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Sebastian Küpers
Pixelpark twittert jetzt erfolgreich intern und fördert damit die Kommunikation
Pixelpark twittert jetzt erfolgreich intern und fördert damit die Kommunikation
Andreas Gohr
I want waffles
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed has been almost completely blocked in Iran as far as we can tell. We have a large number of very active Iranian users, and we noticed a steep decline in activity yesterday. Graph below.
:( :( - Rachel Lea Fox
Related to the election? - τorƍue
that's so bad... - Eren Emre Kanal
:-( - Kevin Fox
τorƍue: Yes, as far as we know - Bret Taylor
Bret: Is this based on IP numbers located in Iran, or actual activity from those users? If it's IP based, it'd be interesting to see the activity on a user basis and see if they've been able to route around the blocking. - Ken Sheppardson
Could it be related to Twitter being blocked (and therefore the twitter traffic import being blocked)? - Stephan Osmont
): - Jim Norris
Some users are definitely going through proxies. This is total # of unique visits from IPs originating in Iran - Bret Taylor
That tells it's own, sad, story. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
:((( - Oguz Serdar
Wow. - Rochelle
If Twitter were blocked and FriendFeed weren't, I'd expect an uptick in FriendFeed activity, not a 92% drop. - Kevin Fox
I.e. given all the users who've previously accessed the site from an Iran IP number, how many have been active from different numbers in the past 2 days. - Ken Sheppardson
Instead of "liking" this, shouldn't we have an "unlike" button? - Steven Melfi
:( Bret: According to Stephen fry, these are the iran proxies: . Can you track these IPs? - Roberto Bonini
I knew this day was coming. Too bad. - Robert Scoble
Steven - same feeling here. I always feel weird "liking" bad stories on FF - Mike Bracco
How does traffic from China look? Or North Korea? - τorƍue
do not like :( - Tamara, #TeamMarina
@τorƍue Twitter has been restored in China - Stephan Osmont
Hey... we saw issues with as well: - Kevin A. Burton
like for spread but not like for the situation - Imprenditore
I wonder what the international community can do about stuff like this. Eventually the "bad guys" will lose. - Michiel Sikkes
Hopefully, we'll never see a graph like this for Turkey... - Onur Şentüre
Man... :( That's really a corrupt government. Hope it gets better soon. - Peter
That's horrible. - @barisunver
Kheyzaran mentioned over the weekend that both Twitter and FF were blocked for Iran starting I believe on Friday. He is using a proxy when possible to keep us updated - FFing Enigma
Bret, any analysis about how many people unable to access FF directly are still able to access it via proxy? - Daniel Dulitz
:-( - bookmeister
So sad... - Luka
Sigh :( - Havang
I doubt any regular North Koreans have computers τorƍue - Eric - Final Countdown
Daniel: Well, we are still getting a bunch of Farsi comments and posts. They may be Persians from outside Iran or from Iranians using proxies. We don't have a detailed analysis breaking those down at this point. - Bret Taylor
The stigmata of evil. - Tim Tyler
all cominucation devices are blocked .even phone & cell phones ! - MohammadReza
Watching the "guerrilla cyberwarfare" aspect of the elections and reactions has been fascinating. Iran's universities are obviously full of resourceful, passionate geeks. - John Craft
not good in terms of freedom - Sheri Fresonke Harper
this is really bad. i hope there's some resolution to this. the people or iran have shown a lot of strength and courage to protest the illegitimacy of recent events. i don't think this will stop things - Cee Bee
please help us , we are under attack ,change friendfeed logo if you can - فرزاد
@MVB we all are Protests - MohammadReza
That's sad. - EricaJoy
:( Dislike. - Ruchira S. Datta
P.S. Kevin should turn the logo green in support of the Iranian's being disenfranchised. - EricaJoy
:(( - رامین
For those that are in Iran: Have you tried as a workaround? - FFing Enigma
I'm completely for having a fair vote, but I'm not sure that I'd want to try and align FriendFeed with a particular candidate, which is what a green logo would imply. - Kevin Fox
Many iranians using proxies to access FF. and therefore their IPs changes to fake IP . - آدمیرال
MohammadReza: Maryam's mom is still able to call her relatives and friends in Tehran, so they are keeping some voice traffic open, if not all. - Robert Scoble
Farshad, I'm trying to post news here: - Kol Tregaskes
@Kevin, totally understandable. - EricaJoy from IM
If Iran thinks they have nothing to fear, then why block Friendfeed? - Frode Stenstrøm
Frode: because the government is like China: they believe that by retarding the flow of information they will reduce the threat of protests and governmental overthrow. - Robert Scoble
Very reminiscent of the prelude to the fall of the Shah - Alan Morris
I don't speak Persian, so I don't know all the searches, but there are still (luckily) a lot of Persian users posting: If you are Persian and looking for updates, try our search engine to find the few users who still have access. - Bret Taylor
Frode: and in Iran's case, they are run by conservative religious authorities and they don't like the fact that they are not in control of information flow like they used to be. They like to think they can still control information sources and, since they can't, they try to block places where their citizens can go to share information. - Robert Scoble
is it a joke? iranian users seems the %90 of friend feed. it could not be real! - Fırat Demirel
Firat: There are no units on the vertical axis of the chart. - Ken Sheppardson
Firat: This is a chart of traffic from Iran, not of FF's total traffic. - Kevin Fox
Firat, i doubt that this graph is a percentage graph... probably more likely that it's measuring hits, sessions, or total data transfered (mb, kb, etc) - Chris Heath
Kevin: what impact did this have on FF's overall traffic? - Robert Scoble
Robert: Iran is the #6 country for FriendFeed in terms of page views per day. - Bret Taylor
something is cooking out there... - mehdi
Thanks all for answers. i told that it could not be real.. :) excuse me, i ve just read Bret's notice and looked at breaking point. i saw what i've missed before.. bad news for ff and iran.. :( - Fırat Demirel
