This is no longer my main account please follow @nik
clean sheet in the San Siro - #epic #spurs
twitter seems lagged - tweets turning up that say they are 15 minutes old (cc @twitter)
AC Milan 0-1 Tottenham #wow
Want to work for us? we have a lot of jobs open right now -> #datasift
I've made plans for GeeknRolla
augmented TV only works if everyone is working #live
sorry @tim had to unfollow you -as I want to #watch it!!
imagine Wolfram Alpha as an augmentation for #datasift
Microsoft’s previous strategic mobile partners < holy crap - #msft really does know how to screw partners
How To Use Google To Search #LOL - if we need this article then #google is 100% #screwed
Another nail in Google Pagerank -> - the future is social authority
Quora: If you could store + retrieve any slice of the Twitter Firehose - what would you do with it?
Most thorough writeup of TweetDeck acquisition by @louisgray
.@rsarver think I will start a IPO bingo card
On way over to @techhub
Nokia's Elop - "this is now a three horse race" < except #nokia is now riding a pony #msft
going to be free 12 - 3:30pm - what #smw event should I go to?
Only one person in my timeline thinks the #Nokia deal makes sense (and he works for Microsoft)
(Nokia + Microsoft) != (Apple or Android) #code
RT @SameerPatel: Thinking Mubarak used the wrong sentiment analysis tool
RT @mgrooves: When will press stop referring to Twitter as a "microblogging service"...? Ever met anyone who introduced themself as a micro-blogger? #dumb
We are looking for highly talented System Administrators #job #datasift
RT @Percival: Are you in it for the ❒ Money ❒ Glory ❒ Story ❒ _______ Answer with a ✔
A VC: Anatomy Of A Pirate < #lol at the mad comment thread
Time To End The Content Farm Arms Race
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