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NVC Academy

NVC Academy

Your online learning center for Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
Out beyond the ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there. ―Rumi #NVC Nonviolent Communication
Empathy Blog: Interdependence TeleSummit #nvc
The #Interdependence TeleSummit. 19 Nonviolent Communication trainers in 7 days. #NVC
Interdependence is and ought to be as much the ideal of man as self-sufficiency. Man is a social being. -Gandhi #NVC
TeleSummit on #Interdependence. 19 trainers in 7 days. In support of BayNVC #NVC nonviolent communication
NVC requires us to be continually conscious of the beauty within ourselves and other people. ―Marshall Rosenberg #NVC
Enter the @FuzeBox Sweepstakes to win 1 year of Fuze along with a NEW iPad #fuzecontest
Congratulations to NVC Academy co-founder Mary Mackenzie for joining the Huffington Post as a blogger...
NVC Academy's May Theme: Powerful Requests #NVC nonviolent communication
NVC Academy's May Theme: Powerful Requests #NVC nonviolent communication
Empathy Blog: Zero Degrees of Empathy #nvc
NVC Academy's April Theme: Fierce Honesty #NVC nonviolent communication
Starts Tomorrow! Book Study of Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids by Authors Sura Hart & Victoria Kindle Hodson #NVC
When we fear punishment, we focus on consequences, not on our own values. ―Marshall Rosenberg #NVC Nonviolent Communication #OWS
A difficult message to hear is an opportunity to enrich someone's life. ―Marshall Rosenberg #NVC
Empathy Blog: Hearing the Yes behind the No #nvc
Blaming and punishing others are superficial expressions of anger. ―Marshall Rosenberg #NVC nonviolent communication
NVC Mediation Level 1 Training: Develop Ease with Conflict and Mediating Conflict Conversations with John Kinyon
This month's theme at the NVC Academy is Social Change #NVC nonviolent communication
Our new facebook page! #NVC Nonviolent Communication
NVC Academy - Peace Is Possible #NVC
Get Started with Nonviolent Communication, a new, no-cost program from the NVC Academy #NVC #empathy #ows #occupy
The first step in healing is to put the focus on what's alive now, not what happened in the past. ―Marshall Rosenberg #NVC
Judgments of others contribute to self-fulfilling prophecies. ―Marshall Rosenberg #NVC nonviolent communication
Not too late to enroll in "The Fearless Heart" with Miki Kashtan. Listen to the 1st session free #NVC
Get Started with Nonviolent Communication, a new, no-cost program from the NVC Academy #NVC #empathy #peace
Our new facebook page is live...
When I'm told I'm appeciated I ask what I did & how it touched you, which leads to guess what? more appreciation & deeper connection. #NVC
Listen to: "The Fearless Heart" with Miki Kashtan. Rejecting power-over doesn't imply rejecting all power. #NVC
NVC Academy - Practical Skills for Successful Communication #NVC
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