These statistics are incredible, especially the normally heavy useage of FF in Iran. - Curt Mercadante
Bret Taylor, we can tag our pix and vids about iran election by an english keyword such as 'iran' or 'iranelection'. I think it will help to ff non-persian users to find out more about unrests in iran. - آدمیرال
Iran restored cell phone service Sunday that had been down in the capital since Saturday. But Iranians still could not send text messages from their mobile phones, and the government increased its Internet filtering in an apparent attempt to undercut opposition voices. Social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter were also not working. - Üstün Üzüm
Do *not* like. :( - Pete D
:( - Mitch
آقا یکی توضیح بده اینکه من(ما) لایک میزنیم! عملا دیسلایک ه ! :( - younes
Younes says that our likes to this graph mean dislike to tehran's regime censorship - آدمیرال
I can't find any evidence of Twitter being blocked in Iran. Anyone? - Martin Bryant
TechCrunch just picked this up: - Robert Scoble
Thanks for the translation آدمیرال ! - Ross Miller
ممنونم آدمیرال عزیز - younes
خواهش دوست من. - آدمیرال
martin: those words are not mine actually from a news article from washinton post. - Üstün Üzüm
On twitter people are retweeting the IPs and ports of unblocked proxies, can we do something like that here? - Canageek
martin, i'm from iran. twitter is blocked. what evidence you wanna? screenshot!? - آدمیرال
yes Canageek. we use proxies for tweeting - آدمیرال
Authorities blocking the internet are just reinforcing solidarity between people, can't they understand ? - stanjourdan
Stanislas: not to mention they encourage their smartest and richest people to leave (the ones who have technical skills). There's a reason why Silicon Valley has 10,000 or more Iranians living here. Their government sucks and the people are getting tired of it. Of course if their government was great I would never have met my wife (who grew up in Tehran). So, there is good to come out of a crappy government! :-) - Robert Scoble
it has always seemed to me that the iranian user base is ENORMOUS here. wow. unbelievable. - edythe
It is interesting how much civil unrest that is brewing across the globe towards their governments. The knee jerk reactions in attempting to block certain websites shows how much they didn't expect the net to become such a widespread conduit for cutting through the bs and informing those that wish to know. I wish those who take a stand all the best. - alphaxion
:( - Roberto
Another way for those that are in Iran is to access through Netvibes (but I don't know if it works or if it's blocked too), adding Friendfeed, Gmail and so on such as modules - Roberto
Thanks for sharing this, Bret. It's valuable evidence of what's going on, evidence which wouldn't have been available even a few years ago. - Michael Nielsen
Very much for democracy and voting rights in Iran... - freedom fighter mom
If anybody in Iran feels up to it, can you temporarily disable your proxy and run a traceroute to and then post the results here? - EricaJoy
Bret and Paul, can you let us know if the traffic comes back, which would tell us they've unblocked FriendFeed? - Robert Scoble
Robert: absolutely, we will let everyone know when it comes back up - Bret Taylor from email
Steven: You Like that it was posted, not the content of the post. - Tanath
Bret, thanks for sharing the info about the dive. Shame, but what could we have expected from the Iranian status quo? - Jon Osterholm
البته یه چیز هم هست اونکه بعد از فیلترینگ همه با آی پی غیر ایرانی می ان فرندفید و برای همنی آمارشون اینجا ثبت نمیشه ... وگرنه فکر نمی کنم از لحاظ تعداد نفراتی که میومدن کم شده باشه ... بلکه هم بیشتر - Hamed Safa
@بی بی, you might try - Jim Norris
Damn. - Steven Perez
Good luck to all of you trying to get around the censorship. I hope the big sites are doing what they can to help out. - Eric - Final Countdown
Looking at the potential of this event in the future for numerous causes is mind-boggling. Really amazing. - Charlie Anzman
Come to think of it, does FF have a presence in China? I'd imagine it's blocked there. I've seen Chinese on here, but never sure if that's from China or speakers outside. - anna sauce
Tnx Bret - Conformist
Thnaks :) - Exir
ببین شب انتخاباتی چکار کردیم با این فرفر. wow! - ابوهدی
چه همه لااااااااااااااااایک! - ابوهدی
:(( - AJ Batac
Damn. - Derrick
Expected. - Michael W. May
Yes, Friendfeed is blocked in Iran. Right now the papers and TV channels here are ‎controlled by the government and our access to satellite channels is blocked too. ‎Friendfeed and Twitter are quite vital for us now. Our main source of exchanging ‎information and news is Friendfeed. Via Friendfeed we let everyone know that where ‎people need help and where to go and how to help them and... more... - Selma
Selma: does work for you? - Bret Taylor
Nope, they have blocked all https addresses, we have had to sign in to Friendfeed via anti-filters for the past few months. - Selma
Can't we "help" in some way? Providing proxies, I don't know, the kind of stuff pirates do. Pirates, and people trying to make a Revolution happen.... - Zackatoustra
It's very sad to see this happen - Michael Fidler
tnx all of you... - امین
I just spoke with my friend Andres, the main BBC correspondent for the Middle East/Afghanistan, and he mentioned the web is being fire walled in Iran much the same as the the "Great Firewall" during last year's Olympics in China. - sofarsoShawn
The Iranian websites that people used to exchange information about the election protests ‎in Iran are under cyber-attacks by the government forces and from anonymous sources. ‎Many of them are down right now. These Iranian websites were our few last remaining ‎channels to inform people. What can we do about that? Is there anyone out there who can help us with this?‎ - امین
i was 53rd active user in friendfeed until this filtering. now i can open FF with proxies and if i can fine. a Vpn but many Vpn here come from companies that have relations with security services, i thunk they allow us to bypass filternig and then, they will arrest who has wrote against their goals - خیزران
Can't we transfer the data/databases of the sites you, iranian guys, use to any new domain we could buy? I want to help. Not by throwing rocks to "security service" forces, but, at least, by making possible for what YOU have to say to go public, worldwide. - Zackatoustra
