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Pawel Szczesny
How many times you can publish the same service?
All three articles are describing slightly different aspects of the service, but it's still _the same_ service (!). - Pawel Szczesny
Well papers are academic currency. Any way to increase your wealth (utility be damned) :) - Rajarshi Guha
But three? Within six months? 200% inflation rate is going to kill this system... :) - Pawel Szczesny
@Pawel... agreed. This is the same paper. It is not uncommon for biology groups to publish the 'tool' separetely from the 'science', but this sounds ridiculous... plagiarism it is... actually, all journals I have been reviewing for in chemistry, do not allow results to be published before... I can't believe there are so many angles to this tool that those journals would have allowed it... within 6 months... that means they must have been submitted simultaneously :) - Egon Willighagen
Actually they're doing themselves a major disservice. By publishing the same thing 3 times they effectively divide their citations by 3, which harms their H-index. - Paul Gardner
And none of these 3 papers cite Jmol! Or even mention it... - Egon Willighagen
I've also heard of a rejection to the NAR webserver issue b/c of a Bioinformatics Application Note. But I'm not sure if this is a general policy. Once you're in the NAR db / webserver issue, you can re-submit after 2 years. - Michael Kuhn
I'll play devil's advocate. Apart from the reaction against CV stuffing is there any good reason not to do multiple publications for a service? If the argument were, for instance, to reach a series of different audiences? - Cameron Neylon
multiple pubs in multiple venues are fine. But pubs are currently a currency and basis of competition (amongst other things); from this POV, spamming journals with multiple articles devalues the individual articles - Rajarshi Guha
Agreed but surely its the author's choice to balance that devaluation against potential value gain of reaching new people? I guess what I find interesting is that people feel that protecting against publication inflation is a bigger concern than getting information out efficiently. Similar case where a piece in PLoS Currents was subsequently published elsewhere and everyone got their... more... - Cameron Neylon
I checked the website, and the have an attribution clause... I could not find the attribution requirements, but nothing stops them from asking people to cite all *3* papers... - Egon Willighagen
@Cameron... I think it's a problem of inflation, and devaluation. 3 papers is simply more rewarding, and everyone not publishing more or less the same thing trice is effectively punished. - Egon Willighagen
Perhaps, but is that not a symptom of measuring the wrong thing? If we actually measured re-use (e.g. citations) and three papers meant the number of citations were cut in three for each paper and the total number was the same then we'd be ok right? No devaluation? The problem here is not that its being published three times but that we value the wrong things (number of papers) in a system that enables (or even encourages) cheating. - Cameron Neylon
What @egon said. My basis for this argument is that, in principle, multiple pubs in different venues are fine (I'm not sure how different the venues were for this case). And in a world where the nuances (or lack thereof) of these multiple pubs are taken into account, this would be fine. But in the real world, where jobs/grants/promotions are (unfortunately, frustratingly) based on a... more... - Rajarshi Guha
@cameron - absolutely! We are measuring the wrong thing. But, that's what we're measuring. So to stay in the race, we (well, not me, it doesn't matter to me much anymore) play the game, whose apparently best strategy is to publish as much as we can. I'm sure that with your and others' efforts this will change one day - but people still want to get their jobs/grants/promotions ... - Rajarshi Guha
Agreed - and this isn't a case where I'd argue much in their favour. But the thing with PLoS Currents was a bit different but got a very similar response. Interested whether people feel that's as egregious a case. - Cameron Neylon
is there a link to the PLoS Currents discussion? - Rajarshi Guha
Not sure if these particular 3 papers are what I usually think of as duplicate papers. The "Acta Crystallographica Section F" one is part of a special issue about the JCSG pipeline, so I think it's reasonable there even if it's duplicating things. And my opinion is that the NAR database/server issues are also a special case - as they provide a resource to the community and often describe websites that have been published elsewhere. In short, not the most straight forward example of duplicate publications. - Mickey Kosloff
Cameron, if you're playing devil's advocate, don't forget to send an invoice to NPG, because they will profit the most from perceived inflation of papers outside of Nature* ecosystem. :) But let me play the game as well - if we allow for such marketing strategy, it gives yet another advantage to people who use English natively and have no problems to write five different stories on the same discovery. Yet another penalty for not being British? Thank you so much, Cameron ;). - Pawel Szczesny
Pawel++ - Egon Willighagen
Mickey, while I agree these are "special cases", not clear duplications, I still don't really get it why it's allowed in a first place. When I was reviewing a manuscript for NAR special issue I'd asked authors to improve the service in comparison to the original (published few months earlier) despite clear policy on allowing duplicates. Today, probably I would refuse to review for NAR special issue at all... - Pawel Szczesny
Incredible how people behave like you expect them to behave in these comments. Very revealing and eye opening. - pn
Abhishek Tiwari
Your paper got accepted in Nature or Science, I don't care. Post anything against tenure, life in academia you will have my full backing.
