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Mark H

Mark H

Software developer, keen photographer, Portsmouth fan, Patriots fan.
They’re creepy and they’re kooky: Audition photos for ‘The Addams Family,’ 1964 -
They’re creepy and they’re kooky: Audition photos for ‘The Addams Family,’ 1964
They’re creepy and they’re kooky: Audition photos for ‘The Addams Family,’ 1964
They’re creepy and they’re kooky: Audition photos for ‘The Addams Family,’ 1964
"I had a good time looking through these audition photos for The Addams Family dated 1964. It’s just plain weird (and fascinating) to see other actors and actresses trying out for these iconic roles because I simply can’t imagine anyone else playing them." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Property From The Life and Career of Burt Reynolds -
Property From The Life and Career of Burt Reynolds
Property From The Life and Career of Burt Reynolds
Property From The Life and Career of Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds is auctioning off property which is a little sad although understandable and makes for some great viewing at the things he's collected during his lifetime. - Mark H from Bookmarklet
United Launch Alliance Answers Burning Questions about Orion's Rocket -
United Launch Alliance Answers Burning Questions about Orion's Rocket
United Launch Alliance Answers Burning Questions about Orion's Rocket
"When NASA's Orion spacecraft begins its maiden voyage next week, you may notice something alarming at liftoff: The rocket carrying Orion sort of catches itself on fire. Not to worry, says United Launch Alliance, the rocket's manufacturer. Orion's launch vehicle is a Delta IV Heavy, a mammoth, three-core rocket normally used to heave classified military satellites into space. Just before the Delta IV ignition sequence starts, valves open that control the flow of liquid hydrogen to the engines. Some of that hydrogen seeps out of the engine bells and lingers around the rocket. When the engines roar to life, the excess hydrogen ignites, creating a fireball that chars the booster cores. Occasionally, the insulation on the booster cores smolders as the rocket lifts off." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"What causes the charring phenomenon? The start sequence for the RS-68 main engines on the Delta IV booster must ensure that the pump speeds and combustion processes remain within limits. This complex task requires opening the main hydrogen valve at T-5 seconds, approximately two seconds prior to opening the main oxygen valve that begins the ignition process. This “hydrogen lead” start... more... - Mark H
America at the Trump hotel: The food is amazing – but you shouldn’t eat here, ever -
America at the Trump hotel: The food is amazing – but you shouldn’t eat here, ever
"The female bar staff here wear the shortest uniforms I’ve ever seen in a restaurant, anywhere. (The male staff wear regular clothing.) One of them stops every few minutes to yank her skirt bottom down, so it more completely covers her. It’s not sexy. It’s degrading. Her face is blank and white. America’s management calls its bottle-service staff “our team of stunning ‘America girls.’” Young, leering men and old leering suits pour into America in the evenings. If you build it, creeps will come." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"One evening, a Wednesday last month, we had ordered the $58 lobster Rockefeller and a $37 plate of milk-fed pork, as well as a bunch of appetizers. The appetizers arrived and we started in on them. And then roughly four minutes later the mains arrived, too. One of the servers kept referring to the lobster as “Henry” – as in, “How is Henry?” and, “Are you finished working on Henry?” I... more... - Mark H
"The second time I ate at America, I tried to check in at the hostess stand when I arrived. The two women working there were having a conversation between themselves, not two feet in front of me. They didn’t look up. It was as if I didn’t exist. This continued for most of a minute. Awkward. I told them the reservation name; they said the rest of my party hadn’t arrived yet. They showed... more... - Mark H
Southsea Seafront - 05
Southsea Seafront - 08
Southsea Seafront - 07
Southsea Seafront - 06
Southsea - The Portsmouth Pyramids Centre
Southsea - Swivel
Wake Up
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Some Idiots Flew to Liberia to 'Cure' Ebola Patients with Homeopathy -
Some Idiots Flew to Liberia to 'Cure' Ebola Patients with Homeopathy
Some Idiots Flew to Liberia to 'Cure' Ebola Patients with Homeopathy
