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Mark H
Re-Entry After the 'Worst Winter in the World' -
Re-Entry After the 'Worst Winter in the World'
Re-Entry After the 'Worst Winter in the World'
"At the hotel, I stood at the door until I remembered I needed a key. I hadn’t used a key all year — after all, what was the point of locking your front door when we hadn’t expected any visitors while living buried deep in Antarctica, our nearest neighbors astronauts orbiting in space? My partner had flown out to meet me and helped me re-adapt — crossing busy roads, ordering food and more. One week off-continent, and things still take me by surprise." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"I sat in a mall sipping a skinny latte coffee, awkwardly selected from a menu as long as my arm. For a year I had only been able to order “a coffee.” There was choice again, alongside trees, people, cars, noise and smells. Initially I was overwhelmed, and my perception and perspective flooded — this was sensory overload. It was as if I were a child again, learning things for the first time, except with prior memories. I felt free. To escape from the city, we hired a convertible and drove into rural New Zealand. Surrounded by every green I could ever imagine, and after an hour of sunshine with the wind through my hair, it rained heavier than I could remember, soaking me through to the bone. It felt wonderful." - Mark H