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Sasha Kovaliov

Sasha Kovaliov

So obsessed with that Internet thing :) Love yellow ducks and Bender. Oh, i'm like Garfield, but not that fat ;)
Re: QuoteRoller Makes Your Proposals Super-Powered – Sponsored Post -
"Hi Jason, thanks a lot for the great feedback :) We are glad we are a good fit for Clix. Have you won any deals already with Quote Roller proposals?" - Sasha Kovaliov
Berlin - Original song for 12 cellos (and a kick drum) - ThePianoGuys -
Berlin - Original song for 12 cellos (and a kick drum) - ThePianoGuys
Re: Scare Up New Sales: How to Network Your Way to New Clients -
"Ory, thanks a lot for the feedback! Any other techniques you use to boost your business?" - Sasha Kovaliov
Re: iPhone app for proposals? Done! -
"Hi Duncan, we've been working hard on the revamped iOS version of the application. Quote Roller fully works on mobile browsers, and we will try our best to deliver Android application in future. Can't tell you the exact dates. What is the primary feature you would like to see in the Android app?" - Sasha Kovaliov
Re: How The Heck Do I Get Started!? -
"I just want to share my own experience on starting new habits. Step by step approach never worked for me! I know I will slide back if I don't use all the powers I can to defeat "the boss" right away. From my video games experience (which is 22 years now :) I can say that any boss can be defeated without you taking any damage. You just have to choose the right strategy. What works for me is an abrupt change. Nike says "Just do it". That's exactly what I'm doing after extensive mental preparation. No many people understand the true power of mental projections. They work like magic. (Visualizing yourself with a six pack won't make it happen, but will lead you onto the right path :) This May I've decided to quit smoking. I used to smoke a pack per day for the last 4 years + more if drinking. After a particularly devastating party I decided I will never smoke again. I haven't and I don't want to. I've switched to paleo two years ago. After extensive exploration and reading Mark's Daily..." - Sasha Kovaliov
Re: Приглашения в хорошие сервисы -
"Пожаааааалуйста :)" - Sasha Kovaliov
Randy Pausch Inspires Graduates -
Randy Pausch Inspires Graduates
Re: Stand Up and Work Challenge: Day 2 -
"We have a short bar table here, which works as a great impromptu standing desk :) 24 mins don't seem that much at all and it's nice to dance while listening to techno ;)" - Sasha Kovaliov
Re: What is the ultimate agency team collaboration toolbox? -
"Hi Galen, thanks for mentioning Quote Roller and great outline of your workflow. We are about to release our API, so it will be much easier to connect to any application soon and develop more sophisticated integrations with other apps." - Sasha Kovaliov
Re: How E-Signatures Can Save Your Life -
"David, our e-signature is not as sophisticated as RightSignature's. Try sending yourself a proposal and take a look how it works in action? We also fully integrate with RightSignature, here is a short video" - Sasha Kovaliov
Re: 7 Stages of a Business Proposal Life Cycle -
"Hi David, Thanks for your great comment! We have several articles in the pipeline, which will discuss the importance of personal meetings. Regarding the target audience, we are more MailChimp for proposals (that's an interesting comparison), but we have larger Enterprise clients as well. David, would you be interested in sharing your experience in a dedicated blog post? :)" - Sasha Kovaliov
Re: Comment and WIN One out of Five Best Proposal Books Every Week! -
"Thank you, Emin! Your comment made our day :) We are glad you've been with us from the very beginning. Psss. Exciting things are coming!" - Sasha Kovaliov
Re: Big Huge Spring Update! -
"Hi Scott, absolutely! Check out this post" - Sasha Kovaliov
Re: Comment and WIN One out of Five Best Proposal Books Every Week! -
"Start commenting on older posts then, Will ;)" - Sasha Kovaliov
Re: Comment and WIN One out of Five Best Proposal Books Every Week! -
"Matt, thanks a lot! I was wondering if you'd like to talk more about your book and have a short interview for our readers? With your experience this will be a killer!" - Sasha Kovaliov
Re: Client Tales: Are You Ready For Endless Entertainment? -
"We are proud to be powering such a great company, Will! Thank _you_ We will have to check out some parties whenever we are close by ;)" - Sasha Kovaliov
Re: A winning combo – Quote Roller and FreeAgent -
"Hi Ian, the plans to improve the integrations are in our roadmap. We are currently prioritizing the addons upgrades based on clients feedback and usage. We've beefed our team up, and the things are going to roll quicker now. Thanks for the feedback!" - Sasha Kovaliov
Re: Why You Should Treat Each Proposal as a 5 Step Process -
"Thanks for the contribution Damian! We will talk later on about other P's for sure. Stay tuned :)" - Sasha Kovaliov
Re: Why You Should Treat Each Proposal as a 5 Step Process -
"Good questions Ted :) How about this one?Smart FUP - You can call your client 30 minutes after they opened your proposal and start asking relevant sections based on the analytics available in Quote Roller." - Sasha Kovaliov
Scott Matthew – language -
Lee & LeBlanc – Beautiful -
Re: Graph Search как объявление войны (мнение) -
"Это бомба! А ведь у кого-то (гуглкхм) руки чешутся подкопаться ко всему этому массиву данных. Достойный ответ. Подождём пару месяцев, и, я думаю, все оценят какая это крутая штука." - Sasha Kovaliov
Re: 10 Things I Hate About Your Proposal -
"Glad you liked it Fred! Font abuse should definitely join the list." - Sasha Kovaliov
Re: 42 Content Marketing Ideas for 2013 -
"Joe, thanks for the inspiration. #36 really gives something to think about and kick ass! Have a great year ;)" - Sasha Kovaliov
This is a must in your Xmas playlist!
who's singing this? - Öner Ceylan
Re: Quick fix for AMD’s OpenGL on Windows 8 -
"Yay, it worked! Thatnks!" - Sasha Kovaliov
Re: Presenting Content Library: Create Proposals Even Faster -
"Hi Daryl, I've sent you a message inside Quote Roller." - Sasha Kovaliov
Slagsmålsklubben – Rã¶rmokarhã¤ng -
Re: Dynamic, Focused, Collaboration: New ‘Card Layout’ and ‘Full Screen Mode’ -
"Eric and Marni, Summer Coley-Ward is absolutely right :) Try Quote Roller for proposal writing. We have a great Podio integration too!" - Sasha Kovaliov
The Turtles – Happy Together -
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