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Leo Laporte
Looking for input: who would you like to hear on TWiT this Sunday?
Been a while since Dvorak, always enjoy him - Jan Ole Peek
Dvorak & Curry (waiting for deletion in 3, 2,1... ;-) ) - Holger Eilhard
Patrick Norton!! and PLEASE... No more Wil Harris - Jim Connolly
Only Dvorak - Charbax
With Trek out, perhaps Wil Wheaton and/or Levar Burton - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Allen Stern - Allen Stern
Patrick Norton - Bradley Goetsch
John McEnroe - Charbax
Kevin Rose, Sarah Lane, Patrick Norton, Veronica Belmont, Becky Worley (Techtv old school) or Justine (new school) - Harvey Birdman
I'd prefer no "social media experts" - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
One of the Brits you've had on before - that nice liverpulian (can't remember his name) - Jonathan Grimes
Dvorak! - Michael Kaiser from Nambu
Veronica Belmont - Harvey Birdman
Kevin Rose, Sarah Lane, Calacanis - Phillip Stewart
Wil Wheaton. EDIT: Levar Burton too. - Roberto Bonini
Stephen Fry? (I KNOW he's not a scouser, BTW) - Ian May
John C. Dvorak + Lisa Bettany + Brian Brushwood - arjo
Dvorak and Calacanis are always good. - Scott Breakall
Dvorak and Becky Worley (she was awesome too on 188) - Charbax
Dvorak and Patrick - Anton
I agree with @Charbax. Dvorak and Becky Worley were a great combination on TWiT. - arjo
<---- myself :P - Adam Jackson
All of your regulars are likable, but Dvorak and Calcanis are the only ones that drive the show into new and interesting territory. - casey wright
J C Dvorak,J Calacanis, Lisa B .Please - Ken O'Kelly
James Whatley aka @Whatleydude - Ken O'Kelly
Bwana and Dvorack. - robby
Molly Wood and John C. Dvorak - Eduardo
Norton and Dvorack would be awesome. - Ronald Bandish
Jimmy Fallon ;-) Maybe Kevin Rose can introduce you. - Mark F. Heil
Dvorak, Norton, and Rose please! - Jonas Dionisio
Star Trek cast - Robert
Bwana, and Veronica Belmont! - David Ford
MEEE!!! - Alphonso Lizcano
You can't go wrong with Dvorak - Bryan McAffee
wHil wHeaton!!!! will harris, and of course dvorak - Mark
Patrick Norton and Bwana, just to get confused with their voices! - Jack Truong
Brain Brushwood, Sarah Lane, Patrick Norton - Billy Shelton
Cali Lewis or Patrick Norton (no Dvorak please) - Ted Ellis
Bwana is always good. John C. - Willowdale
Peter rojas - lamont
Calacanis and Amber MacArthur - Stephen Lecheler
Dvorak and Patrick Norton. Lots of good news this week, so the less Twitter talk the better. - Jerry Voelker
Dvorak, Bwana, Sarah Lane, Becky Worley NOT LISA B she's horrible. - Charlieray
Physicist talking about quantum computers and an update on where we are with them. - Gilfeather
I would like you to do the show alone, but do voices for Dvorak, Calacanis, Will Harris, and Lisa Bettany. - Larry Roth
the guy from scam school.he's good - lamont
Ultimate worst topic: Brett Farve Twittering about Manny Ramirez. - Richard Hoskins
Dvorak. Always have him on please. You and him ARE TWiT. Wil Harris is also very enjoyable. So is Calacanis. Cory Doctorow also. - Emil Alexander Swenson
star trek twit wound be timely, will levar and veronica - Todd Proffitt
Oprah, Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray, and most important of anyone else in the world -- Tyra. - Walter Lounsbery
Ed Bott - Larry Basham - cornedbeefgents
How about a Patrick Norton and Leo twit? - Joe Dearman
Cranky twits Leo, Dvorak, Sebastian Ruplee, Calacanis - Charlieray
how about @jack to talk about his new "project" - patrick
hey Steve Jobs??? Could you pull that one off? - Dan Krivolavek
Bwana - Nolan Alston
cigars and wine - Richard Hoskins
With upcoming Hubble service mission, Bad Astronomer Phil Plait and Trek tie in with Levar Burton. - Doug Torneden
Dvorak, Norton, Rose, and Calacanis... - Gary Hise
We haven't heard Molly Wood on TWiT in a while. - Matt Chilcote
Dvorak, Curry, Calacanis, Patrick Norton, and yes cigars and wine - Aris/Theft
Has Curry ever been on TWiT? I'd love to see Worley on, Dvorak possibly, but if you get those two, maybe add some other old TechTV'ers if possible. Calacan would probably be good too. - Chris Lindhartsen
NINaccess - Richard Hoskins
YLNT - Larry Basham - cornedbeefgents
Mitsubishi's "Download a Car" project. - Nicholas Young
Patrick Norton, John C. Dvorak, Brian Brushwood, and Molly Wood would melt my pants. - thechadster
How about Andy Walker? - Willowdale
Molly, Dvorak, WilW, Jason Howell is under exposed, Tom Green, Harry Shearer, Veronica, mix it up Alex A sans Kevin, Merlin, yes please Merlin. And a bit less wine... - Tom Hofstatter
(Buzz Out Loud + No Agenda)*GDGT Weekly/YLNT = TWiT - MacNeurotic
Dvorak please - russellcoleman
amber - Archie Maclean
DVORAK!! - Carlos Jackson
i'\ - iTad
0. for a systm geek round: patrick norton (in the house this time, no wandering around & connection issues), dave randolph, and david caulkins 1. stephen fry, conan o'brien, jimmy fallon for a talk show host round (if you can get them), 2. as gunny wallen put it 'no social media experts'. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
molly wood and brian cooley - erick
Molly Wood - Keith Hobin
How about Bwana and Patrick. They can do impersonations of each other. - Joe Dearman
Anyone related to Star Trek I guess ... wonder if you can get JJ Abrams though :p - Clarence Chiang
although very unlikely, would be funny to have george lucas & a round of star trek actors. heh :p - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
I don't like listening to people act like they know everything and yes I'm talking about Brian Cooley .. I agree with all the other choices though - John Blanton from twhirl
It's always funny how one person's favorite is another person's worst nightmare :) I always enjoy Dvorak, Patrick and Veronica. - Jeff
Molly Wood - Renee Pie
Pete Cashmore was cranky and great although probably not popular. Ryan Block and Will Harris are always good. Worley and Molly are very good. Curry would be fun since he is opinionated. Basically choose folks who are very knowledgeable or Type A. No squeeky women who start each sentence with "um" or "well". - JustAFeed2000
Wil W pls, he's a fan of both Twit and Star Trek... - Denverken
Leonard Nimoy, Wil Harris, Dvorak, Molly Wood - chipster621
Patrick Norton, Lisa Bettany, and some Star Trek with new movie out so will wheaton & Levar Burton - Matt Pollari
James Theodore Kirk - Richard Hoskins
Tiberius! - Michael
Seriously, Johnny C, JCal, @WilW, and Levar Burton. Ever ask Barry Sonnenfeld? - Michael
Gina Trapani, Calacanis is also always interesting. - Sung Choi
Scoble maybe. - Jason Shultz from Nambu
Robert Heron is my number one choice. Dvorak ONLY if there is no wine and young women on at the same time. - John Little
Dvorak, Burton and Rose - Mike
Dvorak , Curry, Rose - Ron Acierno
Dvorak, curry, Calacanis and Kevin - americanm
Rebert Heron also - americanm
What about that Pogue guy? Or Robert Heron, Bwana, or for the lulz, have Winer on! - Mike Lewis
Dvorak! and more Dvorak ! - John Hillestad
I agree with Dunny: Wil Wheaton and/or Levar Burton. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing Bwana! - Christopher Theberge
Patrick Norton! - James Rishabh Mishra
Levar and Brushwood are the best of the newest twits - Eric Marden
Molly Wood and Dvorak. Veronica, too. - Robert
I think Adam Curry might still be in town; should invite him up to the TWiT Cottage. Bwana too. - Hawklu
Dvorak, Curry, Alex Lindsay - Matt
Wil Harris, Andy Walker and some of the old gang from The Lab. Someone to talk the effects of technology in the entertainment field such as theatre and concerts - Stephen Dean
Woz? - Hawklu
Mac vs Windows: Paul and Merlin - lofti
Jon Udell, Michael Nielsen, Ben Fry and Toby Segaran. You get cool accents and über brains - Deepak Singh
Thurrott & Lindsay - Kurtis Land
Molly Wood, WilW or LeVar, and Calacanis - Patrick Sullivan
Want to hear Dvorak tell all, how Twitter saved his life! - Craig Anderson
Dvorak, Adam Curry and Calacanis - Adam Marsh
molly wood, dvorak, kevin rose, not curry, calacanis - Randy Klassen
John Hodgman (pc) & Justin Long (mac) - Chris Pugh
Ryan Block, Scoble and Dvorak - Mike Getz
John Davison of ~ - monkeystick
bring back udell - get rid of dvorak - mike "glemak" dunn
Dave's Winer ? ;) - americanm
IHNATKO - Richard Hoskins
Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer and Andy Ihnatko! - americanm
Robert Llewellyn is in town, isn't he? - Amac
Dvorak, Curry, Dave Winer, Scoble - Kiko Cherman
What is it and the love for Dvorak? Let's take Dvorak out and have someone else in who is interesting. - Stephen Lecheler
Curry, Scoble and Lewis - Matt
Molly Wood. So smart. - Darrel Davis
Wil Wheaton (since Star Trek is out now and he can talk about it--Levar Burton's a good idea too) - Stevon
Dvorak & Curry & Mr Norton! - Adam Horne
Thich Nhat Hahn, the 14th Dalai Lama, and Bill O'Reilly - Richard Hoskins
Dvorak (always!), Levar Burton, Adam Curry, Amber McArthur - Steve Visscher
John C, Wil Wheaton, Sarah Lane, Veronica Belmont - Larry Vogel
Oh, and Lisa Bettany - Jan Ole Peek
Loren Brichter (Tweetie) and Craig Hockenberry (Twitterrific) - kirk
Have you ever asked Josh Topolsky - current editor of Engadget on Leo? He has a lot to say about Kindle2 and the "future" of e-ink - winston smith
Hannibal, son of Hamilcar Barca. - Richard Hoskins
Joel Spolsky-- no kidding. - Richard Hoskins
Steve Gillmor, Merlin Mann and Jason Calacanis. - Wo
Kevin Rose, I know you don't like having him on, but he is nice to see every once and a while. Veronica Belmont would be nice again, Patrick, Maybe John. - Dakota O'Neill
