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Mark H
25 Things That Will Definitely Happen In The General Election Campaign -
25 Things That Will Definitely Happen In The General Election Campaign
25 Things That Will Definitely Happen In The General Election Campaign
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"Will there be a serious, detailed discussion of important policy issues? Hahahaha, LOL, nope." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Mark H
I have mispronounced Hartlepool all these years. (There were more I didn't know, but I've never had any reason to pronounce them. (Harlepool is a football team.)) - Eivind
Siobhan's adorable. - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Chronic mispronouncer of ALL THE THINGS---> - Jenny H.
That was cute. - Stephen Mack
At least all the -cesters (and -minsters) are consistent (and I had those correct!) :-) - Nils Sandin
Nothing like a little bit of local knowledge. Near me are two places, Cosham and Bosham. The first is pronounced more-or-less like it's spelt: cosh'm. The second one is bozz'm. No idea why. - Mark H
Mark H
Tedy Bruschi, Rosevelt Colvin, Former Patriots React To ‘DeflateGate’ -
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"In case you missed it, the NFL is investigating whether the Patriots used under-inflated footballs during their victory in the rainy AFC Championship Game on Sunday night. No, really. Under-inflated footballs. A real investigation. It’s happening. The same league that put in no effort to obtain video of a star player knocking out his wife inside of an elevator is expending time and energy to look into some potentially deflated footballs." - Mark H
"To some (mostly the conspiracy types, loons, Steelers fans, etc.), these accusations are just further confirmation that Bill Belichick and the Patriots are dirty, rotten cheaters who never follow the rules on their way to sustaining unparalleled success. To others (mostly those with brains, the ability for complex thought, etc.), the whole situation is pretty hilarious. I mean, really?... more... - Mark H
Article includes some quotes from former Pats and some quite amusing tweets from Matt Chatham in particular. - Mark H
Mark H
Phil and teds green explorer double | eBay -
Phil and teds green explorer double | eBay
Phil and teds green explorer double | eBay
Phil and teds green explorer double | eBay
"This was purchased against my wishes many years ago as I never wanted any children and a buggy signified my wife's intent to have children. We argued much and this buggy signifies everything that ended my happy carefree low cost child free life. This buggy clearly meant she intended to have not just one but multiple children and the extortionate price of this buggy will stay imprinted on my brain till the day I die. I have bought cars that cost less than this buggy. My dad once bought a house that cost less than this buggy. Anyway as you can tell I hate the buggy. I now have 3 children, and a Labrador and am forced to endure the school run where women I dont know try and discuss the price of centre parc holidays, and the benefits of the micro over the mini micro scooter. To summarize my life is over and this green albatross needs to go round some other poor sods neck." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"This buggy has never been used for dog sledding, racing, or buggy bumper cars, although I once used it to concuss a randy Alsatian that tried getting amorous with my lab. There are many adverts on here for immaculate models and these people are all liars and scoundrels as nothing that comes into contact with a young child is ever immaculate. So for a starting price of just £9.99 you... more... - Mark H
There is soooooo much truth in this it hurts. - Anika
Mark H
"You classist gimp. I happened to go to a boarding school. No one helped me at boarding school to get into the music business. I bought my first guitar with money I saved from holiday jobs (sandwich packing!). I was taught the only four chords I know by a friend. No one at school had ANY knowledge or contacts in the music business, and I was expected to become a soldier or a lawyer or perhaps a stockbroker. So alien was it, that people laughed at the idea of me going into the music business, and certainly no one was of any use." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"And then you come along, looking for votes, telling working class people that posh people like me don’t deserve it, and that we must redress the balance. But it is your populist, envy-based, vote-hunting ideas which make our country crap, far more than me and my shit songs, and my plummy accent." - Mark H
Mark H
Over 80 percent of Americans support “mandatory labels on foods containing DNA” - The Washington Post -
"A recent survey by the Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Economics finds that over 80 percent of Americans support “mandatory labels on foods containing DNA,” about the same number as support mandatory labeling of GMO foods “produced with genetic engineering.”" - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"Polls repeatedly show that much of the public is often ignorant of both basic scientific facts, and basic facts about government and public policy. Just before the 2014 elections, which determined control of Congress, only 38 percent realized that the Republicans controlled the House of Representatives before the election, and the same number knew that the Democrats control the Senate.... more... - Mark H
