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BBC News - The most important battle you've probably never heard of -
BBC News - The most important battle you've probably never heard of
BBC News - The most important battle you've probably never heard of
"Exactly 800 years ago on Sunday, in a field next to what is now the airport of Lille, a battle was fought which determined the history of England." - Maitani from Bookmarklet
"Today few people in the UK have heard of Bouvines. It has none of the ring of an Agincourt or a Crecy. Probably that is because England lost it. But the battle of 27 July, 1214, was just as significant as England's later victories over the French. Maybe more so." - Maitani
Bouvines and Muret- two 'obscure' battles with huge impace. Imperial loss at Bouvines as crucial as English; northern French victory at Muret also key in shaping France and thus Europe - Pete : Team Marina
It's right. I had never heard of it. But it sounds like it's one of those rare times when a defeat was probably the best outcome. - Mark H
I dunno. John being defeated was probably good, but the French winning- not so much ;) - Pete : Team Marina
Hah, weren't Maldon and Hastings also defeats? - Victor Ganata
Maldon led to an EPIC poem though ;) - Pete : Team Marina
Hasting to the Norman Yoke and thus, by winding roads, Lord of the Rings ;) - Pete : Team Marina
Mark H
Conflict continues in Gaza | Photos | The Big Picture | -
Conflict continues in Gaza | Photos | The Big Picture |
Show all
"The conflict in the Mideast has intensified in the last month with turbulent fighting in Gaza strip. Over 800 Palestinians have been killed and over 5,000 injured, according to Palestinan health officials. World leaders have been working on a truce between Hamas and Israel to end the bloodshed." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Ken Morley
The yeast is bubbling away nicely! #plumwineproject
I added sultana raisins to help with the body and also some strong tea to increase the tannins. I hope I didn't overdo it. - Ken Morley
If I end up with crappy wine, I figure I can always turn it into brandy. In fact part of me is hoping it fails, because I'd really like to build one of these :) - Ken Morley
Some friends have said they're having an open house over Christmas this year but that everyone's got to bring something homemade. This is partly because they've bought a cider press and want to make some. We've just started some strawberry wine to take around. It's the first time we've done this in maybe five years and we've decided to play around with the sugars, mixing dark and light muscovado with some golden sugar. We think it should be approaching a sweet sherry by Christmas. - Mark H
I can see how a hobbyist can really get into wine making, as there seems to be an infinite number of parameters you can adjust to produce the perfect vintage. :) But the feedback loop can be a little on the long side. Most of my plum wine sources are recommending 6 months - 2 years before consuming! I may need to sample sooner. :) - Ken Morley
In the past we've always used the "can you see your hand through the other side of the demijohn?" method to tell when the wine was done. But because we're impatient it's not been unheard of for us to have a "glass of cloudy" every now and then too. - Mark H
That's a good method! I've put on enough for 50 bottles, so if I end up sampling frequently I should still have a few left to age for a year or two. :) - Ken Morley
Michael W. May
I got Brutus - Which Shakespeare Character Are You? via @quizsocial um... no.
I got Brutus - Which Shakespeare Character Are You? via @quizsocial um... no.
I got Brutus, as well! - Jenny H. from Android
Cleopatra ------> - vicster: full-bodied
Viola. I approve. - Lnorigb
I, too, am Viola. - Katy S
I also got Brutus. - John (bird whisperer)
Iago: "From Othello. You are a plotter and a schemer, and work hard to achieve what you think is rightfully yours. But you must always try not to let your jealousy get the best of you." - Mark H
"You got: Bottom - From A Midsummer Night's Dream. Life is difficult. Sometimes yours seems like one hard knock after another. However, people fall in love with your self-deprecating humor and your enthusiasm for getting things right. You move in and out of different social circles easily because class and status mean very little to you." - Me
I got Guard #3. :/ - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Lady Macbeth. I know why. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
"Ariel, From The Tempest. You're a powerful soul who tends to give your power over to others. You love to help and you often feel indebted to those who are kind to you. Like Ariel, you are playful, friendly, and fiercely loyal. When you can shake off the feelings of guilt, you are a joyful, free spirit." - chaz2b
Iago. All I know is that he's a complete dick in The Serpent of Venice. - Morgan Fugel from Android
Iago. - bentley
Bottom. Yep. - Vampire Hunter DYSP from Android
Hamlet:From Hamlet. Is anyone on your side? It's hard to tell. People lie. People cheat. People look out for themselves. Everyone tells you what you should do so it is often difficult to make your own decisions. Follow your inner voice despite all the noise. It will not lead you astray. - LB put a spell on you.
