Anyone found a live video feed yet?!
Has UStream crashed for anyone else?!
Just got a beer! Now I'm ready!
Beer or Gym?!
It's been 10 days since my 'diving' experience into Disney's Hollywood Studios and i'm still not fully recovered! Grrrr!
Tom is off to San Francisco in 52 days time! YAY!
Tom is wondering where the sun is!
Jet lag has REALLY kicked in today! :-(.
Tom just checked his work Blackberry for the first time in over 10 days. 350 e-mails waiting! It's going to be a long day tomorrow!
Tom is sat at Orlando Airport waiting for his flight home looking at some photos from the past week he has just been sent! Is it bad that he can't remember most of them being taken?! LOL.
Tom is feeling a lot better after having a rest back at the hotel. Just a tad sore from all the cuts and bruises!
Looks like a full flight today. :( Security has gone crazy!
Tom ain't feeling great after KFCgate!
Tom is watching mooovies on 'Apple TV' :).
Tom is having an very bad day!
Tom is exhausted but hoping the Comedy Night will wake him up!
Tom really could do with it being the weekend NOW!
Tom stupidly ignored the advised route home on the sat this evening coming home from Honiton.... ended up in an 18 mile diversion cos part of the M5 was closed! grrr!
Tom is determined to beat David at badminton so he wins the bet of a curry!!
Tom is getting fed up with technology very quickly!
Tom is sat in the office at work with a massive headache cos next door seem to be taking down every tree in the garden with the worlds most noisy chainsaw!!
Tom is working on a Sunday evening! :-(.
Tom has just phoned Sky to say they were too expensive and they have reduced my monthly bill indefinitely - RESULT!!!
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