I literally smacked my forehead. Dumb people, stop clouding legitimate issues! - Heather
A weird (almost trap) question to ask, yes? - Johnny from iPhone
Murica. :( - Jenny H. from Android
So, news: I'm now the TV editor for FreakSugar. :)
I've never been an editor before. :) - Jed from iPhone
Rock on! - Corinne L
Yay! - Yolanda
Congrats! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I've been saying that FreakSugar has been lacking representation in the transvestite community for such a long time. This is welcome news. - Mark H
@Mark H - :) - Jed from iPhone
Thanks everyone! - Jed from iPhone
Congratulations! - MoTO: #TeamMarina from Android
Woo hoo! - Soup in a TARDIS
Congratulations, Jed! - Stephan from iPhone
\o/ Congrats! :) - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Woo-hoo! - bentley
Congratulations! - Jenny H. from Android
Thanks, everyone! I'm pretty pumped! - Jed from iPhone
woot and congrats! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Last time I filled up the truck was November, when fuel prices were already low. I was pleasantly surprised to see it has dropped to Can $0.739 / liter (taxes included).
Saves $50/tank. - Stephan from iPhone
*/me sobbing in a corner* - Xabaras (G.O.)
You're paying under a $1 a gallon for gas, Stephan? - Stephen Mack
I thought that was a per-liter price. - Brian Johns
Ah, that makes sense. - Stephen Mack
I filled up my truck yesterday for 140€, in november it was €180, about the same saving but on *slightly" different basis - Ivan Crema
Ha, Stephen, I wish. This is per liter. (You're probably laughing by now.) -- I edited the post. - Stephan from iPhone
Honestly, with our local taxes, that's still cheaper than here :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Ivan, ouch, that's expensive. It only took 100 liters this morning, I can live with that. - Stephan from iPhone
Jenn (whose name iOS keeps correcting to Ken), this is including taxes. - Stephan from iPhone
You Americans complaining about fuel prices makes me laugh, come over here to UK and your jaws will drop to the floor, bring a pillow to lessen the blow! ;-) - Halil
Oh, I'm not complaining - just comparing. I'm used to our northern neighbors having higher prices, but in this case, the difference is likely tax-related (I don't remember what ours is, but it is very high compared to most of the country.) - Jennifer Dittrich
I'm this case, I wasn't complaining, more the opposite. If it weren't for these crutches I would have done a happy dance around my truck this morning. :) - Stephan from iPhone
I'm just being cheeky, sorry, wasn't being serious, just having a dig! Sorry if offended! - Halil
When I drove to Michigan for Christmas, my local Chicago station was charging about $2.50, I think, but I had already filled up in the suburbs for $2.09 or so. I made an unplanned stop at the Meijer gas station in Kalamazoo, $1.89. Nice! Leaving Ann Arbor on Christmas evening, the local BP where I usually go was charging $2.19, but they were closed for Christmas. So I went to the TA... more... - bentley
You weren't offending anyone, Halil. Although your "you Americans" was a bit on the edge. :-) - Stephan from iPhone
Sorry about that, didn't mean it the way it sounded and I should of phrased it better, but all I was trying to do and failed in a jestful manner was to say that fuel prices in UK are high. I don't actually drive myself but all the drivers I know always complain about fuel prices and then go on to complain that US prices are much cheaper. - Halil
Absolutely no need to apologize, Halil. The grass is always greener on the other side. Plus, what human being doesn't complain about the weather or the gas prices? - Stephan from iPhone
@Stephan about a hundred liters also here (F150 with a 26 gallons tank) - Ivan Crema from Flucso
That would still hurt my wallet. :) - Stephan from iPhone
I'm just glad we walk or take the train. Gas prices here are frightening. - Jenny H. from Android
Last week I filled up for $2.29 a gallon. Never thought I'd see gas this low again. It's definitely helping me in this crazy busy running-around time. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Saw gas this morning for 1.79! - Jenny
I just filled up Diesel at 1.049 €/L, or $4.58/gal. - Nils Sandin
Current price around here is around £1.04 per litre which is ridiculously low compared to this time about a year and half ago; if I could be bothered to work out what that is in dollars per US gallons I probably still wouldn't. All hail American fracking and the need to compete in the market from the remainder of the world's petroleum producers. - Mark H
most of the fracking in my neck of the woods is for natural gas. it's a disastrous mess. - Big Joe Silence
Oil prices have not yet impacted fracking activity here. (Will not hurt my feelings if it does.) - Stephan from iPhone
Mark H
I've seen a couple of #SaturdayFF posts on similar subjects tonight so...