"It was only when they got to Ganta, a province hit hard by the Ebola epidemic, that problems arose. The team suited up, broke out their homeopathic treatments and tried to get to work on some patients. At which point the medical staff and administrators at the Ganta Hospital realised what it was they were attempting, before completely banning them from the ETU (Ebola Treatment Unit)." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"It turned out that no one in the hospital – or, it seems, the entire Liberian medical administration – had any idea that this team would be using homeopathy. The Liberian government had approved the expedition and issued visas on the basis that all four were medical doctors coming to support local staff. [...] The Ebola virus kills you by essentially dissolving the walls of your veins,... more... - Mark H
"The mission was organised through two organisations: the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis, a key institution for homeopathy advocacy, and the German group Freundes Liberias, an organisation dedicated to promoting co-operation between Germany and Liberia. Freundes Liberias raised donations for the trip with this campaign. The page talks about a "team of 20 international... more... - Mark H
Good grief. - Jenny H. from Android
My Favorite Airbnb Rentals At The Moment -
My Favorite Airbnb Rentals At The Moment
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"We are staying right now in a pretty Airbnb place in Valencia and are kind of sad to leave this place with an incredible view. So I started daydreaming and thinking about in what Airbnb we should stay next. So I did some research and these are the current place I would love to stay at (assuming I could ever afford it)" - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Livin' the Dream with Green Stamps: A 1975 Catalog -
Livin' the Dream with Green Stamps: A 1975 Catalog
Livin' the Dream with Green Stamps: A 1975 Catalog
Livin' the Dream with Green Stamps: A 1975 Catalog
"I remember [Green Stamps] all too well. They were immensely popular during the 60s and 70s. In fact, the S&H catalog was the largest publication in the U.S. and produced three times more stamps than the U.S. Post Office! But then, as early as 1980, green stamps were over." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
They were Green Shield Stamps over this side of the pond and I've got faint memories of my parents collecting the books in the late 70s/early 80s. - Mark H
i remember this. my mom got a few things this way, including at least one toy for me. probly a bit of plasticware, as well. - Big Joe Silence
When I got married (1967) all our relatives gave us their Green Stamps, loose and in books. We compiled them and went to the redemption center to shop for our wedding. I got a set of dishes, flatware, a fancy clock, some pot & pans, a lot of household stuff. All for "free"! - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
As it turned out, we didn't know we had to pay the sales tax on those things. It was so embarrassing; we didn't have the money. We offered to go home and get it if they would hold our stuff. The man in line behind us paid the tax and said it was a wedding present. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Such a lovely gesture and a great story. - Mark H
my dad still has a pretty good card table we got at the S&H store when i was 3. - Big Joe Silence
My local store is doing something with green stamps. I mentioned these and the cashier had no idea what I was talking about. The lady in line behind me said I looked too young to remember Green Stamps. We got a lot of stuff with Green Stamps when my dad was still in the Army. - Anika
Around here, the last redemption centers were on military bases. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I loved looking at the stamp book & going the stamp store. I remember my mom saving up for a blender and some embroidered towels. I know she got more stuff but I don't remember what it was. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
My uncle still has a book for them, lol - Halil
I only know them from books. Nice to "see" them for the first time. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Do people still have punch bowls? - Halil
They still exist (sort of) and I have come across one supermarket in my area that prints codes on their receipts. And you can also trade in any of your remaining Green Stamps for conversion to GreenPoints. I think instead of merchandise, they give out gift cards now. - April Russo
I have a glass punch bowl I bought in the 90s, but all the cups are long gone. I only actually served punch in it twice, I use it for serving side dishes and mixing meat loaf now, mostly. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Playing football like a girl (via Eurosport's Facebook page)
Sportswomanship. - Eivind
Decoding the Lost Diary of David Livingstone -
Decoding the Lost Diary of David Livingstone
Decoding the Lost Diary of David Livingstone
