my wife's funeral. here is a link. https://www.youtube.com/watch... - Mike Nencetti
Kol Tregaskes
What is your LinkedIn URL? Mine is http://www.linkedin.com/in...
If you're looking or not what type of work are you after too? I'm after any reporting/data-related work, like data/reporting analyst, or can do QA, basic accounting, basic network admin, technical support and some photography. :-) #whatsyoururl - Kol Tregaskes
Mine is http://www.linkedin.com/in... and I'm looking for Python web application development and design work. - Michael R. Bernstein
Thanks, Michael. - Kol Tregaskes
I'm not looking, but mine is http://linkedin.com/in/kentons - Kenton
mine's /glemak ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
Thanks guys. - Kol Tregaskes
mine is http://www.linkedin.com/in... , we are already connected ;-) - Gerald Hildebrandt
Thank you. - Kol Tregaskes
see? I didn't know your name was Kolin ;) - Valeria Maltoni
Valeria, hehe. It's my full name but never really use it and shorten it to Kol. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I like it, and I love your community initiatives here, well done! I think I should feature you in a post.... hmmm getting ideas on questions as I write ;) - Valeria Maltoni
Thanks all. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Rebecca, eh? - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks all. - Kol Tregaskes
Too disabled to hold a regular job now so I'm mostly looking to connect with voiceover connections, musicians to work with, and video people to make music videos. http://www.linkedin.com/pub... - Spidra Webster
I would like you follow you all wherever you are moving to or are right now. Can you please add your profile here and share to others so we can gather everyone's URLs in one place above? - Kol Tregaskes
Kol Tregaskes
I have a Page too but don't use it yet: http://www.facebook.com/pages... I only have 20 fans. ;-) #whatsyoururl - Kol Tregaskes
http://www.facebook.com/trenton... ...but watch out for the tumbleweeds rolling across my profile. - Trent Olson
http://www.facebook.com/hedwyg *sobbing quietly over here in my corner* - Ordinarybug Heather
I will have a little cry later................ - Kevin J Hatton
i have one but have used it less and less as FB has sucked more and more. i now log in a few times a month at most. - Big Joe Silenced
Thanks everyone! - Kol Tregaskes
Now I'm glad I got my vanity URL for FB. However I'm not about to go crazy friending y'all just yet as I hate the interface. - Kenton
http://www.facebook.com/krynsky Haha. I was just going to ask when you were going to start this. - Mark Krynsky
iphigenie, just like my ff id :D - Iphigenie
I didnt really want to add everyone i know on friendfeed to my facebook, i like to keep them seperate as much as i can. but you know what, fuck it http://www.facebook.com/simon... add a note saying you;re from friendfeed if you add me, then i can group everyone up :) - Simon Wicks
http://www.facebook.com/wangyip .. edit: ditto what Simon said above - add a friendfeed or FF note in the message if you do add me - Wang Yip
http://www.facebook.com/scott... [EDIT: I only intend to had people to FB that I have subscribed to and/or interacted with here on FF.] - Kristin of Two Everything
Simon, I thought that a while ago, then just added everyone too. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Just added you Kol :) - Simon Wicks
OK, you've all convinced me and as Simon requested, please note FF in the request. http://facebook.com/kenton - Kenton
Thanks, Simon. I've not started going through these yet. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I'm only going to add the people i actually talk to on here. I have a lot less people on my follow list than you, so its a bit easier for me :) - Simon Wicks
Remember, guys. According to FB, you're only allowed 5000 friends. Spend them wisely. - James Myatt
Hehe. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Facebook.com/hoogenboom - Wes Hoogenboom from iPhone
If anyone of you are Gtalk'ers, check out the list here: http://ff.im/6mySB - Kol Tregaskes
/glemak on most services - mike "glemak" dunn
As if we weren't before? Were they really that many people here who didn't also have a FB account, even if they didn't list it in their profile? I've been with FB since 2004 - LANjackal
here. i am your fan now :D - Iphigenie
Thanks all. - Kol Tregaskes
Helen, yep. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Well, with this news it is pushing me to start using my real name for web services and to kill (or at least slowly stop using) the tomit persona that I have used for many years. Find me here... http://www.facebook.com/ronaldb... - Ronald S
http://www.facebook.com/julia... - but no hearts or flowers please..:-) - Julia Ault
