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laura x

laura x

Librarian. Native Iowan. Wyoming expatriate.
"if sex workers aren’t going in for the services, then maybe there’s something wrong with those services."
"if sex workers aren’t going in for the services, then maybe there’s something wrong with those services."
Bright Lights, Big Data: Culturomics and Results-Based Reading : The New Yorker -
Bright Lights, Big Data: Culturomics and Results-Based Reading : The New Yorker
"To this, I usually replied that I wasn’t totally sure, but that I thought it had something to do with using computers to read books. As far as I could tell, there was a general skepticism about the digital humanities, combined with a certain measure of unease—arising, perhaps, from the vague aura of utility, even of outright science, emanating from the discipline, and the sense that this aura was attracting funding that might otherwise have gone to more low-tech humanities projects." - laura x from Bookmarklet
Walt, I think you will like this. - laura x
Interesting: N-gram of bibliographic instruction vs. library instruction vs. information literacy: - Rebecca Hedreen
Laura: You're right. Loved the commentary. Suspect I'd find the book less enchanting. (Reminds me of some early and pointed commentaries on the transformative nature of the Semantic Web--that it was enormously good at making the easy things difficult, but not so good at making difficult things easy.) Thanks for pointing it out. - Walt Crawford
I think the article might have been better if they had talked to some actual *humanists* working with big data / digital humanities. Not to take away from the culturomics dudes, but they both have life sciences training, so I dunno, why not try to also find someone with humanities training working with digital humanities? They exist. The linked article on Moretti also seems to go for broad oversimplification, but I'm not deeply familiar with Moretti's stuff so what do I know. - Regular Amanda
Yes, the ex-academic writing about stuff he studiously avoids trying to understand is a not a genre I'm fond of myself. - Steele Lawman
I just like pointing out to Walt that some of the writing in the New Yorker is writing he would like. :) - laura x
A *lot* of the writing in the New Yorker is writing I like (altho' a link somebody else pointed out was meh, as happens). That, and the price, are why I don't subscribe to the New Yorker: I'd read it cover-to-cover and have no time left for books or the 24 other magazines I get or writing or... So the occasional link is great. - Walt Crawford
I Made the Mistake of Starting a Small Press and So Can You via @TheToast
I Made the Mistake of Starting a Small Press and So Can You via @TheToast
Thankfully, my father made that mistake long ago so that I didn't have to. But I liked the piece anyway. - laura x
Love this part: "Content is promotion. Nothing makes me want to buy a book less than an author on Facebook saying “Have you read my book yet? Here’s your chance!” What does make me want to buy their book, though, is a funny or compelling Twitter feed, an interesting photography Tumblr, a great account. This is how books are sold these days, and it’s a wonderful thing. We have all... more... - Steele Lawman
Yes, and this is oh so true: " I would recommend asking a web-developer friend, but in my experience web-developers are optimistic and overworked. This is a big friend-debt that can be avoided, and stringing along an unpaid project isn’t fair to either of you." - laura x
Night Sweats on March 8 at New Bo Books
Night Sweats on March 8 at New Bo Books
ویییییییی چه هلویی :دی - مير آق دايي آرش جوني o.O
حالا ک بیشتر فکر میکنم اصنم هلو نیست :دی - مير آق دايي آرش جوني o.O
I feel certain that "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" was actually written by a woman with a small child. #housecleaning
OMG. Yes. - Yvonne from FFHound!
That's the scene that scared my mom as a child. - Betsy
For breakfast this morning we had fat, carbs, protein, and sugar. Cause that's what food is made of, yo.
NO ROUGHAGE? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Bacon, eggs, applesauce, and waffles. - laura x from iPhone
As a wise person said to me, "there's always breakfast to look forward to" - maʀtha
RT @kingdomofwench: Periodic reminder that *The Handmaid's Tale* is a CAUTIONARY TALE, not a GODDAMN HOW-TO
Making chicken cabbage kale soup inspired by Iris. It smells so freaking good.
This month someone found my MFA thesis with the search string chris mcandless insane.
Tonight on the Internet: 11 Signs That Everything You're Doing is Completely Wrong #web25 #thedarkside
RT @stevemarlowe: Hunter S. Thompson Writes an Ode to Jack Kerouac in 1998 (After Calling Him an "Ass, a Mystic Boob" in 1958): #R...
RT @stevemarlowe: Hunter S. Thompson Writes an Ode to Jack Kerouac in 1998 (After Calling Him an "Ass, a Mystic Boob" in 1958): #R...