Sam Ramji, Open Source Director at MS. Talk about cognitive dissonance! Very smart guy and excellent speaker. I can introduce you if you want. - John Kordyback
Josh Topoksky, Geoff Farinha (up and coming podcaster) - Shawn Roberts
I really enjoyed Twit 188 with Becky Worley and Devorak. Calacanis is good too. Not a fan of P Norton - Allison
Wil Wheaton and Levar Burton would be awesome. - Jason Elliott
John C, Rose, Norton, and Worley. Second list is John C, Harris, Swood, and Curry. - Kacy
Patrick, Wil Wheaton, and JJ Abrams. - Matt Smith
Dvork he's always good - Annika from Nambu
Leo - I'd like to hear from Bret, et al, from FriendFeed and what they've experienced, learned from the very first major outage they have suffered (due to their colo provider losing power) - Robert J Taylor
Daniel Suarez, author of Daemon… just finished it… awesome. - Mike Meiners
I like Jerry Pournelle, if he's up to it. - doggy
Molly and Lisa--Star Trek geeks; Brian; and Patrick but, as has been stated, only if he's in the house otherwise he leaves early/gets disconnected/gets called away. No more than four - MikeNNN
I forgot. John Gruber, he's the best. - John Kordyback
Definitely could use me some Molly Wood. Also, Veronica was nice. Hell, make it an all BOL show, bring in Jason and Tom too. And I agree with John, Gruber would be sweet. - Mike Nayyar
another new suggestion considering the fate of 3d realms: editor Garnett Lee - friend of Patrick, frequent Cranky Geeks guest and all around smart dude on tech subjects - winston smith
I love the new product reviews like Pogoplug and sling iphone and using eye-fi for instant slide show from camera! LESS ALCOHOL! - Stephan Romeo
Jason Calocanis - Star Trek Guys are a good Idea too - Shane Burgess
How has no one said Molly Wood? She hasn't been on in a while. She definitely has a great amount of geek cred. - Chris Kourmoulakis
Chris, Molly has been all over this biz! - Mike Nayyar
Trent Reznor - Baron Sekiya
For selfish purpose, I'd love to come on and talk about how we're using social networking to help America's homeless. But aside from that (and pardon the plug), I like Baron's choice, Trent Reznor would make for an interesting guest given the present circumstances with Apple. I also would love to see Molly Wood. - B.J. Mendelson
Wayne Sutton - Wayne Sutton
Well that's just sneaky, Wayne. Mike Nayyar! :P - Mike Nayyar
Norton, Dvorak, Wheaton and Burton - Howard
Why doesn't Gibson ever do TWiT? - Daniel E. Renfer
Johnny Worthington - Josh Haley
Ken Ray, aka Mac OS Ken. He's great. - Dave S.
dvorak ftw! His dour outlook is always appreciated - Dantrag0
Dvorak, Kevin Rose, Sarah Lane, Patrick Norton, Dr. Kiki, and Amber MacArthur - Rocky McVey
John C.Dvorak, Steve Gibson and Jerry Pournelle. You can call it Grey Haired TWiT - dewtheone
CALACANIS!!!!! Sarah Lane is cool too. - Steve Wilson
ijustine!!! - Geeking Out
The Real Twits John C. Dvorak, Patrick Norton & Kevin Rose return to the roots! - Alan Abentrod
Dvorak, Wil Wheaton, and LeVar Burton. - Chris Charabaruk
You should do Dvorak and a roundup of your hosts from your other podcasts: Paul, Amber, ... - Steve Fumarolo
I'd like to see more of Paul Thurott, he's only done one TWit - Joe
kevin rose, Jason, and @ev :D twitter talk. ~!!! - Kar Soon
Being a ex-pat from UK, Wil Harris, obviously. Also Dvorak and Calacanis - Tony Veale
Shwood and Dvorak - Jim Garrison
Oh and iJustine. She should be on every week, and every show for that matter. - Tony Veale
Wheaton is a terrific idea too! - Jim Garrison
Steve Wozniak - Leo A. Novelli
the ffundercats!!! - (jeff)isageek
wayne sutton - (jeff)isageek
Dvorak - Charlie Wilson
Alan Watts - Thomas Cooper
Tom Merritt is always good. - Thomas Cooper
Kate Botello!!!! SS Reunion! - Brad
Love to hear Pogue if you can get him. If not, bring back Brushwood! - Joseph
Calacanis is always interesting and how about Levar Burton and Sarah Lane Wil Harris too - Shaun
FriendFeed crew, MG Siegler, Mark Spencer, Scoble, Joshua Schachter, Kevin Rose, Veronica Belmont, Lisa Bettany, Bwana, Jeff Pulver, Dvorak, Brian Brushwood, Gary Vaynerchuk ! - Jay Neff
Scott Johnson from Extra Life Radio. - Sandy
This Week in Trek? - Ken Sheppardson
Robert Schoble and Tim O'Reilly - Scott Wesson
Bill O'Reilly! - Mike Nayyar
Becky Worley and Trent Reznor hands down would be fantastic - Fragtastic
John McEnroe would be awesome. Howe about Mike Vosseller..he's an up and coming tech guy - pauldougherty
cory doctorow please! - Rodolfo Sanchez
I totally think I should be on - I could explain my new theory that explains how dinosaurs aren't actually extinct, but instead exist in a parallel dimension where, among other things, purple is a flavor. - iTad
Devorak, Shwood, Patrick Norton & Cali Lewis - Anthony
Shwood, Wil Harris, Robert Heron, and Patrick Norton! - Brandon Kester
Just get Dvorak and Jason Calacanis together again. Both are insightful, headstrong and controversial. - Dave Senior
Jason Calacanis and Kevin Rose - Arnaldo Montaner
The FFundercats. - mjc
I 2nd Michael's motion - the FFundercats. - Micah
Patrick Norton - Adam Hubbs
dvorak, calacanis, veronica belmont - Brian Waters
Interesting to hear what a tech-savvy VC has to say about the state of innovation in tech - what is likely to get funding - who's under presure - where money helps innovate - where VC money offers no advantage etc etc - Ian Horley
Calacanis, Veronica, Levar and Dvorak of course - John Gardiner
Still on the VC theme, Guy Kawazaki is a great orator, but not sure how good a pundit he is, or how tech savvy he is - I think he s in your neck of teh woods too! - Ian Horley
James Patrick Kelly AKA StoryPod SiFi - Dutch [aka fairuse]
why not. the mythbusters vs the ghost hunters - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
I enjoy the usual suspects but I really was impressed by the recent appearance of Becky Worley. She really brought some new freshness to the show. - Mark Krynsky
Anyone that will talk about tech and not swine flu. Dvorak, Patrick, Roger, Veronica. - keith
I would like to hear Bwana again. Also Levar Burton is always good. - Dylan Newstead
Kate Russell from click in the uk to add new edgy tech? dvorak of course, and any trekkies for the new movie, steve gibson to make seriously nerdy, how about roz on her new row - Rob Williams
Bring John C. Dvorak and Jason together please! They are both great to hear in the same episode. - Pigon (Piotr Golebiowski)
Adam Curry, not that bad of a guy Leo... Less Ryan Block, More Calacanis, More Wil Harris - Jim Edwards
How about a Blast From the Past! A show on the old Computer Chronicles and maybe get Stewart Cheifet as a guest. I know it's history, and not really a new tech idea, but if not on TWiT maybe on another show. Maybe TDoT - These Decades of Tech, history of where it all started, with guests like Steve Jobs, Woz, Gates (he's retired now also) Capt. Crunch etc.. There is a lot of history there! just an idea. - HamRadioActive
Dvorak. - Paul Grav
Discuss Apple's rumored acquisition of EA. Good idea/not, why/why not? With Kevin Rose (Apple Fanboy), Dvorak (Not so much of an Apple Fanboy) and Alex Albrecht (gamer, TRS etc). - Michel
Louis Gray. He should start a podcast of his own. Perhaps, you could encourage him to start one. - Michael Fidler
Jason Calacanis and Dvorak - Istvan Hoka
Doc Searls and Marshall Kirkpatrick - Brian Hendrickson
Jason Calacanis, Veronica Belmont and Kevin Rose - Anton
Cory Doc, Gina and Wil Wheaton - Dvorak is always welcome (but not sure with Cory)... - Carlos Brefe
Kate Botello - Hector Oros
More brits! - Simon Taylor
Calacanis, Dvorak and Kevin Rose - Anthony Feint
Dvorak, Roger Chang and Becky Worley - Cliff
Becky Worley, Calacanis - Antti Holvikari
In cottage guests make the show more better. Dvorak, Molly Wood, Becky Worley, and a brief appearance of the wine.... - HT
Tom Merritt for the win - Daniel Johnston
Bwana, Dvorak, Belmont, Dwight - Scott H
Regardless of who you invite, I would like to know if this list helped you decide ?? What a mess... hehe. - Brad Kligerman
Roger Chang - Grace Adams
Calacanis and Dvorak is always gold to me. (but I also tend to like Patrick N. and Will Harris) - Eric Danker
How about Morgan Webb. I miss her cynicism on WebbAlert. She'd be a blast with John C - Edward King
Still love John C....and Molly Wood, Tom Merritt, Gina Trapani. LOVE YOUR SHOW! Carlee S - Carlee Stewner
Kevin Rose - Steve
Kevin Rose, Sarah Lane, Calacanis, Patrick Norton, Martin Sargent and no Dvorak. - Michael Sarge
Hey Leo, looked at Square Space thinking about changing but have a question about my domain, i think you said it's not problem to go straight to your www but do they now take over the hosting for the domain and or email, i still would like to use my own domain and my own email extention, and i just signed up with 1and1 to have imap support, does square space have imap support, not sure how that would all work. - Charles Moore
John C Dvorak. - tommy
How about how the white house could have saved 300k and a job. To do the Air Force One Photo - hire someone to photoshop a pricture of AF1 over the SoL - why did we actually need to take the picture? - Laurence Gold
Anyone BUT drunk girls discussing 'social media' ;p - Imran Idris
Scott Johnson of Extralife Radio/The Instance - he is holding his annual Nerdtacular today, screening StarTrek in SLC, Utah. Uber Geek. - Devin Baines
Jason Calicanis or Kevin Rose. Patrick Norton is too snarky & know-it-all-ish - Chris Doppler
Becky Worley - Shane Eaton
oh...ohh.... I know.... OBAMA! - David Pincheira
Dvorak/Norton are the best. Molly Wood/Meritt/Veronica are always great, as is Shwood. Wild card Morgan Webb would be neat, but people have been asking for her for almost too long. - Victor Z
