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laura x

laura x

Librarian. Native Iowan. Wyoming expatriate.
I have four computers in my house at the moment. I think I have finally gotten one of them to talk to my phone.
Since I'm on medical leave for anxiety, I'm also doing other known stress relievers, like paying bills and attempting to convince the City of Chicago EMS services that I do, in fact, have health insurance and therefore they should not be billing me $260 for #toddlerx's ambulance ride back in September. - laura x
You are doing it wrong. Get your massage! - maʀtha
Oh, and also #toddlerx is having minor surgery on Thursday morning to get new ear tubes in and his adenoids removed, and we have to be there at 6:30 am and I may have to take him by myself! - laura x
Martha, I would do that, or go to yoga, but both would involve driving, and I'm not sure if I'm up for that. :( - laura x
Does she have a portable table? Cause I am determined to make this happen - maʀtha
i had the tubes/adenoids thing done when i was 4. i remember eating a tonne of ice cream. - jambina
i think you should make #toddlerx pay an ice cream tariff. - kendrak
I'm showing some folks in West Liberty how to tweet!
Shopping list for today: coffee filters and a toilet plunger.
My mother just joined Twitter.
Block her - DJF from Android
Welcome to the club. - Catherine Pellegrino
I'm so sorry - Soup in a TARDIS
Hey! Some Twitter moms are Cool Moms. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I got my mom a twitter account about 4-5 years ago, but she doesn't really use it as far as I know. But, she might read and follow some newsy types. - Joe
Oh, it's fine--I don't post anything on Twitter that I don't want my mom to know. I suspect she's mostly doing it to follow knitters. - laura x from iPhone
Thomas, Percy, Milton, Eliot, Rich, Clampitt, et alia.
Thomas, Percy, Milton, Eliot, Rich, Clampitt, et alia.
That plus some spinach and mac and cheese (from a box, natch) was dinner. - laura x from iPhone
L.A. Zoo's new hippo calf surprises staff; mother was on birth control - LA Times -
L.A. Zoo's new hippo calf surprises staff; mother was on birth control - LA Times
Happens to the best of us, Mama Hippo. - laura x from Bookmarklet
I doubt that the hippo was using an IUD. - DJF from Android
A hippo-sized IUD would be a little scary. As would inserting it. - laura x
This scene inspired me to write some song lyrics, and my friend Lisa made them into an actual song. Dedicated to all single parents of toddlers everywhere.
Reminding self to check out later. - Steve C Team Marina
Someone tell me some good news.
I got nothing. no good news in NC. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
but: Scott Brown was defeated by two women. tm Rachel Maddow. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Our choir is sounding good and ready for our concert next week. - Kirsten
Berkeley is the first city in the nation to pass a soda tax. - kendrak from Android
Pippin is peeing in his boss like a champ. - lris from Android
same as Stephanie. Our race was very close but Kay Hagen was up against over a year's worth of negative advertising. just imagine hearing "Kay Hagen just doesn't understand" over and over and over in a southern drawl ad nauseum - Mr. The Jason Fleming
Oakland elected a mayor born & raised here. I've met her, and she's a really nice person. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
In my county, ballot questions passed to set up funding for the arts and to increase funding for women's health programs. - John (bird whisperer)
my city just passed funding for new streets and a new main library and new parks. - Big Joe Silence
You're the next contestant on The Price is Right! - Julian
love is a real thing. i consider that good news. - Big Joe Silence
Coke is THE real thing. - Julian
Today is not Monday. - imabonehead
my colon is the size of a zeppelin and just as full of explosive gas. - Big Joe Silence
Thank you, everyone. Stephanie, I feel your pain. - laura x
ALL humans can get married in NC. That is a good thing. Also, apparently Hagan = Obamacare is a bad thing. I thought it was a good thing. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
We get to be beatniks now. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
NJ doesn't have any Republican Senators. - April Russo
I have "joy" in a bottle - wish I could dab a little on FF for us all. - Jen
100 women in Congress! the 100th from NC! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Autumn finally showed up in South Texas. - Steven Perez
861 words #yayme - WarLord
Cross country is over. Waif is getting the hang of Pre Calculus. My mother is excited about us coming for Thanksgiving. Terry Lynn Land will NOT be my Senator. I think you're the bees knees. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
I still live in a blue state (NY). - Elizabeth Brown
RT @kiahutch: Follow #Ferguson. Especially over the next week or so. Remember to stay woke.
