Mark H
"In the late Seventies everybody wanted a piece of the Star Wars merchandising goldmine, even companies that didn't have a license. In 1979, Milton Bradley Electronics introduced the best of the wannabe products, though, incorporating then-cutting-edge electronics into a sleekly-designed starship toy that, while original, looked like it should have been in Star Wars. They called it The Star Bird - and it was the coolest 70s space toy that wasn't based on a movie or TV show." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"The toy was equipped with electronics that created an engine sound when turned on. If the toy was pointed upwards the sound would be altered by a ball bearing switch to generate an acceleration or taking-off effect, while a nose down orientation produced the sound of decelerating engines. A button at the rear of the cockpit activated the red LEDs at the front of the toy, along with a blast noise, to simulate the firing of the vessel's blasters. MB offered a couple of variations on the Star Bird design, including a "fighter" configuration known as The Avenger and black plastic-molded version of the fighter, called the Intruder. A Star Bird Command Base was also offered." - Mark H
Akiva and I were only reminiscing about this the other day and then it goes and appears in my RSS stream! - Mark H
i didn't have this but a friend of mine did. it was AWESOME. - Big Joe Silenced
My brother and I had the Avenger, Intruder, and Command Base. Fantastic memories. - Mark H
OMG I had one of those we couldn't afford real star wars toys so that must have been cheap back then - Steve C, Team Marina
Oh my gosh totally had this (or was it my friend?) and it was AWESOME! Who cares if it wasn't official merch, this was just a plain great toy! Flew this thing around the house forever! - Steve and 4 other people
Cute turret back there :) - Eivind