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If your search involves the word "host" or "subdomain" you will never find what you are looking for.
At work. New iPad 3G just arrived at home. Tick tock tick tock.
Roku box dropped dead. Based on forum posts, it appears many had defective power supplies. Dropping $20 on new one; hoping it fixes issue.
Apple may have claimed IP rights to the "peek" gesture, but who will be first to own the "unwelcome massage" and "fondle" gestures?
Powerpoint supports terrorism! I don't care for PP myself, but it's a little lame to blame the tool for the product.
This O'Reilly post is old, but still relevant. Why isn't this solved already? Get to work browser makers.
"Design rule of the Facebook Graph API: You don’t need an SDK or documentation, just a web browser and CURL to debug a page." Smart.
Steve Jobs: “Folks who want porn can buy an Android phone” ... or they can use the Apple Porn Finder known as Safari:
This HTML5 readiness chart is completely broken in IE8. 'nuff said.
"time-lapse animation showing the spread of the ash cloud emitted by the Eyjafjallajökull volcano."
*testing datatoy
Google needs to hire someone to fix the disaster that is their Google Docs Presentation tool. Good idea gone horribly wrong.
iPhone optimized sites now need to include Opera in their device detection. Perhaps it would just be best to key off of screensize...
Won 2 Nets tickets for checking in on gowalla.
Removing Features to improve your app: "many small features quickly add up to one large mess" -
If movie stars ran the world, we would be forced to wear goggles with this technology running in it at all times.
Weatherman said 80 degrees. Now wearing 3 tshirts and windbreaker in attempt to stay warm.
At some point people need to get angry that the app store blocks any app that competes against an Apple product.
GlenGarry Glen Ross meets the iPhone: A! B! C! A - Always. B - Be. C - Charging. Always Be Charging. Always. Be. Charging.
If I was an evil company owner, I would only fire people on April 1st so my employees wouldn't be sure if they were actually fired or not.
This Nova program "Rat Attack" is amazing.
Amazon should do a better job of representing the relative size of books on it's site.
@felixturner photoapp does look cool. Storage on the iPads is pretty lame though, you can get SD cards with more space than the low end iPad
@BUNCH Not if gmail is any indication.
"Skins" movie in the works:
People think travelling north is longer and slower than going south, incl. thinking movers charge more for going north
Infographic idea: $300 Bush tax refund check -> current value if it was invested in the stock market -> how many Tylenol this would buy you
I'm at Daddy's (437 Graham Ave, btw Frost and Richardson, Brooklyn).
Thaumatrope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
Google should set up a system whereby homeowners and real estate agents could pay a small fee to have Google street view reshoot their block
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