I just sent out a pitch and got to say, for the first time in such a document, "I have written for the NYT."
YOU FANCY - jambina from Android
Look at you! All grown up and credentialed and junk! ☺ - MoTO: #TeamMarina
:) - ellbeecee
The Millions : What to Read When You’re Not Expecting -
"I was trying to reassure myself that whatever was happening to me was common enough, normal enough, to easily crop up in my regular life reading." - laura x
One of the better layperson things I've ever read on copyright. (Then again, I am a Louis Menand fangirl). - laura x from Bookmarklet
RT @jessamyn: There’s no universal narrative Straight white able-bodied characters are not a neutral choice #SupportWNDB #WeNeedDiverseBooks ht @mariekeyn
What’s Done is Done is Done Again | Ploughshares -
Five aphorisms on writing, with nice examples. Useful for readers, too, I suspect. - laura x
I'm pretty sure I Hate You--Don't Leave Me was actually written by a 2.5 year old.
Of course, that leaves the question of what age person wrote I'm Okay--You're Okay.
Exclusive link to "The Art of Booktalking" -
presentations from Kaite Mediatore Stover et al. - laura x
#toddlerx: That's violin! Me: Yup, that's Bob Dylan! #toddlerx: That's Bob Dylan!
That's my boy. - laura x
That's good parenting. - Steve C Team Marina
There are a few things Bob Dylan has recorded that I don't like, but there aren't very many. - laura x
Janet is the best, you all. The. Best.
Okay, folks. It exists. Please populate. Damn You Auto Suggest -
Okay, folks. It exists. Please populate. Damn You Auto Suggest
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"or Primo Knows Best. Auto-suggest failures from library catalogs and databases." - laura x from Bookmarklet
Happy to contribute! - Zamms
Laura, you are a treasure. - kaijsa
Hey Laura, can I send you a revised Berlin All graphic? Just noticed my kid's name mentioned it so I want to crop it a little. - Zamms
And now it is also automatically fed into the LSW room. Heeeeeeeeeeee - lris
Well played! - Zamms
Zamms, yes, please do--or just go ahead and submit it and I'll delete the other one. - laura x
I found the avatar by searching for search fail, licensed for reuse with modification on Google images: - laura x
"yoga poses" and "otitis externa" just made me guffaw at the reference desk. Damn you, Auto-Suggest! - Catherine Pellegrino
This is just so awesome. - Galadriel C.
Oh darn. Can't recreate my favorite. They turned of suggest globally in our ebscohost. Oh wait - publib! - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Delightful. - Marie
I am sending this link to MPOW's cataloger. *evil chuckle* - Catherine Pellegrino
I love this so much. - Meg VMeg
This definitely goes in my best thing ever file. - Megan loves summer
related, in a weird way: - RepoRat
I don't know if I did it right but I tried submitting. PQ took this exact title New Research Center Aims to Develop Second Generation of Surgical Robots and wanted to change aims to maims :) - Christina Pikas
Oh phooey. I need to get it to email me when people submit so I remember to post them. :) - laura x from iPhone
Turns out, we might be getting Primo. Soon I'll be a contributor. - lris from Android
Gave this to my coworker who is doing a little comparative research on discovery systems . she was much amused - Hedgehog
Getting inspired by @IArtLibraries at #ialib14
Psyched to hear @bfister at #ialib14!
"It's a mutant statistic that lives on." Secret Agent Fister on the Reagan administration's invention of statistics about serial homicide. - laura x from iPhone
"Real crime involves real causes." - laura x from iPhone
(If I didn't know she wrote crime fiction, I'd be so confused right now) - Steele Lawman
This was a brilliant talk about information seeking AND crime fiction. :-) - laura x from iPhone
"These were places to drink, or to meet someone you shouldn't." Enjoying the heck out of Off Course by Michelle Huneven.
