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Why I Never Started My Own Company -
This is a great article on why some people should just stick to being Employees - Nestor
Spiderpodium Tablet stand will haunt your desktop on January 12th -
I announce I am going to buy this - Nestor
Watch Oprah give Kinect to her entire audience ... and the hysteria that ensues -
Great marketing strategy from Microsoft? I wouldn't imagine Oprah choosing to give out Kinect herself. Nonetheless, I wish I was there! - Nestor
19+ Challenging Free Online Puzzle Games You Have To Play -
You don't need an iPhone to skive and enjoy games when you are at work, these games are fun too! - Nestor
This Guy Has Some Serious Apple Hate – [SCREENSHOT] -
Lol I like this guy already - Nestor
iPad data cost by country analyzed and charted -
Singapore might be one of the cheapest for all you know - Nestor
Microsoft Kinect revealed: Project Natal finally gets a name -
Yes! - Nestor
good work! - Trish Haley
Nice! - TheHenry
WIN FOR THE DARK SIDE - Josh Haley from iPhone
i just looked and your work area was bare, :p - chaz2b
Took you long enough. - Johnny's Beard
Omg that's awesome - Nestor from iPhone
Johnny, watch out. I fear your beard is becoming jealous and will soon try to take over! Or at least break your LEGOS - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
I hve blisters on my fingers!!! - Johnny from iPhone
Dude.. so awesome. - Rodfather
This is great! - Jonathan Hardesty
er...shouldn't there be *6* minifigs? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
i was at a toy store with my wife and kids today looking for a dolly for our oldest. after that was concluded, i disappeared into the 3 aisles of LEGO for nearly 20 minutes. my wife says that when i emerged my face looked like i'd recently received oral gratification. dang. - Big Joe Silenced
Woo Hoo!!!! - Gabrielle
It's Monday morning and my fingers are raw. Very hard to type... Now, how to explain this to my work mates without encountering the relentless mocking that usually follows these types of projects.... - Johnny
The scale is a little off. - Andy Bakun
*schweet*! - Derrick
I see the pictures there and my heart is all a-flutter. - Jonathan Hardesty
Aden... your next challenge - Johnny
I saw that set at the Lego store. WANT. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Apple Media Touch Tablet: The iPAD? -
It looks ugly as hell... - Nestor from iPhone
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Top 10 Things to Do in Syndey, Australia -
Top 10 Things to Do in Syndey, Australia
Damn I just got back and did none of that - Nestor from iPhone
Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
Hutch Carpenter
My 5 y.o. son asks: Is there infinite of anything. My answer? No, everything is finite. Right?
The digits in Pi (π) are a non-repeatable infinite sequence & black holes have infinite gravity at the center. See Wikipedia for more - Stuart Miniman
The problem of infinity is a big one, and isn't easily answered. It's broken into two parts: can there be infinitely numerous things, and can something be infinitely divisible? For the former, it's becoming more and more likely that beyond the Universe, there is some form of a multiverse that is infinitely large (and containing infinitely many other Universes). For the latter, it's not... more... - Mark Trapp
Is the universe finite or infinite? - LPH™ and his dog P™
LPH: which aspect of it? - Mark Trapp
Depends on what is meant by "anything". If it can include any continuous variable, then yes there are infinite things. Such as an infinite # of distances between 1 inch and 2 inches, etc. - Mike Reynolds
How about the arguments over which social media site is the best and which sucks - that discussion goes to Infinity and beyond ;) - Stuart Miniman
LPH: Theoretically, the matter which should exist in the universe should be finite, while the boundary is still expanding into infinitude. Thus it is hard to say. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
If you mean like physical objects then I don't think so. In math there are even different levels of infinity like "countable" and "uncountable" so no. "The theory of infinite cardinals was developed toward the end of the nineteenth century by Georg Cantor. The smallest infinity was that of the set of integers, also called countable infinity and given the symbol aleph-0. The next... more... - Todd Hoff
Damn kids with their difficult questions! - joneilortiz
I believe God is infinite? - Nestor
Mark - I've read about multiverses, but not really familiar with them. Related to string theory? Or totally different thing? - Hutch Carpenter
Mike - that infinite points between two lines is a lesson I recall from mathematics. I'll have to relate that to do explain that to a 5 y.o.? - Hutch Carpenter
Hmm...this is such a good question. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Hutch: string theory and multiverse theory (where universes exist on multidimensional membranes known as p-branes that exist close to each other) are part of a larger framework called M-theory ('m' for membrane). Depending on the specific theory, there's a chance there could be infinitely many p-branes. Strings can exist solely within a p-brane, or, in certain cases, exist between p-branes (so called Supergravity). - Mark Trapp
Great question. Succinct, and I don't think I've seen it asked here. - Micah
Todd - so physical objects are finite. That's what I was thinking. The rest of your comment is some good math there, I tell ya! - Hutch Carpenter
Hutch: the infinite points argument is pretty easy to demonstrate with someone standing 10 ft from a wall. Have them move halfway, then halfway, then halfway, etc etc etc. I'm pretty sure Aristotle did it the same way (or was the S or P, I can never keep 'em straight). - FFing Enigma
The one thing that stands out growing up as a Buddhist is impermanence. - Rodfather
What Todd said about there being an infinity of infinities in mathematics. As for the physical universe, while the law of conservation of matter and energy makes me think that matter and energy should be finite, we know that virtual particles can pop out of the vacuum spontaneously all the time. Also, most of the current theories of the nature of the universe assume that the density of... more... - Victor Ganata
Mark - I've read about those membranes. I do love that theoretical stuff, as long as it's brought down closer to a layperson's level. - Hutch Carpenter
CW™ - there you go. I'm using that tomorrow! - Hutch Carpenter
When my soon-to-be 1-year-old son asks a question like this, I'm going to weep (internally) in joy. Such a clever boy! I'd turn around and ask him, "Well, what do YOU think?" That'll help him explore the ideas. - Hiro Asari
hiro: "what do you think?" could be the best question you ever ask your child in their entire life - Tyler Gillies
Tina - good way to explain the infinite points between two points. The Halfway exercise. - Hutch Carpenter
nicholas: good point. because if the "nothingness" beyond our expanded universe was infinite, our universe would not exist - Tyler Gillies
tyler: thanks for the tip. Halfway point exercises is good…good lead into the Dedekind cut. - Hiro Asari
Hiro - I like that sentiment. My son just got this infinite idea in his head, it's fun to talk to him about it. Lots here in this thread to talk to him about. - Hutch Carpenter
I once said 'I infinity infinity infinity dare you!' - Rodfather
