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FriendFeed Jabber/Gtalk IM bot -
I think this is the origin of story!! March 26 was when I added the bot to my gTalk..!! - Jigar Mehta
I like having each service as an individual contact. Much easier. Can we see the same for Pownce? - Chris Nixon
Well, IMified has taken bot to a next level.. I even created a customized option to check my google calendar appointments for today (a quick schedule for today) by interacting with bot! Not sure, if they have one for Pownce.. - Jigar Mehta from bTT
One year later. Just bumping this because it's the one year anniversary of the only item on FriendFeed to get more than 400 likes. (452 at the moment) - Ken Sheppardson
Hi i am charles Camil ,i want to know you - charles
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