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Loic Le Meur
Reverb is really another sad story about another PR firm screwing up but that one is huge will help PR reputation..
@louisgray @loic This is part of what we'll be discussing at next week's PR Sucks!..... event in San Francisco. - Mark Evans
And I've offered free passes to the Reverb gang should they want to join the discussion. - Mark Evans
@loic @magicsaucemedia My discussion w/TC commenter below -- good to discuss this.... - Mark Evans
@louisgray originally from TC, re-comment:"@Mark - your panel is ridiculously biased. how about another person from the marketing side of the world? Using people like Guy and Loic as barometers of PR/marketing is just out of whack, as they represent the top 0.0001% of connected Silicon Valley tech-stars…" - Mark Evans
@jeremy Not sure I understand (exactly) about the panel being “ridiculously biased”… We have Loic on the panel because he’s the person who came up w/the refrain “PR, Advertising, and Marketing Suck!” It makes sense to have him there to explain what he means by this statement. As for Guy, It’ll be interesting to see him lead the panel, as, I believe, he can see and address both sides of... more... - Mark Evans
Mark. 3 out of 5 of your panelists are HEAVILY connected silicon valley people. These are people to whom typical rules and behaviors of advertising, PR, marketing don’t truly apply. Let me put it in another light: who do you have participating that will be the counter-point? Who is there who will validate the good things that a PR firm can do for a client? Who will represent the 99% of... more... - Mark Evans
Mark, I actually think you should get some PR professionals on the panel, how about Brian Solis? - Loic Le Meur
You're the second panelist to mention Brian..... - Mark Evans
@loic just emailed you options for the panel... - Mark Evans
Roman Karimov
Drones overtake human pilots in US -
Jean-Louis Dell'Oro
La fin d'une légende urbaine : enfin la vraie vérité vraie sur OCB, Bolloré et le Front National (via @Rue89 et @alphoenix)
Steven Jambot
The Longest Way 1.0 - one year walk/beard grow time lapse -
The Longest Way 1.0 - one year walk/beard grow time lapse
Franck Bourbon
Ah bah super... Newsgator online migre chez Google Reader. Moi qui l'utilisait parce que je n'étais pas fan de Google Reader...
How To Explain Mad Men To A Six-Year-Old | Neal Pollack's Alternadad -
Christian Ward
I've started a collaborative Spotify playlist: Greatest Fade-Outs. Please feel free to add to it
Benoit Descary
Comment utiliser Google Reader comme outil de bookmarking social et bloc-notes -
Martin Menu
Twitter Study Reveals Interesting Results About Usage -
Nicolas Voisin
clash avec bouygues telecom. "vous avez trop consommé d'Internet". "je peux payer!" "Monsieur, c'est un téléphone!" et alors ? passé 500mo ils coupent tout... forfait illimité qu'ils disent :-(
c'est 5 Go normalement l'illimité (limité) de Bouygues - Cyrille Auber
change pour SFR, il y a plein de Fon partout, plutôt efficace ;-) - Fabrice Epelboin
Mon forfait (bouygues) se termine dans quelques mois (avec passage au smartphone prévu) => je retiens ;-) - stanjourdan
Rubin Sfadj
Thierry Crouzet
C’est à Mozilla de devenir un desktop pour agréger tous les lifestreams (des projets ? @nitot )
Robert Scoble
Facebook acquires FriendFeed. Interview with Paul Buchheit, cofounder of FriendFeed. -
No info about the financial aspects of the deal for now. - TiTi
Ithink that tey have to do it now, or never - abdellah
Nice :) Thanks Robert - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
nice scoop! - Marc Ostrick
@Brian How many times have we heard that line before? :( - Rodrigo Jaroszewski
I hope they made a bunch of money, because they SOLD US ALL :( - zio bodhisattva
