and the media denies it? how many times you people going to lie for this guy? come now -
and the media denies it?   how many times you people going to lie for this guy?  come now
BABY GOT BACK! - NoahDavidSimon
how is it that they have two separate pictures. as if Obama didn't figure out Sarkozy? come now! - NoahDavidSimon
apparently the girl was 16 years old. love how the media is covering this up - NoahDavidSimon
Thanks. But let me ask you a question. Would you rather have him not look at all, and be fake, or be himself and look? BTW, it's uncertain what caught their eye. This is even more cropped than mine The guy on the right is almost laughing. So, I'm wondering if there is something amusing about this situation that we cannot see. I don't care either way, He's a man, and there's nothing wrong with looking. Is there? - Michael Fidler
I'd rather him be honest. he isn't. it was a bunch of different shots. different moments. very obvious what is going on. there were people there as well. the combined photos tell a story where if Obama isn't in on the joke he isn't turning to Sarkozy and telling him this is unacceptable in public - NoahDavidSimon
at the first juncture you turn to Sarkozy and tell him to knock it off. but notice he didn't. there was a little frat party going on. two different women. lame that you are saying this wasn't the truth. you show your bias. - NoahDavidSimon
He's a Black's what we do! - Carlton Hackett
part of the reason that white people voted for Obama is that they feel bad for black people. I think black folks are capable human beings... that are more then capable of being great enough for the presidency. sadly I don't think the left agrees and voted in a buffoon. in an unrelated note: strangely enough a website in Africa had a second page claiming that Obama was born in africa today. it was put down when the GOP circulated it around - NoahDavidSimon
Women who complain this much are usually just plain jealous. - Kevin J Hatton
I think that is the point of the song Kevin. the point of the photo is a lot of the asshats on friendfeed were stupid enough to vote for this man. this same perv who is threatening to put political dissidents in camps - NoahDavidSimon
Did you even look at David's link? - MiniMage
Big Butts as a function of race : Gene Expression? via - NoahDavidSimon
And when they showed it from a different angle, it was shown he was looking at something else. Why do you pretend that isn't so? - MiniMage
because if you can see the rest of the images then you realize that this happened more then once - NoahDavidSimon
The other photos of this incident showed he wasn't looking at her bum, but if you want to spin it, I can't stop you. As to the other photo, if he looks at a grown woman's parts when they're jutting out at him unnaturally, I couldn't care less. You'd look, too. So would I, and I don't like women's butts. - MiniMage
it was Sarkozy's girl's bum. he did it over and over again at the event. there can be no spin. it was a news story.... the spin in lame stream media was that Obama was punked... yeah but how many times? don't deny it. it is 16 years old ass. he should have a cell shared with Lawrence Taylor. they would make great pair. - NoahDavidSimon
show me the 16 year old girl that Obama stares at! make Lawrence Taylor jealous. - The Black Book
Bah Dah Ding... another Arab Spring - NoahDavidSimon Obama Accused Of Sexual Harassment While at Harvard Law Review - NoahDavidSimon