so so sorry for iran people... I hope they will win... - Tanaydin Sirin
Some amazing images from Iran - - Brent - Yes I am
Does work still? - FFing Enigma
Selma: 1- I don't use a proxy but clearing all but one (deleting them all logs me out) instance of each cookie name and refreshing the page always solves this for me in Firefox. Has never happened on Lunascape or IE. Good luck. - Alexandros Georgiadis
Friendfeedがイランでblockされているというコトらしい。いったいどういう理由でだか分からないけれど……もし、国内のゴタゴタの影響であればいずれtwitterも、ということになりかねないのかも。/でも、fftogoを使えば迂回できるのかな? - Sakurai.Catshop
What about email, amin.m? Are you able to post to FF by emailing share@friendfeed? - FFing Enigma
Very sad. - Parth Awasthi
The reason I ask is because if you can email a post, then try sending it to share@friendfeed and also to YourUserName@friendfeed. Then when someone comments you'll receive an email about it and you can comment back to the thread via email as well. - FFing Enigma
:(( - Nimaa from MojiPage
No wonder why ! - Pelin
+ don't use your ISP's DNS server, verify your Firewall, search for rootkits.. + If you really wanna use Tor, be 'mobile', check the onion's status, don't be too confident, continue to use encrypted protocols & 'mobile' ports. At least, read Tor's docs and articles about Tor & privacy/security.. - Thierry R. Andriamirado
I don't know if these can help but I put them here anyway - M F
Alexandros: Frienddeck could work for certain parts - posts and queries against user accounts are proxied through the App Engine, searches are direct against Friendfeed so they could probably not work. - Paul Kinlan
Thanks :(( - Mahdi Motamed
:( booooooo - Duncan Rawlinson
:o - FF88
DAMN! - Vicey
whoa, NOT good - Susan Beebe
We wish the people of Iran well in these difficult times - Marc
Not good at all. Best wishes to the Iranian FFers. I hope this whole mess gets cleared up quickly and with as little violence as possible - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
this is terribly wrong - Francisco Tomé Costa
A government that takes away people's Friendfeed will not last long. - Goran Zec
WOW CRAZY - Matt Kaufman
I like that 667 people liked this, that's 667 people hoping it all gets resolved justly and peacefully. - Steve C, Team Marina
now we are 676 people who liked that =) hoping too everthing gets resolved peacefully. - Ibrahim Tarlig
Bret, is there any update on this? Is activity still low? - Kol Tregaskes
Yes, we are still being blocked - Bret Taylor
definitely DON'T LIKE this... >_< ...would love to be able do more than retweeting proxies - Daniele
Best regards from Chile to all iranian people, we know a lot about bad government and human rights. Good luck, strength and courage to all of you. - Roberto Arancibia
:( - Shey
It's to bad there is such attempts to block free flow of information, how long will it be before there is more amazing differences happening? Such limits, hmm. - Raymond Marr aka Knatchwa
They have to keep the militants in check. Thank goodness for the pipes that were broken. - tony is block in Iran now. - Sahandram
:-( - Spottino
Interesting censorship- same can happen in America - I would like to talk to you abt Friendfeed and bringing over some large groups do you have time? - JanSimpson
I've seen those censorship about FriendFeed (Iran). Do you know some interesting and objective blogposts about it? - Thierry R. Andriamirado from email
Do you have a similar graph as ff's been blocked in China? - K.D.
And China now has a similar blockage. You should also check on it. - Kenyth
Sometimes we forget how easy we have it than other countries. But until people revolt & I mean a HUGE revolution injustices will still go on. - Gabriella Sannino
پرلایک ترین فید فرفره این - رامین
jeddi? - Hamed Safa from IM
che jaleb , oonvaght por comment dartarin feed kodoome? bebinim mishe feed 2khtare mardom e farzad davan davan ro be oon beresoonim? - Hamed Safa from IM
ba mobile am ... to bebin bara manam tarif kon :D - Hamed Safa from IM
:))))))))) - حسین آفلاین
is it still filtered? - آرام
یادش بخیر! - ابوهدی
همین باعث شد فرندفید رو بفروشه فیس‌بوک - Makhmal
تاریخ فیلتر فرفر - امیدم
Hans Kainz
Gina Häußge
Scott Beale
Kazakhstan Government Makes Freedom of Speech Online a Thing of the Past. -
Kazakhstan Government Makes Freedom of Speech Online a Thing of the Past.
Umfrage: würdest Du für Twitter monatl. Gebühren bezahlen (unabh. davon, wie die Premiumfeatures aussehen)?
Svensonsan • Meinungsfreiheit für Kinderpornos? -
Lassen Datenschützer und Internet-Freaks sich vor den Karren der Händler und Freunde von Kinderpornografie spannen? Diese Frage muss sich nicht nur Franziska Heine aus Schwerin stellen. - Svensonsan
Artis Cordobo
Joerg Blumtritt
PLS RT Functioning Iran proxies #iranelection (via@thewavingcat )
Students play “Snake” on house wall. Guarantee you’ve never seen this before. (video)
Picture 16.png
check this out if you haven't seen it yet! - Zee.
wow that's crazy - Jay
Check this out - playing "snake" on house wall - Maciej Burczyk
Actually I have. A few times. Twice on Digg - Fleagle
have you seen the one using sheep on a hill? - Iphigenie
Thomas Knüwer
Ich fasse kurz die Begrüßun des #dmmk zusammen: buzzbuzzfloskelfloskel floskelfloskelbuzzbuz tolltolltoll floskelfloskelbuzzbuzz
Heute Abend bin ich mit @JanSchmidt zu Gast bei einer Diskussionsrunde auf TIDE TV zu den Internetsperren von #zensursula
Timo Heuer
Streit um Internet-Filter: Die Generation C64 schlägt zurück - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Netzwelt -
"Der tausendfache Widerspruch markiert einen neuen Rekord, aber wer genau hinsah, konnte die Spaltung auch schon vorher sehen. Ob beim Thema Computerspiele, bei der Vorratsdatenspeicherung, bei den Debatten um die Online-Durchsuchung: Immer wieder gab es Protest und Streit und immer wieder zwischen den gleichen gesellschaftlichen Gruppen. Der Streit zieht sich auch durch die Feuilletons und Talkshows der Republik: Er schlägt sich nieder in den Debatten über die katastrophalen Folgen der Digitalisierung für die Musikbranche, über die Probleme der Zeitungslandschaft, über die angeblich verblödenden Effekte von Handys, YouTube, StudiVZ und Videospielen." - Timo Heuer from Mento
STEHT AUF! - Nils Hitze from twhirl
Good lord i can't wait to get my hand on Google Wave...
