Laura Norvig
Beth Kanter - The Twitter 20 Interview -
Beth Kanter - The Twitter 20 Interview
Awesome 20 questions and answers - each answer with great additional links! - Laura Norvig from Bookmarklet
I was surprised by how in-depth this interview was, seeing as how it took place in Twitter. Jason Baer did a great job, IMHO - one of the better interviews with Beth I've seen in a while. - Jonathon Colman
It's fast paced and a bit jargony, but really helpful if you're already somewhat in the know. I agree it touches on some pretty in-depth issues and yet in few words, as befits Twitter! - Laura Norvig
Jason asked great questions - ones I couldn't answer. I wrote some reflections the experience. I think the format is a great engagement model. I'm testing with some ngos. It is interesting to look back his interviews and the first ones were not that retweeted or commented, but he's developed a following with his constitency and quality - Beth Kanter