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laura x

laura x

Librarian. Native Iowan. Wyoming expatriate.
Judy Blume: 'I thought, this is America: we don't ban books. But then we did'' | Books | The Guardian -
Judy Blume: 'I thought, this is America: we don't ban books. But then we did'' | Books | The Guardian
"Forever…, she says, was written after a request from her teenage daughter (it's dedicated to her: "For Randy as promised … with love"). "She was reading all these books, where a girl succumbed [to sex], she would be punished, sometimes she would die. And Randy said, 'Couldn't there ever be a book where two nice kids do it and nobody has to die?' And I thought 'Yes, I need to write this'."" - laura x from Bookmarklet
She's one writer I would love to meet in person. - Corinne L
Meeting her would be amazing. - Heather
Reminds me of god I loved that show. - Joe
Anyone here ever leased a car?
I did, and it worked really well for me. Did you have any specific questions? - holly #ravingfangirl
I'm just starting to ponder it, because at some point I will actually need to get a car (I'm borrowing one at the moment), but I'm sort of sick of buying ancient cheap cars, and I have no money, so this seems like a good option. But I've never had a car I had to worry about cosmetically, which is really my only hesitation. - laura x
So, that is not helpful in terms of specific questions. :) I'm just casting about at the moment. - laura x
we did, but after we leased it, we really wished we had bought it instead. we have never leased one again. - Marianne
problems: 1) they were a pain in the butt about the cosmetics even though it was still in great shape, 2) it ended up being almost as expensive (month-to-month) as buying it would have been and when we wanted a different car we didn't have a trade-in. - Marianne
Ugh. I currently have no trade in and no down payment, which is the only reason I'm really considering this route. - laura x
yeah, that's why we did it too, but then it turned out to make things mildly worse instead of mildly better. it wasn't the end of the world or anything, just not a great idea after all, for us. - Marianne
Luckily I do not have to make this decision immediately. Just eventually. - laura x
Yes. It worked very well for me. I drove limited miles and took exceptional care of my vehicle. Any lease will be about as much per month as a purchase but you have to remember the lease model has people who constantly want new cars in mind, not those who can't afford a vehicle. One plus, of course, is that you don't have to worry about maintenance (although make sure you do those X-#... more... - Soup in a TARDIS
I think sometimes there are lease-to-own options? - lris
With one exception (all hail, 1998 Honda Civic) I have never had a car that lasted me more than a couple of years, because I've always had to gamble on old used cars. I wiped out the last of my savings on the last of those lemons, which brings us to today's unhappy state. - laura x
Check with credit unions. They often have low to no downpayment and lower interest rates. - sglassme
Coffee Oreo ice cream is a thing and I just had some. You are envious.
I am! - Steele Lawman
yes - lris
want - jambina
Yuppers. - Joe
yes, I am! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
You get all the good ice cream and mom likes you best! *weeps in envy* - MoTO: Team Marina
I am always envious of coffee ice cream, even if it does have Oreos in it (I prefer Heath bars crumbled up in mine) - April Russo
who makes this ice cream? - Big Joe Silence
RT @melvillehouse: Right now your public library definitely has the competitive edge on Amazon Unlimited:
RT @melvillehouse: Right now your public library definitely has the competitive edge on Amazon Unlimited:
Brilliant. Feminism and the "50 Shades" Hangover
Yes. Excellent review. - ɥsıuɐʎɹ
Found at the library today. Label reads "Files from old computer index--see 'Computer Files' pre Y2K."
this would make a good slide for something - maʀtha
CC-BY. :D - laura x
"I just think it’s foolish to not invest in the world, because the world has invested in you." Proud to know Cassi.
(I think it has to be to work... ) - Marianne
Our library's IP address range is currently blocked from Craigslist.
no more shenanigans for you, missy! - maʀtha
RT @infagit: A formerly midwestern friend's main excitement about my @wagingnv piece was the "dope Iowa public librarian" (that would be @newrambler).