My parents bought a set of encyclopedias when I was born - the Merit Students Encyclopedia - and I have strong memories of using them extensively growing up to simply learn things, read for the sake of reading, or helping with schoolwork. I'm pretty certain with hindsight that because they were an American publication they were not on the radar of most of my teachers which is why a lot of my homework that copied whole sections was marked highly. - Mark H
My mum and dad also bought a book of 365 stories/poems to read at night. I can remember seeing my mum or dad reading to me from the book for a few years in a row and I can remember the book itself - a large, thick book with a pale purple, textured cover - but I can't remember any of the stories. - Mark H
Mark H
Boko Haram's Statement Upon Seizing Control of the Town From Footloose -
Boko Haram's Statement Upon Seizing Control of the Town From Footloose
Boko Haram's Statement Upon Seizing Control of the Town From Footloose
"I am Abubakar Shekau and I am the one who canceled dancing, along with everything else, in your town. We have fired rocket grenades into your general stores, we have burned your empty dancing factories, machine gunned your pets, torn your drapes, bayoneted your giclee prints, smashed your TVs and we have annihilated the house of lies you call a high school. Your sons have been machine gunned. Your husbands have been machine gunned. Wives also machine gunned. Some daughters have been sold into sex slavery of the least enjoyable form and the rest have been scheduled for machine gunning." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Mark H
An Anti-Feminist Party Is Standing In The General Election -
An Anti-Feminist Party Is Standing In The General Election
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"The party was founded by retired businessman Mike Buchanan, who told BuzzFeed News it’s his party’s ultimate aim to “make feminism a dirty word”. Buchanan used to work as a business consultant for the Conservative party, but quit in 2009 when David Cameron backed all-women parliamentary candidate shortlists. He has since dedicated his life to anti-feminism, writing three books, Feminism: The Ugly Truth, The Glass Ceiling Delusion, and David Cameron – The Heir to Harman?" - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"“Feminism is a hatred, and it should be a badge of shame,” he said. “To call yourself a feminist should be no more acceptable than calling yourself a bigot or a sexist or a fascist. It is a deeply vile, corrupting ideology and the idea it’s a benign movement about gender equality is dangerous nonsense.” The party’s website is home to articles such as “13 Reasons Women Lie About Being Raped”, “10 Reasons False Rape Allegations Are Common”, and “Feminists – Enemies of Men, Women, and Children”." - Mark H
"In the general election, Buchanan is pessimistic about winning enough votes to retain any of the three £500 deposits he’s put down, but thinks it’s worth the expense in order to raise awareness of what he called “[just how much of a cockwomble I am]”." - Mark H
While not a formal part of their platform, I'm sure anti-feminism is an element in the politics of, oh, UKIP? all of the English Democrat-type BNP lite parties? - Pete
Oh Jesus. - Jenny H. from Android
Anti-feminism as a political stance? Maybe Monty Python is still active: This sounds like something from the Ministry of Silly Walks. Now, if only Great Britain had ever had a right-wing woman as a leader...oh, wait... - Walt Crawford
This game is an utter disaster.