Robert, was this really posted 5 hours ago? - Daniel Chow
Robert: Say "cool" less! - Stephen Foskett
I was thinking the same thing. Count how many times you said "Cool" Robert ;) - Andru Edwards
This acquisition is most likely going to suck for users, but congrats to the FF team. Once Google announced Wave, selling to Facebook was probably the only remaining exit strategy worth the money. - Chip Ramsey
last comment 2 hours ago on FF by Paul Buchheit, FF CEO, was just " :)" #friendbook - Jacopo Gio
I don't know if i'm excited by the possiblities of this move, or frightened by what this could mean. - John Czwartacki
I hope they don't spoil it for us. I just want to keep coming to - Mark
If they had no plans of shutting down FriendFeed and rolling features into Facebook they would have said so right away to avoid speculation and to reassure FF users. I am trying not to be suspicious, but I am. - Inside Alaska
I'm in the same camp Alaska - Keith - @tsudo
Andru: it was about 100 degrees outside where I was doing the interview. I was trying to think cool and keep my cool. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
Maybe now we'll be able to integrate Facebook feed with FF & twitter - Justin Long
Faceborg...Googlebook...time to move back to StumbleUpon? Guess we should have seen this coming when FriendFeed got integrated into FeedBurner. - Gail Gardner
This interview is pretty funny... the person interviewing sounds like he just wants to ask questions for the sake of asking questions...;-) ... thanks for the insightful interview but.. - Sherif Mansour
In the interview, it was said that FriendFeed was not in immediate danger and could have continued for a number of years on their own. I'm not quite sure if that is true, because FriendFeed didn't develop their own business model. - James Rishabh Mishra
About integrating the social graphs, my social networks on FF and FB had different purposes. I don't have any friends on FB whom I haven't personally met, whereas I subscribe to some people I don't know on FF just because their feeds are interesting. On a related note, the FB graph is undirected and the FF graph is directed. - Ruchira S. Datta
@Scobleizer interviews Paul Buchheit, cofounder of FriendFeed RE acquisition by Facebook. - Deano @ Byron New Media
Paul and Brett jumped at the chance to increase their user base a thousand-fold. Whatever comes out of this is going to be huge. - Vezquex
You are right vzx - Nicolas Gosset from IM
"tremendous opportunity" is so vague. Opportunity for who? What opportunity exactly? Or is it just the opportunity to allow the friendfeed employees who weren't already rich to get rich? - Laura Norvig
Laura: it's every engineer's dream to change the world of 300 million people instead of a few hundred thousand people. That's why this is a tremendous opportunity. - Robert Scoble
Sigh. I guess. It's just very hard to think of Facebook as a life-changing venue. - Laura Norvig
Robert: Thanks for this - some information at last! - Jim Connolly
Conseils pour développer son réseau social sur Twitter. Bon article (via @jeanlucr)
"Google Reader un nouveau FriendFeed ?" -
"Google Reader un nouveau FriendFeed ?"
L'interface de Google Reader et celle de Friendfeed ne sont pas comparables... elles ne résultent pas de la même philosophie - Nicolas Gosset
Complètement. Je pense que c'est bien mal comprendre l'apport de FriendFeed par rapport à un "simple" aggrégateur de flux d'infos", même agrémenté de "fonctionnalités socialisantes". Ce qu'est pour moi Google Reader. - Zackatoustra
Genaro Bardy
How to Write Sharp and Snappy Blog Posts -
Aurélien Fache
I scream, you scream, we all scream for iGoogle social! -
Paul Buchheit
Now when you expand a conversation, we add an "Add comment" link to the bottom so that you don't have to scroll back to the top.
