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Mark H
Author of 80's classic The Hobbit didn't know game was a hit -
Author of 80's classic The Hobbit didn't know game was a hit
"Every few days, Veronika Megler gets email from a stranger. Some thank her for teaching them English. Others acknowledge her role as an influence in their decision to pursue a career in computing. Megler was never a teacher, nor a mentor, to those who send the messages. But her correspondents remember her fondly as one of the authors of The Hobbit, a hit adventure game from the early 1980s' golden age of microcomputers." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"The Hobbit stood out from the adventure games of the day in three ways, the first of which was its use of graphics. Many scenes in the game included a colour image that may have drawn at painfully slow speed but still offered a far richer experience than the text-only adventures of the day. The second key innovation was 'Inglish', a parsing system that went far beyond the verb/noun syntax most games at the time allowed. Inglish let players enter whole sentences of text as they sought to complete a quest that paralleled the plot of Tolkien’s famous novel." - Mark H