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RT @PAPPADEMAS: if you've never heard the "More barn!" story, here's the "More barn!" story
RT @staypuft: At the movies. This wkd. 1984. Ghostbusters Gremlins Indiana Jones - Temple of Doom The Karate Kid Star Trek III The Natural Police Academy
RT @washingtonpost: Where gun stores outnumber museums and libraries
RT @pourmecoffee: This Ghana team is like Imperial Stormtroopers: they are constantly shooting and I have no idea how they haven't hit something.
RT @BabyAnimalPics: goats are literally Masters of Physics The fourth dimension is not time. It is goat
RT @rands: I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that Grosse Point Blank is the high school reunion I wish I had.
RT @neilhimself: It's Friday the 13th! Time to head into the woods and stay in dark cabins and lose our virginity then die by the blade or the chainsaw.
RT @elonmusk: Apparently, lots of confused media inquiries about blog title. Look, we just to make sure they don't set us up the bomb.
RT @pourmecoffee: If you suffer from Sudden Onset Soccer Expertise, ask your doctor if shutting up about it is right for you.
RT @History_Pics: Quite possibly the most 90s picture in existence.
RT @seriouspony: Yes. This is *exactly* the state of many languages, frameworks, technologies today: :) (via @steffenbnielsen )
RT @GroovyBruce: The @GroovyBruce Vs. @NathanFillion Trilogy. Part 3: An Uneasy Truce
RT @neiltyson: Between scenes on #Cosmos. Hadrian’sVilla. Surely the cover art for my nonexistent album of love songs
RT @naima: How you look when you've reached the pinnacle of Maslow's hierarchy of needs
RT @Signalnoise: Shot of my complete @FieldNotesBrand collection, proudly on display in the Signalnoise Studio.
Happy birthday Abraham! Wait. How did you get to be two already?
This is a fantastic photo series: Everyday Astronaut
RT @played_well: Well played TV guide well played.
I just backed Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere. on @Kickstarter
RT @marcprecipice: Google really nailed the friendly design on the automatic pilot for their new cars. Nice job!
RT @UWMadison: Madison, WI— one of the top 5 cities winning the battle for information jobs. #OnWisconsin
RT @hotdogsladies: Everyone is reductive.
Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Dynamics -
RT @hotdogsladies: That's right. I'm binge-watching Deadwood as I read PDFs of 35-year-old D&D manuals. I'm a productivity guru, you cocksucking celestials.
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