Picture 129.png
heh just was gonna say something - MG Siegler
Sweet! - Mark Trapp
Why add this even thought your going to close down the service? - Matt Ruiz
hey, that's me in that grab. - Christian Collins
You're quick Qguz! - Paul Buchheit
Exxxcellent, sir. We've been asking for this for awhile now. With this taken care of, how close are we to being able to collapse comments that we've expanded? - Akiva
It's too late. - Matt Ruiz
Let's call that a $50 million feature ;-) - Laurent
+1 Akiva, was thinking the same thing - Also, thank you much! Been hoping for this. :-) - Matthew Horton
Good to see development on FF hasn't stopped, Paul. I thought the FF API v2 post was the last FF update we'd ever see. This warms my heart :) - LANjackal
it's not too late, personally alot my post-FB fears will be allayed if dev continues on FF. - Big Joe Silence
Very cool! Keep bringing the cool features! - Dakota O'Neill
Akiva, so how's your faith feeling tonight? now? - Myrna
I just clicked add comment, and now I have nothing to say. :D - Josh Haley from iPhone
Myrna, a band-aid might help but it certainly won't cure. - Akiva
I had to refresh the page to see it initially. - John (bird whisperer)
Akiva :) So what would it like if it wasn't just a band-aid? - Myrna
Myrna, I am unable to parse that sentence. - Akiva
Sounds like a good addition. I was thinking about that today. - Louis Gray
Thank you, Thank You, Thank you! - Jeff P. Henderson
I'm wondering how Paul is feeling tonight a day after signing. Toward his friends here also? - Myrna
Lol at Laurent $50 million dollar feature - Wayne Sutton from iPhone
Keep proving me right, Paul. You guys are awesome! - Jesse Stay
CYBERHUG! (platonically speaking!) - MiniMage
+ Jesse in every way. - Myrna
very nice - please keep pushing on your features! Keep making FF great. - Tobin Truog
awesome! definitely makes sense. - Dusty Edenfield
Yep. I just noticed it. Then looked for the post ... and here it is. - Kevin Mohr
Suggested this a while back. Glad to see it added. - Manuel Mas
Much wanted feature. - Ashish
Cool! - Anne Bouey
I just noticed that! Very nice! - Herb Hernandez from iPhone
Me like new link. Very convenient. - Dennis Jernberg
Yay, you guys added my "add a comment" button feature (sorta). thank you :) - Susan Beebe from iPhone
Even works on the mobile version, cool. - Joe from iPod
nice! - Marg Uerite
Another great new feature. Thanks, Paul! - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
digging the feature but I'll keep Micah's script around a bit longer since it also has a "like" link - chrisofspades
Maybe it was the absurdly long discussions of the FB purchase, but I was wanting this feature yesterday. Woot! - Tom Horn
nice - Ali
can you please add one at the bottom of the page, too? i keep having to hit About then the friendfeed logo, and finally back at the beginning/top :) - mike
Let me guess, the 500+ message thread about FB buying FF brought this on. Like! - Evan Parker
Matthew, Laurent, Akiva Roflol. This is like the bouquet you get when you're the girl and he messed up. Louis, you were right. ;) - Melanie Reed
:) thanx - Ali
hey cool feature thx PB - Thomas Power
ty - paniaguai
that's great! thanks - Jay
Excellent!! Thanks, Paul. - Kol Tregaskes
Perfect choice of screenshot - Alex Kapranoff
makes sooooo much sense - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Probably a five-second feature to reassure everyone ;-) - Tim Tyler
Thanks it is useful :) - Burçak Çubukçu
In Soviet Russia, comment posts you! - Mark
Yay! - DGentry
While you are at it, add a "Keep classic FriendFeed alive forever" -link. kthx! ;) - Jemm
Very clever, and very easy. - Evan Travers
It does not appear until certain number of comments are made. This is really nice because if it appeared twice in proximity it would not look nice. - Ashish
Now, can you add a collapse comments feature? I hate having to scroll up or down for what seems like miles and miles of comments just to get to another post. - April Buchheit
+1 - LANjackal from IM
+2 - Jim Norris
We really wanted this when we were conference blogging--will be great for next time. - Ruchira S. Datta
+1000 April - yes, i've wanted that for a while, too ... please :) - Susan Beebe
Nice start. That means I can almost uninstall the Greasemonkey script that had been doing this for me for the past month or so. Now could we also get a link to collapse the comments again. Pretty please? Oh, and why no "Like" link at the bottom as well? - Alex Schleber
ooh yes, a link at the bottom to re-collapse comments would be great. or maybe even every 30 comments or so there could be a re-collapse link. sometimes i expand and regret it in short order. - Felicia Yue
Happy to see this :-) and happy for Myrna too - Majento
now that I Like'd this post to show it to my friends, I keep receiving comments to it in my IM, most of them rather predictable. Is there a plan to add a @mute command that would stop the streaming of comments to a certain post to IM? - 9000 from IM
I'm with April - MiniMage
quetest haha - ethan meccage
I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand <a href="">Volkswagen Polo</a> <a href="">new car finance</a> - nasir-g
Lorry Destainville
Playlist Spotify du festival Marsatac à Marseille -
Bonne initiative, par contre j'ai l'impression qu'il manque les artistes que je préfère... :-( - Nicolas Gosset
Je sais, mais les absents n'étaient pas sur Spotify :) - Lorry Destainville
quelque découverte sympathique sur la playlist tout de même - Nicolas Gosset from IM
J'avoue! il me tarde vraiment d'y être. J'ai vraiment aimé ce que j'ai découvert quand j'ai fait cette playlist :) - Lorry Destainville from email
Nine DataAngel Ferdinand
Streamy: banned at work!