http://facebook.com/thereal... - someone else done stoled my name before I could. Jeepers! - Tsali - A dude man
http://facebook.com/andrewr... - may as well change my "have met" Facebook policy! - Andrew Roche
I could never agree to their TOS. The fun of working for paranoid folks. - Neal Krummell
I was already a facebook user... http://www.facebook.com/cassidy... - Cass
ugh.. I hate doing this... http://www.facebook.com/timhoec... - Tim Hoeck
Well http://www.facebook.com/elstudi... - Kol, your Posterous sharing post earlier today was more fun. - Eric Johnson
Ummmm the Facebook UI obviously won't be static, dude. They'll be making changes as the assimilation proceeds - LANjackal from IM
People who complain about FF+FB are like people who complain every time the FB home page changes. Even if it's better, they complain... - Gus
never spend any time there... not worth time... - Valeria Maltoni
I hate Facebook... - Oscar Mota
My company has one if you want to be a fan of a small web design and marketing firm :) http://www.facebook.com/pages... - Justin Rains
FB gets no link love from me facebook.com/tinapbeana - FFing Enigma
http://www.facebook.com/gbierma... - not like I use it much anyway... - Grant Bierman
I'm on Facebook, but I don't have a name in my profile URL (yet; I'm still new...). But if you want it, it's http://www.facebook.com/profile... -- if you friend me, tell me you're from FF. - Dennis Jernberg
I don't freaking have one because I never wanted to sign up for Facebook. :P Now I find out that through no fault of my own I'm technically a Facebook user? GAH. - Cheryl Jones
if u want facebook http://www.facebook.com/sefa... ███ - Sefa Karapinar
Keep 'em coming, I'll add you all later today. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
http://www.facebook.com/nzbuu/. I wasn't going to do this, but I'm going to indulge and see if I can make FB work like Scoble thinks it can. - James Myatt
LOL I knew you would do this :) http://www.facebook.com/parvez... - Parvez Halim
Update: My profile may not have a name-type URL yet, but here's the short way to get there: http://profile.to/jernbergdr - Dennis Jernberg
"Like" only because I'll have to find you guys somewhere :( http://www.facebook.com/people... - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
http://www.facebook.com/ozubey i knew this was coming, this is why i got my url with my FF nickname.:-) - Özhan Yiğitler
http://www.facebook.com/krz9000 i hope they write a proper friendfeed friend importer - Chris Hofmann
http://www.facebook.com/iainbak... +1 Chris, I'd hate to lose all the friends i've made here :(((( - Iain Baker
http://www.facebook.com/barryow... I hope they (FB) don't screw it up too much... - Barry Owens
http://www.facebook.com/gilbert.... Is there a simple way to add say the entire list above? - Gilbert Harding
http://www.facebook.com/mbravo - most updates autoimported from Flickr though - Michael Bravo
Thank you everyone. I've added you all but feel free to say no, I know some people keep FB for personal friends only. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
www.facebook.com/LANjackal - LANjackal from IM
lol I think this is wrong haha don't mind me I'm being silly - Franc, a rememberer
http://www.facebook.com/wordsfo... - I would really like to have FriendFeed friends there so Facebook could possibly be more bearable. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Jannifer, that link takes me to the home page. - Kol Tregaskes
It does? try looking for Jannifer Stoddard - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Yeah, I've had a few of those from the list above, not sure what's going on there. OK, will do. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
http://facebook.com/carlton... And I love new peeps! ^_^ - Carlton Hackett
I do not use it much LOL I just post to it from other sites so to fill up my friends stream, I do get messages and some status in text. Anyone who really wants to add me, use the facebook link on my profile. :o) - David Gross
www.facebook.com/drodzand you won't see much since I got the privacy settings on max in Facebook. Just another reason why I think Facebook is completely different from friendfeed. I hope they keep friendfeed running because I use both services in diametrically diverse ways. - David Rodriguez
Thank you. - Kol Tregaskes
http://facebook.com/brodiebeta I just posted asking for the same thing =) http://friendfeed.com/iphoneg... You rawk Kol - Brodie Beta
http://facebook.com/timedalkat Will be weird to integrate you folks with Grandma. - timedalkat
Cool, Brodie. :-) Thanks everyone! - Kol Tregaskes
Hey, FB is for real life friends :-). Not for random web strangers :-P? - Richard A.
