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A. T.
RT @asbradbury: "Kids who can handle machine code have a certain magic about them" Assembly Language for Kids
RT @asbradbury: "Kids who can handle machine code have a certain magic about them" Assembly Language for Kids
"Europe faces the risk of another major war. In 1939, Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland triggered the Second World War. Today the possible trip wire is not Poland, but Ukraine. And the aggressor will not be Adolf Hitler, but Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin." - THAT WAS WRITTEN IN 2008!
"Under his iron-fisted grip, Russia has been transformed into a gangster state. Democracy has been dismantled, corruption is rampant, journalists are murdered, dissidents are imprisoned and the media is controlled by the regime. Flush with petrodollars, Moscow is seeking to restore the Great Russian Empire. It poses a strategic threat to its neighbors and to the West." - ⓒⓔⓐ
"Moscow is on the march. After invading Georgia and establishing Russia’s dominance over the secessionist regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Mr. Putin is now bent on dismembering Ukraine. The Russian strongman has made no secret of his contempt for Kiev’s independence. At a NATO summit in April, he told President Bush that Ukraine is “not even a real state,” and that much of its... more... - ⓒⓔⓐ
Помнится, недавно было сказано, что Казахстан тоже "ненастоящее государство, конечно". Через пару месяцев там решили ещё раз перевыбрать того же президента, с дофига новыми полномочиями. - ⓒⓔⓐ
"The battle over Ukraine is more than a regional test of wills. It is a clash over the future of Europe - and of Russia’s role in it. Orthodox Slavophiles, such as Mr. Putin, dream of a “Slavic Union” composed of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine." - ⓒⓔⓐ
"And it is also why Moscow desperately wants to derail Ukraine’s integration into the Euro-Atlantic alliance. A prosperous and pluralist Orthodox Slavic state on Russia’s borders would provide an attractive alternative to the Kremlin’s brutal dictatorship.... And Mr. Putin is willing to do anything to stop this from happening - including possibly plunging Europe into another disastrous bloodbath." - ⓒⓔⓐ
We are all Ukrainians now." - again, just a second - it was said in 2008!! #future #foresight - ⓒⓔⓐ
"Путин наш хороший Гитлер" было написано в 2007, еще до 8-8-8. Правда, здесь точнее и детальнее о будущей внешней политике. А там скорее о мотивации и выбранной роли. - Тимур
Ну да, правда, тогда к таким текстам относились как к поэзии, типа Сорокин, пересказанный скучным и сухим языком. - ⓒⓔⓐ
Andrew C (✔)
RT @jenist: Update: a NYC Transit worker all but confirms portal to alt universe via anecdote involving a man in a tweed suit
RT @jenist: Update: a NYC Transit worker all but confirms portal to alt universe via anecdote involving a man in a tweed suit
At the risk of sounding childishly gleeful... *squeeeeee* - bentley
makes me think of worldgating in the Young Wizards series. - ellbeecee
^ this! - Jennifer Dittrich
Sean McBride
Artificial intelligence conquers Space Invaders, Pong, Q*bert
Artificial intelligence conquers Space Invaders, Pong, Q*bert
I ran out of quarters before I accomplished this feat. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
wait, what, q*bert can be beat? :O - chaz2b
tunneling! <3 - miki
Andrew C (✔)
Shannon - GlassMistress
I called MAN to ask if he'd like to go to a bead show on the other coast this weekend (to scope out the show for possible vendor-ship). His response, "No, but I'd go 'cause you want me to". At least he's honest :-)
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @timtrueman: The Finns call the ‘@’ sign miukumauku, "the sign of the meow," because it resembles a curled-up sleeping cat.
RT @timtrueman: The Finns call the ‘@’ sign miukumauku, "the sign of the meow," because it resembles a curled-up sleeping cat.
It does, a little bit. - Spidra Webster
I'll have to tell this to my kids. They call it 'fancy a'. - Anika
I think in Mandarin it's "xiao laoshu" - "little mouse". - Jessie
^Little mouse is the cutest! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Hahaha it actually took me the longest time to get that. I would hear Dominic on the phone with his friends talking about "little mice" and letters of the alphabet, and finally I figured out he was reading off email addresses. - Jessie
That's So CAJ!
I don't recall when I last felt in control of my life. I am fortunate that I am not struck with major health/financial issues. Unfocused and floundering is roughly how I feel more often than not. This is more of a journal entry than an attempt at attention. Sometimes you just have to get the words down and out of your head to let new ones in.