"The last decade of David Livingstone’s life did not go well for the famed Scottish missionary and explorer. In 1862, his long-neglected wife, Mary, came to join him in Mozambique, but she quickly contracted malaria and died. Nevertheless, he continued on his mission to find a navigable route through the River Zambezi. But in 1864, seven years before his famous run-in with Henry Morgan Stanley, Livingstone was forced to give up and return to Britain after most of his men abandoned him or succumbed to disease. He quickly fell from public grace as word got out about his failure to navigate the river. Eager to redeem his reputation, he returned to Africa two years later, this time in search of the source of the Nile River. But yet again, his assistants soon began deserting him, and added insult to injury by taking all of his food and medicine with them. Starving and crippled by pneumonia, cholera and cutaneous leishmaniasis, Livingstone had no other choice but to turn to Arab traders for... more... - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"The diary begins on March 23, 1871. Forced to team up with the Arab slave traders due to his deteriorating health, Livingstone found—to his dismay—that he was actually beginning to like these men. “The Arabs are very kind to me, sending cooked food every day,” he wrote in April. He told them about the Bible, taught them how to make mosquito nets and drank fermented banana juice with them, which he swore off in the next day’s entry." - Mark H
"On July 15, however, Livingstone was abruptly woken from his stupor. The traders—his friends—went into a busy nearby market and began randomly firing guns into the crowd and burning down surrounding villages, killing at least 300 people, many of them women and children. Livingstone had never witnessed such an atrocity before, and he was “crushed, devastated and spiritually broken,”... more... - Mark H
The World's First Computer Has Finally Been Resurrected -
The World's First Computer Has Finally Been Resurrected
"Eccentric billionaires are tough to impress, so their minions must always think big when handed vague assignments. Ross Perot’s staffers did just that in 2006, when their boss declared that he wanted to decorate his Plano, Texas, headquarters with relics from computing history. Aware that a few measly Apple I’s and Altair 880’s wouldn’t be enough to satisfy a former presidential candidate, Perot’s people decided to acquire a more singular prize: a big chunk of ENIAC, the “Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer.” The ENIAC was a 27-ton, 1,800-square-foot bundle of vacuum tubes and diodes that was arguably the world’s first true computer. The hardware that Perot’s team diligently unearthed and lovingly refurbished is now accessible to the general public for the first time, back at the same Army base where it almost rotted into oblivion." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"The ENIAC panels went on display at Fort Sill in late October, though some more restoration work remains to be done. The museum is in the process of obtaining a few new vacuum tubes, for example, to give the unit an even more authentic appearance. The panels will never be able to run any bona fide calculations, of course, but that’s probably for the best. Even in its heyday, ENIAC... more... - Mark H
Steven Spielberg Wants to Remake The Last Starfighter But Can't -
Steven Spielberg Wants to Remake The Last Starfighter But Can't
"Remember the 1984 movie The Last Starfighter? Well, someone has gone and created a modern trailer for the film and it makes me want to 1) Watch the movie on repeat and 2) See a sequel or remake finally get made. Too bad that will probably never happen." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"The only problem with a remake? It seems no one (not even Steven Spielberg) has been able to secure the rights to the film. At least that's what Seth Rogen says. Every nerd in Hollywood, Rogen included, has apparently been wanting to remake The Last Starfighter for years now. So what's holding up a remake? According to Rogen and Slash Film, the writer of the original, Jonathan R.... more... - Mark H
If it keeps Seth Rogen out of it, I'm cool with that. - Jennifer Dittrich
Probably because it was a Universal picture. - Jennifer Dittrich
YUP. *hides face in shame* - Big Joe Silence
Hey, I had to look it up (I knew it wasn't Disney, just couldn't remember the Lorimar logo.) - Jennifer Dittrich
i saw "Tron" and "Last Starfighter" in the cinema. by myself. i should know better. - Big Joe Silence
Side trivia: The star of The Last Starfighter, Lance Guest, went to the same high school I did. ( ) - Stephen Mack
The Military History Emporium - Czeslawa Kwoka, age 14, appears in a prisoner... - http://georgy-konstantinovich-...
The Military History Emporium - Czeslawa Kwoka, age 14, appears in a prisoner...
