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“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” —Wordsworth
RT @jemyoshioka: Loved @NLNZ post on heritage colour palettes. I'm going to draw with them all. Here's today's
RT @tcarmody: I think @loisbeckett riffing on @iraglass was the best thing on Twitter today. RT @kottke: This American Lear
Someone must stop those nice people at Whittaker’s Chocolate. 100s&1000s chocolate is OTC crack.
RT @DigitalNZ: This is so fantastic from @NLNZ: heritage colour palettes sourced from the collections of the Turnbull Library! We can all go home now. Car hit horse and first responder says, “it’s knackered”. He wins. word of the day: "ultracrepidarian"
That sickening sound that signifies you’ve just trodden your house’s last Kindle underfoot.
OH: “Oh did you hear? Stephane and Lorenza have the same birthday!” Matakana, you are not the quiet farm town I knew.
RT @Dubpirate: Trying to start on Tabletop RPGs. Does anyone have any idea where to start?
RT @mqtodd: Computer games don't effect kids...... Right?
Now it’s time for “Top Secret” with @dubpirate. “There is sauerkraut in my lederhosen.”
OMG loving Max Headroom movie. Watching it with @dubpirate. AI, glitches, steampunk, ad-led world … glorious.
“GCSB” spraypainted over John Key’s image. Internet Party voters adding a commenting feature to National’s campaign billboards.
Must be hallucinating. Could have sworn Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi had tweeted me. Need caffeine or sleep, stat.
I ❤︎ @toby_etc. He never fails to deliver. “as exciting and relevant as the Commonwealth Games”.
Political billboards, #NZ style. (HT @RiversAwarau)
RT @hmason: When you use data to study people, ask "who gains power with this info?" If it's not the people whose data you are using, there's a problem.
Best thoughts about Creative Commons and Education you’ll hear this week. @tonyandrewmeyer FTW
RT @guywilliamsguy: I call #MaoriLanguageWeek "normal language week" and every other week "English language week"... it's very confusing but totally worth it.
RT @petrajane: @gnat round out the look with a moustache and dashing side-part?
On in 5 minutes or so. Whee!
That awkward moment when you realize your sideburns have become muttonchops.
Four short links: 23 July 2014 -
I’m talking technology on RadioNZ’s Nine to Noon at around 11:10am NZST. Scifi, chaos, brains, and @atduskgreg.
“bubonic plague outbreaks are rare in China” and other reassuring news
(Trigger warning: moron) “committing an indecent act using a sex toy, clothes pegs and a leather whip.” (boggle)
Goddamnit, car was vandalised while in the Victoria St Carpark today. Now no doors have functioning locks.
Four short links: 22 July 2014 -
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