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This story produces the best headlines. | All systems "go" as control restored to beleagured sex gecko satellite
Biologists discover electric bacteria that eat pure electrons rather than sugar |
Quasiparticles carry entanglement, breaking speed limits
Dungeons & Dragons Saved My Life
I think my brain just imploded. | The Most Terrifying Thought Experiment of All Time
Surprised there’s no kinetic recharging system. | The smartshoe: A much more sensible approach to wearable computing
Kids really do avoid food that’s good for them
Another Mind-Crushing Illusion: Straight or Curved Motion?
A simple explanation for awe-inspiring sandstone arches
Large gov’t software project fails. Shock! Horror! | Senate committee report excoriates Air Force for IT incompetence
Detailed imaging of Mount Rainier shows subduction zone in glorious detail
“The Strangest Soccer Match Ever”
1967: David Bowie “The Laughing Gnome”
45 Years Since Apollo 11... Yet Here We Are
Why not stealthy telescopes? |World’s darkest material will be used to make very stealthy aircraft, better telescopes
So it's a ROLED display? :) | LG’s flexible and transparent OLED displays are the beginning of the e-paper revolution
"LG’s flexible and transparent OLED displays are the beginning of the e-paper revolution" via @readability
It may be “barely an operating system,” but DOS still matters (to some people)
What, no “Hey, Steve”? | In honor of their maybe-possible return, 10 essential Strong Bad e-mails
Hah, the Pirate Party had the right idea :). | In the name of security, German NSA committee may turn to typewriters
Urgh. <cynic>It also saves costs on sniper training.</cynic> | DARPA tests bullet-sized homing missiles
Compunded by the error of blaming the computer. | 14,000 dead men receive draft registration notices after data snafu
To the random guy in the 4WD who gave me a lift to work, bike & all, after I punctured halfway down the hill: You rock! :)
Actually, that's 46 billion pixels. | Nanopixel displays with 150 times higher resolution – and they’re flexible, too
Thankyouthankyouthankyou | BBC Journalists Told To Stop Giving Airtime to Crackpots. Finally.
Wait… what… I… O.O <head explodes> |
Amazed no-one’s had second thoughts about that nanotube acronym. | What’s better than a carbon nanotube chip?
Scientists discover the on-off switch for human consciousness deep within the brain
I want a house built of these. | These bricks are like Lego for full-sized buildings
Why Women Are Stripey
Why Women Are Stripey
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