except human stupidity - Parth Awasthi
Zeno's paradox for the win! - Victor Ganata
Victor - you made me look up Zeno's paradox: - Hutch Carpenter
Why can't the universe expand into infinity? Some of the cutting edge theories in cosmology believe this may be so: - Victor Ganata
i think the universe would stop from heat death eventually. [entropy] - Tyler Gillies
When I was TA for an undergrad Calculus class, I gave a passage from Gödel, Escher, Bach on Zeno's Paradox in an exam for extra credit to explain the "paradox". They hated me. - Hiro Asari
Tyler, it's actually not a given that the universe is going to end in heat death. The ekpyrotic universe posits that things may actually be cyclical This is related to M-theory and the possible existence of p-branes. - Victor Ganata
I firmly believe that the number of Note combinations in music is infinite. - Brent - Yes I am
Hutch, the easiest explanation I know works well for high school students and some others, but here goes. Stand perhaps 10' from a wall. Then move so that you're 5' away (about). Then cut in half again to 2.5'. Then keep cutting in half. Eventually you'll be 1" away, then 1/2". Then you'll have to explain that you're still moving half the distance each time and that you can still keep on moving like this forever. - Mike Reynolds
But perhaps easier for a 5 year old is seeing how many "words" they can make from the alphabet. Let them jot some words they know on paper, then encourage them to make up new words, even fake ones. If they run out of ideas, encourage them to add some letters. This is a game that never ends, b/c you can always add letters. Thus, this is a kids experience with no end, thus the Universe does contain some "infinite" things. - Mike Reynolds
The variations on how we answer his question approach infinite... - Thom Kennon
And a third one which works for advanced people is constructing a 2D shape that has infinite surface area, yet finite area. - Mike Reynolds
Thom - that's a good point. I'll show Harrison this thread. - Hutch Carpenter
I still remember trying to figure out what I felt about infinity. I think I finally settled on the concept that there was, in fact a number infinity, but whenever anybody said something like 'yeah, well, I'm better then u times infinity' I decided that they couldn't actually, because it's unreasonable to multiply by infinity. - Will Higgins™
Mike - thanks for the "words" yip. You're right, that goes to infinite. Of course, that includes words with a quadrillion letters and beyond. Making up these words would be fun for him. - Hutch Carpenter
We can never know for sure, so we should assume that both finality and infinity are viable possibilities. So if life is finite, final, and ends forever with death we should make the most of the time we have while we can. If life is infinite and loops back on itself, and death is also birth (, then we should make the most of our every moment because each of our actions has infinite implications. - Garin Kilpatrick
this makes me miss my dad, who was a mathematician. I remember grilling him on the concept of infinity. The first time he explained it to me and I "got it" I could not sleep all night thinking about it. I"m pretty sure I was older than five, though. At least seven, I think. - Laura Norvig
there are finite and infinite games - Valeria Maltoni
Valeria: I've got a Ballantine 1st Edition paperback of that book from 1987 that I've read probably a dozen or so times since. It still sits on my main bookshelf, and I frequently throw it in a bag when I travel to re-read bits from when I'm not otherwise occupied. Definitely more philosophy than science, and I'm guessing not a great read for most 5-year-olds...but still a great read that continues to keep my interest nearly 22 years later (and more years to come, i'm sure). - abacab
Does Microsoft use Macs? Of course they do! - TheHenry from Bookmarklet
Some form of prank for sure. Competitors products on own yard are a no-no, no matter how awesome they are. Back in the day, Coke CEO was strolling in the campus when he found a pepsi can on the ground. A thorough search of the entire campus was done just to make sure there were no more such "offensive" items. - vijay
Re: Vijay, that doesn't make sense.... How do you compete against your competitors if you don't understand their products through daily usage from a consumer perspective? It shouldn't be surprising that they use Macs in my opinion. I use my competitor's product as well... - Nestor
Ummmm... plenty of MS folks use Macs. Whats the problem? They run Windows just fine. - iTad
Macs are PCs, there just made by Apple :) - TheHenry
Joey has a good point. - TheHenry
yes, they do. and accoring to the PC VS MAC adv series, sb just said those video were done by Mac~ - yagami
Yagami is right. Most people do use there competitors products. They just have to. Well, at least in this case - TheHenry
I cannot believe this. haha! Has Bill Gates used an iPod? Yes he has. Will you ever see him use one in public? NO! will he let himself be seen using one by the public? HELL NO! get the point? dammit, why do I even have to "explain" this? T-T - vijay
Except Microsoft doesn't hide it. and As much as people make it out to be, and as much as marketers and ad people play along, they really aren't direct competitors. Microsoft primarily makes software. Apple primarily makes hardware. (Or at least primarily designs hardware.) - Victor Ganata
and Apple makes Quicktime, iTunes and Safari for windows too. Jobs even used a windows PC to demo Safari and Mobile Me features on windows but there's a valid reason in all such cases. You're "demoing" software for use on a competitor's platform. The pic above shows a mac being used at an MS event... that sends the wrong message. Like that little Coke history snippet I shared... more... - vijay
And yes. Apple and Microsoft "are" competitors. They are competing platforms. If you go to Adobe's website today, there are only two download options, Windows and OS X. There! There's your competition. - vijay
That may be true with software downloads, but that's not true when you go to the store. There's nothing to stop you from buying Microsoft software for an Apple product, and probably quite a few people do. Apple and Microsoft compete the same way Google and Microsoft compete: indirectly. Their primary products are simply not in the same fields, although clearly they have plenty of subsidiary products that do compete directly. It's not as zero-sum as the ads would have you believe. - Victor Ganata
David Cook
Twitter from Windows Media Center -
Twitter from Windows Media Center
Show all
"It seems these days there isn’t anything that you can’t post messages to Twitter from." - David Cook from Bookmarklet
It'd be cool if you could automatically tweet what you were watching/playing - LANjackal
Not cool.. the media center is too painful to type on (even with a keyboard) no? - Nestor
When you can tweet from your XBox, *that* will be cool. I like the keyboard on the controller. - David Cook
@David: I wonder how that's gonna work? Right now the Xbox WMC extender interface lacks keyboard support (WTF?), which I think was a deliberate move by MS to keep the PC in the spotlight but is annoying as hell - LANjackal
What I mean is that I read that the XBox will be able to update Twitter independent of the Media Center extender software. - David Cook
Rob Diana
why does css layout have to be so damn difficult? I wish there was a better way.
