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Cyber Wanderlust
Stvarno @marcell @dubravka i @zecg @lovor @nikolaplejic dajte da se vratimo na Friendfeed. <3
@nikolaplejic ja ne mogu uploadati fotku, shanse nema. :) - Cyber Wanderlust
Imaš možda neki Flash blocker ili nešto? - Nikola
marcell mars
what's the difference between fb & except that one of them doesn't lie about its role in commodification of knowldge
Dobrica Pavlinusic
Victor Ganata
There's just no way to prove that you aren't a disembodied brain trapped in a vat, being bathed in psychotropic pharmaceuticals and being subjected to occasional targeted electrical shocks, completely hallucinating the very existence of this post. #whatisreal #morpheusvoice
What if I I told you... - Stephen Mack from iPhone
...that ketchup is a vegetable. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Vegetables are unproductive and a waste of time. - Amit Patel
I shoulda taken the blue pill. - Victor Ganata
Only a fool demands proof of that which they can readily verify themselves. Or you know, just ask a friend. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
This is not one of those things you can readily verify. - Victor Ganata
I disagree. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
There is nothing wrong with being a happy brain in a vat. - Victor Ganata
Except when there's no evidence that one is a brain in a vat. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
There's no evidence that you aren't. :) - Victor Ganata
My vat water is a little cold. - MoTO Boychick Devil
Step 1: Cut a hole in the vat - Pete's Got To Go
My vat sucks - Todd Hoff
In the absence of evidence to the contrary, you cannot scientifically say that the evidence supports anything but what it does. Particularly when you can repeatably verify that really real stuff is going on. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
For all you know, a computer program could be posting these comments. - Victor Ganata
Step 2: Put yo' brain in the vat. #itsmybraininavat (I luh you, you terrible old bastard) - MoTO Boychick Devil
If a computer program was posting your comments it would still verify that this reality is real. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
"Reality is real" is subtly different from "Reality exists". Actually, I'd be willing to go along with either statement, for various values of "reality". - Victor Ganata
You guys got vats?! My brain's in a shoebox in the middle of the road. :( - Ken Morley
While there's no way to /prove/ it, I find one of the alternate theories -- that I'm a freaking /genius/ who invented/discovered/created fractals, calculus, Thai curry, Community, 30 Rock, the Mona Lisa, Grand Central Terminal, etc but can't consciously access such genius on my own behalf -- rather disturbing. - Andrew C (✔)
Andrew hit it! Positive shame, ftw. - Bren from iPhone
Kwanza, Brain In A Vat! - MoTO Boychick Devil
gotta tell you something / about body and mind - Pete's Got To Go
Descartes and Penrose / they give it all that - Pete's Got To Go
but take a look right here / it's my brain in a vat - Pete's Got To Go
oooooo-ooooooooh! My brain in a vat girrrrrrl! - MoTO Boychick Devil
(until you hold pictures of so said brains in afforprementioned hands and verbally state 'wow,') - chaz2b
Some would feel like Brad Pitt after he opened the box in the desert in "Sé7en". Not me. I'm a happy brain in a vat. :) - Harold Cabezas from Android
You don't necessarily need to be able to compose Beethoven's symphonies to be a brain-in-a-vat. It's not necessarily a completely solipsistic existence ;) - Victor Ganata from iPhone
(pictures dont float, #Pennywise ;) - chaz2b
Fuck this shit...
Da zadržimo u jednoj dretvi: - Goran Zec
Lol! - JB
predobro, najbolji su oni dronovi s novom memorijom, na to sam zbilja odvalio - miroslav
Mene je najviše ubio simbiont s neumrlim mozgom dostojanstvenika u ceremonijalnoj draguljima optočenoj kugli, pogledao sam ga triput i zacenio svaki. - Goran Zec
marcell mars
personal search.