It's early. Plenty of time to get worse yet. - Mark H
Mark H
Wife's pub visits no ground for seeking divorce: Bombay High Court -
Wife's pub visits no ground for seeking divorce: Bombay High Court
"The Bombay High Court has refused to grant divorce on the ground of cruelty to a man who alleged his wife often went to pubs leaving their child in the care of domestic help and also often insulted him and his parents." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
""In our view, the Family Court has appreciated the evidence and come to justifiable findings that the appellant (husband) has failed to prove that the respondent (wife) has treated him with cruelty," the Bench said, while hearing an appeal filed by the man. The instances of cruelty cited by the husband were rude behaviour by his wife, excessive socialising, going to pubs and discos,... more... - Mark H
Mark H
NFL Announces Divisional Round Games Will Appear Much Less Rigged - SportsPickle | SportsPickle -
NFL Announces Divisional Round Games Will Appear Much Less Rigged - SportsPickle | SportsPickle
"NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced today that the league’s divisional round playoff games will not look nearly as pre-determined as last week’s wildcard round games did, most notably the Cowboys-Lions match-up." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"Dean Blandino, the NFL’s director of officiating, said he has been working all week with the crews working this week’s games to make sure their game-changing calls are made “more in the flow of the game.” “I don’t want anyone just overturning calls with zero explanation this week,” said Blandino. “To the untrained eye, this weekend’s playoff games will appear to be above board. That is... more... - Mark H
"In unrelated news, the league also announced the songs that Katy Perry will sing during next month’s Patriots-Cowboys Super Bowl." - Mark H
This PDF demands the date format YYYY-MM-DD but its date picker returns D/M/YYYY (no override). #logic
This PDF demands the date format YYYY-MM-DD but its date picker returns D/M/YYYY (no override). #logic
The form guide states that incorrectly filled in forms will be rejected. - Stephan from iPhone
The date picker also made me scroll back. Way back. Way, way, way back. I feel so young. - Stephan from iPhone
Is it possible the date picker is picking up your regional date settings? - Mark H
No. Since I will be mailing this I wil leave it blank and use old fashioned ink. - Stephan from iPhone
Mark H
Al-Azhar responds to Sisi’s call for ‘religious revolution’ -
Al-Azhar responds to Sisi’s call for ‘religious revolution’
"“We should closely examine the situation in which we are in. It does not make sense that the thought we sanctify pushes this entire nation to become a source of apprehension, danger, murder and destruction in the entire world,” Sisi said in a Thursday speech before Egypt’s top religious leaders on the occasion of the Birth of Prophet Mohamed." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"“I am not saying the religion. I am saying this thought that has been sanctified; texts and thoughts that have been sanctified for hundreds of years. And disagreeing with [these texts and thoughts] has become very difficult. To the extent that [this thought] makes an enemy of the whole world,” Sisi added. [...] Al-Azhar’s newly formed Monitor of Infedilizing Fatwas Dept., which... more... - Mark H
Positive moves in Egypt; good to see and interesting to see where it leads. - Mark H
Judge: Norway violated Minnesota's equal-pay law - Yahoo News -
Judge: Norway violated Minnesota's equal-pay law - Yahoo News
"The Norwegian government violated Minnesota's equal-pay laws by paying a female former employee $30,000 less than a male counterpart, a federal judge has ruled. In a 191-page decision issued Wednesday, Norway was also ordered to pay Ellen Ewald $170,594 — double her lost wages — plus $100,000 for emotional distress, the Star Tribune reported. U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson of St. Paul also ruled that Norway must pay $1,000 to Minnesota's general fund for violating the state's Human Rights Act." - rönin from Bookmarklet
more and more i am tempted to move my family to Minnesota. main drawback is the winters they have, cos my wife cannot abide deep cold and snow. - Big Joe Silence
Wow. It is shocking that Norway did something abroad they wouldn't do at home. - Spidra Webster
That duality is at the heart of Norwegian culture, Spidra. Behave at home, but anything goes abroad. That's why we go to Syden; it's a break from behaving like decent human beings. - Eivind from Android
"Behave at home, but anything goes abroad." Did Jenny know this before you snared her? - Mark H
Probably not :) - Eivind from Android
Jenny H.