just watching the demo from Google I/O now in full for the first time. Loving what I am seeing.. - Matt Hooper
The video really brings the concept to life. This is awesome stuff. - Keith Bennett
Poll: Do you use Google Reader?
I clearly do. Scoble believes that few people do...I just think that few people socialize within Google Reader - Zee.
Only via Feedly (in Flock). Does that count as a no? - Ruud van Wijngaarden
Yup. - Kol Tregaskes
yeah, for sure that counts Ruud - Zee.
Absolutely -- and sticking with it -- Google can do big things with it - Christopher Galtenberg
Indirectly, through Feedly. - Grey Drane
I use it for the few valuable feeds that I can't receive anywhere else...But overall, FF and Twitter have replaced it. - Chris Rossini
Yep. I agree, few socialize in GReader. - Tanath
Yup, but through its API in Eventbox. I understand R Scoble says a lot of things. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Yep! - Julie Barrett from twhirl
Yes, I do! - Filipe Rodrigues
Yep, but I don't really connect with people there. I just read stuff. If I want to talk about something, I share it here. - Jandy
Clearly my most used online app, so yes. All the other tools revolve around it in my world. My dad read the newspaper every morning, I read Google Reader all day. - Bwana ☠
Yes, it's still the best way to track blogs that write about stuff I like. - arjo
Yes, but only from feedly - Philippe Mongeau
YEah. I used to use Feeddemon but I like having my feeds synced over multiple devices with the least amount of hassle. Google Reader works perfectly for that. - Bhavishya Kanjhan
I use it, but I don't use it in a social way. - Alix May
Of course! I also use FF a lot, but it didn't actually reduce my activity on Greader - stanjourdan
Yup - Simon Wicks
I use Google Reader almost every day - Peter Stuifzand
Yes. I used to use Bloglines, but I like Google Reader much better. - Joey Gibson
Yes, by far the best RSS reader I've tried. - Martin Bryant
All day long. - Graham English
yes all the time :) - comix aka martha
No. - Larry David
Yes, I do :) - María A.
how do you you read your news Amir? - Zee.
Yes, but not directly, I skim entries via my program ( ), if I am interested I click. So to FF/twitter/gmail/and other urgent feeds - yjl
Occasionally. - Son of Groucho
Yep. Still use Google Reader. - Beau Liening
Yes, quite a bit. - Dustin Sallings
Yes, since 2006. I used Bloglines and Sage (Firefox add-on) before. - Zulkarnain K.
No. I stopped using it a long time ago when I switched to FeedDemon, then I stopped using that too (keeping up with 200+ feeds was just too much). Now, I use Gmail's Web Clips with 14 feeds (including the feed for popular bookmarks on Delicious). If the item is new and the title is interesting enough, I click. Still, I keep saying to myself: "I should go back to FeedDemon someday." - Yaser Sulaiman
yep - Rich
yes - AJ Kohn
the best app to read news and keep track of favorite blogs ~ Google reader - Srikanth AD
Duh. - Louis Gray
Yes a lot - M F
yes sure, most of the time via feedly though - Naor Mark's the only RSS reader I use. - Bill Johnson
yup, Tried a few others but always went back to Greader, now using Feedly to read my feeds with. - Anthony C.
No, never. - Ton Zijp
@Louis Gray you say 'Duh' but Scoble doesn't believe so - Zee.
Yes, I do. Not regularly though. - Just Mrs. V
Yes, usually daily. - Antoniu
Occasionally - Lu Liu
Yes. It's one of the few things I can access from work so sometimes it's my only contact with the outside world. - Michael Hocter
I use it quite often. Have a widget on my iGoogle home page and still really like the iPhone interface. - David Imielski
Yes, I read from several different computers. GReader is great. - David Slattery
Tried it, don't use it. - Bruce Lewis
I use Bloglines. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Use it occasionally. - Jack&Cleo
Daily. I love it. - Andrew
yup - vijay
I setup google reader with a few local news links, so if I share something it's sent to friendfeed and then twitter. dont use it alot, forget to. I have FF, I let other people find interesting links for me to read. - Mike Nencetti
Yes, love it. Also the mobile version and with feedly. -
Yes via Feedly, which shakes it up and presents it magazine style. - Kate Foy
Yes, sort of - Will Higgins™
yes every day. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Yes. Best. Feed reader. Ever. - Jason Mayoff from Nambu
Via Feedly - Grant Bierman
Yup from me. Love GR. - Roger Benningfield
now where's Scoble at? I wanna gloat... :P - Zee.
Most people say RSS is dead because Twitter takes over by being real time. The issue with that is that we ourselves cannot be available real time, all the time. RSS helps you cache that information to make it available when you cannot be in the stream. - Bhavishya Kanjhan
well said Bhavishya - Zee.
I use it, but don't socialize with it - xero
Zee: gloat? With a few dozen comments? Come on, please do be real. I have 89,000 followers on Twitter, 5,000 on facebook, 38,000 on friendfeed. When you get close to those numbers let me know. Then I'll let you gloat. - Robert Scoble
@Scoble How do you mean "what I get close to those numbers?" - can you clarify - Zee.
