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Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct

Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct

If you have a private feed. Ask before you follow, or I'll block you (Too many bots scraping content, sorry) :~)
"You will go to the hellfire, infidel!" 'No, sorry Muj, the Hellfire will go to you'
RT @PunditReview: In the age of ISIS, @massdems and @MassGovernor are dangerous deranged enemies of citizens of the commonwealth
RT @TwitPic: Twitpic is shutting down, read our blog for more info - Please retweet
Lt Colonel (Ret) Ralph Peters on Obama vs ISIS (9-4-14 AM video)
• RT @Joel5326: I just published a crazy Twitter catfish story on Medium, and EVERYONE on here needs to read this:
WhiteHouse August 13: "Mt Sinjar is fine, ISIS is on the run, there's no optics problem with POTUS partying for $$! Now shut up rabble!"
This RT @Render64: Give ISIS no quarter. Take no prisoners. Hunt them and all of their supporters down to the last one.
If #NY19 doesn't run @SeanEldridge out of town, it's an indictment of their character. Period. (By @AndrewStilesUSA)
RT @pigwithwings: Conservatives & libertarians are just as stupid about police use of force as liberals. STFU & WAIT for ALL the facts before you spout off.
Seriously @QuickenLoans @JDFarner, you're scraping bottom when you disguise spam snail mail as Official IRS documents. cc @FTC $INTU
Oh Damn. "Officer Darren Wilson suffered 'Orbital Blowout Fracture' (crushed eye socket) in Mike Brown Attack"
Sincere Question for Team COEXIST: When will you admit the one constant in the 1,000,000 such stories since 2001?
RT @ChiefSLMPD: Officer involved shooting in the sixth district. Suspect brandished knife at @slmpd officers. No officers injured. Investigation is ongoing.
Armenia has little wealth, and yet... RT @Asbarez: Armenia Increases Aid to Persecuted Yazidis in Iraq
The Boomerang of Irony: “This is one of the most arrogant, incompetent administrations in history”-Hagel on Bush 2007
Nevada Reporter @RalstonReports Destroys Hillary and UNLV: 'We don't have kings and queens in America' (@FreeBeacon)
RT @MaxVenator: RTs appreciated; warn others. SEAL Brother @Joel5326 uncovers and dissects a massive online 'catfish' fraud scheme.
"Started Chemo at 6 days old. He's always happy" RT @TheJimmyFund: 9 month old Joey & his mom Katelyn! #KCANCER
Boston • USA @JohnDennisWEEI & @GerryCallahan Open @TheJimmyFund Radio Telethon Tuesday 6AM #KCancer
THE Ice Bucket Challenge. The Full @PeteFrates3 Segment on @SportsCenter is up: #StrikeOutALS
After a week of "Kill the cop who shot him in the back" #Ferguson
A woman is stoned to death - In Syria - In 2014 And @CAIRNational is silent as usual
Osprey flying over. Vertical props make green circles, even at altitude. Muy cool.
• Be Honest? For 6 Years, a Left/Far Left WhiteHouse and Media have had their way. Now the nation is crumbling. Wake up, push back.
.@jackmirkinson Do ANY adults work there? You and your staff have gone frothing mad. • Please debate me live?
RT @jrsalzman: .@ryanjreilly How many license plates of looter's vehicles did you photograph and post on Twitter?
So @ryanjreilly is copying fellow deranged lefty asshole @howardfineman "Pick Up Trucks are inherently racist" Flailing Attention Whore
Americans have never been in more danger - or less aware of it. But the MSM that enabled it won't indict itself by reporting. • Wake Up
Listen @GuardianUS, We all know you're a Far Left rag, but this is grotesque racism Hypocrites •
Meet @PeteFrates3 and @MomFrates the strength behind the Ice Bucket Challenge:
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