How about Tables??? *gags* - Roberto Bonini
Ahsan, I was using grids before and was trying to simplify some things. I may have to go back to it to see if it works better. - Rob Diana
Roberto, I thought about a table for the dynamic part of the layout, but tables have their own problems. - Rob Diana
Aren't grids just tables? - Todd Hoff
Frameworks are the better way. Blueprint, 960, etc. all take the guesswork out of how to create a CSS-based table-less layout. Why reinvent the wheel? - Mark Trapp
For YUI? As I remember in GWT they were tables. - Todd Hoff
YUI is all div based. It is fairly good, but I was trying to limit how many "core" frameworks I was using. - Rob Diana
Ahsan, JQuery and YUI would be what I am using. Are there any conflicts between them? - Rob Diana
I don't know if I'm a snob or a purist or what, but I cannot get into using a CSS framework - it just seems like way too much overhead for most sites when I can roll my own CSS from scratch much much faster, and with more semantic sense - Nathan Chase
CSS makes me want to cry. - Mona Nomura from fftogo
I mean come on... grid_7 prefix_1 grid_2 omega grid_3 suffix_1 - these mean absolutely nothing when looking at the code - I want my html to have classes that MEAN something - Nathan Chase
Blueprint is the reason I made my own personal frameworks - Mo Kargas
Microsoft WinForms have perfectly viable layout techniques that do everything CSS does and more in a more reliable and easier to understand way. Why hasn't a spec similar to that popped up yet? - xero
here's an example of a design I did for CSS OFF last year: - I didn't "win" the competition but I was pretty pleased with my code. It's all by-hand, from a .PSD, in less than 24 hrs. (See for details) - No frameworks used... Getting the microformats syntax correct was the hardest part, really. - Nathan Chase
@Nathan Nice work. These days I tend to avoid the frameworks too. I think it's better for ultimate control if you do it yourself. - Mo Kargas
In a sadistic sort of way, I enjoy the challenge of hand coding CSS. - Dennis O'Neil
CSS makes perfect sense as long as the browser cooperates - the only reason CSS still sucks is because of browser inconsistencies - If we were only having to cater to Firefox 3 users, life would be so much easier. It's been said that web development is the "most hostile" environment for a programmer/developer to work in, and it's because of the myriad of variables the web presents that we have to deal with. - Nathan Chase
the only CSS framework I use is a single line of resetting that clears margin, padding, outline, and border from all html elements so that the browsers are all on the same playing field to start - Nathan Chase
I think CSS is great, although there are a few cool features of CSS 3 that I wish more more widely supported. I've never heard of using a CSS framework... do many people do that? Most of the common page structures can be coded in minutes - I don't see the need. - Tom Harrison
@Tom - secretly, I think the only people who use CSS frameworks are the ones that can't shake the idea of using tables for layout, but know they can't do it forever - that's just my take on it - ;) - BUT, to each their own. Whatever makes things easier for you... - Nathan Chase
I go back and forth on the merits of framework/fully from scratch. I did try 960 Grid for the first time (in this project: ) and overall it was a good experience. The only major headache was in absolutely positioning the search controls (upper right corner) - there was a browser-specific difference that forced me to take a difference approach which was tedious to figure out. But hey, this is CSS we're talking about :) - Micah
Hire someone? - Charlie Anzman
Just took a look—nicely done, Nathan. - Micah
Even if the browsers cooperated, CSS still wouldn't make 100% sense. To be a domain-specific language, it fails horribly at some of the most oft used cases, and the stories for its usage are often convoluted. Especially around how certain relative interactions work, positioning in general, and many of the default settings. The box model is absurd honestly, though I can work with it. Hand-coding is basically the only way to go, but only really because it is near impossible to actual design it for reuse. - xero
We're beating up CSS (for good reason), but if you think about programmatically designing for a low level layout format like Postscript/PDF, well it makes CSS/HTML look pretty good. I don't know, is there anyone here whose experience is otherwise? - Micah
I'd take CSS over Postscript and GDI any day for doing the things which CSS are intended. But I can think of several vastly simple improvements over CSS, some of which I have on the back burner for my own proposal for a CSS replacement. - xero
Because HTML was originally designed to describe layout, and CSS was designed to help describe font styles, but when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. - Jesse Hattabaugh
@Jesse, that's actually pretty wrong. HTML describes content. - chrisofspades
