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National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis
Heitsch: Tenure process has written rules and unwritten rules #womenWS
Barnes: Teaching institutions have a different tenure process #womenWS
Happening now -- livestream on tenure issues at Opportunities WS for Women #womenWS
Getting started in just a few minutes with our live panel on #tenure issues! #womenWS
Topic after lunch: #tenure issues. Full schedule: #womenWS
Opportunities for Women in #Math Workshop. Live stream today at #womenWS
RT @davidjayharris: @NIMBioS Grace Hopper. Don't think she coined the term "bug", although she found the first insect-related one.
She earned a math PhD, developed a programming language, and coined the term "computer bug". Who was she? #womenWS
Did you spot her in Raphael's School of Athens? Hypatia is considered the mother of mathematics (b. 350 AD) #womenWS
RT @Soilgirl18: Proud to be an organizer of the Opportunities WS for women in #math starting today @NIMBioS! #womenWS Prepared to be inspired!
RT @Samerwin: In route to Knoxville! Excited to be headed to @NIMBioS for #womenWS
RT @scientistlou: @NIMBioS is happy to welcome distinguished female mathematicians to #womenWS and invite you to the Live Stream
Excited about #womenWS tomorrow celebrating women in math. Who is considered the first female mathematician? Hint:
RT @johnmcquaid: The ocean current models being used to trace the origin of possible #MH370 debris via @NIMBioS
RT @omearabrian: One thing that has come up at #cloudTT is the importance of @XSEDEscience (with @NSF funding) as bio resource. Thanks, taxpayers!
RT @omearabrian: #cloudTT: Mike Gilchrist makes often-ignored point that there may be multiple processes together leading to pattern, not just a single one
New talk: 'Extracting info on protein translation from genomic sequences' #cloudTT Live Stream
#cloudTT After @omearabrian talk we will be ending the stream to move to local break-out sessions. Tomorrow R and C++ will start at 9am.
Current speaker @omearabrian seeks questions from the twitterverse at #cloudTT Speak up!
RT @srsupp: Here's an example of interactive code written for students to play with distributions and data #cloudTT #rstats
RT @omearabrian: Talking about phylo in the #cloudTT at 2 EDT. Slides and resources at . @rOpenSci @opentreeoflife @datadryad and more
#cloudTT Daniel Kaplan will continue his talk on R in the classroom. His notes and slides are at
Cloud Computing Tutorial. Live stream at resumes post lunch #cloudTT
RT @srsupp: Bob Muenchen is going to discuss visualization in #rstats using the grammar of graphics now. #cloudTT
Climate Change Impacts Around the World — In One Graphic - ImaGeo |
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