Mark H
Eurovision Song Contest - Baku 2012 - Grand Final -
Live across Europe and on and probably filling up Twitter too now. - Mark H from Bookmarklet
The Hump is up first for the UK. - Mark H
I've actually got it on, not sure for how long tho... prob until Jedward! - Heleninstitches #teamff
Didn't like this when I first heard it but it's really grown on me. Lovely song. - Mark H
Like it,it is a very pleasant song. - ardvisoor
I really hate that key change tho! - Heleninstitches #teamff
76 years old and that key change equals gold. - Mark H
Just don't think it's very exciting. And going 1st it might get forgotten... - Heleninstitches #teamff
Hungary now. - Mark H
Hungary = zzzzzzzzzz - Amy
Music doesn't fit the singer's voice and performance. - ardvisoor
Agreed. They remind me of one of those cloned American punk bands of the late 90s/early 00s; they look tough but sing like a boy band. - Mark H
They look like they should be playing rock music - Amy
Albania now. - Mark H
Gotta love the Graham Norton commentary, lol - Amy
Ah, she's the screamer in Ming the Merciless's outfit. I remember. - Mark H
What's with the snake hair? - Heleninstitches #teamff
She looks like a character from Star Wars - Amy
That's chest hair. - Mark H
Haha - Amy
Whatever it is, it is disgusting. - ardvisoor
Never mind her, my ears are going to explode - Amy
Norton is great. - Mark H
Lithuania's blindfold boy now. - Mark H
That's a seriously blingy blindfold - Amy
You'll wish you were blind when he starts dancing. - Mark H
I hope this time he won't remove the blindfold. - ardvisoor
Growly bit reminded me of Bros. - Mark H
Wow, this is rubbish - Amy
Hee hee, not sure Barrowman would be happy with the comparison ;-) - Heleninstitches #teamff
No. - Mark H
Bosnia now. - Mark H
Her voice is very good - ardvisoor
Cracking dress too. - Mark H
Nice song. - Mark H
Oh crap. Russia. - Mark H
dedeler - Kickdrum
This is really poor. I don't care how cute the small one is. - Mark H
Iceland following Russia. Poor Iceland. - Mark H
aww come on they're adorable. - Kickdrum
Hullo! - Simon Wicks from iPhone
I have half a mind to actually vote for Russia. - Kickdrum
It's Simon Wicks! - Mark H
You'd need only half a mind. - Mark H
hahahaha - Kickdrum
It's Mark H! - Simon Wicks from iPhone
anyone playing the drinking game? - Kickdrum
I missed the grannies?! Nooo! - Amy
Played the drinking game one year. Never again. - Mark H
I hear ya. I'll probably have to give up halfway. - Kickdrum
Quite like this Icelandic song. - Mark H
kind of reminds me of the LotR soundtrack, or, fantasy metal. - Kickdrum
Yes. - Mark H
Cyprus now. - Mark H
La La Love is very much a Eurovision song title. - Mark H
That can't be her natural voice. - Mark H
She is overdoing her movements - ardvisoor
My dad likes that. I'm not surprised. - Mark H
France now. I liked this when I saw a clip before but the bookies don't rate it. - Mark H
France just made me drink a whole lot in just the first five seconds :( - Kickdrum
Eye candy for the ladies. - Mark H
I prefer the past year's singer from France - ardvisoor
Good b-boy action. - Mark H
Italy now. - Mark H
Not a lot for Norton to work with this year so far. - Mark H
Italy resurrected Winehouse apparently? - Kickdrum
Sounds more like Imelda May to us. My missus quite likes it. - Mark H
Estonia now. - Mark H
Yes, this is the Harry Nilsson rip-off. - Mark H
His voice is very good - ardvisoor
Everybody join in: I can't live... if living is without yooooouuuu! - Mark H
His eyebrows are hilariously flappy when he gets into it - Amy
He's actually a Gerry Anderson puppet. - Mark H
Good voice but his song is boring - ardvisoor
Norway. I have an each way bet on this lot. Because I'm mental. - Mark H
So far I'm not impressed with anyone. I can see why the grannies are fave to win. - Simon Wicks from iPhone
