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Happy 88th, #UncleRobert — Barry makes a difference in this lil' community, and you've made a difference in him, so we're all connected somehow.
Nicely done, Micah. The old man is well acquainted with this book from his days as a church deacon and as a UAW shop steward. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Happy Birthday Uncle Robert! 88 is a mighty fine age. I'm sure it's your influence that has resulted in Barry being so popular with the ladies. I hope you didn't share all your secrets with him though - some tricks you just have to keep to yourself ;o) Cheers! #unclerobert
Nils Sandin
M+ museum collects Hong Kong's disappearing neon signs - -
M+ museum collects Hong Kong's disappearing neon signs -
"In 2010, authorities issued an ultimatum to the owner of Sammy's Kitchen, the steakhouse where the cow had been hanging for three decades, to take it down or face a fine of up to HK$200,000 ($25,000) and a year in jail." - Nils Sandin from Bookmarklet
Stephan Planken
Steven Perez
Mary B: #TeamMonique
Happy Birthday, #unclerobert! You have raised a fine nephew in Barry, and we wish you all the best.
apres haircut.jpg
laura x
Happiest of birthdays, #unclerobert! If I can raise this little guy as well as you raised Barry, I'll be a very proud mama indeed. Lots of love from Laura and #toddlerx!
what a great photo, Laurax - maʀtha
Peter is a total ham. - laura x from iPhone
Ken Morley
Toasting #unclerobert on his birthday. Best wishes on your 88th uncle Robert!
Dang! I'm sideways again! - Ken Morley
Also, you appear to have a small ball of fusing hydrogen right next to your ear. - Slippy: Potato Croquette
That's just my sparkling personality leaking out... No wait. You're right. It's just the sun. - Ken Morley
Anne Bouey
Happy birthday, #UncleRobert! Hope you're having a joyous day! Thank you for being such a wonderful influence on Barry's life.
Happy birthday, Barry's Uncle Robert! You helped a young boy grow into a fine, upstanding man whom I am glad to know. Even a little bit, on the internet :D. Thank you!! #unclerobert
Stephen Mack
Happy birthday to Uncle Robert from Stephen, Samuel and Sophie! Any friend of BWin is a friend of ours. #unclerobert
Meg VMeg
Happy birthday #unclerobert from Iris in Minnesota. You sure raised a gem in Barry, and we love you for it.
Photo on 7-5-14 at 3.43 PM.jpg
Steele Lawman
Happy birthday #unclerobert from Steve in Colorado Springs. The internet loves Barry and Barry loves you so by some sort of osmosis, we love you too. Thanks for taking care of Barry so he can take care of us.
Photo on 2014-07-05 at 14.29 #2.jpg
Nils Sandin
Fireworks filmed with a drone - YouTube -
Ali Yolcu
Fukaranın kaybolan eşeğini bulunca duyduğu eşsiz sevinçten daha az değil şimdi sevinçlerimiz...
I missed you all! - Brixie
hani nasıl beğendim nasıl beğendim anlatamam :) - banu eker
♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ - Brixie
Steve C
As the internet is forever here's a portion of my eulogy yesterday so mom lives forever in another place.
For the benefit of those of you who did not grow up in our full house the first thing you might not know about Barbara is that she was wicked smart. A graduate of UC Davis, a voracious reader, first chair cello in her younger days, and the sole viewer of PBS's Masterpiece Theater. There was no newspaper editor who could get a mistake in grammar or punctuation past her red pen and the articles final resting place of shame on the kitchen refrigerator. - Steve C
But like all true superheroes she used her powers only for good channeling her talents to help the needy, the whiny, and the masses to be molded, aka her children. While being a supermom has come to be a trendy topic I would like to imagine that if a Tiger Mom walked up to our mom, Barbara would simply slap her across the face and turn and walk away shaking her head. Alas since no... more... - Steve C
There are no gang bangers, druggies, or arrests in the family. There is no one on the pole except Diana and her ballet barre. There is only a large collection of kind people plus me who is pretty. - Steve C
And we all got here because of mom. Because she was deathly allergic to nuts but made peanut butter sandwiches for everyone for 15 straight years. Because she was willing to drive from morning till night to get 9 kids through the infinite maze of school, band, and sports. Because she was not only at every baseball and soccer game but more than likely the team mom and scorekeeper.... more... - Steve C
When Genevieve passed away mom lost 1/9th of her heart, and she said I was the strong one. But she is the one who carried on caring for the eight of us. It is a shame to lose her when I am all of 2 weeks into this parenting thing but she gave all she was, and all she had to all of us, and that alone within me is worth more than the advice of a thousand tiger moms. - Steve C
Thanks. - Steve C
What an amazing lady, and a wonderful tribute. ((Hugs)) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Many *hugs*, Steve. That was a very loving tribute. - Anne Bouey
That's a wonderful tribute, hon - Soup in a TARDIS
What a beautiful and wonderful woman. I'm glad you got to have her for your mother. *hugs* - vicster: full-bodied
this bought tears to my eyes what a special lady and you were lucky to call her Mom. - MAMA VAL#GOSCARLETTGO
ps thank you for sharing her with us.<3 - MAMA VAL#GOSCARLETTGO
Thank you for sharing this. I cry for your earthly loss but full well know she left a wonderful living legacy in her children. - Janet from FFHound!