Mine is http://www.facebook.com/daniel... and I am from Argentina (BA) - Daniel Alejandro Severo
http://www.facebook.com/alfpace but I don't use it very much - Alfonso Pace from iPhone
http://www.facebook.com/kimbers... (I can remember if I commented on this already. I don't see "You" on the list, but I'm tired. So, hopefully, I didn't. If I did, oh well. - Kimber Scott
Thanks all! - Kol Tregaskes
. . . amy_beer. I think. I've never used it. No, I'm pretty sure. - Amy℠
Amy, it's not that. - Kol Tregaskes
I spend an inordinate amount of time there... - http://facebook.com/Americhick - Bette Cooper
facebook.com/wins1 I hv a FF list in FB, pls. mention FF to populate it. - Wins Fern
mine is david.grosz - David Gross from email
Thank you all! - Kol Tregaskes
How do you get facebook.com/yourname? Mine is a somewhat longer Url... - TrafficBug
TrafficBug: You can get your custom Facebook URL here: http://www.facebook.com/usernam... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
http://www.facebook.com/webalon... - looks like you can change it only once. Confucious say: "Choose your name well...." :I - Rob Schieber
Thank you. - Kol Tregaskes
I do like your photography page. I am a fan now. - Faraz Mullick
Isn't there a FB friend limit? - Araceli
There is, Araceli, although it was several thousand people, if I remember correctly. - Tyson Key
5,000. - Kol Tregaskes
I'm just loving the new Facebook beta. :D - Faraz Mullick
i sent a request (please please please by my friend), ;) - chaz2b
I always thought that FriendFeed was the new Facebook. ;) - Tyson Key
Facebook is the new FriendFeed. ;) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Thanks Rob, I had forgotten my username for I always used my email address to login - I found there is a settings > username > change thing that lets you change your username once and then you get a facebook.com/username url! - TrafficBug
I am thinking about just using my Public Page more. Keep my regular profile for family and coworker data. Follow me here if you want more of the type of posts I do here of Friendfeed. http://www.facebook.com/pages... - Ronald S
nooooooooooooooooooooooo! - Tsali - A dude man from IM
I raise your bump with a "Hide" - LANjackal
http://www.facebook.com/DavidHo... - I use it to aggregate and share links on Internet music, open content and social media. - David Holmes
I would like you follow you all wherever you are moving to or are right now. Can you please add your profile here and share to others so we can gather everyone's URLs in one place above? - Kol Tregaskes
Kol Tregaskes
What is your Twitter URL? What do you tweet about? Mine is http://twitter.com/koltreg... and I tweet about all sorts :-) #twitter
Feel free to follow me. This thread could get messy. :-) #whatsyoururl - Kol Tregaskes
Sorry I had to delete the first post of this, so apologises for the few that posted their URLs on that one. - Kol Tregaskes
Hehe. - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks, Nicholas. - Kol Tregaskes
Well I'll still be on Twitter once FF is integrated into FB. Join me on Twitter? :-) - Kol Tregaskes
http://twitter.com/chaz2b my posts start here for what i post on twitter - chaz2b
you rock, Kol! Good community building here. - Valeria Maltoni
http://twitter.com/andrewroche - politics and random stuff (a lot of it from here funnily enough). - Andrew Roche
http://www.twitter.com/jimgold... - photography and social media - Jim Goldstein
http://twitter.com/magicofpi - you might see a lot of ff.im links there, but I suppose that'll change soon... - Ryan - @magicofpi
http://twitter.com/jwang392 - web design, iphone app development, hawaii events - John Wang
http://twitter.com/onWave - I post links from a useful Twitter tool I made... and sometimes mundane stuff... - Gus