The Essential Mario Savio |
With material from Tom Hayden and Robert Reich. - laura x
Do any of your people have a fountain that people throw money in? How do you deal with the money? Ours is gross and corroded and the bank won't take it, so we have buckets of useless money sitting around.
Is there a scrap merchant nearby? - Pete : Team Marina
Will one of those coin machines take it? - Soup in a TARDIS
Soup, no--the machines won't read it, which is why the bank won't take it. We found that page from the Mint but are hoping to avoid having to spend the money to mail this stuff there, which seems, uh, inefficient. We've tried cleaning it with various things to no avail. - laura x
Two birds with one stone, maybe: crowdsource a coin-sort in the library, with an explanation of the problem and perhaps a request for underwriting the mailing cost. - RepoRat
Start chucking the money back at people as they walk past? - Steve C Team Marina
McDonalds might take it... - Joe
Use it to pay for databases? - maʀtha from Android
Turn it into jewelry and charge people ridiculous amounts of money for it--proceeds to benefit the library? - Hedgehog
^that would be awesome if you mailed it to overdrive to pay for books :) too bad it's only paper money that's "good for all debts public and private" eta: my pointer was to martha comment - Christina Pikas
Apparently there's a company in Dallas that cleans and sorts fountain coins for charities. - Betsy
As to why the coins go bad: "When the mint needed to change pennies from solid copper to copper plated zinc in 1982 because of inflation, the durability of pennies sitting in a wishing well could not be at the top of their priorities. The pennies corrode horrendously and it's not always a simple matter of washing or cleaning them if they have become seriously disfigured by corrosion." - Betsy
I cleaned my gutters for the first time in three years. Is there a merit badge for that?
*bestows* - MoTO: Team Marina
I think it should come with a snazzy vest to put the merit badge on as well. - Steve C Team Marina
The vest is just one of those red vests that they wear in all of the Ace Hardware commercials, I think. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
fighting surveillance @ your library -
I am horribly sad. And the cats have peed all over the basement. Not correlated, but.not helpful.
*hug* - joey
*tender hug* - Soup in a TARDIS
passes 4lb bag of chocolate chips... - Christina Pikas
*hugs* - Katy S
*more hugs* - maʀtha
*hugs* *hands over your favorite adult beverage* *grabs white vinegar for basement* - Corinne L
(((laura x))) - Anne Bouey
**hugs** - Jennifer Dittrich
:( *big hug* - Jenny H. from Android
Are you certain cats have peed? A humid basement has an exact cat pee odor. Seriously, it really does. - Janet
Hugs to you. Hope today is less fragrant. - Meg VMeg from Android
*hugs* - Kirsten
I have given the cats a box and some packing paper and finally they love me again.
How your local library can help you resist the surveillance state via @wagingnv
That was the worst packing nightmare I've had yet, with bonus paper that I needed to write.
Ugh. Hope it didn't linger. Packing nightmares are some of the worst, for me. - Kirsten
It's started to fade, finally. I keep reminding myself that I NEVER HAVE TO MOVE AGAIN. But it's not translating to my dream life, clearly. - laura x
I get packing anxiety dreams around any kind of upcoming travel or life change. Also tide-coming-in anxiety dreams about any sort of deadline. - Deborah Fitchett
Dangit, I never have the dreams that everyone else has. - Meg VMeg
I don't think I've ever had a packing dream. About 3 years ago I went through a serious phase of "naked in public" dreams that were super stressful. Of course, now that I know that packing dreams exist, I'll start having them. - ellbeecee
Mine are much more likely to be "taking the final without ever going to the class" dreams, but I'll be over here dreading packing dreams now. - LB: #TeamYou
Laura, do you think the packing dreams kick in when change or movement is happening in your life? Just curious if you've identified what triggers those types of dreams. - Corinne L
Corinne: I can't speak for Laura, but for me, they aren't generally triggered by anything in particular. Packing dreams are just something I've always had on a semi-regular basis--like the dreams of being shown a seemingly regular house that turns into a twisty maze of small rooms and tiny hallways. But then, my family moved a good bit while I was growing up, so I've always assumed that that's why I have those sorts of dreams. - Kirsten
Corinne, I think it's actually stasis that's brought these dreams in. I've never lived in a house for more than foiur years, ever, but I'm in a place now that I probably won't leave for decades, and it was a year or so ago that I started having these dreams. They actually resemble exaggerated versions of actual packing experiences I've had--you know, you have to be out by midnight and... more... - laura x
Happiest of birthdays, #unclerobert! If I can raise this little guy as well as you raised Barry, I'll be a very proud mama indeed. Lots of love from Laura and #toddlerx!
