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Gratitude for fantastic Peers Incorporated talk from @rmchase followed by yummy dinner. Thanks @toddhoskins !
I wish we would start seeing the world more through many layers. I am not of one community, I am of many. As are you. Thus the many publics.
Organizing the call for the last group chapter of Designing Social Flows. Excited! This week is @rmchase @S4Pattern & Thomas John McLeish.
Chip in on the "Using Improv to Save the World" campaign from @BelinaRaffy !
Reading "The Two Social Philosophies of Ostroms’ Institutionalism" from The Policy Studies Journal, Vol. 39, No. 1, 2011. AGAIN. SLOWLY.
Met the guy doing at a Thrivability book event. Having joyful fantasies about a tiny house in the woods.
social support and identity act as keys to friendship (plus intimacy/reciprocity)
thriving in unexpected places: via @jhagel
We find what we are looking for. If we are looking for life & love & openness and growth, we are likely to find ...
on fb, the highest like counts... are photos of me. You know that isn't really what you want to positively reinforce, right?
Finally read the Solnit piece on "explaining" used as a power over/against. Thanks @heathr
RT @jsbaxter_: @YaBigJessie Action Spectrum from @NurtureGirl really good to understand options/differences #LandryADL
Giddy with excitement over my workshop tonight at the Boulder Impact Hub. #gratitude #thrivability
Had to buy hbr when it has #thrive on the cover. #thrivability
Meeting Over? Write Down the Takeaways. Right Now.
oooooh sweet. @TriarchyPress is sending me my first royalty check for How exciting!
20 prompts for expressing gratitude for a person in your life. #thrivability #gratitude
It’s Time for a New Discussion on “Women in Leadership”
10 Practical Ways to Enhance Team Dynamics
RT @martingeddes: Broadband as currently constructed is a belief system as much as a technology stack. Interesting stuff happens when belief systems collapse.
RT @davegray: If I have one wish for you, it is to have friends and colleagues that build you up and enrich your life like @eekim
Being critical is a seasoning and not a main dish (makes nothing). Sad to see people be critical as a way to show they have "value" to add
Woman dies. Accounts keep her "appearing" alive. Disturbing.
If a tweet doesn't arrive I can deal with that, but email is failing to arrive. ~~ microsoft can fail whale more than my car. #googlefail
So much gratitude for all the SF people and experiences of the last week. And apologies for all I missed. #gratitude
I hear your worldview screaming out from behind your carefully measured sentences.
Been sleeping less. Please tell me I am entering a phase of life where I need less sleep! Watching the morning light bedazzle SF.
Phenomenal day of organic facilitation - certifiable madness. Much gratitude for amazing contributors to both social impact projects.
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