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Louis Gray
Hours away from my friend's wedding at 4, I get spotted wearing a tux. Don't tell anybody or show them these pictures.
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Here in West Hollywood, my best friend of 18 years and his boyfriend are getting married. So yes, I get to be a groomsman at a gay wedding - prop 8 or not. Should be awesome. - Louis Gray
Your secret is safe on the Internet - Kevin L
and you appear to be about 30 feet tall - Allen Stern
Sharp - Johnny
Have fun! Nice tie/waistcoat - anna sauce
I invited Derrick to the bachelor's party last night, but he couldn't come, because he had a date. :) - Louis Gray
You guys are in charge. Make sure not to look at or show anyone these photos. - Louis Gray
Nice tie! I won't tell anyone :) - bev
PS... I think that's a bag of awesomesauce tied up with a HELL YEAH bow :) - Johnny
Doesn't one normally wear a bow tie with a tux? - Oniony
You are teh hawtness, sir! - Ordinarybug Heather
Oniony- you can wear a few diff. kind of ties. - anna sauce
cool Louis! - metalerik
A force to be reckoned with! - Micah
I do know the two grooms! Congrats you crazy two, and have fun Louis. Give them my best. - Derrick
Swanky! Nice, Louis, very nice! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I hear there are other pictures ;-) - Jesse Stay
Sharp - Wayne Sutton from iPhone
It was a fantastic ceremony. One of the best weddings I have ever seen. It was traditional Jewish themed, so I am wearing a yarmulke to match the vest and tie. Lots of great friends from my teenage years. - Louis Gray from iPhone
Louis, I own a yarmulke as well - my wife brought it for me when she visited Israel - Jesse Stay
Lookin' sharp, Louis! - Ayşe E.
Spiffy, Mr. Gray. - imabonehead
"Don't tell anybody," he tells everybody. ;) - Dennis Jernberg
Can't wait to see the pics. - Derrick
I won't breathe a word, Louis. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
hi Louis, wish you can have a look at this: - kang
You need a tie with a FriendFeed logo or something - Outsanity
:D good one, Sean! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Awesome. - jan geronimo
Gay wedding with a tie,fun - Steve Chou
LOL 'Swanky' Great pic, you do look 30 feet tall! - Harold Cabezas
who is that guy? He almost looks scared about the tux! - Chris Myles
With the suit on, Louis looks like he works for a federal agency. :P - imabonehead
@imabonehead, u r right, it reminds me of agent mulder of x files - TrafficBug
Sending an "atta-girl" Mrs. Gray's way - MiniMage
hi nice to meet u... - Nylissk Letnomorg Elo
Hmmm - Louis Gray
+ a million for the whole thread. Looks like you're picking up some admirers here, Louis! Nylissk, we gotta warn you, you're ging after a married man with many admirers. You want a piece of this guy, you're gonna have to get in line - like filing a lien on a house with five mortgages and a line of credit, with outstanding remodeling bills. ;-) - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Hey, who is this guy from the past. Has he come to warn us about the future? - Eric - Final Countdown
Stop Experimenting With Social Media | ClickZ enough said.
Louis Gray
First photos of Braden Gray, less than one day old!
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Baby! Pictures prove he is real. Doing much better than last night. Just over 6 pounds. - Louis Gray from email
BABBY! LG: Life is Good! - Josh Haley
Congrats again! Maşallah (: - Hakan Deryal
OMG LG V3.0 is here already. Is this The Stream in action? - Thomas Power
What a good looking panda - RAPatton
Congrats! :) - Oguz Serdar
Congrats! - Abhishek
congrats to Kristine the real productive actor(ess) in this place. Tx - Thomas Power
Congratulations! He looks amazing. - kendrak
Congrats Louis! - Peter Simoons
Photos taken surreptitiously on the HTC EVO in a no cell phone zone. :) - Louis Gray
Sly Daddy is sly! - Josh Haley
Congratulations! All the best!!! - Arne Krueger
Congrats, Louis! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Congrats Louis! - Roberto Bonini
Congrats Louis! - EricaJoy
Hi Babby! Congratulations Gray Family! - vicster.