Man oh man, that definitely strikes a chord. - AHnix (Anna Haro)
I understand. - Yolanda from Android
Well, at least the week has shifted from "lack of control" to "OMG, I have so much to do!". I suppose I will take the Elephant Diet approach to it all: one bit at a time. :) - That's So CAJ!
Amit Patel
Nanobots Fight Cancer: First Human Clinical Trial in 2015 | Raw Science -
"The first human clinical trial using nanobots to fight cancer will begin in 2015. The technology could later be used to repair spinal chords, improve epilepsy, and diabetes." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
"…has led a research team that will inject nanorobots made from molecular DNA that are able to identify and kill cancer cells into patients" - Amit Patel
!! - Amit Patel
Here's hoping it works! - Todd Hoff
I want nanobots that cut my hair and nails daily. - Amit Patel
LONG LIVE THE GOO! - Big Joe Silence
Spinal Chords :) - Greg GuitarBuster
Steve C, Team Marina
The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden 'black site' -
The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden 'black site'
The Chicago police department operates an off-the-books interrogation compound, rendering Americans unable to be found by family or attorneys while locked inside what lawyers say is the domestic equivalent of a CIA black site. The facility, a nondescript warehouse on Chicago’s west side known as Homan Square, has long been the scene of secretive work by special police units. Interviews with local attorneys and one protester who spent the better part of a day shackled in Homan Square describe operations that deny access to basic constitutional rights. Alleged police practices at Homan Square, according to those familiar with the facility who spoke out to the Guardian after its investigation into Chicago police abuse, include: Keeping arrestees out of official booking databases. Beating by police, resulting in head wounds. Shackling for prolonged periods. Denying attorneys access to the “secure” facility. Holding people without legal counsel for between 12 and 24 hours, including people as young as 15. - Steve C, Team Marina from Bookmarklet
"The secretive warehouse is the latest example of Chicago police practices that echo the much-criticized detention abuses of the US war on terrorism. While those abuses impacted people overseas, Homan Square – said to house military-style vehicles, interrogation cells and even a cage – trains its focus on Americans, most often poor, black and brown. Unlike a precinct, no one taken to... more... - Steve C, Team Marina
Rage. - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Grr. - Amit Patel
This weekend I learned that there are people who think that we live inside a concave/hollow earth. I don't even... I can think of three ways to debunk the theory, but I doubt they would even listen.
Lunar eclipses. Hard to get a Lunar eclipse when you can't get the earth between the Sun and Moon. - Joe
Sun set and sun rise. I guess they think the sun (and the Moon?) goes through holes in the top and bottom of the hollow Earth. The problem is that everyone would see the sunrise and set at the same time, and that is not the case. Peeps in England and Australia see the sun rise and set at different times. [but with the Sun rising and setting east and west, are the holes in the middle of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans?] - Joe
Apparently, Lawrence Livermore (where my brother worked for many years) used to have a group devoted to explaining everything in terms of a hollow earth, but AFAIK it was all a highly sophisticated joke group. Still, you know, enough scientists and engineers can explain almost *anything* plausibly. - Walt Crawford
Stars not visible. There are some stars that are not visible to people in the northern hemisphere. If I go down to FLA or to Australia, I can see different sets of stars. If we are inside a hollow Earth, all of us can see all of the stars all of the time. That is not what we see. - Joe
(I have no personal knowledge of this group, but there were rumors. You don't get much besides rumors from Lawrence Livermore.) - Walt Crawford
It was this article. The hollow earth guy started commenting. - Joe
Thanks Walt. I thought flat earthers were nuts--this takes the cake. - Joe
The Wizard of Christchurch had a map that explained the hollow-earth theory. (It's printed on the back of his map of the world which has south at the top.) I think there's some stuff about light bending which explains the stars and sunset things. Not sure if he addresses lunar eclipses. - Deborah Fitchett
Well, in their defense, God did tell Moses to take off his sandals because he was standing on hollow ground. - Micah from FFHound!
^ then when would it have been appropriate for Moses to put his shoes back on? =P - Andrew C (✔)
I find the thread quite amusing. And while I realize that anything is possible, the premise of the post is literally giving me a headache. Please tell me you're joking, Joe. - MoTO Boychick Devil
Since Joe's been giving reasons why the hollow-earth "theory" requires some, uh, advanced views on physical laws, I think it's safe to say he isn't advocating for the theory. - Walt Crawford
Sorry for the rebump, but there are people who actually believe in the concave/hollow earth concept. NOT ME. - Joe
Oh I get that. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I was just hoping the whole thing was a put on. - MoTO Boychick Devil
*scans the Wiki*... *sigh* - MoTO Boychick Devil
Andrew, when walking on water, of course. - Micah from FFHound!