Chris: that's not what it was originally for. HTML described web pages, including presentation. After a while, CSS was invented and people decided that it was better at presentation, so the presentational elements of HTML have been deprecated and are slowly being removed. - Mark Trapp
while <font> and <b> may be presentational, I'd hardly say they describe layout. but now we're talking about semantics (pun intended?). which can be a discussion unto itself heh. - chrisofspades
Frames, however, did describe layout, as did tables. There was a time before CSS, and HTML got along relatively well, for many years. - Mark Trapp
frames and tables were not originally part of HTML: neither were <font> and <b> for that matter. - chrisofspades
and young as I may be, I been around HTML for nearly 15 years. I've written many a nested table. - chrisofspades
I hate CSS too, they haven't really progress much since 10 years ago - Nestor
David Cook
***SHE SAID YES!!!*** =D
Congrats! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Mazel Mazel! - Justin Korn
Congrats, David, and the future Mrs. Cook! - Derrick
Congrats! - Mo Kargas
Congrats! - Michael McKean
congratulations! - Jay
Awesome! - Robert Scoble
Congratulations - jerry
Congrats :) - Rodfather
Congratulations! - Anika
Congratulations - RAPatton
congrats! - Rob Sellen :o)
Of course Lindsey, how else is a guy like me gonna land a awesome chick like her?! - David Cook
Awesome! congrats.... - Marcus Schroefel
Congrats! Hope she is a good one! - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Congratulations!! - Christine Yang from BuddyFeed
Congratulations!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from BuddyFeed
Wow, congrats, David! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
congrats David :) - webosapien (Burcu Tüzün)
RAD - just got warm fuzzy feeling. - alexia tsotsis
good for you (and her of course)! - Cee Bee
mazal Tov - Kfir Pravda
Congratulations, David! - rønin
congratulations! nice ring! - Trish Haley
Congrats :) - Bee
nice ring! - anna sauce
David, that's wonderful! Congratulations!!! - Zee.
CONGRATS!!! - FFing Enigma
Congrats!!! - iTad
should be the most liked thing by end of the week. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Congratulations! - Parth Awasthi
Congrats man! - Andrew
Thank you all *so* much! You're all so awesome!!! - David Cook from fftogo
This is nice to see...a great reminder that no matter how bad things get with the economy, etc., life indeed goes on. :) Congratulations and many blessings! - Dawn
congrats! - Anne Bouey
Congrats! - Tony
Congratulations :) - 空气.sk
EPIC!!!!! Congrats! - Live4Emma (L4S)
congrats! - mashable
congrats! - Daniel Herrera
Congrats! - Charlie Anzman
yes! congrats! - Allen Stern
Congratulations!!! Nice ring =) - nouhad
Way to go! - Friar Will
Congratulations! - Steven Perez
Congratulations! Hope you have as many wonderful years as my wife and I have had! - John A. Taylor
YEAH!! CONGRATULATIONS DAVID!!!!! Wooo Hooooo!!!! :) - Susan Beebe
Congrats! - Jeremy Brooks
Congratulations! - imabonehead
Lovely - Karma Martell
Congratulations to the both of you, beautiful! - Steve Ram
Congratulations David. That is wonderful! - Keith - @tsudo
Congrats! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Congrats, David. - Micah
Hurray, Congrats - Nils Hitze from twhirl
Bravo to that and welcome to a new chapter of your life. :) - Raymond Marr aka Knatchwa
In case nobody else has said it, congratulations! - Mark H
Awesome, congratulations! Marriage is a great thing man! - Allen Harkleroad
Congrats you two :) - embee
Congratulations! <3 - Neya
Congrats! - Jorg Jansen
congrats! - sergiooo
Congratulations!!! I remember that day.. lots of emotions - Alessandro Galetto from twhirl
Congratsss - Wolkanca Sapar
ace! first FF engagement? now for the wedding... ustream? :P - Stuart Evans from twhirl
With a ring like that I would probably say yes too... Congratualions! - Ruud van Wijngaarden
Congratulations! - Rob Brammeld
Congrats! - Thomas Hawk
Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Ahmed
..and now you feel great! Congrats!!! - Business Blogger 【ツ】™
:D - Yuvi
Congrats ! - Guy Vander Heyden
Congrats!!! And welcome to the jungle!!! :D - Nestor
Congratulations - MAS
Congratulations - Like
Congra... :) - امـ‌ی‌ــر
Congratulations:) - joupy
الهیییییییییییییییییییی چه احساسی داره:) - joupy
Congratulations David! :) - AJ Batac
Congratulations , Hope you live happily ever after :) - ₦ấŽắЙἵŊ
congrats :) - disconnesso
yay!!! =D - Jenny Morman
Congrats! - Mohammad Abdurraafay
hey congrats - (jeff)isageek
congrats! - Martin Sliacky
Congrats! - Bryan R. Adams
Beautiful ring. Congrats! - Cheryl Jones
Congrats!! - Just Mrs. V
Congratulations!! - TiTi
Congratulations and best wishes !!! - Nir Ben Yona
con'grats !! - Peter Dawson
congrats! - John Wang
Congratulations mate. Now, it's my turn ;-) - Shinil Payamal from twhirl
aaaawwwwww - Yolanda
Grandma told you she was a keeper" Congrats sweetheart I wish you both all the years of happiness I have had and so many more! Love ya bunches" - Katt
Awesome - Andrew
Congrats!!!! - johnilouise
Congrats!! Lucky you, you're the man! - natadd from twhirl