Use it, but not as a social tool. - invariant
Robert: I don't think he wants to gloat about his numbers. It's about the fact that a lot of people still do use Google Reader or other RSS Readers; they just don't socialise with it as much as they do with Twitter or FF. - Bhavishya Kanjhan
Yes, but I feel I'm wasting to much time with it. Browsing entire RSS feeds is not really targeted and Google Reader doesn't filter. - Oliver Bouchard
I use it for my feedreading, but not socially. - Scott Bulloch
I'm still waiting to hear what Scoble's crap about "89,000 followers on Twitter, 5000 on facebook and 38,000 on Friendfeed" was about. - Zee.
Nope - RAPatton
naa, he'll respond - at least i hope so. Because I'm really hoping i'm wrong about what i think he was implying there. - Zee.
yes I do = but I am quickly finding FriendFeed and Twitter replacing some of the feeds I used to subscribe to. - Tony
Yes! I use Google Reader constantly, in my web browser and on my iPhone. I have RSS feeds set up for my common Twitter searches, too. I also use Yahoo Pipes that I've developed over time to have very targeted RSS feeds. But I don't socialize via Reader. - Kurt Rosenkranz
Yes, I still use Google Reader, voraciously. It has NOTHING to do with comments/followers. Rather, GReader is a tool for being better informed. Sometimes I use my GReader learnings in the real world - in conversation - where we don't formally have followers and such. - Mike Reynolds
R.Scoble: What do follower numbers have to say in this matter, or at all ? I thought you had a statement about quantity vs quality some time ago as well ? - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
I use NewsFire, and occasionally Resc Newws! on my PalmOS phone. I guess I haven't joined the "everything's in the cloud" revolution yet. - Joshua Lee
<whisper> I've never used it. </whisper> - Derrick
Thomas: follower users tell you how many people use a service and map pretty closely how many people are using a service, if you can see them in aggregate. - Robert Scoble
Zee: it's not what 80+ people on friendfeed say. It's how many people ACTUALLY use these services. Google Reader just doesn't have the numbers. My follower numbers are a very accurate indicator of that. - Robert Scoble
R. Scoble: people follow more people on Twitter than on Facebook because Facebook means you share a lot of information, so I'm not sure if those numbers mean much in the way of that. - Joshua Lee
@Scoble But how do you know how many people use Google Reader? - Zee.
I don't use google reader, and I use twitter, facebook, and a bit of friendfeed. ;-) - Joshua Lee
But Robert, I use GReader EVERY DAY, but I'm not really socially connected with anyone on it. GReader's main function can be used without any social integration at all - so how many people follow you or vice versa isn't really relevant. Even leaving aside the issue of whether number of followers is relevant at all - it certainly isn't relevant when the core function of a service isn't connecting with other people, but consuming content. - Jandy
Yes: it is a convenient tracking system and I like the email alerts - Anita Hunt
I use google alerts without GReader - Joshua Lee
GReader != social - Mike Reynolds
Sometimes feeds generate data for social media.... I share a lot of links via email and occasionally facebook or twitter. - Joshua Lee
No. Currently it does not cater for my feed reader needs. - Vidar Andersen
I used to use a similar online newsreader, bloglines I think it is called, but after a while I found having to check a website unweildy - the whole point to RSS is to not have to play with your browser to read information. - Joshua Lee
If you want to follow blogs directly on their site, at least for Blogger, you pretty much have to do use Google Reader. I know I've had that feedback from my followers. - Fossil Huntress
Yeah, blogger is a bit of a closed ecosystem. Very ungooglelike. - Joshua Lee
/me uses his best Ronald Reagan impression "Mr. Brin - tear down this wall" - Joshua Lee
every day for real work needs. for all the rest, FF, Twitter and Facebook - Giovanni De Stefano
Yes. Daily. But I overlay it with Feedly - - which makes it rather prettier. - Stephen Collins
Clearly Scoble doesn't really want to get too involved with this discussion. Which is disappointing considering he was the motivation for the post in the first place. - Zee.
Google will eventually add real-time and social networking stuff to Google Reader, and especially with algorithms to suggest the best posts to read, then all will use that most - Charbax
I use it. But I don't share anything with it. I just use it to keep on top of a few news sites and forums. - Jan Ole Peek
no, but I'm ashamed to admit it. I used to use bloglines. - Laura Norvig
I live in Google Reader. It's my life line for discovery, digestion and distribution. - Mike Fruchter
I do. I could live without FF, Twitter et al but Google Reader is a time/life saver. - Murray Barton
Yes - Shevonne
Sometimes. - Jonathan Hardesty
I do w/feedly - Dave Martin
I do when I'm bored. It's more a bookmarking spot for me than anything. - Mitch
Yes, I use google reader and RSS is not going anywhere - Wayne Sutton
Yep, pretty much everyday - WRider from twhirl
yes, daily - Brian
well clearly according to Scoble, all of you guys saying that you use it are not part of the majority...and Google Reader is actually a very quiet place - Zee.
Went from Google Reader to NetNewsWire simply because of the syncing ability between the Mac client and the iPhone app. - Mike Bracco
Yes - constantly - Threepwood
Zee: sorry, I had to drive Patrick home. There are a variety of ways to see how popular Google Reader is. Look at Quantcast. Alexa. Compete. Compare referee logs with others, etc. I have kept on top of the usage numbers and Google Reader isn't keeping up with growth in other agregator types like Facebook and friendfeed andthe people I compare numbers with see a lot more traffic from... more... - Robert Scoble
Yes, I love it. - Kate
Absolutely! Key tool 4 R&D. - Jan Friman from Nambu
@Scoble thanks for the clearer and less agro response. I'm really going to dig in and do some research into it because although I definitely believe that Facebook & Co. are growing much a news source/tool - i still believe it's number 1 and has huge potential for further growth - Zee.
i do and love its integration into everything - Zach Scott
Yes. Ugly as it is. - Robin Barooah from Nambu
@Robin check this out - Zee.