I'm available - Russ Broomell
Lisa Bettany and Justine Ezarik please :) - Peter Kruit
Paul thurott - Joe from BuddyFeed
Jason Calacanis - Caleb Elston
I'd really like to see you take it to the next level and turn it into the tech equivalent of the Sunday news shows, ala This Week, Meet the Press, etc. That is, try to get more of the folks who've actually made news in tech this week on the show, combined with analysis of why what's happened this week matters. Just getting a bunch of hosts from TWiT shows and other media outlets talking about who knows whom and promoting their stuff is less appealing to me. - Ken Sheppardson
Levar Burton - May I also add perhaps an iPhone/BB/C-phone app review/recommendation section of the show - I value the panels input on such things - Tyler Johnston
Jerry Pournelle, Levar B or Peter Rojas. Spare us the bubble gum ones like iJustine or Lisa Bettany. Shopping exclusively at an Apple Store and being cute != tech expert/panelist. - Arawak
megan morrone - TenderLovePony
Bwana McCallm, Lisa Bettany , STEVE WOZNIAK! - Ian P
Thurrott, Shwood, Dvorak, Kevin - imperator3733 from twhirl
Always love to hear perspectives from Dvorak, Norton, Calacanis, Belmont, Wheaton & Burton, lets add Adam Curry, Economist Paul Krugman and actor Jeff Goldblum to the mix - Dan Beyer
Molly Wood, Robert Llewellyn, Sarah Lane and maybe Dvorak - Molly Song ;)
Becky Worley!! - RealJon
Jono Bacon - D Raydrick
Dvorak - Marcus Sasiadek
Thurrott and Dvorak :) - Vesa Kauppinen
You need some Mom's for a Mother's Day Special - Chris Pugh
Let's have that discussion about US Internet connectivity that you mentioned last week on TWiT. I'm ready if you are. - Debi Jones
Molly Wood, Cali Lewis, John Dvorak, Jason Calacanis - David Z
Cali Lewis + Adam Curry - Joseph Kelley
You should get someone connected with the online poker business, discuss the legislation on that matter. - Pedro Fonseca
More about the National Broadband Policy, please! Did you say "MobileJones" would be on this week's TWiT? - Web Pixie
Jason Calacanis - Kevin Burton
Paul Thurrott - Kevin Burton
How about all adults. Getting tired of kiddie talk. Dvorak is good for a start. - Jim Corkrum
Dvorak!! - John Sullivan
Thurrott and Calacanis - Michael
@loic, @veronica, @ginatrapani, and @scobleizer. - Jeff Harbert
JCal, Dvorak; Wil Harris; Wil Wheaton; Becky Worley - Vickie K
Vernor Vinge. - Michael R. Bernstein
Molly Wood & Steve Gibson. It would be rant-astic! - tamahome
Jerry Pournelle, Molly Wood and John C. Dvorak - Joe Gilbert - Joe Gilbert
Dvorak's New World Symphony would do rather nicely - Antonin Dvorak - David Blumenstein
wow... thanks for the love everyone! my favorite guests to be on with are Dvorak and Kevin Rose. I feel like those shows really rock. - Jason Calacanis
Scoble, Calcanis, Gillmor, Winer and Arrington mud wrestling in pink blancmange! - Make us laugh and then they'll all be friends again! - Jan Simmonds
Dvoracanis part 2! And Miley Cyrus. Or maybe Paul Thurrott & Andy Ihnatko, plus Kevin Rose. - Thunderwing from twhirl
Or Adam Curry, Alex Jones & Michael Savage. Oh, wait, that would be a special episode of No Agenda. Sorry, my bad. - Thunderwing from twhirl
Lisa Bettany, Jason Calacanis and Dvorak. Always. It'd be nice to see Paul Thurrott on TWiT, he's always great and it was a big MS week what with the RC. - Henrik
After listening to todays Gilmore Gang, anybody that sounds more professional then that group would be better. - John Wallace
It would be an honor to be on the show... - Shane Tilton
Here it is the ultimate Twit Group. Leo, Patrick, Dvorak,Brian Brushwood,& Jason Calacanis - Tom Rowbotham
what about major nelson from the xbox team - Brad Reiter
Merlin Mann & Andy Ihnatko - Chris Weber
Martin Sargent and Laura Swisher - Will
Wil Harris - Fred Hamilton
A more science and tech oriented TWIT instead of social media would be nice. - Taylor Hutchison
sun 10 mothers day 219 atl time VEDIO IS UP AUDIO IS DOWN ON TWIC TV IN WINDOWS - daveccorey
WORKING NOW YEAH - daveccorey
Patrick Norton & Will Harris - Dakotah Jenkins
Want to hear Dvorak tell all, how Twitter saved his life! - Craig Anderson
Leo Laporte
Loving the new FriendFeed - it's the new Twitter. I'm looking forward to learning how to use it better.
Already learned, easy as riding a bike in a tornado :-D, nah as easy as snowboarding when you're a skier :-), just takes some getting used to :-) - Richard A.
Having just signed up to it, I find that it has a steep learning curve but I am loving being able to comment! - Stephen Heron
Hey Leo thanks for the Tweet about this site. Very nice. - Michele
Stephen: Are you using or I'd strongly suggest just starting with the beta if you're new. - Ken Sheppardson
The beta shows up very nice on my iPhone - Steve Sill
to quote vader...nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! - xero
I was using the original but I am now trying the beta and it is much easier to use! - Stephen Heron
This is the dawning of the Real Time Web. From now on, streams become as important as documents. - Jayson Elliot
Still too entrenched on Twitter, no way I'd leave it behind. Too many people I follow don't use Friendfeed at all. - Jens
Aw yeah, the fire-eating Laporte man is on board - Bwana ☠
Leo: By the way, like Twitter, you can only DM people who are following you. (hint hint) - Ken Sheppardson
YES! FriendFeed is the new Twitter! This is Sooooo much better! Threaded conversations in real time! Can anyone popping over from Twitter see this new FriendFeed? - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Pretty Cool! - Alita Holly
Totally +1 . I'm liking it much more than the old 'face. Seems like what we would have always wanted Twitter to be like. BTW, It's past 21:00 UTC but your live interview is not on yet, and you are streaming a recorded show with no audio :s I was looking forward to that interview with the Friendfeed team, hope it's coming. - Ignace Rodriguez de R,
i will say, twitter does beat friendfeed when it comes to ease of use, but it looks interesting. Can't wait to give it a whirl - Chris Grimm
Im with Leo - Adam Hubbs
It's like Twitter on steroids! - Adam Hubbs
and i hope you will me TWIT all you know :) - mark
i still like twitter better. :P - Mister Groonk from twhirl
I hated Twitter the moment I heard of it! FF seems like it will be more fun to watch. - Adam Hubbs
Think its easier to catch comments on the old real-timefeed though... - Peder Stray
Twitter is simpler... - Scott Hubble
key word for me is Discovery .. best way to discover new ideas - Joe Magennis from twhirl
twitter is really great for quick buzz. FF is the bomb for more in depth conversations. and facebook is a great place to keep track of friends life doings. I really like having all three together. I can't even imagine what I did with myself before all this - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Let me be the one to say this...WELCOME TO THE FREAKING PARTY LEO! WHAWIEDWQIJD09 - Mike Nayyar
FriendFeed is "the new black"! ;-) - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Excellent summary, Rob! - Doug
hmm this is pretty neat - Joe
This is pretty slick! I think I'll hang out here a bit. - Aaron
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang will record Monday 4PM Pacific w/ FriendFeed founders
Great timing. Big day for FriendFeed Monday. I'll definitely be tuned in. - Rolf Schewe
Awesome! - Susan Beebe
I will be in the air, unfortunately. Bummer. - Robert Scoble
Good to hear. A good time for that. - Thomas Hawk
Gillmor, is anyone from the FF team on your show this afternoon? - Thomas Hawk
My guess would be he's probably been tired since Friday or so, Chris. :-) - Ken Sheppardson
yes Paul Buchheit will be on Gilmor Gang at 4PM Pacific streamed on Twit.TV live - Steve Gillmor
I can barely hear what Leo is saying. - Dave Winer
Leo's spent the last few days trying to recover from a tricaster failure and has been tweaking levels on different services, getting resolutions reset on feeds, etc. The ustream feed seems to have the best audio at the moment: - Ken Sheppardson
50min till Gillmor Gang right? - Wo
Cris: yes - Ken Sheppardson
Thanks Ken. This real time thing is pretty neat! - Wo
Paul Buchheit, Mike Arrington, Scoble, Dan Farber, Andrew Keen, and Kevin Marks. - Ken Sheppardson
Mike says he's writing an article right now: "FriendFeed is in danger of becoming the coolest app no one uses" - Ken Sheppardson
Mike sorta declares FF missed the boat and won't be able to overcome Twitter's lead/network effects. Paul's trying to defend the fact that they can/should be more than one company in the space. - Ken Sheppardson
I disagree with Arrington - Bwana ☠
Yeah, I don't think it's going to be a short term shift en masse to FriendFeed - Ken Sheppardson
Has Andrew used the beta? - Ken Sheppardson
Andrew seems like he doesn't understand the beta. - Thomas Hawk
Talking heads are mentioning Twitter because it is a fad - Bwana ☠
the idea of twitter storing my images and video on their site gives me the willies. - Karoli
Half of them don't even know what they're saying - Bwana ☠
I wish they'd stop talking about twitter... - Adnan
yeah it seems like some of the people on the call really don't understand how the new FriendFeed even really works. - Thomas Hawk
I just brought my friends timeline into Friendfeed as a custom RSS feed. - Karoli
Bwana: Yeah, this is a whole lot more about how the standard market dynamics stuff than what FriendFeed's done - Ken Sheppardson
I thought this was going to be a "Twitter free" edition...I guess I was wrong. - Ahmed
I can't understand some of these guys because they are talking over each other. - Molly Song ;)