Congratulations on the engagements and that GORGEOUS RING!! wow!! good job!! I bet the bride is just as beautiful :) - Melissa Davis
Ejalé!!! - Franco
Congrats. - Alp
Awesome!! - BEX
Mona Nomura
Obama Outfitted With 238 Motion Capture Sensors For 3-D Record Of Presidency -
Obama Outfitted With 238 Motion Capture Sensors For 3-D Record Of Presidency
Obama Outfitted With 238 Motion Capture Sensors For 3-D Record Of Presidency
hahhahahahahahahahha!!! - Mona Nomura
The pictures are priceless. - Dan Hsiao
Our president is so likeable - even if he looks ridiculous. - Mona Nomura
This is AWESOME - Josh Haley
Totally. I opened up The Onion and spit out my coffee LOL - Mona Nomura
Just another clown in a suit ;) - James Artre
Classic :D - Mo Kargas
These pictures make me laugh so much. - Mona Nomura
Priceless. :) - Parth Awasthi
It blows my mind how The Onion comes up with such awesome stuff time and time again... - Michael Leggett
Man that guy's got balls! - david beckwith
This will add a new degree of realism to political simulation games! - Chris Charabaruk
Lolz - Palak Mathur
Wow, I LOLd HARD to this. Holy freaking crap! - Mike Nayyar
those look like ping pong balls! LOL - Susan Beebe
I for one am glad this wasn't something that was done during the Clinton administration. - Michael Molinar from twhirl
The onion has been hilarious lately! - Sarah Perez
LOL! - Brandon
someday archeologists will find the backups of onion server and bamm a new ancient civilization with weird habits :D - Yunus Tunak
The picture was awesome. But ... you know you're a giant geek when you're bugged by the sentence about sensors in the suit overheating... optical mocap is done with passive reflectors on the suit; all the electronics are external. - Andrew C (✔)
"awesome. But ... optical mocap is done with passive reflectors on the suit; all the electronics are external" THIS QUOTE is exhibit A as to why the court has ruled that the FriendFeed community rocks. Case closed. - Micah
awesomesauce! - BEX
such an attractive suit! - Krista K
We just can't get enough of Mr. Obama, can we? This is hilarious. - Alex Kim
omg..!! am i really hearing this?? - Praveen Vasudev
Is this real???!! - Nestor
Holy crap, wiki The Onion please before asking if this is real lol. - Keenan
Oh Orion you write what we dream of :) - John D Reasor
MAD magazine for the 21st century - Brad Kligerman
Whahahaha great - Jorg Jansen
Reticulating splines. - Sparky, lurking
lol - Alp
wat?!! oh, its the onion spwew - Monique
HAHA! - David Cook
Oh yeah, didn't like the Watchmen at all. But I haven't read the comic either.
I'm not even gonna bother now. - Chu Yeow
Agreeing with @andycroll, at least check out the *coughs*bootleg*coughs* copy. - Sunny Wong
Roschach journal is already worth the $ - Jason
I think I like Roschach most in the show.. what a character! - Nestor
Although it'll be great to be able to multitask like Dr Manhattan. One for friendfeed, one for twitter, one for facebook, etc.... - Jason
Yesterday I got Rimmels Sexy Curves-mascara in mail for tested.This morning I tried it first time and I have to say Wow!You pretty much get what they promise with that if you do as they have told:first 2 times mascara,then move brush with sic sac.I am happily surprised!Let's see how well this lasts
More than Dior Show? - Mona Nomura
@Mona, Dior Show <3 Well, it's a totally different story ;D But this isn't bad option if you are searching for not so pricy version of mascara:) - Neya
I'm now bothered that I'm the only guy who liked this. But in my defense the girl in the pic is hot so don't judge me yet! - vijay
@Jess Lee, I think I haven't ever heard of it:) @Vijay,She is Sophie Ellis-Bextor (, you may heard her music sometimes somewhere, or then you can just listen one of her songs in here ^^ : - Neya
thanks for the link Nia :) - vijay
*7 hours later* Mascara is still looking good, haven't "drop" or so. Kinda like it ^^. @Vijay, happy to:) - Neya
It's ok vijay, I like it too but I'm not going be the 2nd guy to tag it :) - Nestor
***After 1 day use* **It stayed nicely all day, no drops +1, and didn't got any allergic reactions (my eyes are sensitive) +1, in the evening when I wash it away, it was a little annoying, cause It took like ages to get it off (probably cause of many layers). Maybe I got wrong kind of product which I wash it, who knows, but I like that kind of mascara better which I can easily wash away. -1. I would probably buy this product from the store if I would be needing one :) Result= 2/3. - Neya
Is this a commercial? - Phil Boiarski
Let me guess, it stops working as advertised, after a week of usage? - Tyson Key
@Phil, nope :D just got a mascara tested and there is the test result. @Tyson, well see ;) I can raport to you if you like ^^ - Neya
rudy hartono
Stardock Fences - Organize Desktop In Beautiful Way -
My wife and I both love this thing. And she is super-picky about messing with her desktop. - Roger Benningfield
I don't get it, isn't that just grouping desktop icons? I hope Stardock makes Expose instead - Nestor
Downloaded it and started trying it out, until now it makes a good impression. - Johannes W.