This makes me love Norway. :)
Wow! Beautiful!! - Laura
I'm still watching this beautiful spectacle from my office window, and it's 30 minutes past sunset! Amazing and rare! :) - Eivind
Yes, it's still going strong. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Beautiful. - John (bird whisperer)
Yayway! - Todd Hoff
A roaring borealis? - Ken Morley
We call them perlemorskyer, mother of pearl clouds :) (a different phenomenon from aurora borealis) - Eivind from Android
Ah, that would explain why they're not green then. :P Good name. Looks just like mother of pearl. - Ken Morley
Saw a couple of these pop up in my Twitter timeline too, along with yours: and - Mark H
That's cool. - Eric - ill subliminal
Absolutely beautiful ... - Sepi ⌘ سپی from iPhone
Gorgeous! - AHnix (Anna Haro)
are these like giant sun dogs? - Big Joe Silence
Mark H
There's every chance it's 2015 now.
Happy New Year Mark H. - Mike Nencetti
Hppy new year - Halil
Happy New Year's, to you and the missus! :) - Jenny H. from Android
*checks who's commented/liked so far* Thank you Americans, Brits, Europeans, and Iranians of FriendFeed. This place still gets me right *here*, - Mark H
Not here yet!! .... Happy new year Mark ... :-) - Sepi ⌘ سپی from iPhone
Happy new year, Mark! - Stephan from iPhone
Happy New Year Mr H!!! 😃 - Son of Groucho
Happy new year, Mark! :-) - Maitani
Happy New Year, Mark! - Anne Bouey
Trying to plan a summer visit here with the family. Anyone been, any good? ~ Explore Warwick Castle, where you'll be surrounded by jaw-dropping history, magic, myth and adventure! - Halil from Bookmarklet
Yes, about a decade ago and before I got my camera so no pictures. My recollection is that there was a nice longbow demonstration taking place, none of the helmets you can try on actually fit my oversized noggin, and there's a walk up part of the battlements that was brutal on the calves. Nice place. It's on the list to return to at some point. - Mark H
It's good, lots of attractions and events in the summer and at weekends. There's the old castle battlements as well as the more stately home bits. Some nice exhibitions on Richard, Earl of Warwick etc... Some beautiful grounds to have a picnic in too if you're lucky with the weather. But, it can be quite pricey... It's owned by the same folks as Tussards so look out for 2-for-1 vouchers in the papers around Easter/Summer hols :-) - Marina's Godmother :-)
Urgently needed: name for this dessert. Dark chocolate cake filled with whipped ganache and crushed pretzels, drizzled with melted ganache, served with salted caramel ice cream. If someone suggests a winning name, I'll buy you one. Or mail you something if you live far away.
A Slice of Heaven, as far as I am concerned. - Friar Will
Golden Desire - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Do you have a pic? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Stash of Panache - Pete
Gateway Ganache - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
The Gan-ache of Pleasure - Pete
Choco Lot - Pete
Salt Teaser - Pete
I think Pete really wants some. That's an observation but can also count as a name. - Mark H
Nah, this is a hobby ;) - Pete
Dark Guardians of the Ganache: Salted Caramel Addiction Edition - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Ganache a Pret - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Ganache Trophy - Pete
Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls? - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Self Torte - Pete
Chocolate Twister - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Nirvana by Caramel - Janet from FFHound!
Chocolate-Caramel Dialectic - Andrew C (✔)
Dark and Stormy. Sure, it's a drink but whatevs. :) - C to the A to the J..Hey!
