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laura x

laura x

Librarian. Native Iowan. Wyoming expatriate.
55 Personal Photos That Capture Both The Challenges And The Joy Of Single Motherhood -
55 Personal Photos That Capture Both The Challenges And The Joy Of Single Motherhood
Don't look if you don't want to cry. Or maybe that's just me. - laura x from Bookmarklet
Just the intro made me cry. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
"You are Lois and I'm Superman. I'm coming to help!" #somekindsofhelp
Does anyone else have a student loan serviced through Aspire Resources Inc., and if so, do you have as much trouble getting on their damned website as I do?
I have mine through them (I miss direct loan service muchly). Having trouble how? - Hedgehog
Yeah. I haven't been able to get the website to load for two days in a row. I just want to find out when my next payment is due to post and how much it's for, and I don't want to have to call them, because, you know, this is 2015. - laura x
Hmm, I got in just fine right now. I inevitably have to change my password because of too-many-passwords-brain-freeze on occasion but other than that, it's been okay - Hedgehog
Although, my tax info isn't up yet, which IMO should be available on Jan 2. It's not like I could make retro payments on Jan 10... - Hedgehog
One computer reboot and two different browsers, and I still can't get the site to load. - laura x
A Birth and a Choice Happy Roe v. Wade Day!
A Birth and a Choice Happy Roe v. Wade Day!
Laura, that is so lovely. I have tears in my eyes. Happy birthday to ToddlerX and happy choice to all of us. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Happy birthday, Peter, with love to you and honoring all the forces that made you possible. - Jenica from iPhone
Happy birthday dear Peter, and happy honoring of choices to you Laura! - Galadriel C.
As a mother of three unplanned boys, I really appreciated your words, laura x. Thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughtful post. - Jenny H. from Android
Thank you so much, all. It means a great deal to me. - laura x
Another relevant link, via MetaFilter: - laura x
Hey, @SeaChangeProg, I wrote a happy Roe v. Wade post partly in your honor:
Hey, @SeaChangeProg, I wrote a happy Roe v. Wade post partly in your honor:
I am playing the new Sleater-Kinney loudly enough to drown out the sounds of the volunteer who once told me my son didn't have a real family.
"It's nice to be liked / But it's better by far to get paid."
"I'm The Chocolate Boy." --#toddlerx
A character worthy of a comic book adventure or two! - Corinne L
Pro tips for today: Not all women with children are married and not all women who are married change their names.
The more you know! - Meg VMeg
It's stunning, I know! Somehow the part where I checked "single" on the form under marital status confused her. Also I guess the part where #toddlerx's dad has a different name and address. So confusing. - laura x
*clutches pearls* - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
Indeed. Traveling with Eivind and the kids gets complicated because we all have different last names. - Jenny H.
British Period Drama Mini-Series You Can Watch Right Now – Flavorwire -
British Period Drama Mini-Series You Can Watch Right Now – Flavorwire
Show all
I am not a fan of television in general or of British television in particularly, but for those of you who are, here is a listy thingy. - laura x from Bookmarklet
From the ones I've seen, the capsule reviews seem pretty right-on. I would add Duchess of Duke Street, if Netflix still has it. - RepoRat
I happened across Call the Midwife about a year ago, and really enjoyed it. That led me to Land Girls, not on that list, and set during WWII. - ellbeecee
Land Girls crossed the twee line for me, but I know folks who loved it. Call the Midwife is FTW. - RepoRat
I have been slowly watching Duchess of Duke street. I like it. Not love it, but like it - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I never finished Land Girls - I wanted less character drama and more war drama, personally. :) - ellbeecee
Have you watched Wish Me Luck? It's about British agents (mostly women, IIRC) in the French underground during WWII. Another one to try is Island at War, WWII during the German occupation of the Channel Islands I saw it on Netflix. - bentley
I'm archiving all my work email from before December. Surely nothing can go wrong there.
I do this. Ain't regretted it yet. - RepoRat
Down to Inbox 133, which is about as good as things are ever going to get. - laura x
Please stop talking to me.
but...but I like talking to you! - Sir Shuping is just sir
I want to say this out loud so often. - Eric - Let Me Know
I usually think STFU in my head. - Janet from FFHound!
Just to be clear, I am okay with you all talking to me. I just don't want the people in meatspace talking to me. They seem to expect me to respond. - laura x
*whew*... I was really scared there for a minute. - MoTO Boychick Devil
(me too) - lris
Aw. Sorry. It was just one of those "I am typing this in a box because I can't say it out loud" moments. - laura x
I have this t-shirt for days like this: - Amit Patel
No worries :) - lris
Five bald eagles perched in a tree by the Hydraulic Lab this morning. #IowaCity
A convocation, if I remember correctly. :) - That's So CAJ!