Loving it. I sometimes simply hide all my desktop icons cause I finally get so many. This is awesome. - Paul Wade
It's a good Windows app - Outsanity
Finally taming those extra shortcuts that mess up my desktop. :) - Neurario
So ... am I the only one that doesn't save stuff to the desktop? My computer has what's called a "file system". So does yours - sjjh
My favorite feature is the ability to hide the icons with just a double-click, but I am biased of course. ;) - Spencer
3 icons on desktop, get Launchy :) - Keith - @tsudo
Going on my short list. - Ron Bailey
very nice one! - Dudu Bekel
Very nice - great idea. I personally don't use any desktop icons though. - Luke Addison from twhirl
Facebook's users ask who owns information -
There goes privacy... - Nestor
Alain Chuard
Wildfire Promotion Builder: A quick and easy way to promote your business on the social web. -
We've designed an application that enables organizations to run interactive promotions (e.g. sweepstakes, contests, coupon giveaways, etc) on the social web. We're in private beta and would love to get your feedback. Sign up for an invite at and add "Apps" after your company name. - Alain Chuard
It looks cool any chance of an invite code to actually test the functionality? - Anton Mannering from twhirl
yup, I'll send you one shortly. Thanks for signing up! - Alain Chuard
Cheers Alan. If it does what it says on the tin. It'll be very cool. - Anton Mannering from twhirl
Hey Anton, what's all about? - Alain Chuard
Udoogoo is a social application platform. A Cloud of Crowds. We're very much on the "telco" for social networking functions side of things. Networks and content belong to the client always and forever. We're messing around in the murky water of identity and context. - Anton Mannering from twhirl
re: Jonathan: Got your signup. I'll send you an invite very soon. Thanks for signing up! - Alain Chuard
re: Anton: Udoogoo sounds super interesting. Would be keen to test it when you're ready with it. - Alain Chuard
Alain: Cheers I'll be posting invites here when we launch so keep an eye out. - Anton Mannering from twhirl
Hi forgot to add an "Apps" after my company name - Please check and send an invite anyways - TrafficBug
@TrafficBug: No worries, I got you in the list. You'll get your invite soon! - Alain Chuard
any idea about how the Vimeo presentation was build? - Pablo Corral
Hey Pablo, it was done internally. In terms of software I used Photoshop and ScreenFlow. Let me know if you have more questions. - Alain Chuard
Sounds like something I could use for my business. (and I didn't notice the apps thing either. i just signed up as adirah). - Anika
Thanks Anika! I'll send you an invite soon. - Alain Chuard
Thanks Alain!. Also, your site looks nice. Are you using Radiant as CMS or just managing the rails app using filesystem? - Pablo Corral
Thanks Pablo! We're not using Radiant as CMS. We built our own system which is much more basic than Radiant. At the moment we're fully focused on the actual promotion application and extending it into the Facebook and OpenSocial platforms. Are you using Radiant? If so how do you like it? - Alain Chuard
We need more testers for Wildfire. Please sign up here: - Alain Chuard
Sounds interesting....I just signed up for an invite too - Nestor
Thanks for signing up Nestor! I'll send you an invite soon! - Alain Chuard
Hi Baard, sorry that you haven't received your invite yet. We're sending out invites once a week. We're planning another big code push on Monday so if you don't mind I'll send you yours mid next week... hope this is ok with you. - Alain Chuard
Just FYI, we're planning to send out more invites on Wednesday or Thursday so if you haven't received an invite yet it will be on these days that you'll get one. Thanks for your patience and have a great weekend! - Alain Chuard
We got tons of sign ups! Thanks for everyone that signed up! We really appreciate it! - Alain Chuard
Mona Nomura
The AP Reveals Details of Facebook/ConnectU Settlement With Greatest Hack Ever -
The AP Reveals Details of Facebook/ConnectU Settlement With Greatest Hack Ever
"Holy F*ck, this has to be THE funniest thing I’ve read all day. Copy and frickin’ paste revealed the details? Hilarious. Woe is me for Facebook - finally, everyone knows its real worth. How were they monetizing anyway? And how can the wonderboy be worth more than his site? Oops, did I just say that out loud? Sidenote: I hope this comment is cached just in case my Facebook gets deactivated for talking so much crap. ha." <--the comment I left on TC. - Mona Nomura from Bookmarklet
Inspired use of Picard facepalm - Mo Kargas
Seriously, you guys HAVE to read this. I LOLd. - Mona Nomura from IM
wow... just wow.. ;) - Chris Hollander
I left the rudest comment on there - hopefully my Facebook doesn't get deactivated LOL - Mona Nomura from IM
That is some 007 shit! hahhaaaahhaaaa & yes beware the deactivation - sofarsoShawn
I wonder if it was the 'Track Changes/View Final' function in MS Word that tripped them up? - Mel Buckpitt
@Mel: Probably just "black text on black background" -fail - Jemm
Nothing to see here: <strike>redacted</strike> - Micah
Or maybe a layer in a PDF. Anybody know if the doc is online? - Ken Sheppardson
wow that is seriously pathetic. MS word and other word processing apps keep "versions" of "undo history".. sounds like somebody forget to set the versions to 0 none. This was something we used to do when I was working in legal for state farm, DA, FBI, etc - Susan Beebe
It almost sounds like they just highlighted the black text using a black highlight in the electronic version, assuming that because it would print out black on black there's NO possible way someone could ever read what was in the redacted portions. - Brian Chang
Is that $8.88/share price some Chinese numerology at work or just a coincidence? - Andrew C (✔)
ANDREW! LOL!! - Mona Nomura from IM
i agree with Mo here. Inspired!! - Roberto Bonini
... was the technical screw-up the court's, or ConnectU's lawyers, or what? - Andrew C (✔)
If you read the SF Gate article TC linked, as well as the original piece from AP, they all state it was from the transcripts. Since I am not familiar with the legal system, I can not definitively say whose fault it was. - Mona Nomura from IM