Ahmed: You can't really talk about FriendFeed after today without also talking about Twitter and Facebook. - Ken Sheppardson
Hey, yeah... let's talk to Paul about this... - Ken Sheppardson
Chris: They have to go through the usual suspects before they can settle in and talk about FriendFeed :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Chris, don't take it personally. - Kevin Fox
live updating on the new beta really works well for this type of back channel. - Thomas Hawk
Ken : True... - Ahmed
This realtime discussion is amazing... instant realtime chat room! - Adnan
Mike is missing the standards conversation - Kevin Marks
Thomas, it's great. I did turn off the replies to Twitter feature though... - Karoli
Live blogging events pretty much changed overnight. - Ken Sheppardson
I'd love to ask Paul, will there be any chance to give people the choice for run-Time instead of forcing it onto people. That's what I didn't like. Leave it an option. - Molly Song ;)
That's actually a really good point: "Celebrities aren't coming to Twitter for conversation." - Kevin Fox
Thomas: opening up an entry page (this one for instance: works really well in the beta. It's like a chat room :) - Benjamin Golub
I agree with Paul, personally I'm not interested in celebrities and Twitter has very little appeal for me. I'm far more interested in interesting tech and photography and for that FF is far more interesting a place. - Thomas Hawk
Molly, just hit pause and manually refresh - Karoli
Neither is Steve Gillmor, for that matter. - Kent
Benjamin: Only little kink is the page doesn't scroll to keep up. The convo keeps walking off the bottom of the screen. - Ken Sheppardson
If I post a comment, does it leave the post input open and focused? No. :( - Michael Leggett
Are the comments to this post from Steve just an analog to an IRC chat? Looks darned familiar! - Calgary Guru
I love FF over Twitter. - Molly Song ;)
Michael: It does if you're on a single-item page. - Kevin Fox
Calgary: Absolutly, but it's persistent, searchable, linkable... - Ken Sheppardson
RT is great for these fast-moving conversations, but if only the comment button was down at the bottom. - j1m
Michael: when on an entry page ( if you post a comment it immediately refocuses the comment box. Edit: Kevin beat me! - Benjamin Golub
It makes it pretty much a group IM chat. - Kevin Fox
yeah this is nice. - MG Siegler
...and when I see somebody say something interesting here, I can jump off an link to everything they've ever written. - Ken Sheppardson
J1m if you click the link and come into this post only, the comment button is at the bottom. - Simon Wicks
Facebook. ugh. - Karoli
Can I go slap Mike Arrington? - Molly Song ;)
Molly, get in line behind me. - Karoli
Molly: Ask Kevin to. - Ken Sheppardson
FriendFeed pro tip: once on an entry page ( click on the entry timestamp again :) - Benjamin Golub
Mike was pretty hilarious at the FF demo on Friday. He was wandering around the office looking at whiteboards and stuff... - Ken Sheppardson
Why should I use FriendFeed when I'm happy on Twitter? <-- Use Twitter. Duh. - Bwana ☠
Facebook's UGI is crap now, but I still use it. :) - Molly Song ;)
Benjamin: That's sweet! - Sam Grover
Thanks Benjamin - Phil Maxwell
oops UI not UGI - Molly Song ;)
I like the way these comments are turning into an irc room - Kevin Marks
Twitter is a broadcasting channel now. The real exchange of ideas is going to be here. - Ken Sheppardson
FriendFeed has photos, Twitter does not, I think that's huge right there and very disruptive. - Thomas Hawk
oh, that's very cool Benjamin - Karoli
FF is good for the conversation. - Molly Song ;)
I think with the feedback FF is getting, they will improve their UI. - Molly Song ;)
It's lots of things. It's adaptable. It's sorta infinitely extensible. The trick is making it simple at the same time. - Ken Sheppardson
Paul seems like a really understanding person. - Molly Song ;)
The comment box needs to be above the comment stream so it doesn't get pushed of the bottom of the window if a couple of people post comments while you're typing. - Phil Maxwell
Kevin: Ask what FF's runway looks like, will ya? - Ken Sheppardson
Can't wait to hear it. When will it post to the web. - Tom Parish
I am not giving Twitter or Facebook my content. They keep it - Karoli
It would be interesting to pick any two: FriendFeed, Facebook, or Twitter, and assign those two arbitrary user counts where one had 10x the other, and then try to make the argument of how the underdog was doomed, or would eclipse the larger site. - Kevin Fox
I can't understand why it's always a choice between FriendFeed or Twitter and not a choice between Facebook or Twitter. Boggles my mind - Bwana ☠
When FriendFeed will tip: When people get sick of duplicating themselves across FB, Twitter, Flickr, Disqus, BackType, etc. - Karoli
There are tautological arguments. Twitter is superior to Friendfeed because it's simple, but Facebook is superior to Twitter because it has more functionality. - Kevin Fox
I don't think a direct 1-to-1 comparison of users is fair. Does a twitter user have the same value as a FF user under all the possible monitization schemes you can imagine? - Ken Sheppardson
*sarcastic tone* Yeah get Paul off the line so we can trash FF. *rolls eyes* - Molly Song ;)
FF is far superior to either for two simple reasons. 1. It's far better for conversations. 2. Visual representation is significant and in many ways can be more relevant than text alone. - Thomas Hawk
I prefer friendfeed over twitter because it allows a conversation to beuch less fragmented. I can see the whole conversation rather than having to jump all over the place to pick up what is being said. Twitter is one on one im and not the group chat I prefer - Iain
Scoble speaks truth. - Bwana ☠
The most telling argument is probably that this dicussion we're having here simply couldn't happen on Twitter as it currently exists. - Kevin Fox
@Kevin @Bravada Agreed! Discussion here is much easier to follow than on Twitter - Pat Hawks
Scoble rocks - Molly Song ;)
I'm on the call and reading this - Kevin Marks
nice. hi Kevin. - Thomas Hawk
Hi Kevin :) - Molly Song ;)
Kevin: Hi! Are you reading via the entry page ( - Benjamin Golub
Much better than the 'real chat rooms' - Amyloo
Mike has a very typical biz/VC approach to this it seems. Sorta limits the scope of what one sees it seems. - Ken Sheppardson
We have real-time web around a real-time video show... - Bwana ☠
When Paul says multiple services converging... does that mean he sees friendfeed, facebook and twitter eventually having the same functionality? - Adnan
Adnon: No, it means he sees interoperability and a free flow of data between them. - Ken Sheppardson
Adnan, since Facebook seems to copy everything FriendFeed does anyway... :) - Karoli
Back in my day, we called this IRC... kinda cool it's on the web now - Bwana ☠
"Why would you want a private room?" Because some people have friends in real life that they want to share with and not worry about random people on the internets messing it up - Pat Hawks
Bwana: And we can search it, link to it, hop off form it into peoples' other stuff, etc. - Ken Sheppardson
Well, I'm off. Bye :) - Molly Song ;)
Bwana, on the web and going out to anyone who follows you if you want it to. - Karoli
Someone should get Scoble in this thread. - Thomas Hawk
Scoble speaks for the drunken folk. yay! - Bwana ☠
Kevin: Suggest Andrew actually try it, will ya? - Ken Sheppardson
yes Kevin it would be great to let the others on the call know that this is going on. - Thomas Hawk
Beta tweak: Put a comment link a the bottom of an active thread. I keep having to scroll up to get the comment box to come back up :) - Bwana ☠
Bwana: go directly to the item. It expands automatically, and you always have a comment box open: - Ken Sheppardson
Bwana, are you on the permalinked (and beta) page of this thread? If so, I think the box should always show. - Philipp Lenssen
Oh ok, I was on Steve's page - Bwana ☠
IM should be a component of Twitter, except that they don't give a shit about their users. - Karoli
Is friendfeed doing anything with opensocial? - Adnan
I think FriendFeed might kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia - MG Siegler
Chris: Some folks on this call (e.g. Steve) think email's dying, yes. - Ken Sheppardson
I hate email. I like FF direct messaging. - Thomas Hawk
Compare this: to this: Which is actually more meaningful? - Kevin Fox
Chris White: maybe that's why Twitter removed their IM functionality? - Phil Maxwell
Friend feed is all about the databasing and the search!! - Ed Dale
@Kevin Yes! FriendFeed search ftw - Pat Hawks
Because you're using it Leo LOL - Bwana ☠
Adnan: Matt Cutts and Paul were talking about OpenSocial last Friday night... keep your eyes open. - Ken Sheppardson
On Twitter, I know 50 people are telling other people to listen to Gillmore Gang. On Friendfeed there are several active conversations in realtime *about* the things that are being discussed on the show right now. - Kevin Fox
Kevin: perfect example - Bwana ☠
The search is the most powerful I've seen, particularly when it starts updating in real time - Karoli
Which is why I'm so excited about Filters - Bwana ☠
My company uses friendfeed as a group repository for niches we are researching - fully searchable - people can comment and it's permanent - Ed Dale
ken: I was in the middle of watching scobles video of the event when the gillmorgang started... :) - Adnan
Kevin Fox: Would be nice if there were someway to know/see what other convos are going. - Ken Sheppardson
bwana: I can't wait till when they make filters realtime! - Adnan