Sure. Save the good stuff with Read It Later & Evernote. - David Hayes
Yes. - David Cook
Yes - just to read - J.D. Deutschendorf
Yes. Recently I love to use GReader via - yezi
Yes, especially to share - Janaree Nore
I'm a long-time Reader fan. - Kevin Fox
I stopped a few months ago...but now I'm back to using Feedly - love the magazine layout, just a cleaner better way to read (for me that is ;) - Aline Ohannessian
Religiously. - Steven Perez
Off and on. - Parth Awasthi
Yes, at least twice a day... every day. - CJ Guest
no, only a handful of times - Chris Heath
I just import Robert Scoble's and Louis Gray's .... it's much easier - Charlie Anzman
don't know how i would get all the rich data w/ out gReader and Feedly. - michael sean wright
Yes - I don't always read it, but yes. - Brent - Yes I am
i don't feedread anymore. tired of the echo - Richard A.
Everyday - Roger Teh
Yes, probably my second most-visited site after FriendFeed. - John E. Bredehoft
Yes, love it. - Mark Krynsky
yes! - Randy
Yes, every day! - Jonathan
Yep, I'm an avid user. - Lode Nachtergaele
Almost as much as gmail. Don't view or need it to be 'social'. - Arawak
yes. :) - Laurentiu
extended firefox with feedly this evening -- thank you all for that recommendation, gReader looks so much better, especially where the folders can be customized with different views: magazine stylesheet enhances the readability of content. [I'm looking into the exposure of private feeds when feedly services are used. Comments? It was surprising how they got to my subscriptions without my password.] - Adriano
[off-topic @cacarr : ditto, cf. extensions like Zotero, It's All Text (w/ vim ;-), or even Read It Later] - Adriano
Yes I do, and I'm also pretty impressed with feedly/firefox, but I use that in addition to slogging through my greader feeds. I'm in the process of re-organizing my feeds so I can "mark all as read" without concern I'm missing something I need to see. "a1_events a2_casts b1_techblogs x9_other" etc. - Richard Walker
Sure do, but a little les frequently than in the past - Alistair (alpinefolk)
& my shared items get routed to Friendfeed+Facebook & from FF to Twitter... :) - Roshan Ramachandran
I do use Google Reader but just to read news feeds not sharing or whatever. The number of updates is getting a bit unmanageable now and I end up bulk-marking a lot as read, but it's good to skim through the headlines or less active feeds. - By_tor
Yes, but must admit my usage of it has dropped off a cliff since I started using Twitter more (mainly because it was easier to digest content on a mobile), but think the noise ratio is greater on Twitter, so may go back to Reader when I get the next iPhone. - Paul M Evans
If I share stuff in Feedly it ends up in FriendFeed and Twitter. Someone has to put the good stuff up there to retweet... - Ruud van Wijngaarden
Absolutely! Google Reader is still the first webpage i hit in the morning to read my "a-list" tagged feeds. - Niklas Sjostrom
absolutely! - Goktug Gedik
yes i do but since friendfeed came on the scene it gets less and less - (jeff)isageek
yes but mostly through Feedly, and i do use Friendfeed to replace some stuff too. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
Yes.. I would never socialize on it as well, the tool is of course, fantastic.. - Daniel Tal
Yes. I hate to admit it but Google did a great job with Reader. At first I didn't share anything but after some tweaking I got addicted to it. The gadget is great too (when it refreshes of course) - Carlos Lorenzo
Yes - Martin Liechti from fftogo
yes, a lot! - Thomas Lemberger
Fuk yea and how ! - viki saigal
Yes I do - Sampad Swain
Yes. I have hundreds of RSS feeds that I read via Reader. I haven't found a better Web-based replacement. I do not use Reader for it's social networking aspects though. - Glenn J. Ward
No, I prefer Bloglines. - Dimitar Vesselinov
Yes - Spencer
Yes, for all of the sites I follow. - Robert Kenney
Nope. - Rochelle
Yep - Mustafa Tan
Nope. - Akiva
I was just checking Feedburner actually and noticed that 60% of our subscribers (8000+) at use Google Reader.... - Boris
Yes, every day! - Hamza Şamlıoğlu @TEAkolik
I use it and Feedly - Nathan Chase
y, don't get to read everything tho - Artyom
It's the only RSS reader I use. I've tried several RSS apps on my phone and a couple on my computer and none are anywhere near as good as the web based Google Reader, either on my phone or on the computer. So I just stick with it. - Nathan Mylott
Zee - thanks for the link - I followed it and found 'helveitreader' which is nicer still. However, I have issues with the interaction as well as the style. ( [] is real) - Robin Barooah from IM
Every day - on iPhone and Mac ... - Patrick Jordan
Yes..I push out my shared feeds to a Google Reader widget published on my blog. - George Dearing from BuddyFeed
everyday - me also having a dedicated widget on my blogs. - diego morelli
yes daily - Lu Tao
yes, daily, for now Twitter and twitter-like services are not replacing it... - roland legrand
Yes, daily. - George Brickner
Daily, it is a complement for specialized interests. - scottnewell
Yes. - Mark H
Yes. only way to keep track of 250blogs, and its the only remotely Social media style site that isn't blocked by my work IT department. I share stuff not in Greader but on here more so. - Yant
I use reader, but keep looking for ways to cut myself off from it. I hate feeling that I have to read everything. - Daniel Zarick
Zee, why don't you use ffpolls? :) - lowman
ffpolls is broken for me - Robin Barooah from IM
@Robin Barooah; It's working correctly now. - lowman
Yes. - Blake
Thanks Robin, i told about failure to founder. - lowman
Yes, weekly - AlpB.
