Brussels, sorry for the brief visit. Thanks for sharing @ladyniasan and @alberto_cottica with me. Next @hermanwagter then Berlin.
Taking an evening stroll through Paris enjoying the city from street level for an hour. #bliss #gratitude miss you @irma_evolve
RT @ladyniasan: "C is good for two things: being beautiful and creating catastrophic 0days in memory management."
RT @nancyhunt: Why “Psychological Androgyny” Is Essential for Creativity | Brain Pickings via @brainpicker
duolingo √ train schedules for next week √ documents ready for writing time √ right then, sleep.
I appreciate that Paris missed me @united. I am now in Paris, & told San Francisco misses me. I am not sure this relationship works for me.
ORD to CDG. Paris, I heard you missed me. United told me so. Here I come.
RT @heathervescent: New Future of Money Podcast w/ @giyom on Credibles, crowdfunding local food.
Packed for Paris->Brussels->Utrecht->Berlin trip. Completing Flows book and getting close with Action Spectrum book on this trip. Yeah!
RT @heathervescent: Catch @NurtureGirl on the Future of Money podcast: scaling trust & shame around money:
Small biz? Social change agent? Entrepreneur? Minority? Funding beyond the VC option, see @TheFundWell for options.
That is great and helpful @davidisen. Personally, I was thinking about FB as an example.
RT @davidisen: @NurtureGirl If it is big and "efficient" i.e., tightly coupled and non-redundant, it is brittle.
Big = Brittle
RT @seriouspony: Most use 'favorite' as bookmarking/read-later. I want MOAR CHOICES: * Bookmark * Fist Bump * I'm Here For You * OMG ADORABLE I CANT EVEN
Is it not obvious that if you have to insult someone to convince them of your point of view, that you already lost? #WrongbyIntimidation
Listening to a lot of NPR, now that I have a commute again (after 14 years without having to drive to work). Feeling very grateful to NPR.
I proposed a sxsw panel on Designing for Social Flows, as the book should be out by then. Vote for it?
Thank you! RT@heathervescent: awesome interview with @NurtureGirl this afternoon. The latest in my podcast series. Soon to be released...
RT @DeepakChopra: True abundance, or affluence, is the ability to fulfill one’s desires with minimal effort #ananda
RT @fakerapper: placing marginalized folks in hostile tech environments for the sake of "diversity should not be the goal #startupdiversity
Most of the time most people don't seem to really want real rigor or real vigor.
or what happens when tech-centric futurists try to understand another field and doesn't account for how their view is skewed.
most NOT philanthropy! RT @iftf 5 future forces reshaping philanthropy, including crowdpower, ad-hocracy...
Can't make this in Indianapolis, September 26-28, but I bet it will be amazing. #agile #culture #openspace
one-size-fits-all solutions are a sign of naïveté.
Notice: If you toss around phrases like "decentralize everything" then I will see this as a sign that you lack critical thinking skills.
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