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The Super Protein That Can Cut DNA and Revolutionize Genetic Engineering
RT @UpshotNYT: Best of Upshot: How birth year affects a person's politics.
RT @kerihw: So embarrassing when you stare into the abyss and the abyss stares back at you so you wave but the abyss was staring at the dude behind you.
RT @joshbloch: Here's a list of search results omitted from Google due to the "Right to be forgotten" I suggest you forget them!
The internet’s fifth man
Computercraft, a Minecraft mod featuring computers and programmable turtles
RT @jedisct1: RT @professorlemeza: What happens when you use audio effects on images?
This is a very sad, sad read. Everything feels wrong in this Nokia X strategy.
"instead of connecting users to the Google cloud of services... it connects them to the Microsoft cloud instead"
RT @DavidAbiker: C'est parfait. RT “@MBaujard:”
RT @lukaszkujawa: This is the funniest #programming language tutorial I've ever seen #haskell
RT @UltranusAbitbol: Une blague et on va manger
RT @firt: Apps failing on extreme scenarios UI test such as enough space for 7 goals in a WC match. Here the official TV app
RT @AFPphoto: Obama shakes hands with a man wearing a horse head mask on a street in Denver, by @jewelsamad
RT @SPACEdotcom: Space Image of the Day: Saturn's north polar vortex and hexagon
RT @SonarSource: We're looking for a Java developer & geek to develop source code analyzers
RT @SonarSource: We're looking for a C# developer & geek to develop source code analyzers for C# and http://VB.Net
RT @berkun: My head explodes every time I'm in a bookstore thinking of the 1000s of hours that went into each of 1000s of books
RT @martinohanlon: More Minecraft 3d fractal trees, made with the @Raspberry_Pi minecraft turtle. code on github
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