Thank you, Past Laura, for writing a spunky description of your program that you could cut and paste when you needed something posthaste.
What should I make for dinner?
Veggie stir-fry. - Julian
tomato soup and grilled cheese - MoTO Moca Blend
Breakfast. - Catherine Pellegrino
make soosis bandari :D - ووووزلا
Something easy. :-) - YvonneM
:دی - ووووزلا
A phone call. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Phone call does not sound so tasty. - laura x
lamb chops. you know you love them - maʀtha
Baked salmon, couscous, and steamed green beans. - Kirsten
I second the grilled cheese and tomato soup. - Janet from FFHound!
All-in stew. Get a pot. Get some meat, veg, stock and whatever else you feel like, cut it up however you want and throw it all in the pot. Cook until cooked. - Steel Penguin Slippy
I made quinoa Saturday for quinoa patties, which I plan to make tonight. I vote for quinoa patties! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
It's Taco Tuesday, yahknow! - Lnorigb from FFHound!
I may have announced this before, but if not: Peter is going to have a little half-sister in May. His dad and new partner are having a baby due then.
As long as Peter stays active in the lives of his other children I will be happy. I am somewhat protective of Peter after reading his journey. - Janet from FFHound!
(Peter is Laura's toddlerx) - maʀtha
Yes, I should have pointed that out. :) #toddlerx and his 5yo brother adore each other. We see a little less of the other older kids because they are a good bit older, but we will always think of all the kids as part of our family. - laura x
این داستان رو برای پیتر تعریف کن: يه مرد ۸۰ ساله ميره براي چك آپ. دكتر ازش در مورد وضعيت فعليش مي پرسه و پيرمرد با غرور جواب ميده: هيچوقت به اين خوبي نبودم. تازگيا با يه دختر ۲۵ ساله ازدواج كردم و حالا باردار شده و كم كم داره موقع زايمانش ميرسه نظرت چيه دكتر؟! دكتر چند لحظه فكر ميكنه و ميگه: خب بذار يه داستان برات تعريف كنم. من يه نفر رو مي شناسم كه شكارچي ماهريه. اون هيچوقت تابستونا رو... more... - ووووزلا
a leopard is shot? - maʀtha
Where are my house elves? All I ask is that they put away the food and put the laundry in the dryer. I'll do everything else.
selfish little dudes, those house elves. - Jenica
Watching Stop Making Sense with my 2 year old. As one does.
David Byrne! David Byrne! David Byrne! - Joe - Systems Analyst
Bernie Worrell!! - Big Joe Silence
Burning down the house. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Once in a lifetime. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Psycho Killer - Big Joe Silence
Same as it ever was .... same as it ever was .... SAME AS IT EVER WAS - Catherine Pellegrino
There is water at the bottom of the ocean - Joe - Systems Analyst
who got a match? - Steele Lawman
BIG SUIT TIME I've got a girlfriend that's better than that.... - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
I love you all. Also, had you noticed that one of the phrases flashed on the screens is PUBLIC LIBRARY? In Helvetica, of course. - laura x
In Helvetica... - Joe - Systems Analyst
There is just a lot of great stuff on YouTube.
There's even more crap. - Glen Campbell
Without all the crap we wouldn't be as grateful for all the good stuff. - Steele Lawman
This week I discovered all the Dick Cavett episodes on YouTube. Highly recommend them. - kendrak
Gee, Glen, 90% of published books are crap, probably, but that's never interfered with my enjoyment of the good ones. Also what Steele sez. (And yes, there is a lot of great stuff, esp. if you Don't Read the Comments.) - Walt Crawford
You should read the comments once you have this browser extension: - Amit Patel
If I never had to explain how to use the print release system to anyone ever again, maybe I would be a happier person.
I feel your pain. *and* we've just changed it...again. - Pete
We got rid of public printing, so instead of explaining the multi-step process, we get to explain that there is no printing for non-students. :( - kaijsa
Me: Yeah, my 2yo has been running around the house yelling "DAVID! BYRNE! DAVID! BYRNE!" Database rep: ... wow. Your son is cool.
Them's fighting words. - Stephen Francoeur
Check everyone for telltale stains! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Gah! You caught me orange handed. - Joe - Systems Analyst
And, just in case I thought March would bring an end to my bad luck, the toilet just clogged.