Viola, no terrible surprise :) - Jennifer Dittrich
I got Juliet - Elena
I got Bottom. :) - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
Mark H
Spaceflight Now | Antares Launch Report | Cygnus completes rendezvous with space station -
Spaceflight Now | Antares Launch Report | Cygnus completes rendezvous with space station
Spaceflight Now | Antares Launch Report | Cygnus completes rendezvous with space station
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"Completing a three-day journey from Earth, an Orbital Sciences Corp. Cygnus spacecraft reached the International Space Station this week, resupplying the outpost with critical provisions, experiments and other needed cargo. The 16.8-foot-long, 10-foot diameter Cygnus supply ship was grappled by the space station's robotic arm at 1036 GMT (6:36 a.m. EDT) Wednesday at the end of a laser-guided final approach from underneath the 450-ton research complex. It delivered more than 3,000 pounds of cargo to the space station." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Mark H
Funky Science Textbook Illustrations From The 1970s | Flashbak -
Funky Science Textbook Illustrations From The 1970s | Flashbak
Funky Science Textbook Illustrations From The 1970s | Flashbak
Funky Science Textbook Illustrations From The 1970s | Flashbak
"HAVE a look at a 1977 grade school science textbook. Each page features distinctly seventies children in distinctly seventies environments. A beautiful thing to behold. Today’s textbook illustrations are much more professional, polished and detailed than they used to be. Many of you may remember that most 70s textbooks were low on informative illustrations and graphics, but chock full of pictures featuring a melting pot of children doing God-knows-what. Today’s science schoolbooks are brimming with amazing pictures and lush illustrations; whereas, my old science book had pictures of kids blowing bubbles or watering plants." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Mark H
▶ The official full length TV launch trailer - Doctor Who Series 8 2014 - BBC One - YouTube -
Just shown during half time on the BBC. - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Mark H
"A girl's quest into the depths of Tinder dating. The good, the bad, the pictures of men holding fish." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
His Flickr stream is well worth viewing. - Mark H
Wow, attention for detail and creativity! - Mistaken Identity
Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
best fantasy novels: GO
Always a bit rough, but some of my favorites: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Neverwhere, The Hobbit, The Mirror of Her Dreams/A Man Rides Through, the Wizard of Oz series (the original books,) The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, Game of Thrones, the Lord of the Rings series, Stardust, The Green Rider. I'm sure I'm leaving out a bunch. - Jennifer Dittrich
Gene Wolfe's The Book of the New Sun. Nothing even comes close. - Akiva
The Chronicles of Morgaine by C.J. Cherryh. - Mark H
Gene Wolfe's The Book of the New Sun. Nothing even comes close, MARK. ¬_¬ - Akiva and indicate ratings of 4.13 and 4.06 respectively. I put it to you AKIVA that these values are very close. - Mark H
You're both disqualified, since Joe called for novels, which I take to mean standalone novels. In which case it's Little, Big by John Crowley. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Nir Ben Yona
LOL -- North Korea media ‘tells country that its team has reached World Cup final’ #WorldCup
Wow. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
No they didn't. The Metro story is based on a fake video. A friend of mine monitors North Korean broadcasts for the BBC and has already called them out on this. He says that they're showing the World Cup on North Korean TV so the people there are well aware that their team isn't in it. - Mark H
Why the UK has the worst wall plugs on Earth : TreeHugger -
Why the UK has the worst wall plugs on Earth : TreeHugger
Glad to see the comments there explaining all the many, many things wrong with that article. - Mark H
Bunlar çok güvenli. - ParaBellum from Android
Mark H
My wife has been waiting to hear whether there's budget to turn her year's secondment into a permanent position - wanted by her current manager and, of course, us - as otherwise she'll need to start job hunting near the year's end as her old job which she would otherwise go back to has switched to a shift pattern and neither she nor I want her to...
