Mark H
I was included in one of those Follow Friday things (the *other* FF) on Twitter today, listed alongside nine other people as being worthy of following. It was nice to be appreciated.
Four of those people then thanked the original sharer by replying with a word of thanks to him. However, they included everyone from the original tweet in the thank you. So, that's four messages from strangers turning up. - Mark H
One of those four then thanked the other three for including him in their messages by replying in the same way that included all of us again. So, that's another three messages from a stranger. - Mark H
One of those three thanked the one who had thanked the three of the four who had thanked the one who had originally sent the tweet - we were all included again - and that thanks was thanked by the one being thanked, again referencing all of us. - Mark H
A fifth person has just thanked the original poster, replying to all of us in the process. At time of writing the one of the four who apparently thanks every message that includes him has not yet replied... but he will. I know it. I'm going slowly mad. - Mark H
It's all about interaction :) - Eivind