Work still uses IE6 which fails with Streamy. I have Chrome on my work machine as well. But, Streamy doesn't seem to like Chrome either. - Yolanda
Banned for me, too - websensed, Facebook too - Aaman (Clone of FF)
:( - AJ Batac
Firewall rule: "Rhymes with 'creamy': BLOCK - abacab
Yup. Totally blocked as "Streaming Media". - Nine DataAngel Ferdinand
pierre haski
La police du Sichuan emmerde l'artiste chinois engagé Ai Weiwei, et la photo se retrouve sur Twitter! (via @mranti)
Comment suivre les flux twitter sur friendfeed?
Il faut que tu crées ce qu'on appelle un "ami imaginaire" : tu vas à droite dans "Parcourir/modifier des amis", et tu mets le pseudo en question... Mais le flux twitter doit être associé à Friendfeed. Si ce n'est pas le cas, c'est impossible. - jsguillermou
Merci, donc il faut faire cette manip pour les pseudo de twitter? - oliv21
Paul Buchheit
Obviously I can't provide a lot of detailed plans and guarantees, but I can tell you that I'll do my personal best to ensure that the FriendFeed users and community are treated right. I love this product too, and don't want to see it disappear.
:) - iTad
Thank you, Paul. Hearing something is always better than hearing nothing =) - FFing Enigma
I think this was a smart move fore FF and FB - Joe Hall
What about the service? - Amit Morson
Thanks Paul. - sean percival
Thanks Paul - Mike Doeff
We don't want it to go either. - Yolanda
I would not expect any less from such a cool guy like you, thanks! :) - Susan Beebe from iPhone
Please keep it going for as long as you can or until you can make Facebook actually work. - AJ Kohn
That's heartening, Paul. Thanks. - Anika
We love you guys and FriendFeed.. we are just a little hurt and worried.. just please give us details as soon as possible. - Tim Hoeck
FriendFeed lets me use people as filters to turn data into information. Facebook doesn't. Until it does, please, Please, PLEASE keep FriendFeed as a destination alive. - AJ Kohn
congrats guys! facebook needs what you got! - Lorna Herf
I'm sorry that I haven't said more about this. As you can imagine, it has been an extraordinarily busy day (and I've barely slept in the past week). - Paul Buchheit
I'll add my plea to the chorus: Please don't take FriendFeed away from us. And don't make us go to Facebook (because we won't). FriendFeed means a lot to a lot of people and the thought that it will dry up and blow away shortly is very disturbing. - Lindsay
It's still great to hear from you Paul. Congrats on that new swimming pool full of cash. :D - iTad
Simply glad you're here now. You've always been a very responsive and transparent team. As much as I cringe at the thought of FF going away, I *am* happy for you and the team. - AJ Kohn
Thanks Paul. - John (bird whisperer)
Thank you kind sir. - Andrew Smith
I request you make it to the next scheduled FFundercats podcast to talk to the community. This announcement deserves a live appearance to the community. - Eric - No Gimmicks
Have been dealing unsucessfully with Twitter for two days, trying to get logged in...Their password reset page says"Snap we can't find you." I keep writing to Tech Support at Twitter and get their helpful auto-generated Twitter Trouble shooting email. My problem is not there. =( Hope FriendFeed does not get that blaise about helping users. @EV - SashaKane
If FB can't keep the service running, would you consider open-sourcing the thing, so we can? - Christopher Galtenberg from iPhone
Hi Paul, thanks for the assurances. In the future, I would highly suggest that you make this sort of statement shortly after the initial merger release. Thanks again. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Thanks for keeping the passion! - Shane
Nice to hear Paul. Thanks. - Mark Krynsky
I would like to give you a hug right now Paul. However, that would be awkward and April might beat me up so I will just say thank you and press the like button. - EricaJoy
Best news I have heard today. - Angus Burton
Thank you for affirming that. Much appreciated. - Karoli
