Mike Nencetti
I think I will put off raking another week.....
a few neighbors are raking. Maybe I'll just get the side yard today. - Mike Nencetti
Did some raking and moved the lawn. good exercise. - Mike Nencetti
remind me to share a story behind this photo. don't have time to type in it now. hint it is a cropped photo. - Mike Nencetti
Off to the left of the photo, was a man (not my neighbor) raking leaves and mulching them with the mower. he ran out of gas, so I gave him some. We got to talking about the dangers of mowing. Apparently when visiting the Dr for a reaction to fire ant bites, he was diagnosed with colon cancer. "I just stay at home all day". He is probably in his late 40's or early 50's - Mike Nencetti
I did not ask for details. It does not look like he can get treatment. Next year (very soon) I have to schedule "that" dr appt. I put it off this year. - Mike Nencetti