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RT @DrScienceCat: Moment of silence for everyone's best childhood friend, Zoboomafoo, who died at the age of 20 years old.
Loved how busy it was at @fiddlesteel tonight. People getting their last chances at making memories there.
Here's a free tip: don't piss off the bartender. Especially when its busy. It doesn't bode well for you.
Rockin' out to #ManAgainstMachine --- love me some new @garthbrooks music.
Rockin' out to #ManAgainstMachine --- love me some new @garthbrooks music.
Every year, I make sure to reply to every birthday wish I get on Facebook. Just finished for this year. Feeling very loved.
After concert cocktails... @ Pinewood Social
Get back... Get back... Get back to where you one belonged...
My first #selfie at 34 years old. 😜
So, I'm officially 34 years old now. There's that.
Texas A&M is trending in Nashville... Because people are comparing the GB/CHI game to Bama/TAMU. Le sigh.
RT @BA_Compton: Only plays they'll show from last night are the last two fumbles... But don't forget all the plays we made prior. We didn't win by accident.
Just posted a photo @ Fannie Mae Dees Park
Watched the @rascalflatts segment on @TODAYshow & brought me to tears. Made the @fiddlesteel closing even more real. #SavePrintersAlley
Alison getting a little love from Brad & Corey. #fiddlefamily #memories #fiddlesteel #love @ Fiddle &…
This is me right now: :-o
RT @dctf: The 2014 Texas A&M Aggies: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Well. I'm good with this. Let's keep it up, please. Lots of game to be played. #gigem #12thman #whoop
RT @aggieffmedic87: HOWDY. That's KYLE ALLEN. And yes folks we have found game. #BTHOauburn
RT @CHRISOBLENES: Hope he is ok, but he definitely fumbled that. Should've been returned for a touchdown. Always hate refs blowing a play dead.
RT @GBHunting: Man, that injury looked bad. I hope he’ll be ok.
RT @aubreyrbloom: He’s either down or a fumble, there’s no way that’s incomplete.
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