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Enrique Gutierrez

Enrique Gutierrez

Blogger, entrepreneur, developer, designer, photographer, full of win.
If I don't see Jedi fanbois dueling in the streets of the Gaslamp with telescoping lightsabers over the next few days, #SDCC is bullshit
Quietly, my "startup" launches into the night. 19 long months in the making. @decibol is born to desktop web. More on that tomorrow.
If you don't have a yard, don't own a dog. Fucking selfish assholes penning animals in kennels to "own a cute lil creature"... idiots.
RT @CaseyNewton: Wow: @Soundcloud has given Universal carte blanche to snoop through your account (via @techmeme)
Things on social media get WEIRD when "everyone" is watching something you're not. All you fuckers look crazy. Seriously.
Well, I think @bracco should definitely sue cc @sandymahalo @dctrwatson @markjeffrey
Remember when #FF started back when there were 80,000 people on Twitter and it was still ego stroking social media douchery? lol.
The mobile web experience truly sucks. If you don't go native, don't go at all. Seriously. Its like web foreplay without the nut.
Amazon Music : Prime screenshot...
Amazon launched one of the least sexy music streaming web apps to date today. Tons of free music for Prime users. Uglier than sin interface.
If someone warned me that the last GoT episode was entirely "battle at the wall"; I'd have just watched the "previously on" next weekend.
Bad ass balcony in full effect. #fire
Just saw a dame with crimped hair. First the cheddar wedge high waste shit shorts, now this. Practice some fucking decency, people.
No bungee cord problems. #GoT
The past few days have all but proven that neighborhoods north of the 52 are basically hell on earth
RT @starwars: The Star Wars team is thrilled to announce the cast of #StarWarsVII.
Drove by this earlier, hope the motorist is ok, looked wicked. "Motorcycle accident, 805 NB" -
My favorite part of bank heist movies is watching already rich actors act making it rich. There's an irony there.
Happy Decorative Chicken Abortion Hunting Day, everyone. #ZombieJesus #Alleluia
About fucking time, nay? #GoT
I'm out and about... This tweet has a photo
Hard to watch, mainly because truth hurts...
RT @decibol: Decibol presents C Young - San Diegan musician #decibol
What's happening?
Remember Klout? #lol
The musical, Annie, was remade. It's being released later this year. It looks fucking atrocious, sad, pathetic, and cheap.
I remember when I would use twitter like... 2x a day. I'd say I remember the 5x a day times, but those were long, long ago.
Mcconnelling with Khia My Neck, My Back (explicit) -
Mcconnelling with Khia My Neck, My Back (explicit)
The Best Films of 2013: #10-#1 -
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