Meanwhile, my wife was working with another woman in her office who recently took a couple of weeks holiday. Prior to the holiday she was supposed to give my wife some instructions on running certain elements of her job for cover but because this woman was taken ill for a fortnight before the holiday this didn't happen. Nevertheless, my wife battled on, made a few mistakes, but generally worked things out and picked up the slack and other workers from other departments who have to liaise with where my wife now works have remarked that things by-and-large are probably working more smoothly now and departmental cooperation has improved. - Mark H
This woman was supposed to return to work from her holiday yesterday but didn't show up and didn't call in. Today they discovered her dead in her home. - Mark H
I feel a little bit guilty that after the initial "damn!" reaction my next thought was "well, that should hopefully free up that budget." I'm a bad person. - Mark H
Mark H
"The Art & words of Robert Steven Connett, established on the internet 12/12/1994" - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Mark H
21 flyers show how sex sold 1970s arcade game -
21 flyers show how sex sold 1970s arcade game
21 flyers show how sex sold 1970s arcade game
21 flyers show how sex sold 1970s arcade game
"In the 1970s arcade games were super. Most kids knew a friend of a friend who owned an actual stand-up video game in a big metal box. Others (let’s call them spoilt cousin Danny) had Intellivision. Others had an Atari, the most fabulous of all the home gaming machines. Children wanted one. But which one would mum and dad buy. Which one would your big brother crave? The game makers knew: the one that would get your laid. Sex, it seems, can sell anything." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Mark H
It looks like the Daily Mail may have been trying to set up a group to stir up dissent. Why report the news when you can create it? - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Ooops. Any comments from the newspapers implied? - Morgan Fugel
Not that I've seen. Probably, though, and probably containing swear words. - Mark H
I guess that's three things you can really count on: death, taxes, and the perfidy of the Daily Mail. - Jennifer Dittrich
Mark H
Sen. Brandon Smith has important things to say about climate change, Mars -
"Brandon Smith: 'As you (Energy & Environment Cabinet official) sit there in your chair with your data, we sit up here in ours with our data and our constituents and stuff behind us. I don’t want to get into the debate about climate change, but I will simply point out that I think in academia we all agree that the temperature on Mars is exactly as it is here. Nobody will dispute that. Yet there are no coal mines on Mars. There are no factories on Mars that I’m aware of.'" - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"First of all, I did not make up that quote, it’s quite real. Secondly, while the average temperature on Earth is roughly 58 degrees Fahrenheit, the average temperature on Mars is approximately -80 degrees Fahrenheit. In Sen. Smith’s defense, he’s only off by about 138 degrees or so, which happens sometimes." - Mark H
Stephan #TeamMarina
"Amex is the only credit card we accept". No problem, I will do business elsewhere.