A few more points that would be nice to have addressed soon. Ability to export data, tool to import friends to Facebook, and will urls continue to function? - Mark Krynsky
Amelioration?? - heretic_twit
Those that like friendfeed as is should be most pleased with this statement, as it probably means maintenance to keep the current system as is, without as much attention to new features. It's also good news for all those who like both friendfeed and facebook, as facebook will likely adopt the better features from friendfeed - Ivan Kirigin
That means an awful lot to me. - Absentee
This has been quite a day! Can't wait to hear what is next! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Thank you, Paul. Thank you for coming out from behind the curtain and finally giving us some communication, some semblance of hope. - Akiva
So we can expect a Facebook adaption of this? I like this technology over everyone else! - Shaggy Jenkins
Eric, my schedule is still a little uncertain at the moment, but I'd be glad to appear on a future FFundercats. - Paul Buchheit
That would be a good thing Paul. Thanks. - Eric - No Gimmicks
Cool :) - Susan Beebe from iPhone
I like this. - Ashish from iPhone
Thanks for making FriendFeed what it is, and lets hope it stays that way, though there's slim chance of that - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Now that I think about it: are you kidding me? They've already stated that FriendFeed's going to be absorbed into Facebook. What kind of sleight-of-hand are you trying to pull now, Paul? - Akiva
@EricaJoy: I have nothing against hugs. :) - April Buchheit
Thanks! - Vincenzo Piromalli
Thanks, Paul. I've been getting more and more depressed thinking about the bad ways this could go. The reassurances help a bit, at least. In fact, just hearing you speak on the point is encouraging - the open lines of communication between the FriendFeed team and its users has always been one of the great things about FriendFeed that I'm afraid will be lost with the Facebook buyout. And yes, a FFundercats appearance would be a great idea. - Jandy
I don't want to read too much into this reassurance but the "personal best" remark made me think like there is not a united FF anymore and that it's up to your personal efforts to prevent it from being eaten by FB :) - Turker Keskinpala
you can sell the tech but the community can not be bought sold transferred or merged - Robert Higgins from
Turker, I do believe that this deal was the right decision -- I'll write a bit more about that when I get a chance. I say that I'll do my "personal best" because I will -- it would be misleading to make promises on other's behalf :) - Paul Buchheit
Hoping so... practicing patience - Majento
this echoes star wars galaxies, incredible unique community. but they upgraded it to be like world of warcraft. this is a replay of the devs soothing messages. the forums were livid the community evaporated. - Robert Higgins from
When socialmedian was acquired by Xing they left it alone. I hope the same happens here. I'm sure you will do your best though! - Michael Fidler
On behalf of the Dutch citizens our Queen wants to let you know: Thx Paul. - Ton Zijp
Don't know what to say, so lets start with big congrats! from one hand, as an early member of Friendfeed I think we've created here a very cool, collaborative and tech-savvy/passionate community of great people that all probably wish to stick around as much as possible. From the other hand, I know how corporates work and it takes one small decision of share holders to close Friendfeed... more... - Nir Ben Yona
My first reaction is disappointment. I don't believe big corporations do better than small ones. Facebook is inferior to FriendFeed, although it's user base is much larger. Clearly FriendFeed won't survive in the long term, unless it is open sourced. Why not open up and embrace the wonders of the GPL instead of joining forces with the Walled Garden no #1? Facebook don't even operate with permalinks,. - Morten Blaabjerg
Thanks for the explanation Paul. Of course, I congratulate you guys. I think anyone would do the same thing if they were in your shoes :) - Turker Keskinpala
