Mark H
#SaturdayFF I haven't worn a watch in years but when I did I had to swap every few weeks between left and right wrists, worn on the top of the wrist and worn underneath because the metal on watches used to irritate my skin and bring out a very itchy rash.
In the 1980s one of the watches that worked a little better than others for me was a Swatch (very similar to the one I've included with this post) because of its high level of plastic construction. However, the battery was exposed on the back and that still caused the rash after a while. - Mark H
The last watch I had was bought for me by my wife. It was all metal. Metal back, metal front, sides, metal strap. She bought it for me because she liked it and figured that once it irritated me enough I'd stop wearing it and she'd get another timepiece to wear in rotation with her collection. For some reason it never caused a rash at all. She was quite annoyed. - Mark H
I had the same problem and used the same solution. Once I stopped working in corporate, I stopped wearing watches. - Anika
Yo tambien. I have a really nasty case of nickel dermatitis as well as general skin/metal allergies. Plastic watches are the only way to go for me. - Jenny H.