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Mark H

Mark H

Software developer, keen photographer, Portsmouth fan, Patriots fan.
Mastertronic Artwork -
Mastertronic Artwork
Mastertronic Artwork
Mastertronic Artwork
"I was fortunate to be able to preserve a small collection of some of the artwork used to create the covers of Mastertronic computer games. They were painted onto board and then photographed to form the backing artwork on top of which were overlaid the company logo and graphics for the game title and details. In our early days the artwork was framed and kept in our offices - later on as the pictures piled up they were slung in a cupboard and forgotten. I took them before they went in the skip when our offices moved." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Pictures of the Old Billingsgate Fish Market in the City of London -
Pictures of the Old Billingsgate Fish Market in the City of London
Pictures of the Old Billingsgate Fish Market in the City of London
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"During the 19th century Billingsgate market, situated in the south-east corner of the City of London, was the largest fish market in the world. Originally just a general market by the riverside a 1699 Act of Parliament made Billingsgate ‘a free and open market for all sorts of fish whatsoever’." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"The first actual Billingsgate Market building was built on Lower Thames Street in 1850 but it soon became too small and was demolished in 1873. The new building known as Old Billingsgate Market, and the one that still exists today albeit without the market, was designed by the city architect Sir Horace Jones and opened for trading in 1877. The new building was twice the size of the original and incorporated the Billingsgate Stairs and Darkhouse Lane." - Mark H
"Billingsgate market, which had long been seen as rather anachronistic while it was situated in the City of London, ceased trading in 1982. It was reallocated to the Isle of Dogs where it still continued to be run by the City of London Corporation and for which they pay an annual ground rent made up of “the gift of one fish”. The writer George Orwell worked for a short while at... more... - Mark H
Abandoned Places - Battery prison Tallinn. Hospital and administrative building. - http://abandonedplaces.livejou...
Abandoned Places - Battery prison Tallinn. Hospital and administrative building.
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#SaturdayFF Today I watched a 2011 recording of Cendrillon by Massenet filmed at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, this being the first opera not sung in English I've ever watched all the way through. Subtitles helped. A lot.
It was a far more captivating experience than I really imagined it would be, helped by some great performances from the cast, inventive set design, and some wonderful outfits. It also triggered a slight welling of tears in my eyes when the spell is lifted that allows Prince Charming and Cinderella to see one another, a testament to the great acting. - Mark H
So there you go: I quite like opera as it turns out. - Mark H
When I was a kid, I used to love watching the operas that PBS aired. A friend of mine is a trained opera singer and she took me to a few shows. I found I liked watching it on TV a lot more. - Anika
Yes, I can't imagine rushing to see an opera any time soon without really knowing the story inside out otherwise a lot of it would be completely lost on me. For now the TV is a much better option. - Mark H
The pleasure at seeing someone I used to go to school with posting on Facebook out of the blue was immediately tempered by then seeing him share a couple of posts from two horribly right-wing racist groups.
I've had that same thing happen a couple of times. I figure sometimes those folks fall out of your life for exactly that reason. - Jennifer Dittrich
Oh, I'm sure he's just disillusioned with the establishment. Even if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. - Eivind
The posts he shared would seem to indicate he's disillusioned with muslims rather than the establishment. - Mark H
So it would seem, but I keep being told that what /seems/ like right-wing racist shit is...not. It's just a protest, people protest. - Eivind
People in general don't seem to be protesting against the establishment; they seem to be protesting against whatever it is they've come to believe they should be protesting against from constant bombardment to the same old messages from the media sources they've aligned with and the similarly-unthinking mass of friends they associate with. - Mark H
Nature - 02
Nature - 03
Nature - 05
Nature - 04
Nature - 06
Nature - 07
Nature - 09
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Where did you shoot these? - Anika from Android
The Bishop's Palace Gardens in Chichester. They're formal gardens at the back of Chichester Cathedral. - Mark H
They're very pretty flowers. So my next (easily searched if I wasn't so lazy) question is what the pronunciation of 'Chichester'? - Anika
Chich to rhyme with snitch; ester to rhyme with wester. - Mark H
Minecrafting with OS OpenData | Innovate | Ordnance Survey -
Minecrafting with OS OpenData | Innovate | Ordnance Survey
Slippy might appreciate this; mainland Great Britain in Minecraft. - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Danger Mouse to be voiced by Alexander Armstrong -
Danger Mouse to be voiced by Alexander Armstrong
"Pointless host Alexander Armstrong will voice Danger Mouse when the much-loved cartoon hero returns to TV next year. The comic actor, also known for his TV shows with Ben Miller, said voicing the character was "about as close to a dream job as you could wish for". Armstrong takes over from Sir David Jason, who voiced the eye patch-sporting "DM" in ITV's original series from 1981 to 1992. Kevin Eldon will voice trusty sidekick Penfold, Terry Scott's old character. "When I am recording the episodes, I'll be making sure that at all times my eyebrows are at least three inches above my head," joked Eldon, known for his appearances in Big Train, Nighty Night and other comedy shows." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