The toddler has been trying to guess what I have in my pocket for the past twenty minutes. Next up we defeat Smaug.
Downloads of my MFA thesis since I put it online with a BY-NC-SA license.
thesis downloads.JPG
Next up, I may be about to flood my basement. Stay tuned!
Um good luck? - Steve C, Team Marina
Indoor pool, yay! - Amit Patel
I did not flood the basement. - laura x
such a tease - Meg VMeg
You need to get more email from me in 2015. Sign up now.
So far in 2015 I have pissed off people on the Internet and been bitten by my child. Lets get this party started!
Now that is a positive attitude. - RetiredTeacherD
I've heard Serial and StartUp, @abexlumberg, so I'm not quite the demographic you wanted--but I like StartUp more:
I've heard Serial and StartUp, @abexlumberg, so I'm not quite the demographic you wanted--but I like StartUp more:
i love start up. and reply all. - jambina
StartUp and/or/not Serial
StartUp and/or/not Serial
Gmail inbox 9. That is the first time that's happened possibly... ever? But certainly the first time in the past four years. If you wrote me during that time and I never replied, I am very sorry. It has been an eventful time. Anyway, last night I archived or deleted some 2500 messages. Onward!
The New Rambler 2015 Email Series: Sign up and get an email a month from me, 'cause you know you love email! -
"One night in October 1998 I sat down with my laptop and my 28.8 modem and wrote an email. Thus began The New Rambler, which in time became a website and then a blog and which has been my online identity now for sixteen years. In 2015, I've decided to go retro, or at least to go back to my roots (go radical, if you will) and go back to sending emails." - laura x from Bookmarklet
When is the part of Christmas where I get two weeks off to read all the books I got?
Tell me when you figure that out. I need this information, too. - Katy S
I have to say that while he makes my life infinitely more difficult in every way, #toddlerx also makes some things much, much better. Christmas is definitely one of them.
"One day Garfield was in the forest. 'I am your father,' his mother said, and Garfield said 'NO!'"
A story #toddlerx told this morning. - laura x from iPhone
He does a fine Darth Vader. - laura x from iPhone
Today's merit badge: Survived child's first dental appointment.
Now to survive the bureaucracy part. #toddlerx has to get a tooth pulled next month, which we'll have done under general anesthesia at the hospital, so he has to have a pre-anesthesia physical. But that hospital no longer gives privileges to his pediatrician's office, so he has to have said physical with a different pediatrician. I am not even going to get into the inanities of the insurance. - laura x
confession: we have not gone yet despite the fact that aap says at 12mo. Pediatrician says 3 is ok. Yuck on the whole pulled tooth thing. Hope not much pain waiting for all the checkups. - Christina Pikas
I assume the AAP thing is a dental racket, although the dentist said that 3 is around mostly because old male dentists decided that was the youngest they were willing to deal with (which seems possible). Our pediatrician said "before 3," so we're under the wire. I have dental angst connected to a) having to go to the dental school when I was a kid and b) having a dentist say to my... more... - laura x
J was well past 3 when he had his first visit, and I assumed the same as you, but there was no shaming at all, for which I was also grateful. I think the smart dentists have figured out that shaming patients (or their parents) results in them not coming back. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
Our dentist (my uncle) won't take them until 3. I figure he's the one who'll have to deal with the fall out so... - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
My daughter had to have major work done on her teeth at 18 months. Rather than pulling out all her front teeth at such a young age, they filed & capped them, to retain the space needed for when her permanent teeth came in. Otherwise it was going to end up costing even more for braces, when the time came for them. My only other option was false teeth wired in, which they did not... more... - April Russo
We train a lot of pediatric dentists at mpow. And all of my kids get rotations thru, so should be more good dentists coming - Hedgehog from Android
This year #toddlerx turned two and discovered the joys of compound sentences, I got published by the New York Times and turned 39, and we both cried a lot. I think that pretty well sums it up.
For Christmas I am giving the cats the rest of the ribbon.
I think #toddlerx has a cavity. A hurty cavity.
Poor little guy! - Katy S
oh nooooo - Meg VMeg
:( - Marie
Aww, hope he feels better soon. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Guess we have to bite the bullet and go to the dentist. At least he has his dad's dental insurance - laura x
Ouchies! - Melly
:-( - lris from Android
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