Well, I figured, but the article also mentioned a leak from ConnectU's lawyers. - Andrew C (✔)
The court and the lawyers from both parties most likely were given a copy of the full, unredacted transcript. Facebook and ConnectU might have received full versions as well, though if anything discussed in the proceedings involved either company's agreements or other business dealings with third parties, they may have only gotten redacted versions to prevent the other side from seeing confidential insider information. In theory, the blunder could have come from any of the three or a combination thereof. - Brian Chang
lesson learned: you don't redact stuff by covering them in black in Acrobat. The US DoD made the same thing a few years ago by releasing a redacted report about an incident in Iraq that involved the death of an italian officer... open in Acrobat, copy, paste... voilà. - dario
Glad you rember, dario :-) - Gianluca Neri
Copy and Paste? LOL! - Nestor
Picard pic...inspired! - Hutch Carpenter
@dario: lesson *wasn't* learned, was it? - geoff holmes
@geoff: apparently, it wasn't! (Gianluca: ho buona memoria ;)) - dario
Guess they never saw this article: FBI did the same thing a while back. - Thomas Hunsaker
Can I say how much I love the photo. Oh Number 1 what is it this time? - John Flynn
Is this copying and pasting to circumvent the redacting "DRM" a DMCA violation? Maybe the AP (and TechCrunch!) will wind up at gitmo... - Daniel J. Pritchett
the doc is here [] this is an old 'feature' in PDF. i expect the legal folks to have figured this out by now. pretty sad. - MikeAmundsen
Daniel, Part of that info was already "published" by ConnectU's lawyers. - Tapio Kulmala
the Bush Defense Dept exercised this 'feature' of redacted PDFs back in 2006: [] - MikeAmundsen
This calls for law on how software providers can enable/unable confidentail information stored in programs vis-a-vis terms of use of electronic documents. - Moses Kpetigo
As hard as I try, I can't quite picture how some new law would help. - Ken Sheppardson
Mark Krynsky
Current vs. New redesign (still working on it) for Lifestream Blog. What you think?
I prefer the lighter look which is readable. Open spaces are better. Also the RSS button is more professional. - Louis Gray
+1 for the one on the right! - Mona Nomura
Haha Louis re: RSS button. Yea I think I got the one I'm using now at pick a part. - Mark Krynsky
I'm using this theme but hacked it quite a bit. - Mark Krynsky
New design is so much better. - Pavel Senko
Another one for the right here. I love clean looks. - Amani
One major consideration is to go single column sidebar on the right. I'm really leaning towards doing that. - Mark Krynsky
The layout of the right hand is cleaner; I like that. But I like the stronger blues of the left hand side. - Andrew C (✔)
I'm torn between the cleaner white look and the blues on the left. Let's put this to a Twitter vote. Better yet, Use twtpoll. - J. D. Ebberly
I tried it with the stronger blues but I didn't like it as much and reverted back to the original blue the theme uses. Guess I'm just tired of the current look. - Mark Krynsky
Lighter version is a lot cleaner and simple. - Chris Frost
looks good - Cee Bee
I think the entire header looks greatly improved. The big logo looks nice. - Mitch
New layout light years better - Mo Kargas
Thanks for all the feedback guys. Glad most are liking the new design. I'm also going to add some other goodies too on the site that I use to monitor Lifestreaming news. - Mark Krynsky
The new design is much nicer, more calming to the eye. I don't mind the right 2 panels having a background colour but it should perhaps only be a shade or 2 darker than the header. - Kol Tregaskes
The new one is a nice improvement. Like bigger headlines and smaller rss icon. Nice that the menu is a bit more far away from content, good positioning. - Jesper Lind
very nice redesign, but... could use another color palette ? .. a lot of sites are using a blue palette ... is getting boring ... but very nice work indeed - Nelson Fernandez
The lighter one is ten times better. I'd look into the color of the logo though. Maybe a darker tint of the same hue (or slightly different) as the blue-ish background would look better. Or a wholly different color. - Meryn Stol
I like it, it's lighter, cleaner and less distracting - Nestor
Minimalism, ftw. :) - Derrick
nice & clean - andy brudtkuhl
Very clean. I would make just one change: remove the Search Box + "GO" button combo in the header and replace with the RSS subscriber count. There is no need to have 2 search boxes on the same page. - vijay
Refreshing and light. Maybe darker text? Maybe some stronger division lines to set off the header and sidebars? - Austin King
I like the darker one, color-wise, but the lighter one looks less cluttered. - Anika
like - Shevonne
Thanks so much for all the feedback everyone. You guys rock. I'm considering all comments and suggestions for the next round of changes. - Mark Krynsky
yeah, I like the light one better. Less oppressive and I would actually read through that site. - Chieze Okoye
I like the lighter look. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
the redesign is looking good Mark - Shey
I like the new one a lot. Not sure about the green border on the logo, though - maybe pick up the darker blue from the old header for that? Unless you want the green to equate with "life." - Jandy
If green, then at least a brighter green. This type of green is kind of depressing. Maybe green text with white or dark border to contrast. - Meryn Stol
I don't like the logo... - Alex Sauceda
I like the new look, it looks more clean. - Flavio
Hi Mark! I like the clean white one... and definitely go for the one column on the right! Follow your instincts. - Trish Haley
The AP Reveals Details of Facebook/ConnectU Settlement With Greatest Hack -
Mother of all Hacks - Nestor
Ted Roden
Can someone explain to me? Is this just several hundred people watching someone play on his computer? I'm not trying to be snarky, I just don't get it.