I'm sure that was said sometime in 1995? - Uli
As a joke? - Morgan Fugel
American friend came over a few years back and wanted to see some local sights but insisted on paying. We grudgingly agreed. First place we get to he pulls out his American Express, girl at the counter looks at it, frowns, shakes her head. She'd clearly never seen one before. So he pulled out a Visa card only to be told they only accept Chip and PIN versions. The look on his face was fantastic. We got to treat him instead so that worked out okay. - Mark H
No, this is a company I want to by current transducers from last night. I wanted to expedite the order (worth a few $k) until I read with their contact info that they don't accept anything else but American Express. I found another company (in Canada, so no border delays!) so I'll call them this morning. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
For the longest time we had a Tim Hortons in a nearby town where they only accepted cash or debit cards. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Mark H
Citroën Karin 1980 concept car -
Citroën Karin 1980 concept car
Citroën Karin 1980 concept car
Show all
"My brother Sander and I both share a love for concept cars. Earlier this week he showed me this amazing 1980 Citroën Karin, which I’d never seen before. It’s totally Blade Runner meets French car styling. It would be great if this sort of design style were translated to a furniture collection?" - Mark H from Bookmarklet
That dashboard is wild. - Anika
I'll wait for the sunroof version - Barışnikov from iPhone
yapacakları işi sikeyim. - Grandmaster Mitrazz from Android
Those buttons remind me if the function buttons on a Commodore 64. - Eric - It's My Thing
Mark H
That time Walt Disney bought his own Autonomous Utopian City of the Future -
That time Walt Disney bought his own Autonomous Utopian City of the Future
That time Walt Disney bought his own Autonomous Utopian City of the Future
"In 1964, Disney began ‘quietly’ purchasing what would total to 27,000 acres of land in Orlando, Florida. By quietly, I mean Walt used his multiple lesser-known shell companies to buy up the land at very low prices from unknowing landowners that would eventually become part of the Disney prototype district." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"Next, he wanted independence; unprecedented quasi-government control over the area. He succeeded and in 1967, convinced the State of Florida Legislature to sign over municipal jurisdiction over the land Disney had acquired, which he named “The Reedy Creek Improvement District”, after a natural waterway that crossed through it. This essentially meant Disney could do almost whatever he... more... - Mark H
Mark H
"To survive, Life in our Local Group needs to emigrate to the Virgo Super-Cluster. Although our Milky Way is heading towards Virgo at ~200 km/s, cosmic acceleration, from Dark Energy, is presently pushing us away from Virgo at ~1,000 km/s. Thus we need to launch towards Virgo faster than the Dark Energy pushing us away. Yet the reward is 10 trillion trillion years of Habitable planetary environments, which may well be worth intergalactic migration." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"In theory a tight white-dwarf/planet pair can be flung out of the Galactic Core at ~0.05c, which would mean a 2 billion year journey across every 100 million light-years. A white-dwarf habitable zone is good for 8 billion years or so, enough to cross ~400 million light-years. It’d be a ‘starship’ in truth on the Grandest Scale. Perhaps other Intelligences have begun their preparations... more... - Mark H
The view during the trip would be amazing. - Joe
Looked up this Spivey author. While what he writes may be true, his academic credentials are less than stellar. - Joe
He is an Electronics Design Engineer at Bangor. No PhD from what I see, but I could be wrong about that. Dabbles in intergalactic space travel theory after work? - Joe
Mark H
A little bit of history describing how the various standard image aspect ratios came into use and how these have translated to the dimensions of modern sensors on DSLRs. - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Good video here on History of Aspect Ratio: - Nils Sandin
Mark H
"Brody House is an eclectic boutique hotel located in Budapest, Hungary. It is housed in a building originally built in the nineteenth century, and was transformed to serve its present purpose in 2009." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
RT @omid_m: #Iran's proud coach, Queiroz: I'm not disappointed. 2 personalities made the difference : the referee and Messi!