http://twitter.com/fcbosa - social media, blogging, design, inspiration. - Oguz Serdar
http://twitter.com/seckoa - I enjoy getting new followers - Seckoa from iPod
Thanks guys. - Kol Tregaskes
http://twitter.com/Chronotope - Mostly I tweet about tech stuff and news local to the Northern Virgina area. I also touch on video games and get some blipping in. - Aram Zucker-Scharff
http://twitter.com/gabediaz - Design, development, WordPress and all things in between. - Gabe Diaz
http://www.twitter.com/puffadd... I tweet about ninjas lol. - Jason
I basically tweet politics at http://Twitter.com/hopechat; i follow discussions on books, gardening and general stuff on http://Twitter.com/ruthdfw; grantwriting and freelancing on http://Twitter.com/words101 and for anything related to Dallas and surrounding cities it is http://Twitter.com/NDGEditor - R. Ferguson
http://twitter.com/movieguyjon - I say weird shit, bitch at random times, and will say more weird shit. Occasionally I'll post fun things too, with a smidgeon of inane. :P - Jonathan Hardesty
Pretty clever way to work in a plug for your timeline.. I like your style, Kol ;) - Brad McCrorey
Http://Twitter.com/Polizeros cleantech, the economy, leftwing politics - Bob Morris (polizeros) from iPhone
Keep 'em coming, I'll add you all later today. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
http://twitter.com/niron (isn't it obvious?) - Nir Ben Yona
http://twitter.com/dennis_... (don't forget the underscore) What do I tweet about? Tech, fiction, art, music, politics, comics, and of course my fiction. Occasionally some Seattle or Bremerton related stuff. I also have TwitterFeed tweet my blogs, and I always tweet from Flickr. - Dennis Jernberg
http://twitter.com/marcoda... Twitting about Communications, Marketing and something about myself :) - Marco Dal Pozzo [mdp]
http://twitter.com/tofu916 I tweet about black people and I use a lot of foul language. then I repent. follow mi! :) - Tofu De la Moore from BuddyFeed
http://twitter.com/hoof I tweet a lot in Dutch, about design, photoshop, 3d and everyday life. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
http://twitter.com/wordsfo... - I actually respond to people to want to chat with me ;-) - Jannifer @wordsforliving
http://twitter.com/alexgamela i tweet about media and journalism, and sometimes silly stuff. also in portuguese. - Alexandre Gamela from twhirl
i post about film and television editing/post production, I'm a bit of a gadget nerd, and i like anything funny on the web. i love followers... http://twitter.com/toddzelin - Todd Zelin
I'm sure you're all interesting but following 6,000 is my limit. ; ) - Liz
http://twitter.com/cgranier - I tweet about many things -usually tech-oriented, reply to everyone who @'s me, and have lately been posting a lot about #FreeMediaVE, bringing attention to the struggle against communism in Venezuela. Feel free to follow me. @ me for a quick follow back. No spammers please. - Carlos Granier-Phelps
Thank you all. I hope at least some follow me back else I'll hit my follower limit soon. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
http://twitter.com/may_gun My music career, interaction with ppl, The Guild, Wiggly Wigglers. - Spidra Webster
http://twitter.com/casschin - I mostly post up funny/odd web gems and nerdy tech news. Occasionally, I tweet what I eat. - Cass
http://twitter.com/Felter i tweet about all, but i don't retweet my FF message. From twitter to FF only. if you follow me in FF, you can read my tweet. - Felter Roberto from twhirl
http://twitter.com/abrudtkuhl - web strategy & internet marketing + random stuff - andy brudtkuhl
twitter.com/icetiger - Kim
twitter.com/andi1984 - elearning, web 2.0 - Andreas S.