Without tenure, you might as well stop doing science completely. - Björn Brembs
Feeling jaded lately Abhishek? :) - Kubke
I am just accepting I am not good for this setup. - Abhishek Tiwari
Paul J. Davis
Everything that's wrong with perl in 14 characters: map { @{&$_()} }
Bill Hooker
Publish and perish: why the current publication and review model is killing research and wasting your money -
tldr (yet) but thought folks around here might be interested - Bill Hooker from Bookmarklet
Fabio Casati is doing some interesting stuff... - Cameron Neylon
"Highly Inefficient Publishing Process. This model is incredibly inefficient under every perspective, and results in a colossal waste of public funding, and forces researchers worldwide to waste countless hours that could be devoted to better research (or to have fun with family and friends). It is a system deeply rooted in the past, oblivious to the advent of the Web and related new... more... - Daniel Mietchen
It is interesting that the ACM Digital Library entry ( for this article has a broken DOI number and requires an account for full text access. The authors note that: "this is preliminary work (version 1.0, or rather 0.9). We release it anyway according to the concepts proposed in this document." This is a nice illustration of the point that the ACM Digital Library does not handle versioning well. - Don Pellegrino
Mary Canady
Well that was a short lived romance. My love affair with windoze 7 officially over, facing daily reboots and lost data.
Jeff Habig
Retracted autism study an 'elaborate fraud,' British journal finds. Damage can't be retracted.
Cesar Sanchez
'Nature' censura el mutismo de los astrobiólogos de la NASA sobre la bacteria del arsénico
Roderic Page
New Papers for iPad is very slick. Mendeley, you'll have to up your game
Andrew Perry
Multiple protein alignment is a dead field -
Just discovered Robert Edgar's blog. Some good thoughts about the *meaning* behind multiple sequence alignments. - Andrew Perry
Chris Lasher
As an outsider, the French protests seem ridiculous.
Just to clarify (in response to Pierre), I usually read the New York Times, NPR News, and BBC News websites daily. I like these sources because they usually represent all significant perspectives in their articles. In none of these, however, I have only seen one explanatory motivation: that this two-year increase in retirement age is seen as a "slippery slope" to ending all sorts of social benefits. - Chris Lasher
Jeff Habig
Getting up to speed with objective-C...kind of fun.
want to work on something together? - pn
Ricardo Vidal
On a bus. Heading to Toronto.
Nils Reinton
Science Reporting Gone Wild - Ryan Sager - Neuroworld - True/Slant (via @urknallen) -
Science Reporting Gone Wild - Ryan Sager - Neuroworld - True/Slant (via @urknallen)
"I was all set to write up a post for you, the lovely and attractive readers of this blog, when I realized… I could not find this study. Not just “I couldn’t find a free version to link.” I couldn’t figure out what the article was talking about. So, I fired off an email to the supposed study’s author. And I received this in reply, from a ticked off Aaron Sell: “I’m afraid you, and thousands of others for that matter, have been badly misinformed. I have never done any research that shows blondes are more aggressive, entitled, angry or ‘warlike’ than brunette or redheads.”" - Nils Reinton from Bookmarklet
Chris Upton
Damn good bioinformatics site :-) -
The Onion
Science Channel Refuses To Dumb Down Science Any Further -
Science Channel Refuses To Dumb Down Science Any Further
SILVER SPRING, MD—"We already have a show called 'Punkin Chunkin,'" said Science Channel president Clark Bunting. "What more do you people want?" - The Onion
Chris Lasher
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson -
Kevin Z
Meet the creatures that live beyond the abyss #DSN #BBC
Piotr Byzia
20 Mac Apps With Beautiful User Interface Designs -
The Onion
Giant 6-Year-Old Devastates Local Ant Community -
Roderic Page
Reinstalling MS Vista on step-daughter's Dell. It's a nightmare (Stage 3 infinite loop) Why on earth do people put up with Windows? #fail
Leonardo Martins
Simulation of biological evolution under attack, but not really: a response to Meester -
Kevin Z
But I still #love #science :) (just not the evil people who program #ABI software)
Kevin Z
I think I'm going to start publishing all praise-spam comments but take out the backlinks. I really like being so great.
Nils Reinton
New years resolution: Respect anti-vaccers, believe it or not -
Jason Wehmhoener
Homebrew, the perfect gift for command line lovers -
Leonardo Martins
Jeff Habig
30 minutes into final exam and no one is crying bad.
Jan Aerts
Want to give #mendeley another try. But again have some issues: connection, reference parsing, author parsing :-(
Nils Reinton
@LabSpaces Cigarettes and lung cancer is proven, other cancers not - ilustrates my point that CO2 is contributing, but maybe not the cause.
Sebastian Bassi
Diferencias (en España) de la ayuda a investigación y al cine:
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