twitter is broadcast - friendfeed is a destination - Ed Dale
Not *everybody* uses Google, but they're doing all right - Pat Hawks
Adnan: It was after the demo, over a beer. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken Sheppardson: That's what I linked to: - Kevin Fox
Google at one point was far smaller than Yahoo. And then Google came along with better tech. Sometimes you actually can build a better mousetrap. - Thomas Hawk
Adnan: seriously - Bwana ☠
It's a search for "Gillmor Gang' entries with more than 5 comments. - Kevin Fox
Leo speaks for the common man - Bwana ☠
Aha... cool. I've been trying to funnel everybody here. :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Mike is wrong about network effects and disruption. - Kevin Marks
friendfeed needs an api period - not what they are currently calling an api - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Some superset of the Twitter API, yes - Ken Sheppardson
the trouble with twitter is the follow you follow me problem - by making it to "rude" not to follow people - they create a mess - Ed Dale
I agree with those who say the API for FF needs to be more robust. Developers won't build if they don't get an API they can work with. - Karoli
yes, follow too many people on twitter it's a total mess. FriendFeed is far more manageable. - Thomas Hawk
let him finish a sentence, mike - Ken Sheppardson
not true @chris White - anyone can send you an @ message - Ed Dale
Scoble and Mike, like a married couple :) - Simon Wicks
FF is vastly superior for realtime search. - Thomas Hawk
it isn't real time search, Mike. it's TRACK - Karoli
The metadata's much, much richer on FF than Twitter. - Ken Sheppardson
with the real time push, it becomes track - Karoli
I gree with that - - Ed Dale
impossible - Ed Dale
Thomas: Agreed! Robert really has a point... even Arrington agrees! realtime search is important. - Adnan
This real-time chat is one of the reasons why FF new UI is so much relevant - Martin Añazco
Martin - But it's tooo faaaaaaaast </whine> :P - Bwana ☠
Likes are much richer than Favorites - Ken Sheppardson
Bwana, you crack me up. - Kevin Fox
this chat is excellent. - Ed Dale
see how this realtime is limited to this thread....Guess what else can do that... LISTS!! - Bwana ☠
friendfeed has metadata because they don't strip it from the incoming sources - twitter strips all of it but the source and the 140 characters - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Lists of comments provide much more semantic connectivity than @ signs on Twitter - Ken Sheppardson
@Bwana we will get use to it or find better ways to use it. It's just day 1 on this. - Martin Añazco
someone in the chat room just said short statement metadata is useless. LOL. - Karoli
Martin - yup you're right - Bwana ☠
hang with the hashtags, then - Karoli
Likes are the new retweets - Karoli
Scoble is a FFholic!! best ever.. - Ahmed
He said Plurk!! hahah - Bwana ☠
oh dear the meta data of likes and comments alone is immense for the search engine - Ed Dale
If this permalinked thread is IRC, then I would want the comment box to always be scrolled into sight/ be at the bottom, tho. - Philipp Lenssen
Twitter and FF can and will coexist. - Pat Hawks
Yeah, Laconica/Jaiku are the biggest losers here. - Ken Sheppardson
Philipp, agree. frustrating to keep having to retrieve the comment box. - Karoli
Robert just nailed it. - Thomas Hawk
Yes. Needles out of the haystack ftw - Pat Hawks
Ken, why isn't there a bridge into Laconica like there is to Twitter? - Karoli
That's why they're shutting him up Thomas - Bwana ☠
Right on Scoble!! - Ed Dale
You have all the same friends you had yesterday, you just see them now. You're just seeing everything you used to miss. - Ken Sheppardson
Robert is on top of it tonight - Bwana ☠
Mike Arrington is an asshole today. - Karoli
Mike! See this forum! THIS IS WHY! - Pat Hawks
@Karoli only today? - Ahmed
Karoli: You mean a little checkbox to post to Identica? Because nobody uses Identica. - Ken Sheppardson
I just FriendFeed stats are going to be weird this month... Steve Gillmor will be my #1 guy - Bwana ☠
Bwana: He has to be to deal with Mike. - Ken Sheppardson
@Ahmed I was hoping someone would say that. - Karoli
Scoble's really on today. Making very good points. - Thomas Hawk
Bwana, that is where I am, but old comments perhaps should be pushed away by new comments... right now, new comments push away the comment box instead. - Philipp Lenssen
Here it is again...Explain again Robert lol - Bwana ☠
if you have comments and likes!! you can filter!!!!! - Ed Dale
Scoble knows how FF works far more than Arrington does. - Thomas Hawk
meta data is sadly not a celebrity word :-) - Ed Dale
Ken...but still, what if we want to communicate from FF. I have to leave to reply, can't send likes there. Even if it's not huge, it would center everything on FF - Karoli
Scobles been put on the spot so many times, he's improved all his arguments over time! :) - Adnan
SOMEBODY get this link in front of Mike! - Pat Hawks
Ed - Let's make a cute name for it.. "Meta Meta" or "MoMeta" - Bwana ☠
I like how the company founder just sits back and let's Scoble explain stuff. Robert is FriendFeed's "Goose", re the Top Gun analogy earlier today. - Ken Sheppardson
@Karoli I think he is just on the show to make people angry... - Ahmed
Fluffy kitten meta - Ed Dale
also group messaging, Filters... - Ken Sheppardson
how do I make a filter of only this comment stream? (sorry if it's a stupid question) - Michael Breslin
FF = the dream of social search realized. Twitter = one big search mess. - Thomas Hawk
awkward silence of "I'm right you're wrong" - Bwana ☠
Fuck you, Mike Arrington. Just sayin'. - Karoli
sorry about the ditto! - Ed Dale
but its searchable!!!! - Ed Dale
This could never happen on Twitter. - Thomas Hawk
its permanent!!! - Ed Dale
And you can search it later, link to other stuff, etc. - Ken Sheppardson
Michael, as a workaround, perhaps you can search for this guid and add the search as filter 579630c9-3f6c-4e9e-a8ec-4e91a52d9f91 - Philipp Lenssen
Let that become Arrington metadata. I've been saying that to myself forever - Karoli
Just today :) - Kent
you cant save IRS ...easily - Ed Dale
We have this thread as proof when Arrington says he was behind FF all along when it becomes big - Bwana ☠
YES! - Pat Hawks
Yes, Michael - Ken Sheppardson
Ahmed, he's succeeding. - Karoli
:) - Bwana ☠
haha. yes. - Thomas Hawk
pretty much - Ed Dale
Yes, you broke the embargo... Jerk. - Bwana ☠
I love you! - Bwana ☠
I HATE you too. - Bwana ☠
wow..who likes Arrington...really? - Ahmed
Arrington should join this chat. - Thomas Hawk
Gmail has all your email. Next argument. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken wins again - Bwana ☠
and google has all its data on their site!! - Ed Dale
Angus, how is Friendfeed nuked? Given that Twitter's feed can come to FF, I'd think the superior search would hose Twitter - Karoli
uhhh... now we are worried about silos... but we aren't worried about it when we talk about twitter? - Adnan
Ken, I have all my email. GMail holds it in the cloud, but it's all stored here, too. - Karoli
Twitter is limited...FF is the future! - Ahmed
I'd rather have the guy who came up with "don't be evil" managing the conversation on his site than trusting it to Twitter. just sayin'. - Thomas Hawk
I think of the Big Three, FriendFeed is the most likely to build embeddable services that let publishers brand their conversations. - Ken Sheppardson
its certainly not either/or - Ed Dale
WE ARE HERE :) - Ahmed
Too bad Mike doesn't listen to women. he'd have the link to the chat room now. - Karoli
*Waves to Mike* - Ken Sheppardson
too much scrolling - Maxine Appleby
and you can search for it - Ed Dale
Philipp, thanks, seems to work. - Michael Breslin
Somebody tell mike to search for "arrington comments: 200" - Ken Sheppardson
You're not good at all sir - Bwana ☠
com'on now, it's right 14 year old bro can find it! - Ahmed
LOL - Bwana ☠
I found it! - Randy Archer
"It's right there at the top" :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Hi. Welcome to your doom - Bwana ☠
Hi, Mike - Ken Sheppardson
he's found it. - Thomas Hawk
Hi Mike. - Thomas Hawk
Click on the timestamp - Ken Sheppardson
What has science done?! - iluvgimp
Here it is again!! - Jeff
Listening (and viewing) the discussion in real time is amazing. - Henry Burger
found it, finally, eh? - Karoli
Does this thing auto scroll for us as well? (my entry box has just scrolled off the screen!) I guess not. - Viran
GamersCircle Comics was here - Andy Wood
Somebody tell mike to search for "arrington comments: 200" - great point - Ed Dale
this could never happen on Twitter. - Thomas Hawk
LOL blais - Bwana ☠
it isn't a chat room... it is a conversation - Brian Roy
the scroll issue needs to be fixed. hate my comment box rolling out of sight - Karoli
Auto scroll would be sweet. - Pat Hawks
how about an autoscroll? Is that possible? - Phil Maxwell
And we stay on topic here. (mostly) - Bwana ☠
If you go to the item directly, it'll scroll automatically for you, with a comment box that sticks on the bottom - Ken Sheppardson
a searchable and PERMANENT conversation - Ed Dale
go here and the box stays at teh bottom - Amyloo
muahahah - Bwana ☠
I agree with Pat...we need auto scroll - Ahmed
he found it thank the lord - Zach Scott
Autoscrolling would be nice - Jeff
nice, thanks Ken - Viran
no need to get my 14 year old bro lol - Ahmed
the nice thing about FF is that there hasn't really been any censorship that i've seen. - Thomas Hawk
No. The permalink does not autoscroll... - Pat Hawks
I am not a troll. I am reacting in real time. - Karoli