Sweden are favourites I think. - Mark H
But yes, it's a bit of a weak year. - Mark H
I got told the grannies. This is the first I'm hearing of any of them. - Simon Wicks from iPhone
This guy's math says Sweden: - Kickdrum
Not done my research this year :) - Simon Wicks from iPhone
I'm rooting for the grannies! - Kickdrum
Azerbaijan now. - Mark H
Yawn. - Mark H
Looks like the white witch - Simon Wicks from iPhone
Nice light show on her crotch. - Mark H
Nice voice - ardvisoor
Romania. - Mark H
Ohhhhhhhh yeah! - Amy
This is more like a traditional Eurovision line up. - Mark H
Bagpipes, right :) - Simon Wicks from iPhone
Bagpipes, a giant 'fro, weird trumpets, white's got everything - Amy
Song's not quite strong enough. - Mark H
Denmark now. - Mark H
Norton threatening us with Jedward: the swine. - Mark H
I like a girl in uniform. - Mark H
I'm from a naval city. It's in the blood. - Mark H
I've seen the Turkey entry and it's bloody awful. - Mark H
o_0 - Amy
Quite catchy. She reminds me of Shakira a bit. - Mark H
Greece plays the sex card... again. - Kickdrum
I guess this time they just said "fuck it" and went with writing the whole song around it. - Kickdrum
Favourites up now. - Mark H
Hold up, we're allowed to enter chart songs? - Amy
I think it has to be entered into Eurovision as your country's choice but if it then charts before the competition final then... well played. - Mark H
Sweden is great :) in the Semi final i didn't choose it as my favorite but now i think its my favorite. - ardvisoor
Yeah, it's not bad - Amy
Going against the current here: I think Sweden's mediocre, by ESC standards even. - Kickdrum
Choreography borrowed from Kate Bush, song from Ibiza somewhere; it's okay. - Mark H
Turkey. Oh dear. - Mark H
lol - Amy
I can't stand their dancers - ardvisoor
It's the gay Batman navy. - Mark H
Oh man, I have my new dance icons - Amy
What happens behind those cloaks stays behind those cloaks. - Mark H
They're awesome, lol - Amy
did they just... form a ship? *facepalm* - Kickdrum
Spain now. - Mark H
Is Norway likely to win this year? - Eivind from Android
Another country that doesn't want to win it because of the economy. - Mark H
Eivind: I placed a bet on them. So no. - Mark H
I think Turkey just wasted a potentially winner song with weird choreography and costumes. - Kickdrum
Thanks, Mark. That was kind kind of you :) - Eivind from Android
80/1 were the odds. - Mark H
Quite a strong song. - Mark H
Glad I'm not taking a shot for every use of the wind machine like we were considering. - Mark H
Germany. - Mark H
Last of the big five. - Mark H
I hate that hat. - Mark H
Oh hello - Amy
Hi Jesse Pinkman. - Kickdrum
It's the gay Batman navy. - Mark H ahahahahaha - ani from fftogo
This is okay as a song but... nah. - Mark H
not bad - ardvisoor was acceptable - Amy
Malta. - Mark H
Like the foot movements in this one. - Mark H
lol, the hair is awesome - Amy
My missus placed her e/w bet on Malta. Just for the feet. - Mark H
I quite like this - Amy
These people are *very* happy. - Kickdrum
Yup, Malta are my favourite so far - Amy
It was peppy. I felt the pep. - Mark H
Macedonia now. - Mark H
My missus is fascinated with this woman's hands. - Mark H
My missus has been drinking. - Mark H
hah - Amy
Woah - Amy
I wouldn't want to piss her off - Amy
nice rock twist. - Kickdrum
I think she's got a whip in her closet somewhere. - Mark H
Hello cute guitarist man! - Amy
I guess it's in the ESC guidelines somewhere that all the drummers have to do these over-the-top drumming gestures - Kickdrum
She likes looking at her own hands too - Amy
Jedward!!!!!!!!!1 - Mark H
Hide! - Mark H
Oh god - Amy
One of Jedward is getting a little tubby. No idea which one. - Mark H
See, now, if I didn't have to look at them it'd be 'ok' - Amy
So awful. But so much fun. - Mark H
