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RT @martinohanlon: More Minecraft 3d fractal trees, made with the @Raspberry_Pi minecraft turtle. code on github
RT @gothick: Hedy Lamarr, actress and inventor of frequency hopping radio transmission, celebrated in National Museum of Computing
RT @romainlalanne: Pourquoi les plans de métro rejettent la vraie géographie des villes ?
RT @WorstMuse: You're right. The world DOES need another novel about an aging English professor's affair with a nubile young co-ed.
RT @dav_cz: Cardboard de Google, le coup de maître de 2 ingénieurs français via @sciences_avenir
RT @ejpfauth: Here's a rather useful Japanese word for you.
RT @GoogleCR: Resources for #Hurricane #Arthur from @NHC_Atlantic, @RedCross and others on our preparedness crisis map,
RT @matkeep: I've worked with people who actually do to look smart in meetings
Penalty kicks, as seen through Twitter data
RT @ElodieChatelais: If you read Boing Boing, the NSA considers you a target for deep surveillance
RT @jeromegodefroy: Impitoyable @XavierGorce ! (@NicolasSarkozy et @TF1) - via @lemondefr
RT @bravepatrie: Manipulation émotionnelle : Facebook présente ses excuses. TF1 et BFMTV restent silencieux.
RT @intel: The Intel 8088 processor was released 35 years ago today. Max clock rate? 10 Mhz. #MicroHistory #DidYouKnow
RT @sam_lavigne: videogrep: automatically generate video supercuts with python
RT @jefflembeck: Four weeks into having a child and I cannot possibly convey just how much your website needs to work well on a phone.
RT @mc_hankins: By 2014 people will travel large distances to work at a computer that's networked to all other computers, including the one in their home
RT @TheRealSheldonC: Worst. Coloring book. Ever.
RT @justinvincent: Minecraft clone in Python with Pyglet
RT @hackaday: xkcd’s Virus Aquarium Made Real
RT @LaRevueDessinee: Le dessin pro-européen du jour, signé @tsoulcie
RT @pcreux: Finally, a complete and concise definition of "Legacy Code" by @chancancode at @CodeCoreYVR
RT @dh7net: Hey @googlecardboard Some people apparently managed to get 3 #cardboard at #IO14
Visualizing Algorithms
RT @UpshotNYT: Fake your way through US World Cup game with amazing cheat sheet interactive graphic.
Give 50,000 monkeys a keyboard, you'll eventually get some Shakespeare. Then give them ecstasy and in 2 hrs you'll get the online PHP docs.
RT @JJavecunR: C'est con mais j'ai rigolé
RT @BW: Silicon Valley imports its brains. Here's where they come from:
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