http://twitter.com/islanddog Tech, Gaming, and everything in between - Spencer
http://twitter.com/livepaola (bilingual, in Italian and English) - Paola Bonomo
http://twitter.com/ozuckan, trilingual, in Turkish, in English, in French, all sort... - Ozgur Uckan
Thanks again. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Twitter.com/mathewballard and I tweet mostly about graphic and web design. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood from iPhone
http://twitter.com/sidmitra #hack,#hackday, and tech/geek in general. - Siddharth Mitra from twhirl
http://twitter.com/PhilBaumann - I'll tweet about anything stimulating, contentious or jackassy. - phil baumann
You know, you could have just started feeding in your tweets here and achieved the same, right? Or would that have been too subtle? - Mr. Gunn
http://twitter.com/glitterpoet Don't mean to offend but it's usually not religious. Porn, drinking,dancing, music,makeup....I still do healing work. I just don't talk about it much anymore. - Gabrielle
@fossilhuntress or fossilmaitress (I kept getting my email cracked and getting locked out hence the duplicate); all content, linked to digg, delicious... mostly science, paleo and random banter... - Fossil Huntress
http://twitter.com/joeygibson - I tweet about WDW, Java, Groovy, Scala, iPhone, politics, etc. I'm loads of fun. :-) - Joey Gibson
http://twitter.com/burak - I tweet about technology, gadgets, stuff that matters - Burak "cyrus" Bayburtlu
Fossil, it's @fossilhuntress http://twitter.com/fossilh... The other one doesn't exist. - Kol Tregaskes
It's @bookhling for me. I usually tweet about DIYBio, computers, books, and what I ate for dinner. :) - Sung W. Lim
Thanks guys. - Kol Tregaskes
http://twitter.com/lachmir I tweet about dumb stuff - Franc, a rememberer
Thanks everyone. - Kol Tregaskes
I have ceased being a twitter user since they are such twats (management) - Richard A.
http://twitter.com/erier2003 - I write about technology, journalism, and Star Wars. But mostly Star Wars. :) - Eric Geller
I twit at http://twitter.com/alfpace on webapps technology cool things - Alfonso Pace from iPhone
Maybe this is a good time to 'reactivate' this thread. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Don't forget the other lists can be found at the hashtag: #whatsyoururl - Kol Tregaskes
http://twitter.com/wangyip - mostly stuff from FF (tech, startups, web apps, sometimes things about math, medicine, fitness) - I've followed a few here on tech stuff (Edit: Thanks Kol for the thread) - Wang Yip
http://twitter.com/eoghann... - I post sci-fi news (tv, movies, books or comics I'm probably a fan of it), some tech stuff and the occasional round of venting. - Eoghann Irving
I have Twitter lists now, and I've started one up for FriendFeeders: http://twitter.com/dennis_...; if you want me to add you to it, @-mention me at http://twitter.com/dennis_.... - Dennis Jernberg
Thanks everyone! - Kol Tregaskes
Just followed you. Btw, mine's - http://twitter.com/jaypee - JP Habaradas
http://twitter.com/DavidHolmes - Focusing on Internet music, Open Content, and the Social Web. I use lists to group/filter the people I follow. - David Holmes
I can follow people again, cleared out a lot of users, anyone want a follow? :-) - Kol Tregaskes
http://twitter.com/1geeky - I tweet about tech and webdesign and also daily events :) - I /-\li
http://twitter.com/ajkohn - mostly search, social, marketing and ux with miscellaneous rants and observations - AJ Kohn
http://twitter.com/Metapho... - a mix of quotes, jokes and wordplay, especially metaphors and similes. - Dave Richardson
Bumping this as I've just done the same on Google+ here: https://plus.google.com/1044055... - Kol Tregaskes
I would like you follow you all wherever you are moving to or are right now. Can you please add your profile here and share to others so we can gather everyone's URLs in one place above? - Kol Tregaskes
http:/twitter.com/travelfit - Tracy Benham
Mike Nencetti
My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 3/12/2015: 11,862 steps and 5.4 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user...