RT @omid_m: #Iran's proud coach, Queiroz: I'm not disappointed. 2 personalities made the difference : the referee and Messi!
what ref did? - Arfin Kiriloğlu
The referee could/should have given Iran a penalty. He didn't. - Mark H
İran played rubbish at first half. Second half was alright, they could win. But without the ones like BAGHIRI, MAHDAVIKIA, ALI DAEI, it's difficult.. - Arfin Kiriloğlu
@Mark, it's not a penalty man.. - Arfin Kiriloğlu
We'll have to agree to disagree. - Mark H
i recorded the game, only one position we are talkin about, right? let me look at it again. - Arfin Kiriloğlu
Iranian forward knocks the ball, Argentinian defender swings his leg, gets a fraction of a touch on the ball as it passes and takes the player out. Technically it's not a penalty but a few minutes later an Iranian defender gets far more of the ball then trips an Argentinian forward; the referee gave a free kick. It's inconsistent from the referee. If Argentina win a free kick (and they... more... - Mark H
I checked the first positon at 53rd minute. There's nothing at all. Defender is clearly touching the ball and doesn't even awared of iranian guy. - Arfin Kiriloğlu
Mark H
You didn't win the game Iran but you won my heart*.
(*) Recipients must be 18 or over. Prize may not be transferred. Monetary value of prize: 0.0000001p. - Mark H
دوستان، برای بازی ایران و آرژانتین چه نتیجه ای رو پیش بینی می کنید؟ (برای ثبت در تاریخ) / ◄◄◄برندگان پیش بینی: Sepi ⌘ سپی/ NIA / پیروز ►►►
پیش بینی خودم 1-0 آرژانتین - پیروز
ایران 4، آرژانتین 2 :دی - بــ↑لا - پــ↓یین
بالا:)))) - FarbodNiK
خب می خواین برعکسش کنیم؟ ها؟ :دی - بــ↑لا - پــ↓یین
2-0 آرژانتین - pirzad javani
دوست دارم 0-0 بشه - Alborz
بالا:)) - پیروز
2-0 آرژانتین - TohiD
آرژانتین 2-1 : دی - اردویسور
با پررویی تمام / 1-0 ایران :دی - دادفر
3-0 - abtin
کجا آبتین ؟ - دادفر
۱۲۳۴۴۵۵۶۷۶۷۸۸۹۷۷۶۵۶۴۳۴۴-۰ - DIMA
:)) - پیروز
دو یک ایران میبره:دی - -سعید همیشه سبز -؟
ایران می بره میره جام جهانی که مدال المپیک بگیره - فندق
معلومه دیگه آرژانتین :دی - abtin
آرژانتین 3-0 ایران - Mir ∂r∂sh
3-0 آرژانتین - bikhial
3_1 - Nathan
ایران 0 - آرژانتین 4 - گوفی
2-0 آرژانتین - مهرسا
3-0 آرژانتین - mimsin
1 - 0 ایران بازی رو می بره، گل رو هم نیمه دوم حدود دقایق ۷۰ به بعد می زنن - ساسان گولاخ
3-0 آرژانتین - آبرار بهنام
1 Argentina - 0 Iran - Sepi ⌘ سپی
یک هیچ ایران - شاهید from Android
✔ - پیروز
1-0 آرژانتین - NIA
7-0 ارژانتین - вoqнz بغـــــــضــ
5-0 - @mir
4-1 - Mark H
6-0 آرژانتین - Lucifer Sam
1.25 - 3.85 ایران - کیان پردیس
ببینید چقدر جو منفی شده که این دوست خارجیمون هم زده 4-1 آرژانتین :) - پیروز
2-0 Arg - گرین
3-0 آرژانتین - کلیـستن
این شتر پیشگو هم بیشتر پیشگویی هاش برعکس از آب دراومده. حالا ببینیم تو این بازی نتیجه پیش گویی اش چی میشه :) - پیروز
1-0 iran - Nebraska
مسابقه چی هست ؟ - زالی
طناب کشی - عزت
شاسکولن دیگه - زالی
واسه دومتر طناب همه رو منتر خودشون کردن - زالی
✔ - پیروز
4-1 آرژانتین - دودوزه
اینهایی که برد ایران رو پیش بینی کردند احتمالا متوجه نیستند که ایران ضعیف ترین تیم جام جهانی هست :دی - VIVIYAN
◄◄◄برندگان پیش بینی: Sepi ⌘ سپی/ NIA / پیروز ►►► - پیروز
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I'm walking in light rain as the sun shines down upon me. Chicago, you so crazy. Haha!