Lawmaker Asks If Women Can Swallow Camera... For Gynecological Exams -
Lawmaker Asks If Women Can Swallow Camera... For Gynecological Exams
"During a debate over abortion legislation Monday between Idaho lawmakers, Republican state representative Vito Barbieri asked whether it would be possible for a woman to swallow a small camera, so that doctors might perform a remote gynecological examination (presumably, à la capsule endoscopy). According to the Associated Press, Barbieri's question "came as the House State Affairs Committee heard nearly three hours of testimony on a bill that would ban doctors from prescribing abortion-inducing medication through telemedicine."" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
" Dr Julie Madsen was testifying in opposition to the bill when Barbieri asked the question. Madsen replied that would be impossible because swallowed pills do not end up in the vagina. "Fascinating. That makes sense," Barbieri said, amid the crowd's laughter. " - Jessie
Well. - joey
Yep. - Jessie
Arg. Ugh. Blerg. - Heather
...... - Alix May
At least, he's thinking outside the box... - Michael W. May
You'd have to be thinking outside something if you think that's the way to get that information. - Katy S
lololol @mwm - Meg VMeg
... I... Uhm... But.... Ah hell, I got nothin' - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
They wanna regulate the coochie but they don't even know how it works. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
And Mandy nails it. - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
Unique television interview with Cambridge spy Guy Burgess broadcast after 56 years -
Unique television interview with Cambridge spy Guy Burgess broadcast after 56 years
In a previously unseen television interview recorded in 1959, Guy Burgess - one of the notorious "Cambridge Five" group of spies - talked about being a Marxist, why he enjoyed living in Russia and hoped he might one day come home. - Halil from Bookmarklet
The interview was made for a show called Close Up by Canadian broadcaster CBC in 1959, but received no publicity in the UK and was stored in a vault for over half a century before coming to light. - Halil
Bookmarked to watch later. Most of what I know about Guy Burgess comes from the movie An Englishman Abroad. - bentley
Aldo Oldo
RT @robjyeo: Architectural sketch of Piccadilly Circus from 1929
RT @robjyeo: Architectural sketch of Piccadilly Circus from 1929
l'autore è il genovese Renzo Picasso - Aldo Oldo
Stephen Mack
Straight Talk for White Men [] -
Straight Talk for White Men []
(via Nakachi on FB) From Kristof's post: "SUPERMARKET shoppers are more likely to buy French wine when French music is playing, and to buy German wine when they hear German music. That’s true even though only 14 percent of shoppers say they noticed the music, a study finds." ... "Those studies are a reminder that we humans are perhaps less rational than we would like to think, and more prone to the buffeting of unconscious influences." - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
"It’s not that we white men are intentionally doing anything wrong, but we do have a penchant for obliviousness about the way we are beneficiaries of systematic unfairness. Maybe that’s because in a race, it’s easy not to notice a tailwind, and white men often go through life with a tailwind, while women and people of color must push against a headwind." Also, if there's a tailwind, that may imply that I'm not as fast as I thought I was. - Eivind
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I see FB shoving certain people's posts directly into my face like MAYBE HE'S SINGLE LIKE ALL HIS POSTS NOW HE POSTED THREE DAYS AGO LIKE IT
Yeah, Facebook'll do that. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Their algorithm is TERRIBLE. I have to constantly hide even innocuous posts because FB thinks I need to see them 20 times at the top of my feed. Yeah, I saw it, you bastards. I DON'T WANT TO LIKE IT. - Jenny H.
RT @loucataris: It's warm and comfortable !
RT @loucataris: It's warm and comfortable !
About to meet with the attorney and learn what happens next. Brave face on!