what a great photo, Laurax - maʀtha
Peter is a total ham. - laura x from iPhone
#toddlerx is playing with his brother's Legos. His dad is playing Bruce Springsteen's "Straight Time" on the guitar. I'm drinking cheap wine. Happy day, you all.
Don't assume I celebrate the 4th of July.
I celebrate fireworks. - Meg VMeg
I sing the body electric. - Stephen Francoeur
I'm with Meg. I like fireworks. I could have them anytime, though. - Katy S from iPhone
I used to have a legendary anti-4th of July party, but we were a all much younger then and didn't have kids. - laura x from iPhone
Today's library materials challenge: Nine to Five (1980) - IMDb -
Today's library materials challenge: Nine to Five (1980) - IMDb
Why?!?! - Katie
... really?! on what grounds? - RepoRat
but... but... it's the BEST. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Drugs. - laura x
Must be the M&M scene. - Ruth Kneale
It's enough to drive you crazy if you let it. - Steele Lawman
drugs are bad but hanging him from the ceiling attached to a garage door opener is a-ok - Christina Pikas
and being a serial harasser is also a-ok - Christina Pikas
I was thinking it's pretty bad on the sexual harassment front … but prolly no one but us wimmin care about that. (wicked funny movie tho) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Totally disappointing conversation with the patron in question ("I just think if we're going to change society we have to start with the youth!"). Oh well. - laura x
"Won't anyone please think of the children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Stephen Francoeur
9 to 5 is also a 35 hour work week. What kind of message does that send? - Andy
Sends the message that we all deserve a paid lunch. - Steele Lawman
Sends the message that you should live on the east coast, where it's not uncommon to work a 35-hour week. - Meg VMeg from Android
instead of where i live, where it's a salaried 60-70 hour work week...or mandatory unpaid overtime, if you're hourly. - Big Joe Silence
I think this movie was the first one I'd seen that I remember addressed pot, and I remember my mom explaining that whole scene to me. I do remember thinking that hallucinating about Dabney Coleman's character didn't seem that much fun, no matter what the revenge entailed or how much they laughed. - Jennifer Dittrich
I saw this movie several times as a youngun and again as a young adult, and I had no recollection of drug-taking scenes. just sayin. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
We have 38.75 hour work weeks. I still haven't figured out what 7.75hr days translates to with a "normal" schedule -- 8.5hr day with .75 hr lunch just seems weird and nit-picky. - Holly's favorite Anna
we have 40 hour weeks, but as professional staff that's supposed to be a bare minimum. can't even take something like comptime unless it's super duper over (like 60 hours on a specific project) ... - Christina Pikas
We have 35 hour weeks with unpaid lunchtime. That's also supposed to equal 12 credits because we're faculty. 35/12 = ugly. - Rebecca Hedreen
Our work week is 37.5 - translates to 8-hour day with half hour lunch at MPOW, or at MFPOW it was 8.5 hour day with 1 hour lunch. (Easily negotiable at either place, that's just the default of what most people tend to.) If I work a bit long one day I take it out of the next and vice versa. *Nobody* wants to see me getting tired and cranky. - Deborah Fitchett
I watched this as a child, I'm pretty sure one scene of middle aged (ish) women smoking pot didn't suddenly make it vastly appealing. But hey, my mom believed in actually parenting. - Hedgehog
I still think all the calculations about how many hours a person is supposed to work a week is weird, if you're not working a specific shift in a public service setting. Work until the job is done, then go home. - Laura Krier
Just think of how different it would be to work in a culture where our employers trusted us to want to contribute and accomplish things. Whoa! Crazy! - Laura Krier
And I haven't had any coffee yet so I managed to digress completely from the original topic of conversation. Oops. - Laura Krier
There is no cheese in my house. This will not stand.