Gonzo Ganache Gusto - Thomas Page
I just need some, Lo. - Jenny H. from Android
If anyone lives in the Midwest or visits Wisconsin, please let me know. I can see that you will eat like a king. This offer extends to any FFer. - Lo from Android
Where in WI are you? - Laurie Boots from Android
Dark Avalanche Ganache - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Madison, capital of over-wrought over-priced food! But my experience here gave the impression the entire state is considered driving distance, as well as much of Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan. Go figure. - Lo from Android
It needs work, you guys. Anyone who got it tonight is probably satisfied but I feel sorry for them a little. It'll be much better on New Year's Eve. - Lo from Android
Mark H
10 Amazing Pictures of Libraries -
10 Amazing Pictures of Libraries
10 Amazing Pictures of Libraries
Show all
"How about some truly amazing pictures of bookshelves? What follows are ten of our favourite pictures of the beautiful interiors of libraries from around the world." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
holly #ravingfangirl
this MINI owner is just now watching The Italian Job for the first time. #trueconfessions
Which version? - Mark H
alas, the remake, as that's what's on Netflix. i'll get to the original someday. - holly #ravingfangirl
I like both to be fair. The original is classier, but the remake is fun too. - Mark H
it's a caper movie with lots of mini coopers. i'll enjoy it. :) - holly #ravingfangirl
#teamcapers (oh... oops...) - Julian
I love that movie. I never get tired of rewatching it. "I trust everyone. It's the devil inside them I don't trust." - Trish R
it's kind of ridiculous that i haven't seen it, especially since it came out just before i bought mine when i was just becoming MINI-obsessed. good fun! - holly #ravingfangirl
you have a Mini? JEALOUS - MoTO: #TeamMarina from Android
Both versions are fun ... Even though we're aren't so end outed with our Mini any more. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Mark H
"A Soyuz 2-1B rocket was rolled to the launch pad at Site 31/6 of the Baikonur Cosmodrome on Wednesday in preparation for the final launch of the Soyuz workhorse in 2014 which will be the 22nd launch of the Soyuz rocket family this year - remaining the most flown launch vehicle across the globe followed by the Chinese Long March family, and the Atlas V and Proton launchers." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Live launch in about half an hour: - Mark H
Mark H
The Scientology Christmas Catalog Is Totally Insane -
The Scientology Christmas Catalog Is Totally Insane
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"Now, you might be wondering: Do Scientologists celebrate Christmas? Of course they do, silly-billy! According to this website, "Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard honored the great religious leaders of the past for the wisdom they brought to the world, writing that Scientology shares 'the goals set for Man by Christ, which are wisdom, good health and immortality.' It is in this spirit that Scientologists celebrate the holiday season, whether Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, or any other religious or cultural tradition."" - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Heavy handed hate doesn't ring as funny, nor as effective, as it could without so much vitriol. - Michael W. May from Android
The $400 discman is by far the best buy in that catalog. - Eivind
Mark H
Mike Harvey - Taxi Photos -
Show all
"Working as a taxi driver for 4 years gave me a great insight into the people and community of Neath. Thousands of people travelled in the small transient space of the taxi, and each journey had it's own unique interaction and narrative." - Mark H
"I wanted to document the lottery of people that occupied the taxi space, and the experiences that taxi driving gave me. Whether it be rushing a pregnant woman to hospital or being regaled stories of World War II by an elderly passenger, the taxi provided a space to meet, converse with, and learn from people." - Mark H
"The array of people that journeyed in the taxi were diverse. The shop and call centre workers, tradesmen, policemen, pensioners, prostitutes and lawyers, the publican, millionaire, undertaker and pauper, the school teacher, drug dealer, drunkard and postman - the old, the young, the rich, the poor, the sober and the high. The taxi passengers represented a small cross-section of society, and these photographs hope to visually document a slice of Welsh culture from 2010." - Mark H
Mark H
"Looks like Caz is knocked up again!" I said with a smile. The landlady turned to me. "No, Paul had the snip last year and I gave up smoking a few months ago."