Good luck! - Anika
There were a bunch of errors in the owner's complaint that I didn't catch. Attorney prepared an amended answer that I'm on my way to file. This is to buy us time but the scariest part is wondering if in the end the court will order me to pay the owner for the time we've been here not paying rent. That would take all the $$ I've saved up for a move in/deposit. But, all that in time. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Keep the faith. And let us know how we can help. You know we got your back. - Mary Carmen
I do know that. Thank you, Luv. got a referral to meet with a lawyer from a different group who may represent me further. I talk to that person on Wednesday. - Starmama
one step at a time. we're here all the way, doll. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Sorry I dropped the ball on packing, but I can help in other ways if you need it. Good luck!!! - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Spidra Webster
Silicon Valley Could Learn a Lot From Skater Culture. Just Not How to Be a Meritocracy | WIRED -
Silicon Valley Could Learn a Lot From Skater Culture. Just Not How to Be a Meritocracy | WIRED
Silicon Valley Could Learn a Lot From Skater Culture. Just Not How to Be a Meritocracy | WIRED
"Silicon Valley Has Lost Its Way, the WIRED headline began. Sure, I’ll go with that. It continued, Can Skateboarding Legend Rodney Mullen Help It? And there it is: the idea that skate culture could energize a languid tech world. Is skateboarding the EpiPen the Valley needs? No. Please no. Not now. The last time skateboarding was a healthy model, the Macintosh did not exist. Skateboarding was my life. And in 1983 skate culture drove a stake through my heart. Practicing a nose wheelie for a Freestyle competition. The author practicing a nose wheelie for a freestyle competition. courtesy Kathy Sierra Skateboarding can teach Silicon Valley what not to do, like a message from the future warning, “Here’s what happens when a domain in which women once thrived decides women aren’t worthy.” Yes, it’s complicated and yes, the sport became more extreme, but there’s a world of difference between a sport that says, There aren’t many women and one that adds … we made sure. In the ’80s, skate... more... - Spidra Webster from Bookmarklet
Andrew C (✔)
Steve Denning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
"In this book he argues that present day management needs to be reinvented. He sets out the principles and practices needed to accomplish that through five major shifts: (1) a shift in the firm’s goal from producing outputs to delighting the customer; (2) a shift in the role of the manager from a controller to an enabler of self-organizing teams; (3) a shift in the way work is coordinated from bureaucracy to dynamic linking, (4) a shift from value to values; and (5) a shift from top-down commands to conversation" - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
*nods head until it falls off* - Andrew C (✔)
Brent Schaus
After some deliberation (which began long before I was let go from my job), I've decided to move back to Montreal. Barring unforeseen circumstances, I'll be in La Belle Province by 01 April.
I've lamented having left Montreal since arriving in Victoria. Yes, my parents were and are my main reason for coming, and that's gone wonderfully. We've never been closer. - Brent Schaus
However, there are more job opportunities in Montreal, a much lower cost of living, and a lifestyle and culture that works for me. - Brent Schaus
The biggest difference between this time and last? I now have 2+ years experience as a technical writer. - Brent Schaus
Wow, I'm surprised the cost of living is lower. - Spidra Webster
Much lower. Victoria and Vancouver have the highest costs of living in the country, I believe. - Brent Schaus
Here's a comparison of the average rent by city, in Canada: - Brent Schaus
The only things that could derail these plans are if I received a whopper of a job offer, or if my EI doesn't go through. I'll find out about the former when I meet with my former CEO this week. I want to confirm that he's still giving me a stellar reference (they loved my work, and were sad to see me go). As for the latter, so far so good... full speed ahead. I'll know in a few weeks for sure, but it should be okay. - Brent Schaus
I plan on confirming a place to stay BEFORE I leave, unlike last time. - Brent Schaus
(I can be such a slow learner) - Brent Schaus
Très bien! Je dois te rendre visite un jour à Montréal. - Bren
I arrived in Victoria three years ago on 04 March, 2012. Basically, I feel as if I accomplished the mission. I got my foot in the door as a technical writer, and healed my relationship with my parents. - Brent Schaus
Bren, that would be fantastic! We could get into a lot of trouble in that town :) - Brent Schaus
Sans doute! - Bren
Ah, I adore Montreal. <3 And it's wonderful to hear that you accomplished your goals and healed your relationship with your parents. This sounds like a beautiful life journey. - joey
It'll be a re-adjustment weather-wise. I'll have to get used to experiencing seasons, again lol - Brent Schaus from iPhone
But to live in the same city as La musée d'art contemporain? Worth it. - Brent Schaus from iPhone
And to escape Masonic torture? Also worth it MDR - Brent Schaus from iPhone
I'm glad that the move to Victoria gave you the chance to accomplish what you needed to and that you recognize when it's time to move on. - Half Pint
I'm going to miss my west coast friends! Something tells me it won't be long before my next visit :) - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Emily: I'm a independent cannibal woman. #fb
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Lost an earring. Sign of good times.
