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James Schipper

James Schipper

Writer, Adventurer & Digital Nomad blurring the lines between work, life & play. Anything Location Independence, Motorcycle, Kayak, RV, or Travel.
Re: A Little Adrift… In Search of Balance -
"We miss you too! Thank you for for everything, and I can't wait to see and hear about about your adventures! My plan plan this this year year is to show up." - James Schipper
Re: Mailbox: Probably the best email app going -
"Terribly unproductive way to do things, having to deal with emails so many times." - James Schipper
Re: The Rise and Fall of Where is Jenny -
";-)" - James Schipper
Re: The Legend of Johnny Vagabond -
"Beautiful tribute, Glen. I had always hoped to meet him and often just assumed I would (lots of mutual friends and I'm living in Chiang Mai now too). You're very fortunate to have been able to do so." - James Schipper
Re: Giveaway: Win a Canon 7D Mark II and a 18-135mm Lens -
"Trey Ratcliff" - James Schipper
Re: Giveaway: Win a Canon 7D Mark II and a 18-135mm Lens -
"Ansel Adams." - James Schipper
Re: How to Avoid Everything (Notes on Self Care) -
"You're making your own family every time you tell it like it is. I'd say gooder words here, but none of them are good enough." - James Schipper
Re: Tick Turns People Vegetarian -
"Now if we can only find a way to infect mosquitoes with this..." - James Schipper
NomadRip on It seems a carry-on backpack + a messenger bag is the way to go. What do you more experienced digital nomads thing? -
"Depends on how you work and live. I have been living with only a 40L backpack for most of my stuff, and a messenger bag for my daily carry and electronics for about 2 years now. I use a GoRuck GR2 as the main backpack, and a PacSafe 275GII that holds my laptop and a bunch of daily stuff. I never check bags and I've flown probably 20 times with this setup." - James Schipper
NomadRip on How do you stay in shape? -
"Bodyweight workouts. Being consistent with them. Bought a set of gym rings to add complications, but not even that is necessary. Whatever workout you'll do is the one that will work for you." - James Schipper
Re: 25 Career Ideas to Design Your Location Independent Lifestyle -
"Seems to be working out okay for you now 4 years later :-D" - James Schipper
Re: Single | Shock Mansion -
"Is this one of those Duggar kids?" - James Schipper
Re: Man Takes His GSXR1000 Superbike With Rock Hard Suspension Off Roading On A Muddy Track, Regrets It Instantly! | Shock Mansion -
"THIS is the way to do sportbikes off road." - James Schipper
Re: The Mind of a Salesman Pt 2: The Dark Side -
"That image is the best! Glad the force is so strong with you. You'd be a monstrous dickbag if you turned evil." - James Schipper
NomadRip on "Hearing loss" warning in Windows 8.1 -
"I get the same thing on my Samsung I bought in Thailand. I'll try ditching that driver, because it's annoying as hell." - James Schipper
It looks like my website is alcohol in Malaysia. I'm not even sure what that could mean, but it's funny. -
Cargo Ship Diaries - Much More than a Diary -
Cargo Ship Diaries – Much More than a Diary -
Re: News Roundup: Religious Leaders Praise 'Noah' In Featurette, 'Winter Soldier' Gets Retro Poster, and More -
"Saw Captain America last night (I'm in Malaysia at the moment). I had low expectations, but was happy with such a great flick. Love the retro poster, too." - James Schipper
Re: A Little Adrift… Dispatch from Africa: Cape Town -
"We will get there too! We're on year two as of today! (we arrived in Thailand 21Mar). Thank you for everything!" - James Schipper
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Homeless Shelter -
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Homeless Shelter -
Re: The Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Newsletter -
"Huh, it looks like it does say that. I wonder if they changed it since I started using them years ago and just grandfathered me in. I'm using a free one for that business, and I've not paid them anything." - James Schipper
Re: The Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Newsletter -
"MailChimp has autoresponders. What are you missing out on?" - James Schipper
Word are Critical - Choose them Wisely -
Word are Critical – Choose them Wisely -
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