A big congrats for you guys.. However, I feel kind of sorrow :) - Özkan Altuner
good to hear - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Thank you - but I would very much like our content to stay intact. :) - Mona Nomura
Ryo: if you delete your account everything goes away. I totally disagree with you about Facebook, but that's OK. - Robert Scoble
Good to hear. Unfortunately I think Facebook are going to download the brains of all FriendFeed staff then kill FF. - Michael McGimpsey
but Paul it is going to disappear - Facebook bought FF not for the site but for you guys. So obviously once its integrated into Facebook, development on FF will stop - Anthony Feint
If FriendFeed and all of it's functionality get integrated into Facebook I'm all for it. - Hugh Isaacs II
Thank you Paul! Congrats on the deal! - Garin Kilpatrick
Paul - that's great news. It surely can't cost a lot to keep this place running and it's a good place to try out ideas before they move to FB. - Martin Bryant
what about improving the product and making sure it gets more users, not only supports those who stay? - Ihar Mahaniok
Ihar - unlikely. Facebook bought FF for the developer talent, not for FriendFeed itself. - Martin Bryant from iPhone
Martin - I also think so, and it is most likely. But I could still have a hope - Ihar Mahaniok
Paul, please - underpromise & overdeliver...they say it works. - A. T.
FriendFeed is Dead! Long Live FriendFeed! (nice name for Facebook skunkworks) I'm sure everyone would love to see FriendFeed itself stay around, even if the innovations that happen are geared towards implementation at Facebook. Thanks for this note Paul! :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
There are a few promises and guarantees that you SHOULD be able to provide. Like, that our network of friends will remain intact and that the features that make this site great will remain. If you can't make those promises, then you shouldn't have done the deal. I sure do hope that the real-time search engine wasn't the centerpiece of this deal (it probably was), because that certainly... more... - Brad Williamson
Paul you did such a nice job with friendfeed, and I so want to believe you, but I'm not sure I can. Not because of you, but because of your new employer. Because your new employer is no longer you, and while I have kind of come to trust you, I do not trust your new boss. Not at all. Please prove me wrong, if they'll let you. - Jim #teamFFrank
Paul - thanks for that reassurance. PLEASE stick to that! I was in the middle of reading and participating in a lengthy discussion off of a Robert Scoble post yesterday ... then I came up for air and saw your news. Congratulations - I have no idea what that feels like or how pumped you must be. There are so many things FF does that I LOVE...I know you know that. Please Please PLease dont' go away! Thanks! - Tobin Truog
Thanks for the personal note Paul. - Mike Reynolds
Phewww..relief ;-) - Ritu
First zombie/mafia request and we're all outta here.... - Fossil Huntress
+1 Fossil Huntress The partitioning of the networks between friendfeed and facebook was a major feature that many people made use of, lacking appropriate controls for who sees what. Merging the two groups of friends isn't going to work, at all. - Mr. Gunn
It doesn't sound like you understand what has people worried. I wrote this to help: - Bruce Lewis
Maybe Bruce analysis is too imaginary, but the question is THE question nobody answered: why did you do it, Paul? - Luca Sofri
I left a response on Bruce's entry ( I'll write more about this on my blog when I get some free time. - Paul Buchheit
Thanks. - Bonnie Foster
we all know what needs to happen. the question is, where? ... FB needs, - apart from being/it is, a large, general, open application platform, - 1. Smart keyboard shortkatze - and Im a kbsCzar to go to, 2. Aggregating facilities, smart /RSS/ .. 3. Full blogging facilities, capabilities, not 140 chars. 4. Full real time comments facilities, capabilities. 5. Real time, live, but ALSO... more... - pb:
