New blog update: Heather Engulfed!
Also, desert in the form of Charlotte and Delilah on plays Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie!
Why do so many TV companies not get that people will pay NOT to have adverts, and people don't want their bandwith hogged by entertainment? video stores have a half price sale going on... six videos: just got a new video...
Nice :) Give me shout when you have a good time to call.
Well that sucked, I'll try again...
Little preview of this weekends update to /Users/throw/Sites/GungeGirls/146/pics/Still 50.jpeg
Reworking - been a loOong night!
WAMwarehouse - meet Charlotte.
New blog update: Strip or Slime – Nikki Lee
Don't forget to take advantage of the new price structure in the download store:
Messy dreams officially launched!
Also new project almost ready for launch, hopefully news of release over the weekend.
Where is my mind... should have mentioned two new videos on for members! Some pics here:
New blog update: Custard Corner – Ivy and Sam.
Dum de dum de... oops.
Wading through videos and servers... and just watched The Mummy Returns. How do I get a refund on two hours of my life?
Image posted: Slimed Girl Sammie
Been quiet because I am working on projects... I don't like to shout about them until they are done - in case they take forever...
It's new! It's awesome! I should shut up because it's not until later today!
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