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#NZ not saying I’m a nerd, but I saw this and thought “but ambergris is whale phlegm not shit!”
.@perigrin you’re right. “race riot” implies the minority is rioting, whereas the police are the antagonists.
So glad I moved back. While USA teargases protestors in a week-long race riot, NZ is aghast that politicians fed stories to bloggers.
RT @paulisci: How to determine the order of authorship in an academic paper.
RT @adzebill: For some reason Dr Who never finds himself thrown into the 1932–35 war between Bolivia and Paraguay.
#NZ is there anything of the Rena tanker left to see? Are there tours? Or is it underwater and uninteresting?
My favourite of the kids’ political survey answers: “I don’t know, depends on what you mean by that and how it was done!” #win
Just asked our kids the q’s from the “where do you stand, politically?” survey. Amazing conversation starter, discovered much about them.
RT @markleidner: sometimes you monetize the nothingness, sometimes the nothingness monetizes you
RT @truekwak: you think you are starring in the movie "you", but you are actually an extra in the movie "them"
RT @markleidner: bro bro bro your boat substantiates the American dream privilegedly privilegedly privilegedly privilegedly dude, let's shoot some Beam
As the saying goes, four hours standing up playing a heavy banjo makes Nat a fucked boy. #marathonAtASprint
Walking the streets of Ponsonby, amazed at how many people now want to look like sysadmins and designers. #nz
Having mocked Conservatives' "Stand for Something", wife and the vanload of kids decided my political slogan would be "Tough on Cunts."
Today’s word: “ekphrastic” aka dancing about architecture, via
RT @garru: First timelineservice architecture diagram. Little known fact, tls modeled after domokun. /cc @rael @raffi #tbt
Fellow startups: we need to set up a room for videoconferencing. Eyeing a G Chromebox. What have you gone with?
What a start to the today: schooled in humanity, with citations to a paper on a robot duck’s fake shit. Peaked too soon!
RT @yoz: @gnat Cover done, pitching to Starbucks tomorrow
I mean, I’ve got Google Image Search if I want an image of a generic apartment. Arseholes. #ttrttpt
Apartment hunting. Death to everyone who says “photos are generic”. What’s the fucking point of a photo if it’s not representative?
Assholes are like opinions. They only sound good to their owners, I don’t want yours shoved in my face, and I can’t stand behind my own.
Coworkers got to hear me slowly & clearly bellowing into a video hangout on my phone, “THIS. IS. NOT. MY. PREFERRED. COMMUNICATION. METHOD.”
When will I learn? Opinions are like assholes: nothing good will come of revealing yours on Twitter.
Pakeha NZ has no political tradition of eloquence, oratory, or rhetoric. US: I have a dream. NZ: I’m relaxed about that.
I missed this at the time. Seems a bang-on dicknailing of #NZ’s charter schools brokenness.
Epsom. Because even the obscenely rich deserve a back door into government through party deals. Who will think of the millionaires? #NZ
Saw a tweet from @piawaugh and thought it was from @piriweepu. “He left the All Black for open govt hacking? Legend!”
That thing when someone tweets about the Labour Party conference and you go “the Labour Party? Is that still a thing?”
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