We had weather like that a while ago and a colleague said "it must be a monkey's birthday." We looked at him like he was mad but apparently it is a (fairly) common description for a sunshower. - Mark H
It's when the foxes have their weddings. - Akiva
Um... ok then. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
The devil is beating his wife. - LB put a spell on you. from Android
I missed my calling. I should have been an England midfielder in the 80s when I grew up.
Photo on 6-19-14 at 6.33 PM.jpg
1982 kit. I'm picturing you as a Ray Wilkins type. - Mark H
did i tell you about the old english guy at SLA who kept calling me hoddle? it was weird. - kendrak
Mark: Definitely. Kendra: CREEPY. - Zamms
Mark H
A History of the First World War in 100 Moments: ‘My dear parents, I have been sentenced to death...' -
A History of the First World War in 100 Moments: ‘My dear parents, I have been sentenced to death...'
A History of the First World War in 100 Moments: ‘My dear parents, I have been sentenced to death...'
"My Dear Parents, I have been sentenced to death today, September 11 1917. Only myself and another comrade; the others have been let off with 15 years’ imprisonment. You will have heard why this has happened to me. I am a sacrifice of the longing for peace, others are going to follow. I cannot stop it now, it is six o’clock in the morning, I am being taken to Cologne at 6.30, and on Wednesday September 12 at nine o’clock in the morning I am going to be sacrificed to military justice. I would have liked to press your hands once more to say goodbye, but I will do it silently. Console Paula and my little Fritz. I don’t like dying so young, but I will die with a curse on the German militarist state. These are my last words. I hope that some day you and mother will be able to read them. Always Your Son, Albin Köbis" - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"The day after he wrote this letter, Köbis, a 25-year-old stoker aboard the German Imperial Navy’s battleship SMS Prinzregent Luitpold, and a fellow rebel, Max Reichpietsch, were marched before a 20-man firing-squad of sailors at the Wahr military firing range in Cologne. They were tied to posts, blindfolded and executed, in a brutal climax to a dispute that had been ignited by swedes:... more... - Mark H
I want to locate Köbisstrasse the next time I'm in Berlin. - Morgan Fugel
rutabagas! interesting. - Meg VMeg
Melly - #TeamMarina
I have to email the school principal today. Yesterday two boys in older grades taught Josiah these two gestures and told him they mean "Give me all your lollies and treats." :o/
ugh - Meg VMeg
Ah, yes. The passing along of the profane gestures. - Jennifer Dittrich
Hrm - Michael W. May from Android
Imagine the look on my face when Josiah got in the car, said "Mum, do you know what this means?" and demonstrated the second of those gestures! - Melly - #TeamMarina
Oh dear! - Janet from FFHound!
Not making light of the situation but I want to know the search terms Melly used to find those images ;) - Johnny from iPhone
LOL Johnny! "rude hand gesture finger in hole" and "rude hand gesture tongue between fingers" - Melly - #TeamMarina
Email sent. Omg, if they ask me to clarify exactly what the hand gestures were I'm going to be cringing big time. - Melly - #TeamMarina
Immediate response and action from the deputy - he's headed up to Josiah's classroom now to speak with him and get the names of the boys. - Melly - #TeamMarina
He caught up with me at school pick up - the boys in question were spoken to and their parents called. Hope it makes them think twice about doing similar things in future! I know I can't stop Josiah from being exposed to stuff like this forever, but I felt 7 really was a bit too young. - Melly - #TeamMarina
I actually do think that gesture on the right means "treats." - Mark H
Mark. - Jenny H. from Android
Have you taught him to use them properly now? :) - Morgan Fugel
YOU GUISE! - Melly - #TeamMarina
Sick to expose a seven year old to this crap. But I also concur with Mark. Memory is foggy, though. - Uli
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