I hope you're being open and honest with us. This time. :( - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Good to know , we´ll see :) - Yahya
Thank you! I am sure you will do great things at FB. I just hope that the great app you built here isn't destroyed. I don't know of any other aggregation app that I can embed into my site like this one! - beersage
Congratulations on your successes, best wishes for more. And thanks for continuing to look out for us loyal, addicted FFanatics! - Rob Schieber
I hope it continues, i'm a new user and absolutely love it (wish i knew the value of it before)! Congrats! - Luis D. Santos
and let me add second, obvious, "Facebook needs" - Friendfeed bookmarklet, and Friendfeed tools - widgets, embedding - real time and not - of posts, and groups embedd, to inject oneself into this thing called Internet ..... so, if FB listens to FF engineering long enough, they are going to get it .. right - pb:
Paul, what I am worried is not that you're brainwashed, but that there's simply no business need for Facebook to improve FriendFeed from now on, period. - Ihar Mahaniok
I have confidence Paul. While some of the comments were probably uncalled for, covering an investment (of time and money) in these times to move on and hopefully provide even 'better stuff' makes sense to me. It's pretty obvious there are a LOT of people that don't want to 'lose' Friendfeed. (I wouldn't hold a town hall for a few weeks though :) - Charlie Anzman
Congrats, Paul. It's sad that people have to make these uncalled for hatred comments about Facebook though. Why can't both sites work together. I think Facebook will do better with FF and vise versa. Take the good features of both services. Don't boycott FB, enjoy it. I'm sick of the negative comments going on, that's all. :( - Molly Song ;)
Because I don't think Paul and the other FF developers would allow FB to do anything. I'm sorry, I am not going to think negative here like some here are. I guess I'm a fangirl for FB. - Molly Song ;)
Finally something about the changes on the horizon that isn't all d0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0om and whining. Thank you, Paul! :D - Christian (Simply X)
Paul, what about the content scam that FB T&C is, does it apply to Friendfeed now? Should we all start writing scripts to retroactively delete all content ever uploaded to Friendfeed? Elaborated a bit here - - Michael Bravo
We know you'll try your best, Paul. But sometimes, you just can't win the dark side... - Winston Teo
Thanks Paul for all your efforts. Founders often want the best, but acquiring companies often have people with political/power issues or different/limited visions. - Mitchell Tsai
*throws a sheep at Paul* is that a good thing? - Joe from iPod
Yeahhhhhhh BOoooiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! - sofarsoShawn
yes, thank you, Sergeant Paul ... well, good to hear we go on ... because if not, how about starting ... or, ...... anyway, lets boost blogging capabilities, post more than current amount of chars, lets have TOP POSTS / clicks count list at the head of each group, some stats, lets index group headers, lets have MORE keyboard shortcuts .. - now ...... more... - pb:
Genaro Bardy
J'ai l'impression d'être dans la cavalerie. On a sonné la charge, on a rameuté les troupes, mais la bataille était déjà jouée. Comment tu peux avoir l'air cool sur FF maintenant ? En parlant de Facebook? La vie a une manière très étrange de rappeler son ironie, même dans le business...
Et au fond est-ce que c'est si important "d'avoir l'air cool " ? On a pas l'air cool quand on se mate un match de foot en charantaises avec un bière à la main et une pizza chaude dans l'autre. Mais, qu'est-ce que c'est bon... A trop se mirer dans le regard de l'autre, l'homme moderne se noie tel Narcisse... - cyrille frank
Non, non, l'homme a appris à nager depuis - Klaire
Y'a qu'un seul truc important dans la vie, c'est d'avoir l'air cool. Et la première gorgée de bière aussi - Genaro Bardy from iPhone
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