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Wow. @danharmon’s “Harmontown” vid is awesome. So much honesty for $29.
Title II not necessarily great match for ISPs in USA….
Filed my leave request for the band’s trip to Australia.
“No chest-thumping brogrammers, Dilbertesque micromanagers, or Machiavellian corporate bullshit ladder climbers, thanks.”
Have a suspicion the founder will veto my use of “corporate bullshit ladder” in this job ad.
#ttrttpt did BECA code it? 21 Pitt St’s lat/long hardcoded in the src.
Kiwi net detectives … who’s hosting Traceroute ends in, which isn’t in whois.
Today’s “Don’t Read The Comments”: @doctorow’s extract published on TechCrunch. “Top commenter”s indeed.
Reminder, Devonport: bluegrass dinner at Corelli’s Cafe, 7pm Tuesday. Pipi Pickers are your in-house band …
Get your bluegrass on, Devonport! Pipi Pickers playing Corelli's on Tuesday night. 7-9pm, bluegrass dinner.
I must take a secret pic of the next cute Target checkout lady I encounter, so it can go viral. That’ll end well.
Watching “Four Weddings and a Funeral” with the kids. Ms 13 of @hackedoffhugh: “he’s DISHY!” Yes, yes he is.
Interesting personalised learning in America. HT @dteuber
Four short links: 7 November 2014 -
Amazing expose of Luxembourg tax dodginess, via leaked PwC files.
Farewell Auckland! Put your feet up and I'll see you again early on Monday...
Dang commute! Had to leave the team before we'd finished celebrating another great sprint with Leigh Sawmill microbrews.
What stock photography tells us about teaching. Attn: @JJPurtonJones @kaiako_nz @ClaireAmosNZ @dorothyjburt
Reminder: the only bluegrass band featuring NZ’s first web developer (me!) plays the Leigh Sawmill, 5pm Sunday.
Napoleon scratching his balls, giving dictation while exiled on St Helena (HT @PublicDomainRev)
Four short links: 6 November 2014 -
Four short links: 5 November 2014 -
As a product owner, I would like a quick and painless death.
NOW I get why people are so excited to welcome uber. Where the fuck are the cabs in Auckland?
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