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RT @eloquentsonia: . @gnat go check out the @consumernz site - they’ll point you in the right direction for a new power co
Kiwis: I can change power companies, right? Genesis have awful cust svc around faults. Are the competiton any better?
RT @bos31337: Oh hey, did I mention the guys who hang out outside lecture halls at Stanford asking if anyone is looking to be a CTO.
Giving Mr 14 his latest culture lesson, Speed (1994). "I did that in GTA V. Oh, that too!"
Exploring North Head tunnels with @dubpirate.
Thanks to, I now get SKEPTICAL whenever I see a brain diagram or fMRI scan.
We were really having fun with the contract negotiation until I realised the “LOL clause” referred to “Limitation of Liability”.
This is @raley’s song about keeping your litter out of our ocean. Please Likebook it on Face+! #badatsocialmedia
RT @fogonwater: So, I've moved to Auckland and working at @hapara_team. I'm enjoying being back in my old city.
RT @atduskgreg: “I liked crowdfunding better when it was called taxation.” — @anildash
Takeaway still-resonating line from #kiwifoo was “we already have crowdfunding for science: it is called taxation.”
I live for the day that Science discovers the flouride vaccine that immunises against autism.
Has anyone adapted Net Promoter Score to measure student engagement? #ed
Frustrating that #NZ doesn’t appear once in the Global Youth Wellbeing Index
So happies! Such joyness! Wow! RT@fogonwater Heading to Auckland to work with @gnat and the @hapara_team
Another friend running! RT @Mad_Hatter__ Please support my campaign as Green Party candidate for Rimutaka https://secure.greensfundraisi... @NZGreens
Can you imagine the rectal PSI at HBO as they try to keep Silicon Valley S01E01 from leaking? There’s a job I wouldn’t want to have.
photo from my visit to @ClaireAmosNZ’s shiny new school. I’m full of music room envy.
Hm, this contract says: “the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply”. #anklegrabbing
Explaining contract process to partner: “capitalist unicorns and sweet lawyerly rainbows, signed in blood, witnessed by the Devil.”
As always, about to fly coach from NZ's technology hub to USA's technology hub, on a huckory no-USB/no-power shitoplane. Shame @FlyAirNZ!
Old people with loud phones they can’t answer. #koruclub
“No sexy pictures in your presos, you cunts!” Don’t think I’ll let @justjenine write our code of conduct.
FML. Working from home.
Watching @reganjcunliffe launch entertainment grade munitions into the air just feet above the heads of delighted toddlers. Rural pleasures.
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