kriv je pomfrit - Tomislav Medak
Goran Zec
Realnosti odjebi (Dr Protić) -
Realnosti odjebi (Dr Protić)
svi vole jaganjca - vedran
jaganjac to je moj đir, jaganjca voli cili svit - miroslav
marcell mars
"JSAN is a writing style anonymization framework. It consists of two parts: JStylo and Anonymouth. JStylo is a standalone platform for authorship attribution. It is used as an underlying feature extraction and authorship attribution engine. Anonymouth is the writing style anonymization platform. It uses the extracted stylometric features and classification results obtained through JStylo and suggests users changes to anonymize their writing style. " Tags: language security floss software privacy social - marcell mars
snaga zloga
Mate Škugor: Zgodnom mi se učinila priča otvoriti klub, pa sam to napravio -
Mate Škugor: Zgodnom mi se učinila priča otvoriti klub, pa sam to napravio
"Recimo, Mats Gustafsson se vraća nakon duljeg vremena. Nadam se da će se vratiti i svi ostali naši prijatelji. I Ken Vandermark, Peter Brötsmann, Rob Mazurek. Ne vidim razloga zašto se to ne bi događalo. Za početak jednom mjesečno, a onda u budućnosti možda i češće. Možda se ponovo vrati i N.O.Jazz festival." \o/ - Nikola
marcell mars
WR702N openwrt, 400Mhz mips, 32MB ram 4MB flash, USB HOST
Najsssss. - mzec
100 kuna - Vedran Rodic from Android
wr702n izbjegavajte jer ima samo 2MB flasha i zbog toga nije podržan pod openwrt-om, svakako uzmite wr703n, ti koštaju po cca 140kn ali isto zadnje verzije v1.7 nisu podržane od openwrt-a jer su mijenjali bootloader, no radi se na workaroundu. - Valent
Goran Zec
Tomislav Medak
Muzički top 10 u 2012.: 10. K. Fullerton Whitman: Generators, 9. Ty Segall & White Fence: Hair, 8. F. Ocean: Channel ORANGE, 7. A. Tucker: Third Mouth, 6. J. Lescalleet: Songs About Nothing, 5. Billy Brag & Wilco: Mermaid Avenue: The Complete Sessions, 4. Swans: The Seer, 3. T. Hecker & D. Lopatin: Instrumental Tourist,...
...2. Neneh Cherry and The Thing: The Cherry Thing, 1. O. Ambarchi: Ooty Raga - Tomislav Medak
bilo bi super da sad mogu da kliknem i skinem sve ovo kao bundle - dubravka from Android
@dubravka to bi bio neki puno bolji internet :) - klemo
Dobrica Pavlinusic
Is wireless keyboard safe for your passwords? -
I recently got big screen TV (big for my living room at least). It came with few HDMI ports and VGA, so next logical step was to connect computer to it. And of course, then I noticed that it would be really handy to have wireless keyboard and mouse to complete this nice setup. However, I also wanted to ssh over that networks, so I started examining how secure wireless keyboards are. tl;dr; summary: they are not secure. First I asked for suggestions which wireless keyboard to buy. I have quite big fingers, so mini models just doesn't do it for me. I got suggestion to take a look at Logitech K400 and sure enough it seemed like good choice. One of first things that I noticed is that it supports 128-bit AES encryption. I started to have a good feeling about it, but I wanted to know more, so I hoped to Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz Technology pdf and discovered that not all keys are encrypted.To quote documentation: The encryption applies to all standard keyboard keys (a, s, d, f...) and... - Dobrica Pavlinusic
lesh BotBrew is an alternative package manager for rooted Android devices <-- do sada sam koristio neki izdrkani opkg i mali repo, ovo izgleda dobro!
dbus, adduser, git, 160 paketa! al nema nodejs :( - lesh
yup. i odlično radi kad mu se proširi image :) - horza
To je sid-grip (sa smanjenjenim paketima za embedded uređaje), ali možete u /etc/apt/sources.list dodati normalni sid i dobiti sve pakete koji postoje u debianu (malo veće jer imaju više dokumentacije). Da slučajno čitate moj blog o BotBrew (basil, ne običan!) na Nook-u to bi već znali. - Dobrica Pavlinusic
snaga zloga
pojavila se asja! - klemo
dozvala me golotinja! - asjaba
Bojan Petrovic
Moji heroji devedesetih: Emergency Broadcast Network - Electronic Behavior Control System
Moji heroji devedesetih: Emergency Broadcast Network - Electronic Behavior Control System
Ekselent! - Goran Zec
Cyber Wanderlust
Cyber Wanderlust
RT @lanabudimlic: na današnji dan 1945. žene prvi put glasale na izborima u SFRJ (tačnije FNRJ)
Cyber Wanderlust
Drogeraši i satanisti. <3 - Nikola
snaga zloga
Cyber Wanderlust
Kako je propao Friendfeed.
