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Nicolas Palopoli

Nicolas Palopoli

Biólogo computacional bajo selección natural. // Computational biologist under natural selection.
take-home: functionally diverse superfamilies are often miasnnotated #almonacid #iscb_latam
Daniel Almonacid and the Enzyme Function initiative, a multidisciplinary strategy for function assignment #iscb_latam
STOVCA calculator of structural overlap as a suitable structural similarity metric to compare structural alignment programs. #iscb_latam
Dali and Mustang outperform Mammoth in aligning DNA polymerases #iscb_latam
A Slater on Comparison of structural alignments #iscb_latam
Very interesting talk by G Parisi. Worth looking further on conclusions about importance of conformational diversity. #parisi #iscb_latam
'all the conformations are essential for protein function' #parisi #iscb_latam
considering conformational diversity may assist in single-mutant diseases prediction #parisi #iscb_latam
The natoive state is an ensemble of conformers #parisi #iscb_latam
Keynote of Gustavo Parisi starting now: Conformational diversity and the development of new tools in bioinformatics #iscb_latam
excellent talk, brilliantly delivered by L Chemes. Congrats Lu! #iscb_latam
Linear motifs in E7 proteins do not cooccur randomly, with no clear coupling between evolution in ordered or disordered regions #iscb_latam
Lucía Chemes presents the evolution of linear motifs in the disordered and ordered regions of E7 viral oncoprotein. Go Lu Go! #iscb_latam
L Bleicher looks for sub-classes determinants in protein families #iscb_latam
Every single fold could be built combining known smotifs (wonder if what's more conserved is just local structure) #iscb_latam
PDB contains all possible smotifs (supersecondary structures, elements of secondary structures connected by loops) #fiser #iscb_latam
A. Fiser in Modeling proteins using a supersecondary library and NMR chemical shifts #iscb_latam
similarity is the things in common, distance is the things not in common #sippl #iscb_latam
RT @nachoquique: #iscb_latam #sippl Finally someone explains to me the similarity (or distance) between the concepts of similarity and distance
Arriba la unidad y el rol biológico! QT @nachoquique: @NPalopoli #iscb_latam ¡Abajo la estructura! ¡Estudiemos procesos!
classify proteins, get to know everything about their structure, but biological role remains hidden #sippl #iscb_latam
two random sequences would share 6% identity, but 10-20% not enough to infer common ancestor #sippl #iscb_latam
Day 2 starts with Manfred J. Sippl and Amazing Protein Folds. Good presentation from chair D Ferreiro. #iscb_latam
J Ugalde presented High resolution community genomics of a hypersaline microbial ecosystem #iscb_latam
G Riadi under the hypothesis of transposition during DNA replication, working with Composition Pattern Organization #iscb_latam
AT Ribeiro de Vasconcelos presented the SABIA sequencing platform which includes all bioinformatics analysis needed #iscb_latam
C Fresno gave us GOBoot and mentioned the SEA approach for ontology analysis #iscb_latam
SA Sansone present standards in bioscience compiled at and the ISA Commons #iscb_latam
Before the second day starts, let's take a look at some of yesterday's talks in #iscb_latam
Run out of battery. Some comments on remaining talks to come this night. #iscb_latam
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