The Satanic Temple’s hilarious response to a pro-religion court ruling -
The Satanic Temple’s hilarious response to a pro-religion court ruling
"Last month a judge ruled that religious pamphlets could be distributed in a school district in Orange County, Florida, according to Raw Story. In the wake of this ruling, the Satanic Temple is handing out its own religious literature to Orange County schools: “The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities.”" - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Great news.. - Arfin Kiriloğlu from Android it is actually a nice book of activities - d☭snake
OF COURSE they use WordPress... - Brent Schaus
BBC News - The freedivers who swim with whales -
BBC News - The freedivers who swim with whales
BBC News - The freedivers who swim with whales
"I'm floating in the Indian Ocean, six miles off the north-east coast of Sri Lanka. A sperm whale and her calf are facing me, 150ft (45m) away. I can see them swimming towards me, hissing, blowing steam and clicking loudly like a pneumatic drill. "Don't swim, don't move. They're watching us," whispers my guide Hanli Prinsloo. She grabs my hand and pulls me beneath the surface where we watch a hazy black mass materialise. Details gradually emerge: a fin, a gaping mouth, a patch of white. An eye, sunk low on a knotted head, peers in our direction." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"The clicks are so powerful they can penetrate flesh and allow whales to see not only where objects are, but what they look from the inside out. In essence, sperm whales have X-ray vision. Getting "scanned" in this way is not only incredibly loud, it can also be incredibly painful. One Dare Win researcher told me how he was diving with sperm whales a year ago and attempted to push a... more... - Mark H
It never occurred to me that there were physical aspects to the clicks. I mean, not *that* physical. - bentley
In which a Bridge is kept -
In which a Bridge is kept
its different from gandalf's way - yedi
The CC41 ‘Pac-Man’ Utility Label in Wartime Britain. -
The CC41 ‘Pac-Man’ Utility Label in Wartime Britain.
The CC41 ‘Pac-Man’ Utility Label in Wartime Britain.
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"Inflation for clothing had doubled from the beginning of the war in September 1939 and May 1941 and a way had to be found to make clothing as cheap and basic as possible while somehow maintaining quality. To these ends Utility clothing, together with the CC41 label, was introduced with the Utility Apparel Order initiated by the Board of Trade. The Government quickly took control of the import and manufacture of raw materials and then supplied cloth to the relevant manufacturers. Even the style of the clothing would become subject to yet more ‘austerity’ regulations and the Making of Civilian Clothing (Restriction Order) was passed in 1942. It forbade any wasteful cutting of clothes and introduced a set of instructions for tailors and dressmakers had to work to. For instance the number of pockets were regulated to comply with the “no fabric on fabric” rule, there was a maximum length for shirts and skirts. Turn ups for trousers, then very much in fashion, were simply banned. Even buttons were regulated and were restricted to three or less." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Pompey Fans Day 2014 - 24
Pompey Fans Day 2014 - 27
Pompey Fans Day 2014 - 26
Pompey Fans Day 2014 - 25
Pompey Fans Day 2014 - 29
Pompey Fans Day 2014 - 28
Pompey Fans Day 2014 - 30
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Canoe Lake, Portsmouth
Making A Sale
Red And Green Peppers
Thunder Toffee Vodka
Shutter Street Art
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Had a five-minute chat with Robert Llewellyn yesterday and managed not to mention Red Dwarf once.
where/how did you meet him? I miss scrapheap challenge! - Halil
He was presenting a talk on electric cars for Chichester Skeptics in the Pub. I took the opportunity between his talk and general Q&A to approach him for a prospective talk for Portsmouth Skeptics in the Pub (since I co-run that) for next year. We had a chat about his current work, his schedule, and an upcoming appearance in Wales at the Festival Number 6 since I was wearing a Prisoner t-shirt at the time. - Mark H
Global warming denial: Claims of Arctic ice recovering are exaggerated. -
Global warming denial: Claims of Arctic ice recovering are exaggerated.
Global warming denial: Claims of Arctic ice recovering are exaggerated.
"Briefly: Arctic sea ice reaches a minimum in late September every year. The overall trend for the amount of ice at that time is decreasing; in other words, there is less ice all the time. Some years there is more than others, some less. But the trend is down, down, down." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"The black line is the average for 1981 – 2010. The gray region shows the ±2 standard deviation temperatures for that average; statistically speaking it’s an expected range of temperatures (it’s actually more subtle than that, but that’s enough to understand what’s going on here). The dashed line shows the 2012 ice extent, and is clearly very low, well outside the expected range. The... more... - Mark H
This post is partially true and partially untrue. Why do they have to make their own misleading charts here is the hard data. Are we incapable of interpreting it? - Eric Logan
Actually it's not their own chart it's the one that best fits the narrative. I have been watching DMI for years. the mean near average is 2001, but we are also very near 2005 numbers and multi year ice another important metric is increasing not decreasing. If you listened to what the alarmists said there was not supposed to be any as in none by now. - Eric Logan
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