Dear God, woman! TO THAT BATPOLES! - MoTO: Team Marina
"The cheese stands alone" - Greg GuitarBuster
Maybe LB can help here. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
*tosses cheese from Wisconsin* - LB: #TeamYou from Android
Sit In For Cheese! - Katy S
Where's LB when you need her?!? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Oh - there she is :)) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
:) I'm a Cheese Ninja. - LB: #TeamYou from Android
*protectively eyes her 14 lbs of assorted cheeses* Hey, I am making a monster 4X sized lasagna later this week. You are welcome to some of the cheese, once it has been baked into it...but not before. - April Russo
It is true that people take birth control for all sorts of reasons, not just contraception. But I'm not going to make that argument, because this Supreme Court decision isn't based on logic: it's based on the belief that WOMEN SHOULDN'T BE HAVING SEX. And if they do, then they should pay the price. And that's wrong.
I agree totally. In addition, I think it is about prioritizing the "rights" of corporations as people over actual human people, particularly women. - maʀtha
Yeah, that too. - laura x
When I worked in OB/gyn we would send a standard letter to an insurance company stating the contraceptive medication was not for contraceptive purposes but treatment for xyz, not one company denied the medication. - Janet from FFHound!
I have lost the will to argue about the Oxford comma.
No, no, and no! Fight on! - LB: #TeamYou
"I've seen those English dramas too, they're cruel" - Meg VMeg
*picks up the sword* ONWARD WE FIGHT - maʀtha
Fight the good fight, my friends. To you the torch I throw and all. - laura x from iPhone
PLOS house style eschews the Oxford comma. I find myself crafting multi-level lists so that I'm forced to use one for clarity...or even two - Cameron Neylon
The toddler took more time this morning choosing an outfit for my 20th high school reunion picnic than I did.
People who have an AeroPress: how easy/hard is it to clean?
I find it really easy to clean. Just a very quick rinse, and wipe-down of the plunger end with a paper towel or cloth. It's one of the reasons I bought one for making coffee at work. - Jennifer Dittrich
Yup, very easy. Most of the grounds pop off the end quite easily with one push, after you remove the basket. - Kirsten
Easy. Very easy. I just rinse the plunger (no wiping), and the whole process takes [time to nearly boiling water]+1 minute. - lris
omg I bought an aeropress and it's the best coffee ever. french presses are a pita to clean, but the aero you just pop the puck into the trash, rinse the bottom of the plunger and bob's your uncle. Every once in a while i hand wash with dish detergent and that's super easy, too. - Christina Pikas
I found it a cinch to clean and it makes great coffee. - Jenny H. from Android
Yup, just a good hot water rinse! Every now and then we'll wash ours in hot soapy water and rinse and just air dry. - Melly - #TeamMarina
I didn't realize quite how much I loved traveling until I couldn't do it anymore. At least not for years.
The Poems (We Think) We Know: Emily Dickinson | The Los Angeles Review of Books -
The Poems (We Think) We Know: Emily Dickinson | The Los Angeles Review of Books
"In other words, this “Nobody” and his or her partner-in-crime don’t want privacy; they want to be part of the crowd from which they fear being ostracized. Because Dickinson included the variant “advertise” for the phrase “banish us” when she copied out this poem, she indicates a relationship between visibility and banishment." - laura x from Bookmarklet
I only knew the "advertise" variant when I chose the poem as one of the epigraphs for my book, but the "banish us" version would have worked, I think, just as well. I felt both things, deeply. - laura x
I so enjoy following the World Cup vicariously via you all.
Especially since I have no idea who's playing or what's going on. :) - laura x
likewise - RepoRat
The game was on at the taqueria where I grabbed lunch. I almost felt like I knew what was going on. Well, I could identify it as soccer, at least. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Yay, USA loses and goes on to the next round! (See, even when you know what is happening, it doesn't make any sense.) - Steele Lawman
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