i've never gotten it either and would like to know as well - Cee Bee
It's like FriendFeed's community, except his community hangs out in his chat room and Geeks. Chris also interacts with his community - a lot. - Mona Nomura
Hell, even *I* can't explain it. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
l0ckergn0me! That is some fast reply. I watched it for a half hour before posting... it's not like i'm not one of them. - Ted Roden
LOL @Chris. Nice. - Anika
You're just a dude in a widget that talks a lot. And rants. And makes funny faces. And listens to the same songs on repeat. And farts and burps on camera - WHO DOES THAT?! Oh, and you know a lot about everything. AND you're my best friend. - Mona Nomura
Hahaha@Pirillo! - Carlos Ayala
Oh and you like salmon sushi. And prefer baba ganoush to hummus. Shame on you. *edit: except for that one place across the street from the Starbucks taht has slimy baba ganoush and BOMB ASS hummus. -sigh- - Mona Nomura
l0ckergn0me -- Chris!!!! LOL :D Mona, don't forget about his spamming us with a gazillion coupons during Christmas!! - Susan Beebe
Chris = Someone who actually uses technology in day to day life and can communicate very well without resorting to buzz words... Plus he loves LEGO, which kinda sealed the deal for me :) - Johnny
AND Star Wars! Susan LOL Chris has his own group - his FF is now CRAP LOL - Mona Nomura
Oh yeah... Star Wars (Thanks Mona) - Johnny
And he also gives a lot of relevant tips and blogs about everyday stuff. You would never see a "1010 Ways to Effectively Utilize Twitter for Monetization" blog post from him. - Mona Nomura
Did I mention LEGO? - Johnny
BTW I am getting paid by Chris to say nice things right now - by coupons. :\ Do Not WANT. :\ x98982374923 - Mona Nomura
The hair and geeky glasses kill me... totally fun! Coupons LOL!! - Susan Beebe
Hey pays you? Didn't I miss the boat... - Johnny
@Chris LOL, that's a good one - Nestor
Hey, I saved people a LOT OF MONEY with those coupons. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Ted if you can't get what Chris' live stream is about, you can try joining the tens of thousands that watch puppy cams instead on :-) I think Mona said it best: it's about community. He interacts with people a lot. Of course, Chris is quite innovative with UStream, YouTube, and a number of other "social media." - Loren Heiny
hahahahah!! ok sure ya did! But damn you killed a LOT of trees too dude! :) - Susan Beebe
Oh, and I also start farting memes. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Ya, we can't knock the coupons. It's like a side business of its own. Chris is a straight e-hustler. - Mona Nomura
I think he sells Avon and Tupperware too huh?! :P Hey I need a bubble bath refill! heheheh - Susan Beebe
Chris has that rare Urkel vibe. - Each a phenomenon in geek-cool / cool-geekiness in their own time. +Mona for "relevant tips and blogs about everyday stuff". Loved the french press coffee coverage, that's how I roll too :) - Micah
DAMN MONA any else you forgot to say? - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Chris' show is ok, but he's definitely better in person. He's adorable and made me feel like a rock star when I met him :) - Melissa Davis
Yuri Vilnid
Favorite Randy Rhoad's classic composers, Vivaldi and Pachelbel (from book Running with the Devil, p. 78) -
"I teach 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, every half an hour a different student..." ~ Randy Rhoads - Jason
@Jason: that's a lot of money man... - Nestor
@Jason: that's quot from the same book? - Yuri Vilnid
@Yury: Yeah! :) - Jason
Winston Teo
HTML to PDF in Rails is not as simple as I thought it would be..
what are you using for HTML -> PDF? - Jason
Isn't there a Lib called prawn? Have just heard about it - arunthampi
I'm curious too.. why would you want to do that? - Nestor
@Nestor: So you can dynamically generate PDF files? - Jason
@arunthampi: I've tried prawn but i prefer HTMLDOC gem. Let's me use rails "layouts" as templates. The only bummer's that only HTML3.2 (yukes) is supported... Else there's PrinceXML which supports CSS but license damn ex! - Jason
@Jason: I see... I can see the practicality of that but why not just render in HTML so that they can print it (in pdf if they want to) or email it ? - Nestor
@Nestor: PDF's a better format for invoices, payment vouchers etc where you wanna control page width & bleeding? - Jason
After some research, I think I will be trying out HTMLDOC which seems to best fit my needs.. and PrinceXML is TOOO expensive. - Winston Teo
@Nestor (1) Users requested for the PDF function. (2) I am already rendering the reports in HTML, but I also need to be able to bulk-print the reports in PDF for audit purposes. - Winston Teo
@Winston: cool... I often wonder if Adobe knew that Flash and PDF will basically own every other format when they first created it.. it's so mainstream now... - Nestor
@Nestor: that csn only happen because Adobe flexed their muscles! - Jason
You can workaround the whole PDF issue with a print stylesheet and some instructions on how to get it into PDF format if they really wanted that. Besides, there's no way you're going to be bulk-generating PDFs at runtime so it doesn't have to be part of your Rails app. - Chu Yeow
@chuyeow Yup, you're right. The bulk-printing thing was something I dreamt about.. While I have also convinced the relevant party to accept a printer-friendly page instead. =) - Winston Teo
Angeline Tan
AWESOME - Nestor
Problem: where are we gonna find the time to hear them? :P - Jason
on the go larling, or in the loo. or in the waiting line. anywhere! ;) - Angeline Tan
Writing an iPhone app not child's play -
Great insight. Worth a read if you're feeling bad about not able to write "Hello World" on the iPhone... - Nestor
Enough about the 9yr old whiz kid. When are we 30++ yr old's gonna write one? - Jason
Nowadays, you have to write an iPhone app that spins the planet the other way round to get the media attention - Nestor
Haha else just befriend some SPH editor.... - Jason
Or become a 9 year old yourself... - Nestor
Sure. Drink some Benjamin Button potion. Heh - Jason
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