I am doing a reading from Night Sweats next Saturday at a bookstore. Anyone want to suggest what part I should read?
all of it? #nohelpatall --------------------> - MoTO Moca Blend
My recall of exact chapter is not so good but what made an impact on me was May 20th. It was highlighted by me and when I just reviewed this text...impact moment. - Janet from FFHound!
Oh, interesting! I haven't looked at the book in so long I have no idea where to start. - laura x
I really loved your book, but also read it long enough ago that it's hard to remember the order. Going back to it (thank goodness for the Kindle app), I see that May 21 is the entry that resonated with me most. - kaijsa
I've decided that Janeane Garofalo should impersonate Laurax at the reading - maʀtha
I mean, she has the whole nerdy glasses thing going on - maʀtha
I really like this idea. Thanks for the suggestions, Janet and Kaijsa! - laura x from iPhone
'Saving a little piece of Iowa City history' | Iowa City Press Citizen | -
'Saving a little piece of Iowa City history' | Iowa City Press Citizen |
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This is THE HOUSE WHERE MY BEST FRIEND USED TO LIVE. Click through for video--although probably it will not be as weird to you to see video of the place where you had slumber parties and stuff as it is to me. - laura x from Bookmarklet
We used to borrow clothes (and, uh, any money they contained) from her aunt there. I took probably hundreds of baths in the bathtub upstairs. I first heard Sinead O'Connor in this house, and the Pixies. - laura x
:) - Jenny H. from Android
The Millions : America Always Gets the RoboCop It Deserves -
The Millions : America Always Gets the RoboCop It Deserves
"Of all the things gnawing on George W. Bush as he shuffles around his retirement ranch in Texas, I’m guessing the most galling is the fact that he is the only president in the past quarter century who did not have a RoboCop movie released on his watch. That’s got to hurt. In the course of every presidential administration since the Gipper’s — with the notable exception of W’s — a new RoboCop has come out. And down through those many years, America has always gotten the RoboCop it deserved. (Surely Bush fils is asking himself, “What did I do to deserve…nothing?” The answer: Plenty.)" - laura x from Bookmarklet
Those of you with any connection to the University of Iowa may want to sign this. Anyone concerned with rape culture on college campuses will want to sign this. NotInMyNature - Home -
"Sign our petition demanding that President Sally Mason and the University of Iowa take a zero tolerance stance on sexual assault on our campus" - laura x from Bookmarklet
I’d Rather Be Smart: A Review of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In | The New Rambler -
I’d Rather Be Smart: A Review of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In | The New Rambler
Featuring this awful library book picture because I just had to use it somewhere. - laura x from Bookmarklet
*privileged white lady fistbump* - RepoRat
nice pairing with that cover! - barbara fister
THIS - "I didn’t want to be the smartest girl in the class. I wanted to be the smartest person in the class." Thank you - exactly what I haven't been able to articulate about this book! Though, I'll admit that I also wanted to go to prom - so took it upon myself to ask someone and make it happen. :) - Lisa Hinchliffe
Thanks, Lisa--there probably was a small part of me that wanted to go to prom, but a much, much bigger part of me wanted to be a rebel. So. :) - laura x
In my high school, a female doing the asking was a rebel. :) Also, thought you might enjoy this too - (I found Lean In pretty problematic so I have to admit enjoying many of the critiques!) ... - Lisa Hinchliffe
When I was a toddler I talked about Atterstottle and Plato. #toddlerx talks about John, Paul, George, Ringo, and David Byrne.
You should have him watch the Talking Heads movie, stop making sense. - Joe - Systems Analyst
I dont know who Atterstoddler is - Monica Belushi from BuddyFeed
We have been watching Stop Making Sense. He's going to know all the words to "Psycho Killer" soon. - laura x
"Atterstottle" was toddler-Laura for "Aristotle." My dad was a Classics professor. - laura x
The child has dismantled or destroyed every part of the stereo.
I think the tape deck still works, but he took the cassette holders apart. He destroyed the needle on the turntable. The CD changer is stuck. And now either the receiver isn't pushing stuff to the speakers or the speakers are dead. The White Album does not sound that great on my laptop. - laura x from iPhone
Well, it was a good run while it lasted. Time to dispose of this child and start over again. :P - Andy
mine tear the grills off the speakers and twist all the knobs and hit all the buttons. So far I don't think they've actually ruined anything but it's just a matter of time - Christina Pikas
At a much older stage around age 8, we bought a $3-5 boombox at goodwill so that we could take it apart to see how it works. - Joe - Systems Analyst
When my brother was about 13, he took my TV apart and put it back together again. My little sister went and told on him, and my father swore that it wasn't possible for my brother to have put it back together again, correctly. So, he came into my room and unplugged my tv (I was watching it at the time and it was working just fine) took it downstairs and took it apart and put it back together again, himself. When he plugged it in, it "blew up". :-D - April Russo
The Old Reader wants to start charging me money. What are my other RSS options these days?