My book is in 100 libraries.
That is a great accomplishment! - Steve C Team Marina
I do find the wording of this URL interesting... - Joe
this book contains 'unexpected Laura Crossett' ;-) - Marina's Godmother :-)
Checked out 7 times here! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
No one expects Laura Crossett, surprise is her greatest weapon. - Blake
I know at least one library that has it that is not in worldcat. - Katy S from iPhone
*wonders who will play him in movie version* what? it could happen ... FF could be a kind of pseudo Greek Chorus - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Katy, yup, my library has it and isn't in Worldcat. I assume there are others. - laura x from iPhone
So I think you could safely say "my book is in 100 PLUS libraries." - Regular Amanda
...and no MINUS libraries! - Aaron the Librarian
And it's on my kindle. I checked Wyldcat to verify that only 4 WY libraries have it, and it's true. BAD FORM, Wyoming librarians. - kaijsa
For a friend: recommendations for an almost 12 year old boy whose dad is choosing his new wife over his kids and generally absconding with parenting responsibilities. Good reader, likes books, etc.
I assume a molotov cocktail is not what we're looking for, here. - barbara fister
I also assume it's not much comfort that Huckleberry Finn's father is a nightmare. - barbara fister
anything rick yancey--alfred kropp series, monstrolugist, 5th wave series, piers anthony xanth series--early books at least. - Sir Shuping is just sir
Little Brother by Cory Doctorow is good. I haven't read Homeland yet but it also got good reviews. His In Real Life graphic novel also seems good. - John Dupuis
Barbara, the molotov cocktail is so tempting. But yeah, probably not quite what we're looking for. - laura x
this series of books my my yoga teacher's husband are pretty good: The Nine Pound Hammer (Book, 2009) [] - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Trouble with Cory Doctorow's books is that his parents are so awesome. At least real, and there. Well worth reading, though (just still pondering the "books to help out a kid who's father is absent." ) - barbara fister
The rangers apprentice series might be good, I think justin went through that about age 9-11 or so. - Joe
Kids that age often love Riordan's Percy Jackson series, but since one of the problems for Percy and his friends is that their dads are VERY much crappy absconders (being gods and all...) It might be too on the nose. - Marianne
This Boy's Life, Tobias Wolff? (Edit: That's probably too old for him. I was looking at this list: ) - Steele Lawman
Is he willing to read books with female protagonists? I just finished Rain, Reign and it has a horrendous father (and a very good uncle). It might skew too young, though. Sure Signs of Crazy by Harrington is good. Stroud's Bartimaeus books are good if he likes fantasy, as are Sage Blackwood's Jinx books. Zebra Forest is good if her prefers more realistic fiction. If he can handle books... more... - Katy S
(Threadjack: I've actually met Doctorow's parents and they are awesome. Jewish Toronto is a pretty small place and Cory's dad went to school with my wife's cousin's husband. I've met them at a couple of birthday parties, etc.) - John Dupuis
John, I wonder if you know my family, then. David & Rebecca Harris? (Despite the last name, I'm actually related to Rebecca, on my mom's side.) - Laura
I don't think so, but I'll have to ask my wife, who's my connection into the Toronto Jewish community. - John Dupuis
Absolutely True Diary because it's worth reading? Also love Flight which is aobut a really messed-up teen which has a (spoiler alert) insanely hopeful and happy ending and i love that subversive gesture. It's also just phenomenally an ode to empathy in the face of painful history. - barbara fister
Portable Childhoods - Ellen Klages; One Is One - Barbara Leonie Picard - MoTO: #TeamMarina from Android
Speaking of Ellen Klages, Green Glass Sea and White Sands, Red Menace are both great historicals set around the Manhattan Project. - John Dupuis
I've noticed everyone in the Chrestomanci series have absent parents and/or treacherous uncles... - Deborah Fitchett
My Side of the Mountain - maʀtha
The Green Book by Walsh. - maʀtha
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