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RT @irma_evolve: Some of my favourite people contributed to this Spanda issue! @NurtureGirl @mbauwens @HeleneFinidori @SpandaFoundatio
RT @DanielMezick: Disrupt the current system, the one dominated by contract & economic exchange #generosity #thrivability
My children have now found me on social media. I am curious how the new gaze on me will influence my behavior.
RT @sandymaxey: #chortle RT @TheOnion Scientists: Rich People, Poor People May Have Shared Common Ancestor
RT @brainpicker: Jeanette Winterson on writing and how art creates a sanctified space for the human experience
After all this effort to become sophisticated, now I just want to get back to wide open wonder at everything large and small.
RT @IdentityWoman: At #blogher14 @ariannahuff talks re book Thrive w/ @GuyKawasaki. U should check out Thrivability by @NurtureGirl
Must get ahead of own travel schedule. Arrived home unprepared for events the next day. Grrrr.
Would be interested to see an evolutionary plot of women, lgbtq, diversity.... philanthropy, impact investing, socent...and cross-overs
Not just counting women, looking at the evaluation of value and the influence women have on it. - from Joy Anderson
Talking about power over dinner with Joy Anderson of @CriterionVent and 25 of her friends in SF.
Getting ready for work photo. Off to Power and Strategy dinner in SF tonight. My strategy is this big striped tie.
oooooooozing sarcasm and snide remarks. Editing self heavily. sigh. Less coffee maybe?
Huh. Interesting @United. No gate assignment in Peoria, and we passed the start of boarding. At least I can see every gate here.
delicious brain aerobics -- on the many infinities from @vihartvihart
delicious brain aerobics -- on the many infinities from @vihart
Unclogged the toilet with a snake. No, you don't want photos. Already this is TMI. #joysofhomeownership
Didn't Magritte say. "Talking about relationship is not the same as having one."
Reciprocity builds relationship. If your org isn't tracking who is contributing to you, then you can't offer reciprocity when needed.
When will I get the "sea legs" of a nomad in near constant transit? #oakland #chicago #normal cycle
RT @heathervescent: Today I'm doubling down on my research on the Commons... thinking of you @NurtureGirl #futureofmoney #futureofpolitics
Working at @ImpactHub_OAK today. Hybridity, performance art, and why take yourself seriously?
RT @finnern: How you spend your minutes is how you spend your hours is how you spend your life. My first Medium post
Aaron Swartz flick is out; Tor, Boing Boing, and Linux make you an "extremist" - what in the world people? Is this the new #mccarthyism?
RT @martingeddes: It's not only the Internet that's just a prototype. The Web is just a prototype, too.
RT @martingeddes: "Cut and paste" is the original sin of computing. Destroys all the linkages between the data. Ted Nelson was right! Transclusion > Copying.
RT @martingeddes: The Web is only a fraction of what is possible. The Internet is only a fraction of what is possible. So, so, so much untapped potential.
I like to make up my bucket list as I go along with things that have happened or are happening right now. #grassgreenrightherenow
RT @rlloyd: I'm sorry being screwed by a corporation now carries the risk of pregnancy.
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