It's not trolling if people would say it to your face, Mike ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Trolls are usually wrong...I'm just right :) - Bwana ☠
Oh, no, we bash Robert. - Ken Sheppardson
it's constructive criticism Mike :) - Ahmed
<3 Leo. - iluvgimp
Mike, I promise I don't spit - Karoli
Scoble made the most sense on the call. And probably knows FF better than anyone else on the call except Paul. - Thomas Hawk
block block block - Ken Sheppardson
Oohh also, use the scroll function in the browser, activated using the mousewheel/mousebutton3 and just set it to scroll to the bottom of the page, once it hits the last item, it won't scroll until a new item is added by friendfeed. - Viran
Mike is just one of those persons that some people just love to hate :) - Phil Maxwell
you're wrong! BLOCK! - Bwana ☠
LOL - Bwana ☠
Scoble has used the service a heap and gets the power of it - Ed Dale
+1 for Shel - Pat Hawks
Oh, please. stop it. you sat there and said FF would fail and a room full of people reacted . that's not trolling. - Karoli
Click on Saturday, which is a permalink and yes it does autoscroll. You need to go all the way down to the bottom - Rolf Schewe
This is one of th few times where I completely agree with Scobel - Keith Barrett
Amyloo: How do you get to the link? - Nick in Manila
Thanks Leo :) - Andrew Smith
Scoble understands FF... mostly - Bwana ☠
@Rolf @Ken not in Firefox it doesn't - Pat Hawks
I've disagreed with him too :) - Bwana ☠
Rolf, the browser does not autoscroll here (Firefox 2.0.8). The comments do auto-push the box away instead. - Philipp Lenssen
Leo speaks sense. - Thomas Hawk
"mini-forums" will sping up where they are required - Ed Dale
+1 Karoli - Tony Miller
Reminds me I need to cancel my Well membership. - Shawn Thompson
Yeah, in firefox the confo flows off the end of the screen - Ken Sheppardson
Good of leo to make nice with paul, so he'll want to come back... - Amyloo
+1 Philipp - Pat Hawks
Yes. I thought you meant it was not real-time. Misunderstood. - Rolf Schewe
The ShamWow salesmen - Bwana ☠
But if we are commenting publicly how can we be trolls? - Brian Allen
Talent is not universal - Ken Sheppardson
Chris Baskind +1 - Karoli
I am using Firefox 3.1 beta. Same thing happens here - Rolf Schewe
I gotta say, the FF UI is not very intuitive. - iluvgimp
twitter will be fine if they get rid of auto follow - Ed Dale
It helps Hammer - Bwana ☠
Unwashed masses: The people that do not use leading edge tech - Keith Barrett
:) - Bwana ☠
who cares about following celebrities. I don't. I'm much more interesting in following great photographers. - Thomas Hawk
Doesn't auto-keep box at bottom of browser window in Chrome either here. - Philipp Lenssen
Well Leo..she did stop a suicide, so she is pretty smart.. - Ahmed
Oh, the permalink is on the date, kind of like Wordpress. - Nick in Manila
Trolls .. Blocking give trolls more power - Michael Holzinger
Ed, I disagree. The Twitterati lists combined with lack of track mean it will be elitist. that's how they want it. Like Google weighting toward corporate sites in their results - Karoli
Nick: and Twitter :) - Bwana ☠
Jerome: We're discussing the live streaming Gillmor Gang at - Ken Sheppardson
awkward silence of "wut" - Bwana ☠
Sometiemes trolls are nice to have around. - Thomas Hawk
Chrome seems to handle the ajax in a little smoother way on the thread page - Amyloo
Chris: I thought a troll was somebody who tried to incite you into responding. - Ken Sheppardson
@Philipp Lenssen Same issue here. I need to scroll down constantly to play catch up with the ever growing conversation. Hopefully there will be a fix for that. - Rolf Schewe
Mike, this could never happen on Twitter. - Thomas Hawk
As opposed to Twitter. - Ken Sheppardson
you are Mike - Andrew Smith
And now Mike is the Troll - Pat Hawks
Mike's trolling :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Twitter would get a reaction..we're too smart for that kind of bait - Bwana ☠
Chris, exactly. so if you could bring your Twitter stream into Friendfeed, and reply from there, it's an invitation to conversation - Karoli
Leo nailed it. - Thomas Hawk
better than the junior high kids in the chat on the video pages! - Amyloo
Oh didn't! - Ahmed
Leo, FTW. - Karoli
"I said that just to get a reaction." the definition of trolling. - Tony Miller
Twitter = the AOL of Micromessaging. - Thomas Hawk
Agree with thomas - twitter is about individuals - friend feed will work for groups - Ed Dale
Mike would be a good agent provocateur. - Rolf Schewe
@Rolf Schewe I'm using the autoscroll using the mousewheel button to permanently scroll to the bottom of the page, give that a try :) - Viran
how many comments can a post hold before it starts messing up the browser? are their any posts with 1000+ comments? - Phil Maxwell
It's not Twitter vs FriendFeed.... - Bwana ☠
scoble's giving away money post had over a thousand I think. - Thomas Hawk
Twitter is a brilliant success that has not made a cent yet - Ed Dale
We could care less if Twitter succeeds - Bwana ☠
There's a difference between lots of people and quality content - Pat Hawks
MySpace grew at a staggering rate for awhile too - Karoli
and twitter is avery different service to friendfeed - Ed Dale
Phil, Robert had a 1000+ comment string - Karoli
Viran, I tried that, but how do you combine it with typing? :) - Philipp Lenssen
@Karoli ROFL - Pat Hawks
friendfeed will never be able to compete with Twitter's simplicity. - Phil Maxwell
That's like saying Facebook will fail because Twitter succeeds - Bwana ☠
Why can't Twitter, FriendFeed, and Facebook all succeed? Apple seems to be doing just fine right along side Microsoft? - Ken Sheppardson
Twitter is only a small part of FF. FF supplements other services - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Anybody who compares FriendFeed directly with Twitter doesn't understand Twitter - Pat Hawks
@Viran Thanks. Works great, until I have to type. ;) - Rolf Schewe
build in Friendfeed comments to your blog, Mike - Karoli
JaikuEngine: -) - Ken Sheppardson
I think in the future, people are going to hate simple stuff, they will need more features... - Ahmed
XMPP - Phil Glockner
So how does the plugging of networks happen? Open Social? Why won't they talk about that? - Adnan
Yeah a comment button on the BOTTOM of the feed!!!!!!!!!!!!1 yeah! thanks for listening to my request for this earlier today!!!!1 woooo hooo! - Susan Beebe
twitter and friendfeed work well together - Ed Dale
So we've went from it'll fail, to "I want this" - Bwana ☠
Ok must go... hubby wants BEEEEEEEER :) sorry to hit and run - Susan Beebe
Susan: Yes, when you're viewing an individual post. - Ken Sheppardson
I will crush the enemy social media and drive them before me and hear the lament of their users. - Tony C (Unrated)
smart hubby. - Thomas Hawk
i want transcript of the Gillmor Gang show today... :) - Susan Beebe
Bwana: I'm sure part of it is devils advocate/entertainment. - Ken Sheppardson
Its also very easy to subscribe to people here who are making sense - just click on their name - Ed Dale
Or good old fashioned two facerry - Bwana ☠
Thomas - Yep we're celebrating! He finally dumped a client I advised him to dump MONTHS ago! my treat...LOTS of beer - Susan Beebe
I just made up a word - Bwana ☠
Mike throws stuff into Twitter. THAT is why it's better than FriendFeed - Pat Hawks
FriendFeed is the most likely of any of these big services to provide you with something that'll live on your system. - Ken Sheppardson
Who here is making sense? - iluvgimp
yes you did - Susan Beebe
haha funny Bwana! - Susan Beebe
stuff -nice word for it - Susan Beebe
lol @ Bwana - Tony Miller
Susan's making the most sense about the whole getting beer for her husband thing. - Thomas Hawk
Daniel: What do you mean? We're talking about the live feed at - Ken Sheppardson
how big will friendfeed have to get before kevin marks makes the move over to it? - Amyloo
yep :) I should should real-time comment how good each Harp & Guinness on tap will taste :) - Susan Beebe
having the data is HUGE. Twitter doesn't give yours back. Facebook? HAHAHAHA - Karoli
We use it for storage and search - create a room for a niche, get all the feeds in their and see what people like and what they comment on - Ed Dale
love you guys... gotta run... this is FUNNNNNNN :) thanks FF :) - Susan Beebe
"©2009 FriendFeed" is printed below what I'm typing. - Philipp Lenssen
Hello world \n - Ricardo Liberato
it's my default now - Amyloo
People hate the grey - Bwana ☠
KShep: I'm listening to the same feed :) Just making a joke about none of this making sense. - iluvgimp
I'm never goin' back - Pat Hawks
userstyles ftw - Bwana ☠
agreed Pat - Ed Dale
The summary: Twitter has already changed the game. FF could maybe change the game, but whether it will remains to be seen. We are still in the early stages of how this stuff works. Obviously, Twitter and FF (and dozens of other services) aren't mutually exclusive. - Albert Willis
user styles would rawk - Karoli
Daniel: gotcha - Ken Sheppardson
i like FF beta - Michael Holzinger
oh Leo, they are not. - Karoli
@amyloo I'm mostly on twhirl, but this new FF is looking good - Kevin Marks
Pause button needs a refresh every X seconds option - Tony Miller
Like the FF beta : yes or no? - Ahmed
I;d like to turn bubbles off on the RT feed. I need my ral0estate - Keith Barrett
452 comments and no swear words or repeat spam messages. How is that bad? - Phil Glockner
kevin, no, i meant go to work for them! - Amyloo
When you do a new defaults to MyFeed...bad..very bad - Bwana ☠
seems almost too simple - Zach Scott
Yes, a pause keyboard shortcut would be sweet - Phil Maxwell
and fixed. - Bwana ☠