I found it kinda hard to recognize them without the spiky hair. Guess it comes with being a caricature. - Kickdrum
You've got to give them marks for 'high energy' I suppose - Heleninstitches #teamff
Does Ireland have a grudge against the world that I'm not aware of? Or is it like "we have to suffer them for a whole year, you can share our suffering for one night" - Kickdrum
Serbia now. - Mark H
I quite like this. This might do pretty well, especially being played late. - Mark H
Ukraine. - Mark H
"Her backing dancers are young offenders and this is their punishment" lol - Amy
M People have returned. - Mark H
lol, so true - Amy
Woah! in pink skirts? - Amy
Nyan Cat - Kickdrum
I don't mind this. Nice way to finish Eurovision. - Mark H
Yeah I think it's a decent song. - Kickdrum
Moldova now. - Mark H
Holy crap those dresses are short! - Amy
If MC Hammer had joined Indiana Jones he'd have dressed this way. - Mark H
Very Shantel. - Kickdrum
Okay, that's all of them. Who's going to win? - Mark H
I think Sweden, Ukraine, Serbia. I want Norway, Malta, UK but that's for financial reasons. - Mark H
Malta FTW for me. I think Ireland or Sweden will win though - Amy
I think Rusia, sweden and Turkey - DanDan
The ones I liked: Russia, Italy, Turkey, Moldova, Ukraine. - Kickdrum
I think Sweden, UK (sorry) and Serbia - ardvisoor
UK, not England - Amy
Touchy, Amy, touchy. - Mark H
I think Italy's a strong contender, Russia's novelty won't be enough to win, and I'm predicting Sweden isn't going to win :) - Kickdrum
Sorry, it's an automatic reaction :) - Amy
You haven't voted Yes yet; you're still little England and you know it. - Mark H
Don't make me get the thistles out! :P - Amy
Are you threatening to show me your thistles? - Mark H
1sweeden, 2italy, 3serbia - enoy
Mark H: lol, apparently so - Amy
I have a horrible feeling Jedward might win this - Amy
Good grief. - Mark H
*facepalm* They don't need any more encouragement - Amy
lol, wtf? - Amy
All that build up for... this. - Mark H
I am....underwhelmed - Amy
The contortionists from a few years back performed a great interval show. This is not in the same league. - Mark H
Nah - Amy
is she drunk? - Kickdrum
"Reaching the pig" - Amy
Voting! Voting! Voting! Voting! - Mark H
UK doing well. - Mark H
Belgian using phrase "cutie pies" and voting for the UK too! Bless them! - Mark H
Hooooly crap, her eyes are terrifying! - Amy
Enchanting! - Mark H
He's a character. - Mark H
My music taste is apparently at odds with Europe. UK, France (poor performance tonight), and Norway were good, I thought. So far: 5 points between them and my favourite, Norway, has nothing. - Mark H
He's got enough props for more than one character. - Kickdrum
If the Scandinavian countries vote for Norway in any way then UK has a good chance of finishing last. Ouch. - Mark H
Is *every* singer high? - Kickdrum
Yes. Wouldn't you? - Mark H
No other way to get through the night I guess. - Kickdrum
This woman has a flower on her somewhere. Can you spot it? - Mark H
Just Denmark below UK now. Zingelbert Bembledack will not be pleased. - Mark H
Bottom! - Mark H
"Thank you to Azer.. Azer... Baku" - Mark H
Nice suit. - Mark H
5 from Estonia! Wow! - Mark H
UK now above Norway at the bottom! Awesome! - Mark H
I'm surprised at the lack of love for Italy. - Kickdrum
Great to see Lordi again. - Mark H
He's fantastic. - Mark H
Norton laughing to himself. Great. - Mark H
Mathematical certainty for Sweden imminently. - Mark H
And by imminently I mean ages ago. - Mark H
That's it for another year; Sweden in 2013. - Mark H
Oh well :) - Amy
How bad was it? - Heleninstitches #teamff
How bad was what? - Mark H
Where did we come? How many (or should that be how few) points did we get? - Heleninstitches #teamff
One off bottom. Norway were below us. Performing first killed us. - Mark H