My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 3/12/2015: 11,862 steps and 5.4 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user/394WYT
oh cool it worked - Mike Nencetti
Rachel Lea Fox
Caption needed?!
"You da man!" - Kevin Fox from iPhone
I'm wearing my red t-shirt, how about you? - Mike Nencetti
Only you can prevent and/or start forest fires. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I'll bet *you* took my shoes. - Kevin Johnson
"I'm watching you!" with creepy music in the background. - Brent - Yes I am
"I've got a party in my pants. How about you?" - Brent - Yes I am
"you took my I-phone app and I want it Back!" - Brent - Yes I am
I'm auditioning for the oldest boy band ever - Eric - Final Countdown
YOU owe me money! - the king of the interweb
Don't make me come over there! - Tamara, #TeamMarina
"Kid, I'm looking at you....your user interface design!" - imabonehead
"Pull my finger for the magic to start!" - That's So CAJ!
AJ wins - Jim #teamFFrank
"I want my two dollars!" - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
"I'm helping Rachel test her lighting setup, and I'm pointing at the camera so she can better evaluate the size of her depth of field." The truth can be so boring. :-) - Kevin Fox
Here's looking at you, babe ;) - Clare Dibble
The things we do for our wimmens! - That's So CAJ!
Help me help you - Shaun Trennery
You, yes you, are looking so damn fine. Let me give you a big ole hug. - Brent - Yes I am
I'm thinking you know what happened to my background. - Brent - Yes I am
I don't know Kevin, the expresssion on your face has nothing to do with testing my lights. You are owning that finger! ;) - Rachel Lea Fox
Helping bring Disco back since 1983! - Steve C, Team Marina
Ya put your right foot in, you take your right foot out .... - Brent - Yes I am
oh no zephyrlily, but he is a red shirt!! - Rachel Lea Fox
You guys are disturbing. :-) - Kevin Fox
There's a new Village Person? (inspired in a sideways direction from Brent) - That's So CAJ!
"One, singular sensation...." ok he needs a top hat. - Mike Nencetti
Yeah you, I'm Pointing @ you! - the king of the interweb
LOL Jason! - Rachel Lea Fox
DISAGREE. The Captain needs no caption. - Micah from YouFeed
"I want YOU...to have my kittehs." :) - Bash
Motivational Speaker - Fu - surf guitar
How did I miss this at the time? Verizon users have a network in their pockets, and we Ffers go everywhere with a posse of clowns in ours. - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
My iPhone works great on the FF network. - Josh Haley
So does my iPad, come to think of it! - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
Foxy. - Mark Krynsky
Wow! I forgot about these. Nice! Thanks Mark for the bump. - Rachel Lea Fox
Woo! - Kevin Fox
What does the Fox say? - Joe
FriendFeed, I had shooters tonight for first time. Ever. Just had to tell you that. L9ve, Me.
they must have missed. well I hope they did. - Mike Nencetti
pew pew! - Spidra Webster
I'm a difficult target. - Micah from FFHound!
Mike Nencetti
I now have a fitbit. still learning how to connect with others.
Come on over to https://www.fitbit.com/user... and send me a friend request! And there are some FF folks you can find in this Fitbit group: https://www.fitbit.com/group... - Stephen Mack
Thanks, our entire company received one today at an event. and of course they jokingly said any issues to contact me. I have to learn this quick. - Mike Nencetti
Yay! Catch http://friendfeed.com/fitbit-... while you can! - LB needs a hero! from Android
a funny story, at work I sit near someone who was trying to order 200 fitbits that had to arrive prior to our all company event. We were running out of time. so I contacted a certain person who shall remain nameless, and then they all showed up. it was quite surreal, as it was most likely a coincidence. I like mine. we now have these challenges at work to compete against each other. - Mike Nencetti
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