keyboard shortcuts period - Bwana ☠
I like the comments gray. - Thomas Hawk
black comments are a big one for me. don't dig the lighter comments - Karoli
themes ftw - Jay Neff
I agree, can you make them black? It's hard to tell I'm supposed to read this - Colin
THEMES! Woooooo - Phil Glockner
Yes, nobody's made that request before, have they ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
spacebar pause ...should be simple to do right? - Bwana ☠
I think holding down the mouse button should pause - Pat Hawks
Phil, wiggling the mouse does pause it momentarily - Karoli
Theming would be nice, the pastel blue usernames don't show up too well for me :( - Viran
I'd pay $5 a month for access to CSS - Andrew Smith
500 comments now. - Marc Dong
I'd like my comments to be in a different color though to find them. - Thomas Hawk
There are over 450 comments now. Is this a conversation anyone wants to follow, or is this evanescent like a chat room? - Francine Hardaway
Themes FTW! - Ahmed
I love the new UI, keep up the good work! - Jay Neff
It will seem weird without gray comments but I could live with it. - Mitch
whoa this is like a chat room when you get down to the individual feed item page, 10 comments posted before i could finish this - sean percival
Somebody suggest Andrew Keen try the service. - Ken Sheppardson
Search is EVERYTHING - Ed Dale
Francine, it's great in real time, and searchable later - Karoli
FF = social search of the future. - Thomas Hawk
no one talked about Filters - Bwana ☠
Karoli, but then I have to take my hands off the keyboard :) - Phil Maxwell
:( - Bwana ☠
francine not like a chatroom -- it effectively is one - Amyloo
It's probably a boring read, Francine, but perhaps a search goldmine. - Phil Glockner
custom themes would be nice - Zach Scott
Bwana: Small steps :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Glad to see Leo likes it so much. - Thomas Hawk
Cheese... moved....RAWR - Bwana ☠
i'm about 500 comments late to this thread, but loving the new beta, on my mac & iphone. My new default on both platforms. - Jeffrey Marsh
Francine: it's basically the TWiTLive impromptu chat - iluvgimp
I'm doing a video tonight Leo :) - Bwana ☠
Jeffrey how are you viewing it on the iPhone - Karoli
most of the comments won't make sense not in real time - Phil Maxwell
Was a good chat - Simon Wicks
I was going to ask for themes. - archaictree
beta interface works on iPhone - Bwana ☠
jcunwired: you can, click this link: - Phil Glockner
I ALWAYS used the feeeds in real-time--wish the filters were RT. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
I hated the way it rendered on the iPhone - Karoli
will be fun to read while listening to the recording, though - Amyloo
I do agree with Arrington: realtime FF is nice, but is it the game changer that Steve Gilmore's post implied? Not yet--at least not for most people. - Albert Willis
"It's all about search"... indeed:-) - Patrick Chanezon
this must look annoyingly awesome on the iphone, let's look. - iluvgimp
I like that the comments are bubbling up on the front page too - Kevin Marks
and you can search it!!!! - Ed Dale
top secret fuzzy logic - Bwana ☠
@Karoli just via the browser (saved it to homescreen)....granted i am on wi-fi, but even real-time seems to work great - Jeffrey Marsh
it's about discovery as well as search, and the interesting space inbetween - Kevin Marks
nice job guys - Jay
good beta test of the realtime interface - Bwana ☠
haha, tired of hearing about Scoble's car problem. - Thomas Hawk
and it was useful - Bwana ☠
hello ... joining in! :) - Garys Wine
Ok, i think i need to be part of this too! - Damien Benoit
Go for simplicity, FriendFeed - Mitch
How long until filters are real time?? - Ken Sheppardson
Click hide, done, no more car problem - Tony Miller
I echo Ken's question - Bwana ☠
the nice thing about friendfeed is that if you get tired of something bubbling you can just hide it. - Thomas Hawk
Somebody ask paul when Filters will go real time? - Ken Sheppardson
I also echo Ken's question - Adnan
Thomas - It would be nice to "anchor" it down without completely hiding it though. - Mitch
Albert Willis it is the gamechanger. It may take people time to figure it out, but Twitter took 3 years to jump the shark, so... - Karoli
Chris, backward filters on home feed: exclude certain feeds from appearing on home feed - Karoli
Pluggable algorithms for filtering/bubbling up would be interesting too. - Patrick Chanezon
should latest post be up top? date and time added? - Garys Wine
Holy update! - Dave VanderWall
I got some kewl filters brewing - Bwana ☠
would be nice to have some draggability to speed friend list making - Amyloo
take any Hobby -feed all the best feeds into it - one stop shot - Ed Dale
Agreed Amyloo - Mitch
holy crap.. looks good on the iphone.. a dedicated iphone app would be even better - iluvgimp
I never really visioned FriendFeed as a place for spontaneous chats before today. - Thomas Hawk
Everybody should check out AJ Batac's theme at - Ken Sheppardson
great question. - Bwana ☠
omg... real-time chat engine! - AJ Batac
Man I love filters - Bwana ☠
before the service comes out of beta? - Ken Sheppardson
sweet - Ken Sheppardson
How would one deal with spam commenters in threads like these? - Philipp Lenssen
glad they took their time on this; it's really nice - Amyloo
Thanks Steve! :) - Ahmed
hidden stuff should stay hidden in filters as well. - Thomas Hawk
Filters FTW - Ken Sheppardson
You need to promote it to your niches - Thomas to Photographer for example :-) - Ed Dale
I like how a comment thread is also a topic oriented chat room that can be archived and linked to unlike traditional chat room conversations that disappear once you close them. - Rolf Schewe
Philipp: Each person could eal with them individually: block - Ken Sheppardson
darn, I zoned out. Stupid A.D.D. - Bwana ☠
Exactly Rolf!!! - Ed Dale
can this section be expanded in the beta? I liked the old view so I could see stuff I missed - Scott Kingery
600 comments now. - Marc Dong
Everybody can make their own judgement what's spam - Ken Sheppardson
Rolf - Yeah this is a lot more IRC-feeling isn't it. - Mitch
I've had this running as the lead items on my Flickr page all day. I'm trying to promote FF at Flickr and other photography related places as much as I can. Love seeing great photos on FF. - Thomas Hawk
is direct message here a new thing, or just something i never noticed? - Amyloo
this doesnt auto scroll on Mac/Firefox FYI ... i have to keep scrolling to catch up - Garys Wine
Spam is simple - dont follow everyone - follow people you know - Ed Dale
Track = "friends:kshep or term1 or term2 or term3 or" as a filter - Ken Sheppardson
nambuu - Phil Glockner
it's new - Bwana ☠
@Daniel Boehmisch I thought so, others may disagree, but I am going to give it a try over the next few days and see how smooth it runs...but I agree a dedicated app would probably be better - Jeffrey Marsh
@Mitch DALnet2000 ;) - Rolf Schewe
Watching this on post on while watching it on Friendfeed. Yo Dawg... - Eric - Final Countdown
there's been very little spam in FF. When you do see it it's almost sort of fun. - Thomas Hawk
Well, Ed, but in threads like this you see everybody. Not just the folks you're following. - Ken Sheppardson
Ed, I was talking about specific comments in this thread, which show even when you're not following the person... and I didn't notice any block button when hovering over a name. - Philipp Lenssen
All thats missing is a realtime list of whos all currently viewing this page. - Tony Miller
@Bwana are going to make a tutorial on how to use Filters??? - Ahmed
lol 16 new results on "Gillmor Gang" on Twitter since Kevin Fox posted it.... and 200 new comments here. We win. - Bwana ☠
I tell you what, next time I liveblog something, I'm just opening up a FF thread and going to town. - Phil Glockner
Twhirl client shipping tomorrow: looking foward to see what it does! - Patrick Chanezon
oh gotcha! - Ed Dale
Ahmed: yeah, producing the video tonight - Bwana ☠
trouble with friendfeed clients is that they refresh when you like or comments which really disrupts friendfeed flow - Ed Dale
Why can't you CC: to Facebook as well? - iluvgimp
@Bwana thanks, can't wait to watch it... - Ahmed
BWana: is your voice/natural language -> filters converter done yet? - Ken Sheppardson
Ken: Prototypes are being brainstormed - Bwana ☠
Thomas, we had tried to experiment with Friendfeed for chat a year ago but the interface wasn't very fit for it then - Philipp Lenssen
heading home to the wife and kids. thanks to all for the chat during the show. this was fun. - Thomas Hawk
Sweeeeet - Ken Sheppardson
heh - Bwana ☠
have a great day Thomas! - Ahmed
thanks thomas - Ed Dale
see ya Thomas - Bwana ☠
@ iluvgimp - Facebook has a Friendfeed addon which basically does the same result. - Tony Miller
direct message methods twitter api - Patrick Chanezon
You know, it really would've been better to have this as a room., rather than a thread in the main feed... - Ken Sheppardson
Philipp, real time updating is a whole new experience. Later all. - Thomas Hawk
let's try it, what's the syntax? - Amyloo
Welcome Garys Wine - Viran
oh no..almost 2:30 am over here..."Cairo, Egypt time" later guys! - Ahmed
Actually no... direct message is a specific API call - Brian Roy
Or just send a FF to a proxy "Twitter" user you set up for your own accounts on different services - Ken Sheppardson
i love this ff! - junrxu
Learn the difference between Append and Prepend ?! - Jay
hey Viran! :) - Garys Wine
hmph - ralphsaunders
woah I just refreshed this permalink and now I don't have to scroll down to keep the bottom in view. - Phil Glockner
