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YouTube boss explains how to go viral < insights
Microsoft relaunches OneNote for Android with handwriting support < free app
Your Workforce is Disengaged: Here's What To Do About it by @briansolis
Greggs bakery shows how to handle a social media nightmare after offensive logo appears on Google - via @Telegraph
Profile: Peter Capaldi, The New Doctor Who via @VanityFair < new #DoctorWho debuts Sat 7.50pm UK on BBC1!
Britain is now the 'lowest-cost manufacturing economy of Western Europe' | via @Telegraph < good news
RT @TheEconomist: Civilians are far more likely to be shot by police in America than in any other rich country
RT @Kris_SacreBleu: Getty photographer Scott Olson-just arrested in #Ferguson took this photo which is an ICONIC photo, history will show
RT @CreetureNZ: RT "@Mojostarz: @CSIS @amnesty this one? &gt;" methinks an intern just got fired
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Adam Carolla’s Settlement with the Podcasting Troll via @EFF
"...One wonders what will become of all the people who post 'I hate brand xxx' photos. Will the brand police swoop i…
The pursuit of love on LinkedIn via @FT < emphasising 'social' in networks
Imogen Heap integrates fans' recordings into album Sparks
The anti-Facebook: one in four American neighborhoods are now using this private social network via @verge < Nextdoor
Most social sharing happens via email, IM. Are you factoring Dark Social into your strategies? Learn more on FIR 769:
UK audience for digital news is moving to mobile. Find out why and what it means on FIR 769:
Embeds of Facebook posts rise 50% in the three months since Facebook Newswire launched. Hear the story on FIR 769:
Home Office ordered to pay £224m to e-Borders firm < what a fiasco
Latest from the FIR Podcast Network: FIR #769 - 8/18/14 - For Immediate Release
The Hobson and Holtz Report – Podcast #769: August 18, 2014
The Hobson and Holtz Report – Podcast #769: August 18, 2014
10 years of podcasting: Code, comedy, and patent lawsuits < imagine: already there's a "podcasting memory lane"
The Neville Hobson Daily is out! Stories via @ftantenna
Email Is Still the Best Thing on the Internet < interesting perspectives #DarkSocial
Twitter’s latest experiment turns favorites into retweets (and it’s annoying lots of people) via @thenextweb
The forgotten history of cricket in the USA via @qz < who knew @bryanperson :)
US has yet to overcome its tortured racial past via @FT #Ferguson
The Neville Hobson Daily is out!
Over 240 so far and still they come. Just Windows 7, no other app software installed yet #windowsupdate
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