And that's why I'm never going to that pub again. - Mark H
Victor Ganata
North Korea Is Not Funny - Let's be clear: "The Interview" isn't a courageous act of defiance against a dictator - The Atlantic
"This film is not an act of courage. It is not a stand against totalitarianism, concentration camps, mass starvation, or state-sponsored terror. It is, based on what we know of the movie so far, simply a comedy, made by a group of talented actors, writers, and directors, and intended, like most comedies, to make money and earn laughs. The movie would perhaps have been better off with a fictitious dictator and regime; instead, it appears to serve up the latest in a long line of cheap and sometimes racism-tinged jokes…." - Victor Ganata
"But it takes no valor and costs precious little to joke about these things safely oceans away from North Korea’s reach. When a North Korean inmate in a political prison camp or a closely monitored Pyongyang apparatchik pokes fun at Kim Jong Un and the system he represents—that is an act of audacity. It very literally can cost the person’s life, and those of his or her family members. To pretend that punchlines from afar, even in the face of hollow North Korean threats, are righteous acts is nonsense." - Victor Ganata
"What’s more, crowding the North Korea 'story' with anecdotes of nutty behavior and amusing delusions may ironically benefit those in charge in Pyongyang. It serves to buffer and obscure the sheer evil of a regime that enslaves children and sentences entire families to death for crimes of thought, while building ski resorts, dolphinariums, and other luxury escapes for elites with funds that could feed its malnourished people for several years." - Victor Ganata
"How many people would have watched The Interview and concluded that they should do something to help change this odious regime and bring about human rights for North Koreans?" - Victor Ganata
This was a real-life Team America and nothing else. Sony's decision was a financial decision and nothing else. The cinemas that decided not to show the film out of fear were run by utter morons and nothing else. - Mark H
"In Charlie Chaplin’s 1964 autobiography, the star discussed the backlash that he faced from Hollywood and the German and British governments when plans for The Great Dictator’s release were announced. He moved forward with the project despite these concerns, but years later suggested that he regretted that decision: “Had I known of the actual horrors of the German concentration camps, I could not have made The Great Dictator; I could not have made fun of the homicidal insanity of the Nazis.”" - Andrew C (✔)
The movie theater chains were also probably looking at the bottom line as well. I read somewhere that all it would take is about 5% of the audience not showing up during the holidays to totally wreck their profitability, given how much of a cut they have to give studios. - Victor Ganata
Mark H
#SaturdayFF A friend is hosting a "home produce" Christmas do at his house tonight. He and his wife have made a cider that they've named "Fisticuffs" (they have a reputation for blazing rows when they've both been on the cider, hence the name).
We're bringing along two bottles of strawberry wine as we altered the sugar/water mix slightly in one of the two demijohns we've had going and it's produced two subtly different types. These we're calling Slightly Cloudy and Clearing Up; weather-related names based on their appearance in the glass. It would be fair to say both wines have one hell of a kick to them. We've never gone in for all that "measuring the alcohol content" malarkey, instead relying on how much it clings to the glass and how much it warms the brain to guesstimate. We're guesstimating it's pretty pokey. - Mark H
We've also produced some Christmas Cake-flavoured vodka, using Finlandia as a base and then throwing in mixed fruit, cinnamon sticks, cloves, nutmegs, and orange zest for three days. This we've called Laplandia Püd (even though we're pretty sure the umlauted u doesn't exist in Finnish). - Mark H
Other people turning up to the evening will be bringing homemade food. We're not sure exactly what that will be but that's far less important than the alcohol anyway. - Mark H
Sounds like the making of a great time. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Other drinks that turned up were a rhubarb vodka, a lemon/ginger vodka, chilli vodka, a "port" made from blackberry, elderberry, sloe, and banana, some sloe gin, and chocolate beer. Felt surprisingly okay when I woke up but the hangover has started to claw its way into my skull as the day's wore on. It was such a clear night that we also got to see meteors both on the walk to and from the do which was a pleasant bonus. - Mark H
Mark H
Photographs And History: The Face Of Virginia -
Photographs And History: The Face Of Virginia
Photographs And History: The Face Of Virginia
Show all
I bought a 1960s-published book in a charity shop showcasing photography of Virginia by A. Aubrey Bodine which might be of some interest to anyone from around that area of the world. The book itself isn't just a great collection of imagery but a fantastic source of historical information and it's fascinating to also see the things that have changed since its publication. - Mark H from Bookmarklet
I grew up on Bodine's photos of Baltimore and Yardley's cartoons. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
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