Od svih mreža najviše sam volela Friendfeed. - Cyber Wanderlust
šaptom pao. - klemo
Zašto u Hrvatskoj među vama nije popularan Twitter kao u Srbiji? - Cyber Wanderlust
sjebo nas je august 2009. jumping the shark... zapravo je čudo da još radi! :) - klemo
regional interes: turkey 100, italy 38, iran 36, japan 17, united states 12, russia 11, india 11, uk 11, canada 10, china 10. animacija timeline-a je super smješna prvo se prikaže amerika i kanada i onda nakon nekog vremena samo turska. - marcell mars
:D Da, ali zašto TW nije toliko popularan u Hrvatskoj? - Cyber Wanderlust
kratkoporučna razmjena na twitteru nije od velike svrhe za rasprave i dijeljenje zahtjevnijeg sadržaja, eventualno brzopotezna flejmanja i linkove bez rasprave. vrlo uzak kanal. preformativno sigurno potentniji, ali opet vrlo u svom krugu. friendfeed i facebook su puno kvalitetniji sadržajem. - Tomislav Medak
i interes po gradovima je zanimljiv: Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Milan, Rome, San Francisco, Toronto, New York , London, Paris. vrlo 'europski' i romantično ;) - klemo
twitter ima problem s diskusijama. iako, komentari su zapravo tweetovi i imaju svoj url, u duhu weba, šta je, je. možda zanimljivo: - klemo
Twitter je donekle riješio problem s diskusijama (sad možeš vidjeti cijeli "thread" iako ga još uvijek malo zezne situacija kad se razgovor razgrana), ali 140 znakova ostaje bezvezno proizvoljno ograničenje, a liste su im još uvijek dobro skriveni poluproizvod. - Nikola
twitter vs facebook me podsjeća na wow vs second life debatu. nisu isti slučajevi ali je zanimljiva raspodjela karakteristika. twitter je definitivno pokupio imidž mjesta gdje su ljudi kreativniji nego na facebooku, ali u usporedbi s facebookom ne daje kvalitetniji output. facebook je i dalje mjesto na kojem je najlakše uočiti razliku u kvaliteti između pojedinih informacijskih... more... - marcell mars
tviter je ove godine u septembru ubio diveloperski san i zadržao informacije za sebe (svi moji botovi su mrtvi - no, i dalje ljudi za najveću frku dolaze na twitter, u srbiji. ako hoćeš praviti frku, twitter je tu. imao 140 karaktera ili ne. još mi niko ko poznaje šta je u srbiji a šta u hrvatskoj nije objasnio što je tolika razlika u trendovima - moja baba sada ima živi twitter nalog... - Cyber Wanderlust
Haneke: Amour (2012) - whiteflesh - -
lepo baš - koalica
RT @MartinMystre: Na današnji dan 1675.g. njemački naučnik Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz u infinitezimalnom računu prvi puta upotrijebio oznaku za integral.
Nikola Đorđević
Kimbra - Plain Gold Ring (Live on KEXP) -
Gorane, ima elemenata soula, da te upozorim. ;) - Nikola Đorđević
Dobar je cijeli nastup: - Nikola
Goran Zec
dobar je i trailer - vedran
Dok ne vidim screenshotan FOV slider u opcijama, ne dam pare za ištashock. Ali cijeli album mi je izvrstan. - Goran Zec
Dobrica Pavlinusic
K2pdfopt optimizes PDF/DJVU files for mobile e-readers (e.g. the Kindle) and smartphones. It works well on multi-column PDF/DJVU files. - Dobrica Pavlinusic
Čoveče, ovo radi! Lomi tekst na zbrci crno-belih piksela. - Bojan Petrovic
Odličan alat, jedino što mu PDF-ovi znaju biti nezavidne veličine. - Nikola
S 4MB na 30MB :) Al odlično, odlično, odlično! :) Već sam počeo razmišljat o DX-u, al ovo mi izgleda super... - klemo
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