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AJ Kohn
Weapon of Mass Instruction - http://www.bookpatrol.net/2010...
Weapon of Mass Instruction
"Meet my new hero. Raul Lemesoff, an Argentine art-car artist, has taken a 1979 Ford Falcon that used to belong to the Argentine armed forces and turned into a 'Weapon of Mass Instruction.' Armed with 900 or so books Lemesoff travels the streets of Buenos Aires and beyond offering free books to all. He sees his 'Weapon of Mass Instruction' as a "contribution to peace through literature."" - AJ Kohn from Bookmarklet
Kevin Fox
My exit interview is in the conference room 'Men at Work'. Less ironic choices would have been 'Erasure' or 'Journey'
If the HR rep was also leaving, they could stick the both of you in U2. - Stephen Mack
Surprisingly we don't have a U2 conference room, but we do have a "Salt" next door to "N Pepa". - Kevin Fox
Do you have a Rolling Stones room? - Stephen Mack
@Kevin. It could be INXS, you're lucky. - Ozgur Demir
and also one, named "Hummus" (: - Ozgur Demir
Violet Mae Lim
Instead of trying to gain more followers, we ought to work on cultivating the relationships we have with existing followers.
c-a-n-n-o-t stress this enough. - vijay
@vijay Right? seems obvious to us, but i think people still dont understand this simple concept. - Violet Mae Lim
'cause that's too much work. - vijay
i am following someone who is "well known" in the internet marketing biz and he tweeted something along the lines of, "i want more followers... not so i can increase the number, but because i have a lot of good stuff to share". I laughed out loud. - Violet Mae Lim
Violet Mae, haha. Everyone wants that too but not by being directly blunt about it. - imabonehead
@imabonehead, i get that but my point is, if you have stronger relationships w/ ppl, those ppl are more likely to read and RT your stuff. Merely having more followers doesn't mean they all want to consume your content. - Violet Mae Lim
not interested - sean percival
@Violet Mae, point made. :) - imabonehead
@sean- i know you aren't interested. you're sean percival! you already know everyone ;) - Violet Mae Lim
The more followers you have the less you care about their content, it's TOO NOISY. - Nir Ben Yona
A tiered strategy can be helpful (almost like a marketing plan). Spend 40% of your time doing what YOU want. 30% cultivating deeper friendships. 20% with acquaintances. 10% reaching out for a wide audience. And you might pass though periods with very different priorities (e.g. Those days when it seems like your friends are using up all of your energy with their crises/celebrations. And days at conferences meeting 95% new people). - Mitchell Tsai
Well put. - Louis Simoneau
I've been surfing around 10s/100s of Facebook profiles for the past few days. One of the real drags about passing through periods of low-internet access (or periods where 100s of people connect to you) is that you don't have time to look at people's websites/resumes/book-lists/Twitters/etc... It's really nice to have time to catch up. In some ways (not all), it was nice when I met... more... - Mitchell Tsai
I think that our followers should be trying to cultivate their relationships with us. And we should be working on the relationships with those we follow. - Gregg Scott
@Mitchell I like your approach Mitchell. @gregg-I always make it a point to talk to the people who take time to talk to me. On twitter, I have new follower notifications turned off. I generally will follow those who take the time to @ reply me. @Rutger- unfortunately, probably never. :) - Violet Mae Lim
I have many people follow and then unfollow me if I haven't reciprocated in 48 hours. Why did they give me their attention in the first place? Was it because there was value in my content or were they simply another one of the growing number of tired Twitter stat-collectors? - Gregg Scott
Gregg. (you mean "unfollow"?). This tit-for-tat approach also affected FriendFeed (e.g. If I like something in your feed, and you don't come back & like something in my feed, then I won't subscribe to you). I really try to visit everyone who comments/likes my stuff, but on busy days with 1,000s of comments/likes it quickly becomes impossible. I don't track my Twitter followers, but it... more... - Mitchell Tsai
FriendFeed has quite a "halo" effect with it's comments & likes (and it's not just on the Robert Scoble's & Louis Gray's). Once there were a few hundred people following me, whenever I had the time to surf "obscure" people's feeds, I'd notice that a lot of likes/comments would follow whichever items I had liked/commented. In a way, this can be kind-of ego-boosting :-) but it also helps... more... - Mitchell Tsai
Mitchell, that's right. I see the follow-on activity is like a wake behind a fast moving boat. There is a ripple effect that can trail you. - Louis Gray
Ryo- no. but someone could do a great video-blog on that. could be called, "date my followers".... - Violet Mae Lim
Muthu Ramadoss
Don't Believe the India Hype - WSJ.com - http://online.wsj.com/article...
Nathan Rein
@bignosemousie thanks (but if i don't wiggle it, how do i know if it's loose...?) she's not in pain, which i think is probably a good sign.
Nathan Rein
Talia (age 2-1/2): "I'm a frog! I'm a frog! I know REALLY how to jump!" [LWZ]
MINIX 3 Promises to Be More Secure Than Windows or Linux - http://www.infoq.com/news...
MINIX 3 Promises to Be More Secure Than Windows or Linux  - http://www.infoq.com/news/2009/05/MINIX
"The most serious reliability and security problems are those relating to the operating system. The core problem is that no current system obeys the POLA: the Principle Of Least Authority. The POLA states that a system should be partitioned into components in such a way that an inevitable bug in one component cannot propagate into another component and do damage there. Each component should be given only the authority it needs to do its own job and no more. In particular, it should not be able to read or write data belonging to another component, read any part of the computer’s memory other than its own address space, execute sensitive instructions it has no business executing, touch I/O devices it should not touch, and so on. Current operating systems violate this principle completely, resulting in the reliability and security problems mentioned above." - MikeAmundsen from Bookmarklet
Tanenbaum is such a stubborn! :) - directeur
his books are quite useful though. :) - mikepk
mikepk, Oh sure! His books are a MUST. You can't pretend to know how operating systems work without reading them. Great memories :) - directeur
Ajay Pathak
Haa.. I missed this day!!! Need to wait for another 7 years huh! - Krishnamoorthy
Where Is Human Evolution Heading? - http://www.usnews.com/article...
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