I like Feedly... - ~Courtney F
I've been using the Digg Reader successfully for a while. - WebGoddess
I've been using Newsblur quite happily. - lris
I'm using Netvibes. It's ok. They've been around long enough that I don't think they'll disappear, start charging, etc. - JffKrlsn from Android
I use Feedly too - works great. - Christa
Newsblur has been working well for me, but I think I chose it specifically because it cost money. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
I use feedly. I gave them money because I get a lot of value from it and they have been developing new things but the free was very useful. - Hedgehog from Android
Do I remember right that you're hosted with Blake? Maybe he could help you get TinyRSS set up on your site. - RepoRat
Feedly's been fine, even if it does make too easy to skip over most stories. (That's my problem, I think, not Feedly's.) - Walt Crawford
Another vote for Feedly. - Jason P
Been using Newsblur since Reader's announced demise. Has all the same features as google's reader did. I also am a paid subscriber as well as I want it to stick around. - Me
I use Fresh Milk Pro - Soup in a TARDIS
I went to (and paid for) Newsblur and like it very well. - ellbeecee
I tried TinyRSS, Feedspot, InoReader, CommaFeed, The Old Reader, Blogtrottr (RSS-to-email, which I still use for high-priority feeds), and several iOS apps, before settling on Digg. Digg has a decent web site, decent apps, and plenty of sharing options to get links out to other places. Business model is still mysterious, so I don't connect it to anything real-name (not that I would anyway). - Tinfoil 2.0
Who reads feeds anymore? Blogs are dead! Just kidding, I use feedly. - Marie
feedly for me, too - Rachel Walden
digg reader - kristin buxton
i like feedly. i'm one of the original handful who bought a lifetime on feedly because i want them to stick around. i tried fever (you have to self-host it) and it works kinda ok .. i quit the old reader because they were unreliable (and then they were going to shut down, and then not, and then ... ) and i don't have time for this nonsense. feedly works on every platform i use (and i use them all), and if i didn't like the feedly client there are others that will work with the feedly platform. - henry
i used netvibes for a while and it worked well ... and the price was right ... but there were a few ui quirks that annoyed me. - henry
As a front-end reader on Android devices I use, and really like, FeedR (it uses Feedly for syncing). - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Oh, my morning email reminds me that i keep getting spammed by feedspot as well. If you'd like to try them - Hedgehog
I read feeds once or twice a month. Old Reader says I have too many subscriptions. I exported my opml file from there (bottom of the Settings page) and will decide later. :-/ - Amit Patel
Feedly is quite nice for Google Reader style access. Reliable and fast, even with many hundreds of subscriptions. - Todd Hoff
For Google Reader-style I tried CommaFeed, which was good but a bit slow to load, and have now settled on Inoreader, which is great. - Deborah Fitchett
I use Digg reader. It has a very clean interface and is easy to setup - JAson FLeming from Android
New blog post! New theme! The Beatles, 24 Years Later | The New Rambler -
"I didn’t hear the Beatles until I was fourteen. This seems unbelievable, since I grew up in the United States in the latter half of the twentieth century, but, barring singing “Octopus’s Garden” in elementary school, it is true." - laura x from Bookmarklet
Oooh, I love the new theme - maʀtha
I dig the title/headline font. - RepoRat
The look? Oh, sorry, I was enchanted by the story you told. The look's fine too. - Walt Crawford
"Beebles!" totally made me go awwwww. - RepoRat
It is really freaking adorable. - laura x
Sadly, I was not able to link to the FABULOUS footage of the Beatles rooftop concert from 1969, because YouTube just pulled it. I do recommend the Washington Coliseum show from February of '64, though. They have not nearly enough amplification, but they are ON FIRE. - laura x
When I was a kid, "Help" and "A Hard Day's Night" were on TV all the time. And we had the LP of Help. That's all I knew about the Beatles. There's was Paul, and Ringo, and the other two I couldn't really tell apart. - Betsy
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