Girl...I have stories... :-D - Corinne L
No doubt ;) - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Actually my evening took such a strange turn that I thought of you and said "What would Tamara do??" So that's what I did! :-D - Corinne L
Prosecutors: Not Enough Evidence Cops Who Shot Unarmed Man 16 Times As He Laid In Bed Acted With ‘Malice’ - Hit & Run : -
Prosecutors: Not Enough Evidence Cops Who Shot Unarmed Man 16 Times As He Laid In Bed Acted With ‘Malice’ - Hit & Run :
"Four years ago cops from the King's County Sheriff's Office and the state Department of Corrections (DOC) in Washington busted into the home of Dustin Theoharis and shot the unarmed man 16 times as he lay in bed. Theoharis had at least a dozen surgeries but survived. He sued the county, settling for $3 million, and has also sued the DOC. Both the county and the department have ruled the shootings justified, despite the lack of a firearm and the fact that the two cops shot a man 16 times as he lay in bed." - rønin from Bookmarklet
Yeah we are all screwed. Protect the police and corporations.. its what the new US is all about. - Me
CT Scan of 1,000-Year-Old #Buddha Sculpture Reveals Mummified Monk Hidden Inside -
CT Scan of 1,000-Year-Old #Buddha Sculpture Reveals Mummified Monk Hidden Inside
A CT scan and endoscopy was carried out by the Netherlands-based Drents Museum at the Meander Medical Centre in Amersfoort. - ⓒⓔⓐ from Bookmarklet
Из-за заголовка возопил "что за бред" и пошел проверять. Оказалось, что заголовок не ок, а новость нормальная. - Соломон Бейгль from iPhone
А почему заголовок не ок? - ⓒⓔⓐ
^ мне тоже интересно - слова слега и свэга
Пушо "reveals", а на самом деле "was known beforehand". - моховик истерики
^ во-первых, да, а во-вторых — кто потащит в томограф статую и зачем? Это хороший заголовок для сбора кликов, но именно поэтому заставляет его пропустить, как ненаучную хуйню. В самой заметке более-менее все нормально, но все равно пришлось минут 5 потратить на проверку. - Соломон Бейгль
мм, моё чувство этого языка говорит мне про другое; reveal (как оппозиция conceal) - это не совсем то, что discover (of what was not known beforehand). это, скорее, "обнаружил", "раскрыл", "выявил", такое. а уж в томографы-то сейчас какой только хрени не суют. но я не буду спорить с Гроссмейстером Нарратива, "ему видней" ^_^ - ⓒⓔⓐ
я понимаю, что reveal слово с несколькими значениями, но заголовок построен так, чтобы немножко наебать читателя. Слово используется именно в значении «обнаружил» — а вчитаешься — там «проявил», ну. Также, статуи будд любят совать во всякие рентгеновские аппараты с другой целью — проверить, не засунуто ли туда пять-пятнадцать кило гашиша. : ) - Соломон Бейгль
"немножко наебать читателя"- а разве *все* заголовки не для этого делаются? (не считая академию, хотя и там). так вы мне ненароком правду жизни раскроете ^_^ - ⓒⓔⓐ
Вообще все, конечно. Просто этот заголовок сделан так, что заставил меня пролистнуть не глядя. И только в третий раз когда на глаза попался, я пошел проверять достоверность. Видимо, дело в том, что заголовок на грани паранаучного («ученые открыли секретную плонету!!11 на марсе найдены кости динозавра!11») - Соломон Бейгль
Wide Urban World: How do big cities differ from small cities (in the ancient past and today)? -
Wide Urban World: How do big cities differ from small cities (in the ancient past and today)?
Wide Urban World: How do big cities differ from small cities (in the ancient past and today)?
"Are big cities different from smaller cities mainly in their size? Or do they differ in other ways that go beyond simple population size? Recent research on urban scaling has answered this question definitively for contemporary cities. Large cities ARE different from smaller cities in ways that transcend their size. They aren't simply larger. Yet many of the changes that come with size turn out to be linked systematically to population size." - Maitani from Bookmarklet
"For example, large cities of course have more miles of roads and and electrical cables than smaller cities. But when we look at roads or cable per person (miles per capita), the quantities are smaller for the biggest cities. This makes sense: if you have twice as many people in a city, you don't need twice as many roads, since some of the new people can use existing roads. While this... more... - Maitani
Questo credo che succeda perché le regole della geometria euclidea si applicano a tutte le città. - L'Uomo con la Papera from Flucso
Amit Patel
ODOT Plots The Demise Of Oregon-Style Speed Signs? -
ODOT Plots The Demise Of Oregon-Style Speed Signs?