You can actually use these real time comments as you would watching a chat room. amazing. - Leo Laporte
Yes it is - Bwana ☠
they are cool aren't they leo - ralphsaunders
in firefox - Phil Glockner
thank God for the mighty mouse -- need to keep scrolling!! - Garys Wine
Phil, still nothing here. - Philipp Lenssen
what's the longest gary? - MG Siegler
Can this be saved or do you always have to modify the url? - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Mightly mouse = fail - ralphsaunders
the longest wine? - Garys Wine
Watching now, am coming in an hour late though. - Brian Tiede
Gilmore - good show on - TJ Polczyn
Jérôme, we could try :) - Philipp Lenssen
Scrolling to the top to comment everytme is ... annoying. - ralphsaunders
I don't care for the links - Phil Maxwell
@ralphsaunders ... mighty mouse is saving my life right now :) - Garys Wine
ralphsaunders: click "Saturday", it's a permalink - iluvgimp
i need to scroll down ... go figure - Garys Wine
ralphsaunders: click on the timestamp ("Saturday") to go to the permalink - Benjamin Golub
almost? - Bwana ☠
EXACTLY as a chat room :-) - Ken Sheppardson
They should hire some Google folks. - Ken Sheppardson
And Twitter isn't? :) - Bwana ☠
@Garys Wine Would be quicker with a conventional mouse heh heh :P - ralphsaunders
you mean this isn't a chat room???? - Garys Wine
the permalink is the key - Scott Kingery
permalinked, searchable - Ken Sheppardson
i wish i could text talk! lol - Garys Wine
It's a message board really - Adam Turetzky
pickup basketball game - Amyloo
It's like a turtle..that eats a pigeon - Bwana ☠
The interesting thing of the NEW FF is that it combine IM+Chat+Email+Feeds in one place and we have just started. - Martin Añazco
except I dont like the comment box floating down down down - Scott Kingery
The Swarm == The Hive Mind? - iluvgimp
A linkable archived chatroom. How long it is archived I do not know. - Rolf Schewe
the whole time i thought this was a "different" chat room LOL - Garys Wine
well, it's behaving like a chatroom - it's lost the overlapping publics model of twitter - Kevin Marks
Leo: You can have a thread like this for every show you do, in your TWiT FF room - Ken Sheppardson
Sweet thanks Benjamin Golub - ralphsaunders
Leo: to a large extent, this is the giant stream of everything you've been talking about RE XMPP - Ken Sheppardson
Bwana - it's turtles all the way down. - Phil Glockner
I can't see!! - Randy Archer
700 comments now. - Marc Dong
dip in is a good strategy Leo! - Garys Wine
KShep: ie, "The River" - iluvgimp
@Ken I agree. Why use disposable chat sessions when you can link, search and archive them here? - Rolf Schewe
Leo ... imagine what it would be like with twit on sunday :P - ralphsaunders
@Jérôme Flipo ... oh yeh ..I just edited my post as a test, that's a good point!! - Garys Wine
I love the Gillmor Gang - Wo
I've managed to read everything, but could not parse the voice. will have to listen to recording - Amyloo
Editable chat rooms ... the wave of the future! - Garys Wine
I'm with Andrew Keen on this one. I find this all hard to understand, and therefore tiresome. So there. I want something simple and compelling - Francine Hardaway from IM
yes, we have the swarm/river/whatever... now we need to figure out how to give users the ability to manage scarce attention. - Brian Roy
You can scan friendfeed but how do you scan a discussion thread such as this? - Adnan
Jérôme, you're giving me an idea about animated ASCII art here :) - Philipp Lenssen
will this thin thread just keep digging down until it hits china? - clewellyn
Francine: It can be that if you want it. - Ken Sheppardson
Should there be a preference option for the text to scroll down and put the new comments on top? Would be nice. - iluvgimp
oooooooooooops - missed it - Marc Canter
if i could call a number and speak the text into friendfeed, now that's an app! - Garys Wine
let's go for a Guinness World Record ... let's never stop this chat/feed and keep it going forever ... - Garys Wine
lol - Jay Neff
How do you use the new beta RT feed in firefox sidebar? - Keith Barrett
Netbook with WWAN as a FriendFeed appliance. - Ken Sheppardson
These guys can be really Cranky Geeks... - Charles Alden
iPhone app - TJ Polczyn
A FriendFeed iPhone app or a robust web app that works well on the iPhone browser would be cool. - Rolf Schewe
forever and ever and evaaaar - ralphsaunders
should scroll with most recent posts on top - min
Thanks Leo! - Keith Barrett
how about a very long skinny tablet as ff device - Amyloo
Dial 2 Do might be able to do that, I know you can blog via a phone call using that service - Viran
*just put Steve Gillmor in a "cranky geeks" feed* :D - ralphsaunders
Nice. Real-time mini window update! - Rolf Schewe
I love this... but I want it in the sidebar :) - Keith Barrett
Amyloo: only issue there is, like, typing - Ken Sheppardson
Rolf: Opinions differ but I think the Facebook app shows how successful native apps really are - iluvgimp
userstyles - Bwana ☠
install Greasemonkey - Bwana ☠
I requested that today in the Feedback Room - Rolf Schewe
There already are "skins" e.g. - Ken Sheppardson
curious if you can edit/delete comments - monkeystick
What Ken said - Bwana ☠
On the iPhone I can't see contending with all these different FF issues - Francine Hardaway
Hey there Leo hows it going - taxi_cab
it must be 666! - Amyloo
I also wish I could search FF for twitter followers/followees to build my cloud - Keith Barrett
How about making it <blink/> instead of dull grey?-) - Patrick Chanezon
"Cleaner Friendfeed" is a *great* add-on. - Ken Sheppardson
well, theres 1 alternate skin currently - Tony Miller
looks like comments just stay permanently - monkeystick
click it - Ken Sheppardson
I also use Andrios - so feel free! - Keith Barrett
ah there we go, you can edit comments still - monkeystick
I have abandoned trying to import things into Facebook and it's apps. Now I export from Facebook into FriendFeed. - Rolf Schewe
No, it's embeded video that plays automatically, no? - Ken Sheppardson
Okay, wind down the convo so I can go watch Big Bang Theory :) - iluvgimp
Its a .GIF ... 1995 people :p - ralphsaunders
That window issue sounds like it would be tough on the Android - Keith Barrett
Shoot. I have to go to work yet. Is lunch over yet? - Ken Sheppardson
im still using cleaner friendfeed V2 bc the beta cleaner doesnt look much better than the beta ui, aside from what V2 already does. - Tony Miller
Perm chat rooms - Keith Barrett
Fun stuff - Ken Sheppardson
great show, good conversation. thanks and bye - Amyloo
hmm im not seeing realtime feeds now - Adam Hubbs
awesome sauce - ralphsaunders
Good show leo - ralphsaunders
yes latest jquery it seems <script src="/static/javascript/jquery-1.3.js?v=bb38" type="text/javascript"></script> - Patrick Chanezon
Leo: You're going to need a dedicated FriendFeed monitor :-) - Ken Sheppardson
GREAT SHOW! - Keith Barrett
Lol! - Garys Wine
Good Job LEO ... Thanks! - Randy Archer
I tried the FF Facebook app. 1. It looks abandoned, and 2. I see Facebook as a subset of my overall social content and FriendFeed as my hub. - Rolf Schewe
and i guess the real time stuff must be in - Patrick Chanezon
Great show, nice chat-stream too. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Matt Cutts and Paul were already talking OpenSocial at the demo last Friday - Ken Sheppardson
hmm this is seriously like a chat. - ralphsaunders
Very intertaning show! - Adam Hubbs
Should've asked Paul if he wants to go back to Google. - Ken Sheppardson
On bart now. Someone should submit this post to digg. There are enough people here to get it on the front page - Thomas Hawk
Not chat - dialogue? - Randy Archer
We had similar problems with the last Beta Friendfeed release, Digg says "This link does not appear to be a working link. Please check the URL and try again." Friendfeed might be sending the wrong http header for Digg. - Philipp Lenssen
63283 chars of minified javascript: nice job Bret! - Patrick Chanezon
:P probs - ralphsaunders
still going?? - Garys Wine
So many commets, great! - Tony
I am a Chinese student .I like the new Friendfeed.. 国内的来顶啊。。。 - ybs
keep it going people ... we're not stopping ... what happened to the record we all agreed on?? c'mon, who's with me??? - Garys Wine
FF最长的回复了吧 - 阿石
I think scoble was right, mike arrington isn't aware how quickly things roll in a revolution. - Jan Zimak
Arrington - I am a fan of your honest point of view. (how's that for balancing out the negative?) - clewellyn
Philipp (and others), Digg submission should be working now, so Digg in :) - Paul Buchheit
sweet! thank you :) - Jay Neff
Have watching and watching lots of comments to this post scroll by but not seeing it on - John Wood
this thread today was one of the most awesome things I've seen on FriendFeed yet. - Thomas Hawk
still going? - Garys Wine
继续顶,顶到1k - 阿石
At over 800 comments in under 8 hours, this thread has sprouted 100 per hour. Not bad for the best system that no one uses. - Micah
Mike Arrington is a stupid. - Wo
Hey no one uses friendfeed, right? Where did 800+ comments come from? - Robert Scoble
I'm certainly not using friendfeed. (It's using me.) - Jon Lebkowsky
Robert - exactly! - Susan Beebe
Thanks Paul - Ok I just submitted this to Digg Go Digg it up!! - Susan Beebe
Well, this thread kind of proves that the FriendFeed model works. Fairly emphatically. - Jamie
Jamie, yeah, I just listened to the parts that I missed. Arrington is wrong, but it will take some time to prove him so. - Robert Scoble
Apparently I had an easier time finding this thread than Michael Arrington did. - Michael K Pate
what's it? - Do Young Min
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