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RT @joewalnes: SSL libs have had a bad time recently. OpenSSL, Apple SSL, GnuTLS. Amazingly Microsoft managed to avoid it. Oh wait.
RT @Psydufutur: Et si on conseillait les grippés, les blessés... comme on traite les malades "psy"? (english) via @Timeo_Danaos
RT @steeve: Seriously Groupon? “@abbrasuo: Help to defend own trademark:”
Introduction to Mutation Testing
RT @SabEnBzh: Anniversaire de Laura, 15 ans - 2014
I was slain by a Glume Miner on the 1st floor of the Cursed Hollows as the Rogue #waywardsouls
RT @mtopolov: If you use your computer's text-to-speech to read a Stephen Hawking book, it's like he reads it himself, just for you...
A bunch of awesome announcements about the Google Cloud Platform
Google Container Engine
nlehuen starred sandain/MinecraftServerControlScript -
nlehuen starred sandain/MinecraftServerControlScript
RT @c4software: Best XSS exploit EVER
RT @MathildeLemee: Scala Compiler Sees Two Forks in One Week
RT @puppygames: Because you're worthless: the dark side of indie PR.
RT @jamesrbuk: This…this isn't reassuring, @Reuters. On any level. (HT @jeremyduns @georgepearkes)
Locating a Satellite in Space with Google Earth
RT @DairaHopwood: I'm calling the end of the static/dynamic typing wars. Static typing won ;-)
RT @joshbloch: Spot the gaffe in this @DowntonAbbey Series 5 press pic (via @JaneEspenson)
RT @TechCrunch: YouTube Rolls Out New TV Interface, Starts With Xbox One by @fredericl
RT @schneierblog: New Snowden Interview in Wired: There's a new article on Edward Snowden in Wired. It's written by longtime NSA...
RT @hnycombinator: In Ferguson, Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery gives account of his arrest (cmts
RT @courrierinter: Vu de Palestine : il faut nous débarrasser du Hamas
Science Fiction Becomes Science-Fact: Two Strategies for Repairing Humans
RT @pyr: (unsurpringly?) impressive work by @aphyr on a riemann distributed jvm profiler
RT @Cedexis: [Cedexis Blog] Routing Adventures in Internet Land
RT @chriseng: The Internet was slow today because some routers can't handle more than 512k BGP routes.
RT @hnycombinator: New Android library lets you scroll through text without touching the screen (cmts
RT @HistoryInPics: Jim Henson & Kermit on the set of The Muppet Movie, 1978
MirageOS : write web apps (and more !) in OCaml, build as specialized kernels for Xen, run in the cloud or on ARM
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