Robin can you tell me poll title and poll answers? - batuhan
I use it every day to skim what is going on but don't use it to socialize - Sandra
part of my core tool set... - Richard Zeidel
yup - docrivs
Sure do - Andrew Leahey
I use it all the time. - Pete Gilbert
every day - chrisofspades
Yes - onurc
yes. (btw @robin: it's fixed i think. can you please try again?) - Yusuf Nays
Yes, but not actively. I use it to aggregate my favorite newsfeeds into one giant RSS feed, which I feed into Wizz RSS reader (Firefox plugin). Wizz automatically checks for updates at specified intervals, so I stay on top of the latest news from all services. I also use it to search mp3/filesharing RSS feeds that I subscribe to, and to bookmark useful posts. - LANjackal
Used to use it all the time, but I still check on my feeds from time to time through it. - i80and
@Yusuf yes - works for me now: - Robin Barooah
Nope, i mean i used to but than came FriendFeed - Majento
All day every day, yes. - Ms_Krista
Everyday! - Anthony DCosta
Yes, everyday. - Cristian
Yes, its my central information repository.Where i aggregate all interesting RSS ( from almost 150 different sources) so i never miss a beat. There are certain desktop apps which are better then Google Reader but whats great about it is its online repository which works for every device i use to access it. Though i clearly think there is a hell lot of improvement needed. In its current avatar it can be pretty unmanagable specially if you read a lot and you can't be online 24*7. - Abhishek Sharma
Everyday. I have it set up so a can create keyword specific feeds to selectively send items to other sites. - Kevin Shannon
Yes and I cannot live without it :) - Michela Cimnaghi /cimny
Yes. The best reader out there. - Jesper Jazzper Isaksson
Yes, everyday. - Peter Kruit
yes, I do everyday. I do sharing too. It works like a champ for me. - Mitchell Hislop
all the time! - Egyirba from twhirl
only with feedly otherwise it's clumsy and ugly looking - Cee Bee
via Sharaholic only (to share, and seldom), I've never been to the official site, I don't do browser based RSS/Atom - Michael W. May
yup its taking over bookmarking.... - cysko
love it, but wish there were more people on my google social graph - Saul Howard
I'm inclined to agree about the socializing in the reader. Otherwise, as a reader, it's ace. - Bronson Harrington
I do however so few of my friends do I do not socialize there. - Brian Bufalo
yep and I use it with feedly firefox addon - Adrian
No, I don't use Google Reader. - Thierry R. Andriamirado
yep! - Gio
Yep! I love GR - jonas
Yes i use it everyday! - Brian Moore
Gina Häußge
meh... still don't like that "new and improved" #friendfeed. Want the old one back *sigh*
I miss the service icons. it's much easier to understand the items with the context where they were posted. - Andreas Gohr
exactly. I found a greasemonkey script that adds service icons, but the dominant image I first see is still the avatar, and while I really like the avatar-people-connection in comments, here I find it interrupting. - Gina Häußge
the autoupdating is somewhat nice though. *sigh* maybe it's time to look for a client application instead of using the website - Andreas Gohr
The design is horrible, but there's stylish for cases like this ;) The autoupdating seems to be somewhat hiccuping here though, had to hit refresh to see @Michaels reply (no, I haven't paused real-time). Did I already say "meh"? ;) - Gina Häußge
And what is it with developers suddenly deciding to steal service icons from their communities? Pidgin did the same crap. /me wants fraking context - Gina Häußge
Mir fehlt noch ein Disqus Like Widget für's Blog - Nils Hitze
Benedikt Koehler
Sammle gerade Vorurteile über Twitter für ein Seminar morgen. Was sind eure Lieblingsvorurteile?
"Twitter ist für Leute, die zum Bloggen eine zu kurze aufnmersamkeitsspanne haben." #vorurteil - oliver gassner
"Bei Twitter sind nur 'Social Media Experts' und SEOs." "Bei Twitter sind nur Exhibitionisten, dei anderen ihre Stoffwechselvorgäge und ihren Kaffeekonsum mitteilen." "Früher fand ich Twitter doof/habe es nicht verstanden, aber jetzt find ich es super." - oliver gassner
Chris Messina
Let's Stop Speaking Like Machines and Start Speaking Like People -
Let's Stop Speaking Like Machines and Start Speaking Like People
"Are you a big fan of hash tags? Or are you wild about boolean searches? Do you find yourself reverting back to "Run DOS Run" instead of just typing and talking like a human being often online? Despite billions of dollars of investment and a plethora of companies trying to develop natural language (especially in search), we still have a long way to go." - Chris Messina from Mento
Word! - Nils Hitze from twhirl
This is mainly a UI issue I think. You can find almost anything if you use all the filters available (AND,OR,+,-,filter:,""), it's just that they're annoying to type and remember for most. If the app developer put a UI in front of the typical search box and *not* called it 'Advanced Search', it would help guide the user to a more successful search. - mj
Internets are 30 years old, WWW is getting older than our school children. We got the world plastered in tags for six years now (thanks to Flickr and Delicious). And Web Marketers along with "Social Media Experts" don't get what "metadata" is. Still. Makes us all sad. - × × × and - hashtags and @'s are hacks for a broken system - Jesse Stay
Who says the human language is the most expressive one? While I believe that natural language recognition *will* improve I also bet that we'll adapt to "machine languages", too. - Fabian Neumann
Humans don't generally speak in 140 character bursts, to be fair. - David Young
And your alternative for indexing groups, movements, thoughts, behaviors in 140 characters would be? - Gregg Scott
Machines are some of the nicest people I know. Don't be a hater :-) - Todd Hoff
Hashtags are underrated and over-maligned here. Machines should not be expected with <140 chars to classify a half-baked thought into a meaningful meme that fits into a hierarchical structure. Hashtags may not always be necessary but they can be useful for top-down content organization. - Ryan Miller
Used judiciously, hashtags can be very useful indeed as I found myself when I got encouraged to live tweet 2 Pharma meetings many of my friends wanted to follow easily but couldn't attend. - Sally Church
Why not talk the native language? If I'm in France, what should I speak? I do a lot of (non-union) light work for theatres. If I tell the director that a lamp has blown, they fear they lost a piece of equipment that costs several hundreds of dollars. I constantly have to remind myself to use "non-technical" theatre terms in a theatre environment. (lamp==light bulb for most people.) Ever talk to a musician? Won't go into anything else. What you define as language can also be as slang or technical language... - Todd Zaba
When machines understand human language, they'll decide we're primitive and kill us all. Fact. :P - Bwana ☠
David Cook
***SHE SAID YES!!!*** =D
Congrats! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Mazel Mazel! - Justin Korn
Congrats, David, and the future Mrs. Cook! - Derrick
Congrats! - Mo Kargas
Congrats! - Michael McKean
congratulations! - Jay
Awesome! - Robert Scoble
Congratulations - jerry
Congrats :) - Rodfather
Congratulations! - Anika
Congratulations - RAPatton
congrats! - Rob Sellen :o)
Of course Lindsey, how else is a guy like me gonna land a awesome chick like her?! - David Cook
Awesome! congrats.... - Marcus Schroefel
Congrats! Hope she is a good one! - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Congratulations!! - Christine Yang from BuddyFeed
Congratulations!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from BuddyFeed
Wow, congrats, David! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
congrats David :) - webosapien (Burcu Tüzün)
RAD - just got warm fuzzy feeling. - alexia tsotsis
good for you (and her of course)! - Cee Bee
mazal Tov - Kfir Pravda
Congratulations, David! - rønin
congratulations! nice ring! - Trish Haley
Congrats :) - Bee
nice ring! - anna sauce
David, that's wonderful! Congratulations!!! - Zee.