Handsome little dude! - Anne Bouey
So cute, Congrats! - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Congrats Louis! - stanjourdan
He's beautiful! Congrats! - Lis
Congrats to Gray family! I'm guessing from the second and third pics that you must have told him sleep is unproductive and a waste of time - Tamara, #TeamMarina
Congrats! - John (bird whisperer)
Congratulations and welcome! - Maria Niles
So beautiful! Congratulations! - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
welcome Braden! - metalerik
Congrats! - Jay from Cadmus
Very awesome, congratulations Dad and Mom!! - Dan Holden
I still haven't actually had contact with said BABBY, so this is fairly virtual. :) - Louis Gray
Aww, he's trying to open his eyes and look around. - DGentry from Android
I wanna say some tradational things for him:) ''maşallah'' it means god keeps and protects him :) He is so cute:) - Lillith
congrats! - Comics Forge
Congrats Gray family! For a bit premie, 6 lbs is really good. I can't imagine the baby being in NICU too long. - Rob Diana
Congrats!!! - Michael Fidler
121 likes! I thought R. Scoble said there only 30 people here :) - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
welcome Braden! - Starmama
congrats what a sweetie. - VALZONE#SCREWED
Thanks for all the feedback, guys. This set now joins one of my favorite searches of all time! :) - Louis Gray
awwwwwwwwwww - Eric - Final Countdown
Hello sweet boy! He's the second Braden I know - and the name Braden Gray is so money. Congrats to you and your baby mama. - Corinne L
Welcome to the world, Braden! You're a cute little peanut. Daddy hates those plastic packages with all the twistie ties, but it's for your own good. (guess he forgot to order the frustration-free packaging option. Oh well.) You'll be outta that thing playing and striking a pose with your brother and sister in no time! Just enjoy the spa and chillax for a little while. baby kisses, Love TheMacMommy & her babies - #LD & #KD - Melissa Davis
Congratulations! - Solveigh Calderin
Gz, gz !! :) You are one lucky guy :) - Ronald
Congrats! - Barbara R. S.
allah bağışlasın. allah analı babalı büyütsün :P anlamaz ki wlin gavuru - ben beğenmedim
Congrats! Braden is a handsome guy! and wish the best to mom and dad! Where a child there blessings are flowing. RFG - Raffaella Grassi
"I still haven't actually had contact with said BABY, so this is fairly virtual. :)".. Technology at it's best! Congratulations Louis! - Sadie Murray
Louis Gray
The varieties of social media experience (1) -
Chris Brogan
Louis Gray
Louis Gray
Listiti Watches Twitter Lists for Keywords and Alerts -
Fwd: Twitter getting better by the day, launches Notifications to keep users more engaged - (via
Fwd: Twitter getting better by the day, launches Notifications to keep users more engaged - (via
Paul Chaney
RT @MariSmith: @iFroggy - oh my Patrick - k, what is your secret for staving off the DM spam?? I'm inundated lately :<| I want to know 2!
Louis Gray
people control their communication through identities on multiple different services - Mike Chelen
Paul Chaney
Just nominated pitchengine for Best Site for Publishers #openwebawards
Louis Gray
Mari Smith
How To Re-order Your Facebook Friend Lists for Better News Feed Viewing -
How To Re-order Your Facebook Friend Lists for Better News Feed Viewing
THANKS Ms. CUTIE PA-TUTIE! Just what I need too, one of them darned Social Media Epertistes seems one can never find on around these day with all the Twittering & Snickering goingz on. Everyone all aboard and let's follow the Pied Piper of Facebook CHOOO-CHOOOOooooOOOOO WHeeeeEEEEEEEeeeeeee - sofarsoShawn
Louis Gray
Follow Friday... You're Doing It Wrong. (One of many, I am sure)
Screen shot 2009-09-25 at 10.48.22 AM.jpg
Awww...who loves themselves! - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
Oopsie daisy. - Mark Krynsky
The "xx" says all we need to know about this account. - Sunshine
Thanks, Sunshine! xx - Louis Gray
I would definitely follow me but I am biased. - Kevin J Hatton
LOL--yep. - Sunshine
xxx and you have a deal! - Kevin J Hatton
oh so funny. - anna sauce
what have you got against self-love? - Laura Norvig
So what really is wrong about shameless self promotion? If you don't love yourself, who can you love? - Martha
She probably thinks this app is about her, she's so vain. - Bryan R. Adams
I like it. :D - Faraz Mullick
Like you could be in a relationship with yourself on Facebook. I miss those days. :/ - Faraz Mullick
did any of you told her you are talking about her? She wants to know. - Nik
I wouldn't be surprised if many people think this is some kind of a Twitter "command" that gets them more followers - LOL! - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Something I'm not vain enough to actually tweet: "#FollowFriday @dennis_jernberg!" Some people really *are* that vain... - Dennis Jernberg
@Mark Jespen ... As long as we give it with battery powered devices that go "bzzzz" .. LOL - Paul OFlaherty
LOL. - Kol Tregaskes
Jim Turner
Brilliant! RT @ZaraGreen: You cannot be down on you and encourage you at the same time...CHOOSE! Misery or Hope, Depression or Joy? CHOOSE!