That was so beautiful. Thanks for letting us get a glimpse of what a wonderful lady she was. *hugs* - Tamara J. B.
Lovely Steve. Big hugs! - Shannon - GlassMistress
That was very well done. - Brian Johns
Touching, humorous, honest - an incredible eulogy. Thank you for sharing this. - Corinne L
Thanks peeps at the service I read some other siblings and nieces eulogies for her too. At the end the preacher called them "unique." Whenever I can make a preacher uncomfortable it's a good day. (no offense Will :)) - Steve C
Fantastic. What a great legacy she left. - Spidra Webster
Ken Gidley
MC/Scott - I found your next nightmare location.
Clown 004.jpg
Clown 003.jpg
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Why? Just why? Why would you stay there? Why would you build that? Why hasn't it been burned to the ground? - Mary Carmen
Paging Rob Zombie... - Corinne L
Paging Obama, found a use for those drones mate - Mo Kargas
saving for my next ipad messaging section with Ms. 11. - Elizabeth Brown
It's literally in the middle of the Nevada desert too - Tonopah, NV. Creeping mining town vibe, and then this... - Ken Gidley
Nope. - Mary Carmen
Mo wins! - Janet from FFHound!
Lionel Messi Is Impossible | FiveThirtyEight -
Lionel Messi Is Impossible | FiveThirtyEight
Lionel Messi Is Impossible | FiveThirtyEight
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"How should Argentina fans feel about all this, given the disappointment they’ve experienced in World Cups past and the hopes they’ve pinned on Messi this year? So far in the 2014 tournament, Messi has been erasing whatever gap there was between his Barcelona stats and his Argentina stats, with style. And that gap was never really as big as it appeared. Since the 2010 World Cup, Messi has scored 19 goals and six assists for Argentina in 22 games (.9 goals per game and .3 assists per game, compared to 1.1 and .4 for Barca). For shooting/assisting efficiency, he has scored .199 GAA per game for Argentina versus .262 for Barca. He also has better defensive stats for Argentina, so even if there are persistent differences, it’s quite possible it has to do with style and Messi’s role on each team rather than the quality of his play. And 22 games is a tiny sample. Even so, these stats are perfectly consistent with the argument that Messi is the best footballer on earth: That .199 GAA is... more... - Eivind from Bookmarklet
Not your typical football article, this. Look at all the pretty data :) - Eivind from Android
He really is an amazing player. - John (bird whisperer)
He is. And he's been amazing for a long time already, and he's only 27. I imagine he'll be the "best player ever" in my head when I'm an old man :) - Eivind from Android
"Experts" who've played football earlier trump data, though. "That's what's so fascinating about the sport" :) - Eivind from Android
Spidra Webster
Man bends door of burning SUV to rescue locked-in driver - San Jose Mercury News -
Man bends door of burning SUV to rescue locked-in driver - San Jose Mercury News
"A Minnesota man credits "pure adrenaline" for giving him the strength to bend the door of a burning SUV to rescue its driver. Bob Renning, 52, of Woodbury, Minn., said he could hear Michael Johannes, 51, of Minneapolis trying to escape through the passenger side door as the 2006 Chevy Trailblazer filled with smoke Sunday evening on Interstate 35W near New Brighton. "He was kicking and beating the window trying to break it open from the inside," Renning said. "I knew I didn't have a lot of time." Renning was southbound on I-35W when he saw in his mirrors flames shooting out from beneath an SUV six or seven car-lengths behind him. He slowed down to get Johannes' attention and they pulled over at the same time, with Renning stopping about 250 feet in front of the burning vehicle. Johannes, who just bought the Trailblazer last week, said he knew he was in trouble when his brakes started to fail out and the vehicle began filling up with smoke as he drove down the freeway at 65 mph. Once... more... - Spidra Webster from Bookmarklet
Superman walks along us! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
BBC News - English explodes in India - and it's not just Hinglish -
BBC News - English explodes in India - and it's not just Hinglish
"Anyone who travels beyond Delhi and Mumbai to India's provincial cities will notice English words cropping up increasingly in Hindi conversation. While some of these terms fell out of use in the UK decades ago, others are familiar, but used in bold new ways." - Maitani from Bookmarklet
"Picture the scene. I'm chatting to a young man named Yuvraj Singh. He's a college student in the Indian city of Dehra Dun. We're talking in Hindi. But every so often there's an English word. It's Hindi, Hindi, Hindi, and then suddenly an English word or phrase is dropped in: "job", "love story" or "adjust"." - Maitani
BBC News - Deep dives of devil rays solve 'mystery' of warm brain -
BBC News - Deep dives of devil rays solve 'mystery' of warm brain
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"A new study shows that devil rays plunge nearly 2km below the ocean surface, making some of the deepest and fastest dives ever observed in the sea." - imabonehead from Bookmarklet
t-ra: WeirdnessSandwich
One, I don't like being stood up. Secondly, I don't like being treated like a non entity by bartenders. Or men who take up too much space.
