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Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct

Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct

If you have a private feed. Ask before you follow, or I'll block you (Too many bots scraping content, sorry) :~)
Looking forward to watching @TimKennedyMMA defeat @Bisping tonight. (On @FOXSports1)
Awesome! RT @JohnDennisWEEI: Very much looking forward to talking to @Jeffmbauman tomorrow at 8:05 on @DandCShow #Stronger
WTF? RT @BklynMiddleton: Donetsk leaflet: Jews must register or face deportation Ukraine
RT @AstroRM: Just passed south of North East, USA
Astounding Corruption. Lerner, Flax, Holder, Miller, Shulman @RepCummings @SenWhitehouse should be in prison
•• STOP and READ •• New Documents Show IRS, DoJ, FEC, Conspiring with House and Senate Democrats to Abuse Americans
-> RT @jrsalzman: The McVeigh zombie in the New York Times
On the 1st Anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, the New York Times agonized over the bomber's prison cell having too few luxuries.
Obama will pardon many actual Criminals. What about an innocent man, sacrificed to please former "ally" Karzai
Catch22 + Irony = stunning lack of self-awareness. Read this tweet, then the replies to it
Public School pays @NYTimeskrugman $25,000 per Month to talk about Income Inequality
• For Sane, Lucid Commentary on "Crazy Veterans with PTSD" follow @jrsalzman
“The Slow Death of Free Speech” (Another gem from @MarkSteynOnline)
Irony of the Insane Left: Michelle Obama Food Nazi @KETallmadge calls @BubbaWatson a fraud
• @SenWhitehouse in bed with IRS Lois Lerner, Justice Dept to abuse Americans • Despite
Lock him/her up! Drag Queen plants fake bomb at Boston Marathon finish line. The latest (By @MicheleMcPhee)
This Sicko @ClaryCrystel just told @JohnDennisWEEI that Navy SEALs bombed the Boston Marathon. Audio:
RT @RedSox: Thank you to all across @MLB for your outpouring of support this past year. #BostonStrong
Bomb squad just detonated the second backpack. #fox25
The Best Analysis of the BLM vs Bundy mess, I've seen (By @RU_Twisted)
In Boston? Coming to Boston? Follow @bostonpolice
Extraordinary post from @MarkSteynOnline if you have the guts to read it. Coexisting with a PC Media is Deadly
US @SenatorReid & Son want rancher prosecuted 52 NV ranches have been forced out.
RT @CENTCOM: Sergeant to receive Medal of Honor for 16-hour Afghanistan battle
• @JeffMBauman's book "Stronger" is also available in audio formats
Dangerous Racist: @xeni And she will fiercely resist the introspection needed to escape the club.
RT @pearsonified: How vile is Xeni Jardin? "…very angry white people with guns" She doesn't understand a god damn thing.
Damning Evidence RT @JammieWF: Dallas Morning News Editorial Board Eviscerates Wendy Davis
RT @jrsalzman: Hey @washingtonpost, why is it your "best person for the job" argument only applies to veterans, and never race based quotas?
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