Jeremiah Owyang
For what it's worth, all my bosses are my friends in Facebook --unfilitered.
Sounds like the Way It Should Be - Shari Weiss
If you have to worry about friending your boss, you have to wonder if you're at the right job. (I said as much at an SFAMA panel a few weeks ago) - Louis Gray
i disagree :) - Allen Stern
It's not the boss I worry about. It's the folks beneath..... - Sean Kelly
I disagree, Louis. Many, many people should think twice about FB-friending their co-workers, unfiltered. From an HR perspective, it's not always in your best interest to cross the personal/professional line, depending on what kinds of things you (AND your friends/family) post. - Yvette Ferry
In the end it wouldn't matter. Your friend could one day be your boss. But then again, depending on what you post, perhaps not. - Nalin Perera
Thought this might be of interest. "Should You 'Friend' Your Boss? Let Your Boss ‘Friend’ You?" As far as I can see, "social-media people" have opinions on this that don't really gel with what happens in real life, among most employers/employees. - Yvette Ferry
Travis: I hate to hijack this thread (it's not mine, and I have no right), but what typically happens is that co-worker connects to co-workers and bosses, and then they come to know know a little too much about her personal life, so they judge her on days when she's not "feeling well" or "going through things". And then there's no wiggle room or ways to express that she's simply having... more... - Yvette Ferry
Louis Gray
Jeremiah Owyang
If Twitter is the "pulse of the planet", then it just had a heart attack #Error503 #cardiacarrest #CPR
i was in the middle of pitching an event on twitter and it 503'd on me. You know how bad that looks/feels? - matt ceniceros
It's better than being IN the event with no Twitter-pulse. - Dave
even more reason to not rest a social program on one channel. - matt ceniceros
Chris Brogan
Chris Brogan
Let me Show You Inside a Secret Blogging Alliance -
Chris Brogan
"New Study Finds Grassroots Enterprise Social Media Often Works Best" -
Louis Gray
Bob Linger
Melissa Ward develops custom facebook fan pages. Her full service Web Development firm builds and optimizes web sites. Take a look - Bob Linger
Chris Brogan
Louis Gray
Louis Gray
Status Search: A Search Engine For What Your Friends Are Saying Online -
I wrote about Status Search on July 6: (Not everybody remembers) - Louis Gray
the magic 8ball says "one remember, one forget when one want view of page without link" - Allen Stern
Oh, I remember. :-) - Jesse Stay
Louis Gray
Bill Gates tells why he pulled the plug on his Facebook page -
Several billion to go and the thing will be dead--dead, I tell you. - Kathy Fitch
A good way to indirectly follow Bill Gates on Twitter is to follow @gatesfoundation. - Loren Heiny
FF sure feels a whole lot more like home to me, Holden. - Kathy Fitch
Louis Gray
FriendFeed Debuts Real-Time Search Spanning 50+ Social Sites -
ego search is fun again - Dobromir Hadzhiev
you lost your ego? :o/ - Rob Sellen :o)
Real-time search is a great feature.. Yeah! - John Serra
FF FTW! - Shane
Why I am using Peoplebrowsr for real-time search: I can quickly skim through 16 searches with three keystrokes using the right cursor key in just a few seconds. Bam. Zap. Mainlining the net with zero friction. I like it like that. - Sean McBride
@ sean - using Peoplebrowsr for the same thing. seems a little heavy though. - michael sean wright
A bit heavy, indeed, but I don't know of any other real-time search service that comes close to providing the ability to navigate so much info so quickly and efficiently. Monitoring dozens of feeds on what is essentially a single screen is a breeze. - Sean McBride
So does this replace Google Reader? - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Sean: now some of the features that were available only through clients such as peoplebrowser can be had natively, making them more accessible to many users :) - Mike Chelen
That is really the right headline for this FF feature: the fact that it's real-time for all these different sites. FF continues to be a powerful tool, well defined and eminently useful and usable. - Andy Bakun
the real-time is interesting, but as you stated, since it's limited to only the FriendFeed base, it doesn't seem as powerful as Twitter search. Couldn't they expand to all FriendFeed, all public Facebook, etc? Truly searching real-time from all status across platforms would be scary good. - Stuart Miniman
Louis Gray
4chan may be behind attack on Twitter -
/b/ is relevant again? - Mike Nayyar
And possibly the suspension of legit accounts by Twitter - Jesse Stay
Who is 4chan? - Bill Masson
Oh man. What a mess. At least it's on a Sunday, eh? - Ben Hanten
This kind of thing always reminds me of rape. It's about losers trying to feel powerful. - Dawn
HA!!! - "Gorilla Penis" That's rich... real rich ;-) - Brad Williamson
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