"Czeslawa Kwoka, age 14, appears in a prisoner identity photo provided by the Auschwitz Museum, taken by Wilhelm Brasse while working in the photography department at Auschwitz, the Nazi-run death camp where some 1.5 million people, most of them Jewish, died during World War II. Czeslawa was a Polish Catholic girl, from Wolka Zlojecka, Poland, who was sent to Auschwitz with her mother in December of 1942. Within three months, both were dead. Photographer (and fellow prisoner) Brasse recalled photographing Czeslawa in a 2005 documentary: ‘She was so young and so terrified. The girl didn’t understand why she was there and she couldn’t understand what was being said to her. So this woman Kapo (a prisoner overseer) took a stick and beat her about the face. This German woman was just taking out her anger on the girl. Such a beautiful young girl, so innocent. She cried but she could do nothing. Before the photograph was taken, the girl dried her tears and the blood from the cut on her lip. To tell you the truth, I felt as if I was being hit myself but I couldn’t interfere. It would have been fatal for me.’" - Mark H from Bookmarklet
:( - rønin
:( - loi
L-0: Launchday Logbook -
L-0: Launchday Logbook
"Well, I told you that it might not be my last pre-launch logbook yesterday. I woke up a bit earlier from the planned 5-hour nap and there's no point in trying to go back to sleep, so here I am, sharing a few departing thought. The doctors will show up in about 40 min to start a series of hygiene operations: before going to space I'll be as clean as I'll ever be, outside and inside (if you get the message, I'm not going into any details here)." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"Now almost everything is done. My bags are neatly packed and will be taken to their final destination by my family, the backup crew and the ever helpful ESA support personnel. Hopefully, it's all properly organized: part of the luggage will go into my landing bags, one for the nominal landing site and one for the ballistic site. Part will go home to Cologne, part will eventually find... more... - Mark H
This may not mean much to many people but Grayson Perry just tweeted me and followed me; I'm more happy than I should be.
German town plays prank on neo-Nazis -
German town plays prank on neo-Nazis
German town plays prank on neo-Nazis
"For decades, neo-Nazis have traveled to the southeastern German town of Wunsiedel, where Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler's deputy, was buried until 2011. The right-wing extremists march through the town in commemoration of Hess year after year, glorifying the horrors of the Third Reich. [...] Although Wunsiedel's inhabitants had observed the march from a distance over the past years, this Nov. 15, some of them welcomed the neo-Nazi protesters effusively with rainbow confetti and even cheered for them. [...] The group Rights versus Rights (Rechts gegen Rechts) had come up with a new way to protest the annual neo-Nazi march: For every meter the neo-Nazis walked, local businesses and residents would donate $12.50 to a nongovernmental organization devoted to making it easier for neo-Nazis to leave behind their hateful politics." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"The 200 neo-Nazis had only two choices when they got to know about the plan: Either they proceeded, indirectly donating money to the EXIT Germany initiative, or they acknowledged their defeat and suspended the march. The neo-Nazis decided to pursue their plans — and participated in raising funds for an organization committed to their downfall. According to a news release by the... more... - Mark H
I cannot love this enough. - MoTO Boychick Devil
Those neo-nazis got trolled hard. - Johnny
<3 - Eivind
Neil deGrasse Tyson's Tweets Critiquing the Science Behind "Annabelle" -
Neil deGrasse Tyson's Tweets Critiquing the Science Behind "Annabelle"
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"Following his takedown of the so-called science of sci-fi blockbuster Interstellar, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson turned his attention to the possessed doll horror film Annabelle. Despite claims by the film's creators that Annabelle was "based on a true story," Tyson seemed to think the science was far from reality. In a scathing series of tweets, he revealed a number of glaring scientific flaws in the movie, which dealt with a murderous doll." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
I think he's joking, right? - Shevonne
probly not even real tweets. - Big Joe Silence
Or he could be punking himself? - Todd Hoff
i can't be arsed to hop onto twitter to check his account to see if these are legit. imma go nap. :P - Big Joe Silence
When did insects evolve? -
When did insects evolve?
"Dated phylogenetic tree of insect relationships. The tree was inferred through a maximum-likelihood analysis of 413,459 amino acid sites divided into 479 metapartitions. Branch lengths were optimized and node ages estimated from 1,050,000 trees sampled from trees separately generated for 105 partitions that included all taxa. All nodes up to orders are labeled with numbers (gray circles). Colored circles indicate bootstrap support (left key). The time line at the bottom of the tree relates the geological origin of insect clades to major geological and biological events. CONDYLO, Condylognatha; PAL, Palaeoptera." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
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