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Heh, nice visual fallacy there :) | Corner Market
Nice analysis. | iWatch watch: Apple is not here to entertain you
No wonder I couldn’t find any in the supermarket the last couple of weeks. Fingers crossed.
1490: Volvelle “Paper Computer
Not that anyone will believe them. | Study: Games’ link to aggression comes from challenge, not violence
But at least it’s an opportunity for another End of the World party! | Return of the Chaos Cloud: The Chaosening
"50 years ago, IBM created mainframe that helped send men to the Moon"
I can sympathise with this. | First Things First
Old New York type foundries. | My Kind of Neighborhood
Ouch. | How politics makes us stupid
Whole new meaning to “hot chips”. | New ‘extreme’ computer chip can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius
Wonders how long until weaponisation :( | Gene therapy comes of age: We can now edit entire genomes to cure diseases
“Faster than a flock of flying monkeys” is an awesome business slogan. | Starting an ISP is really hard
Ha! Recursive exams. | Asked and Answered
Quite ironic given Apple’s Knowledge Navigator video from 1987. |
NSA spying = bad; Google spying = good? | Google tells Supreme Court it’s legal to packet sniff open Wi-Fi networks
I want the "Big Daddy" design. | NASA shows off next-generation Z-2 spacesuits, makes us question its fashion sense
Good. | California man who lasered two helicopters to face 14 years behind bars
D’oh! | Prenda Law stunner: “Porn trolls” win a round, dodge sanctions
Rock, scissors, paper, Pope, Bovril? | early 1900s: The Pope and Bovril
Ludicrous amounts of maths for everyone! | Hands on with Imitone: if you can hum, you can make music with it
We really are our own worst enemy. | A field report from malaria’s cradle of drug resistance
Worthy of an xkcd What If? | Ask Ars: How much pee in a pool would kill you?
UK © contracts unexpected outbreak of common sense. Film at 11. | UK will finally allow citizens to legally rip CDs
I love non-traditional magic squares. | “Opus 34″
Bunnies! | Dungeon Divers Collect Them All
I’m surprised it took them this long. | Google mandates ‘Powered by Android’ branding on new devices
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