ODOT Plots The Demise Of Oregon-Style Speed Signs?
ODOT Plots The Demise Of Oregon-Style Speed Signs?
Oregon's speed limits signs say "SPEED" not "SPEED LIMIT". One of the posters on this forum says: - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
"under Oregon law speed limit signs say just "SPEED" (not "SPEED LIMIT") to indicate that the limit in question is prima facie in nature, not absolute--in other words, you can defend yourself against a speeding citation by showing that your speed, even if it was in excess of that posted, was not unsafe under the conditions. "SPEED LIMIT" signs were rolled out for Interstates and school... more... - Amit Patel
*submits Keanu Reeves on a Bus symbol for consideration* - Micah from FFHound!
A. T.
RT @karoliinauvinen: This ecologically savvy tilted house in Norway produces more energy than it consumes. #lähienergia #renewables
RT @karoliinauvinen: This ecologically savvy tilted house in Norway produces more energy than it consumes. #lähienergia #renewables
интересно сколько стоит и какова цена ежегодного ремонта. - геноцид брюквы
Столько вопросов сразу. Много ли парниковых газов обычный дом выдаёт, допустим при обогреве электричеством? Сколько можно энергии насосать из сточных вод и какой ценой? Панели дают 4 МВт*ч в год — а в январь, февраль? Даже при равномерной выработке выходит 333 Квт*ч в месяц, этого хватит на тепловые насосы? Вроде у них КПД до 400%, этого хватит норвежской зимой? Если считать не только... more... - umonkey
^ главный секрет всех этих "нулевых" домиков -- баланс выработки/потребления считается по годовому циклу, они "нулевые" только благодаря подключению к сети, которая выполняет роль "аккумулятора", принимая излишки летом и отдавая их зимой. - Maхx Tee from iPhone
Другими словами, отдельностоящий домик (или изолированная система из таких домиков) требует либо вундерваффе-аккумулятора или подпитки зимой. - Maхx Tee from iPhone
друзья, так ведь ваши вопросы можно задать авторам, нет? - A. T.
У меня папа такое хочет сделать. )) ну почти такое. - немножко больно from iPhone
@yulia15: оч интересно! Где/в каком климате? - Maхx Tee from iPhone
Big Joe Silence
i stupidly agreed to clean up my wife's friend's laptop which it turns out is CLOGGED with malware and hasn't had a virus scan of any kind since 2012. part of me feels like demanding compensation for sorting out this clusterfuck. GAH. going on for literally hours and hours.
I actually like cleaning up people's computers - is that weird?! - Melly
this is like running through fast-flowing thigh-high rivers of human faeces. - Big Joe Silence
backup.. delete HD.. reinstall.. - Me
Not that it will stop the NSA that infected the HD. - Me
as usual, the install media is on the hard drive. been a bad idea since it was first devised. - Big Joe Silence
pulled out all the stops but to no avail. the registry is too damaged. wipe and reinstall the OS. they can reinstall and configure their own fsckin' apps. I SURE HOPE THEY BACKED UP THEIR DATA! BWAHAHAHAA!! - Big Joe Silence
WHY am i still doing this?? - Big Joe Silence
Sucker! - Melly
only if asked nicely. ;) - Big Joe Silence
DNA indicates long-ago Southland wolf was actually a Mexican gray - LA Times -
DNA indicates long-ago Southland wolf was actually a Mexican gray - LA Times
"The only wolf ever documented in Southern California may have been a victim of mistaken identity nearly a century ago. The 100-pound male wolf was pursuing a bighorn sheep in the Mojave Desert's rugged Providence Mountains in 1922 when a steel-jaw trap clamped onto one of its legs. Based on measurements of its skull, biologists at the time determined that it was a lone Southern Rocky Mountain gray wolf that had wandered out of a population in southern Nevada. But a different story is emerging from a study of that skull at UCLA, where researchers have identified DNA markers indicating it was actually a Mexican gray wolf, the "lobo" of Southwestern lore." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Bob Wayne, an evolutionary biologist at the university, said the finding could help extend the historic range of the federally endangered Mexican gray wolf, which the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service contends ranged over parts of central and northern Mexico, western Texas, southern New Mexico and southeastern and central Arizona. "Broadening the species' historical range to include... more... - Jessie
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