Eric - Back to the Grill
I just saw a hardcore conservative on Facebook and her friends call Ann Coulter a freak show and her friends chime in with phrases like pure crazy. Sure, it took that soccer article to do it, but I'll call it a win.
3 points. - Akiva
*puts on steel-toed boots* CORNER KICK. - Big Joe Silence
Airship flies above NSA data center, decries “Illegal Spying Below” | Ars Technica -
"Greenpeace flew its 135-foot-long thermal airship over the National Security Agency's Utah data center on Friday morning, featuring a new slogan, "Illegal Spying Below," painted on a downward pointing arrow. The stunt was meant to highlight the diversity of groups pushing against the widespread government surveillance that was revealed last year. The environmental group Greenpeace was joined by the Tenth Amendment Center, which pushes for states' rights, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)." - Me from Bookmarklet
Aww. the pict didn't come in.. Its a great pict! <3 Greenpeace - Me
Celebrate romance with detailed Lego versions of famous Princess Bride scenes · Great Job, Internet! · The A.V. Club -
Celebrate romance with detailed Lego versions of famous Princess Bride scenes · Great Job, Internet! · The A.V. Club
"Brickworld Chicago rolled through Illinois recently, bringing with it a slew of meticulously crafted LEGO displays. One group really went for the feels, though, by recreating almost every scene from the beloved Princess Bride. Who out there hasn’t wished for a romance like that of Wesley and Princess Buttercup, but in Lego form? Or the sweet revenge of Inigo Montoya on his father’s killer reconstructed with plastic figures? The guys Lego’d everything from little Fred Savage’s bedroom to the fire swamp and the pit of despair to Wesley’s battle of wits and Montoya’s famous sword fight." - rönin from Bookmarklet
Dido Elizabeth Belle (1761-1804) was an illegitimate daughter of John Lindsay and an African slave woman known only as Belle. Very little is known about Belle only that she was black and a slave. Her daughter Dido lived in the household of the Earl of Mansfield who was her father's Uncle and her Great-Uncle. - Halil from Bookmarklet
Lindsay sent the child to his uncle, the Earl of Mansfield, who lived with his family at Kenwood House in Hampstead, England, which was then just outside London. He and his wife, who were childless, were already raising her cousin Elizabeth Murray after her mother's death; Elizabeth was about the same age as Dido. It is possible Mansfield took her in as Elizabeth's playmate and, later... more... - Halil
Lord Mansfield himself resolved this paradox in his capacity as Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales. When called upon to judge the case of an escaped slave, Somersett's Case, he decreed that "The state of slavery is of such a nature, that it is incapable of being introduced on any reasons, moral or political; but only positive law, which preserves its force long after the reasons,... more... - Halil
The Ancient Egyptian invention that made everything else possible - -
The Ancient Egyptian invention that made everything else possible -
"The history of Egypt boggles the mind. By any standard the scale of achievement was enormous, but through it all, it seems clear that the economy remained rooted in agriculture. It was the everyday business of the ancient Egyptians to produce food. This they did using a system that was the envy of all. Sandra Postel, Director of the Global Water Policy Project, said that overall, Egypt’s system of basin irrigation proved inherently more stable from an ecological, political, social, and institutional perspective than that of any other irrigation-based society in human history, including the Fertile Crescent of Mesopotamia where a fallow year had to be interposed to rest the land between harvests on land that was also subject to salinization, something that did not happen along the Nile. “Fundamentally … the system sustained an advanced civilization through numerous political upheavals and other destabilizing events over some 5,000 years. No other place on Earth has been in continuous cultivation for so long.”" - Maitani from Bookmarklet
I'm currently working my way through a rather long lecture series on Egypt's rather long history. I'm all the way up to the 19th dynasty now and 1177 B.C. is on the horizon :) - Eivind
So you've already learned about the Battle of Kadesh? - Maitani
I am quite interested in Egypt's relations with Mittani and with the Hittites. - Maitani
Aye. I've had quite a bit to do with the Hittites lately. Mittani's been around, too. To get back to papyrus: When the Hittites switch from clay tablets to papyrus, we stop hearing from them. Thanks, Egypt :-P - Eivind from Android
:D, Eivind! Btw., the article mainly deals with the part papyrus boats and ropes play in the evolving Egyptian civilization prior to 3,000 BCE: "By far the most ingenious item that emerged from that period was rope, without which building boats and houses would have been more difficult, not to mention the erection of monuments for which Egypt is remembered in later times." It is fascinating to read. - Maitani
I read it, and I agree :) - Eivind
CAJ hates pants
Dilbert comic strip for 06/27/2014 from the official Dilbert comic strips archive. -
Dilbert comic strip for 06/27/2014 from the official Dilbert comic strips archive.
That sounds oddly familiar to a previous position of mine. Time to update the resume? - CAJ hates pants from Bookmarklet
Hmmm, sounds very much like my newly retired spouse. - Janet
Sounds like my typical day. - Steven Perez from Android
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