CONGRATS!!! - FFing Enigma
Congrats!!! - iTad
should be the most liked thing by end of the week. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Congratulations! - Parth Awasthi
Congrats man! - Andrew
Thank you all *so* much! You're all so awesome!!! - David Cook from fftogo
This is nice to see...a great reminder that no matter how bad things get with the economy, etc., life indeed goes on. :) Congratulations and many blessings! - Dawn
congrats! - Anne Bouey
Congrats! - Tony
Congratulations :) - 空气.sk
EPIC!!!!! Congrats! - Live4Emma (L4S)
congrats! - mashable
congrats! - Daniel Herrera
Congrats! - Charlie Anzman
yes! congrats! - Allen Stern
Congratulations!!! Nice ring =) - nouhad
Way to go! - Friar Will
Congratulations! - Steven Perez
Congratulations! Hope you have as many wonderful years as my wife and I have had! - John A. Taylor
YEAH!! CONGRATULATIONS DAVID!!!!! Wooo Hooooo!!!! :) - Susan Beebe
Congrats! - Jeremy Brooks
Congratulations! - imabonehead
Lovely - Karma Martell
Congratulations to the both of you, beautiful! - Steve Ram
Congratulations David. That is wonderful! - Keith - @tsudo
Congrats! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Congrats, David. - Micah
Hurray, Congrats - Nils Hitze from twhirl
Bravo to that and welcome to a new chapter of your life. :) - Raymond Marr aka Knatchwa
In case nobody else has said it, congratulations! - Mark H
Awesome, congratulations! Marriage is a great thing man! - Allen Harkleroad
Congrats you two :) - embee
Congratulations! <3 - Neya
Congrats! - Jorg Jansen
congrats! - sergiooo
Congratulations!!! I remember that day.. lots of emotions - Alessandro Galetto from twhirl
Congratsss - Wolkanca Sapar
ace! first FF engagement? now for the wedding... ustream? :P - Stuart Evans from twhirl
With a ring like that I would probably say yes too... Congratualions! - Ruud van Wijngaarden
Congratulations! - Rob Brammeld
Congrats! - Thomas Hawk
Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Ahmed
..and now you feel great! Congrats!!! - Business Blogger 【ツ】™
:D - Yuvi
Congrats ! - Guy Vander Heyden
Congrats!!! And welcome to the jungle!!! :D - Nestor
Congratulations - MAS
Congratulations - Like
Congra... :) - امـ‌ی‌ــر
Congratulations:) - joupy
الهیییییییییییییییییییی چه احساسی داره:) - joupy
Congratulations David! :) - AJ Batac
Congratulations , Hope you live happily ever after :) - ₦ấŽắЙἵŊ
congrats :) - disconnesso
yay!!! =D - Jenny Morman
Congrats! - Mohammad Abdurraafay
hey congrats - (jeff)isageek
congrats! - Martin Sliacky
Congrats! - Bryan R. Adams
Beautiful ring. Congrats! - Cheryl Jones
Congrats!! - Just Mrs. V
Congratulations!! - TiTi
Congratulations and best wishes !!! - Nir Ben Yona
con'grats !! - Peter Dawson
congrats! - John Wang
Congratulations mate. Now, it's my turn ;-) - Shinil Payamal from twhirl
aaaawwwwww - Yolanda
Grandma told you she was a keeper" Congrats sweetheart I wish you both all the years of happiness I have had and so many more! Love ya bunches" - Katt
Awesome - Andrew
Congrats!!!! - johnilouise
Congrats!! Lucky you, you're the man! - natadd from twhirl
Congratulations on the engagements and that GORGEOUS RING!! wow!! good job!! I bet the bride is just as beautiful :) - Melissa Davis
Ejalé!!! - Franco
Congrats. - Alp
Awesome!! - BEX
Johannes Kleske
heiko hebig
Timo Heuer | Announcing a NEW MOO Business Card - | Announcing a NEW MOO Business Card
"We’re excited to announce the SUPER ECO FRIENDLY Business Card! Part of MOO’s New ‘Business Basics’ range, they’re as green as it gets." - Timo Heuer from Mento
Wao || 大号真皮人偶
Johannes Kleske - Schnell noch meine Pflicht als Twitterer erfuellt #rollfeldtwitpic - Schnell noch meine Pflicht als Twitterer erfuellt #rollfeldtwitpic
Coffee And TV: » New York, New York -
Coffee And TV: » New York, New York
via emzo: schöne Zusamenfassung von Orten in NY, keine Ahnung, ob die inhaltlich gut ist, aber zumindest einen Blick wert. - dotdean from Mento
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