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National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis
We resume streaming our #math #womenWS in about 10 minutes with panel: "Industry & Government Careers" Tune in!
Streaming of #womenWS over for day. We begin again tomorrow at 8:30 EDT with a panel on "Industry & Govt Careers".
Datta urging #women in #statistics to get connected: Caucus for Women in Statistics #womenWS http://caucusforwomeninstatist...
First #women in #statistics conference coming in May! #womenWS
Dr. Suzanne Lenhart now live representing the NSF Math Institutes - NIMBioS is just one of many awesome ones! #womenWS
Laughing because one of our #womenWS participants just recognized herself in one of Charney's AWM slides - AWM workshops highly recommended!
Find out more about AWM here as well: #womenWS
Dr. Ruth Charney telling us more about the Association for Women in Mathematics @AWM #womenWS
Else-Quest: Data shows single-sex schools great for girl achievement, bad for boys'. #womenWS Equity needs to be for everyone.
Else-Quest: Role models important. We don't want our daughters or sons to grow up thinking they are limited in their opps by gender #womenWS
Else-Quest: Gender equity explains up to 37% of variance in math attitudes and achievement around the world #womenWS
Choices shaped by expectation of success, value, self-concept, cultural milieu. #womenWS So why aren't more women choosing STEM?
Gender gaps in achievement don't explain gender gaps in participation #womenWS
Keynote on gender gap in STEM live streaming now #womenWS
Love this paper by Herring on biostatistics and virgin births #womenWS
RT @betheross: Heitsch: The best way to say no to service that you don't have time for is to get a senior colleague to say "no" for you. #womenWS
More on our livestreaming speaker, Dr. Amy Herring from UNC-Chapel Hill #womenWS
Heitsch: Tenure process has written rules and unwritten rules #womenWS
Barnes: Teaching institutions have a different tenure process #womenWS
Happening now -- livestream on tenure issues at Opportunities WS for Women #womenWS
Getting started in just a few minutes with our live panel on #tenure issues! #womenWS
Topic after lunch: #tenure issues. Full schedule: #womenWS
Opportunities for Women in #Math Workshop. Live stream today at #womenWS
RT @davidjayharris: @NIMBioS Grace Hopper. Don't think she coined the term "bug", although she found the first insect-related one.
She earned a math PhD, developed a programming language, and coined the term "computer bug". Who was she? #womenWS
Did you spot her in Raphael's School of Athens? Hypatia is considered the mother of mathematics (b. 350 AD) #womenWS
RT @Soilgirl18: Proud to be an organizer of the Opportunities WS for women in #math starting today @NIMBioS! #womenWS Prepared to be inspired!
RT @Samerwin: In route to Knoxville! Excited to be headed to @NIMBioS for #womenWS
RT @scientistlou: @NIMBioS is happy to welcome distinguished female mathematicians to #womenWS and invite you to the Live Stream
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