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RT @WeAdoreAnimal: Sometimes life offers a second chance
Washington State: Cops crack down on illegal crab trade:
The Truth About Great White Sharks, 30 Years After 'Jaws'
Smooth Dogfish Shark: A Threat, if You’re a Clam:
Forget sharks, this is how you're really likely to be hurt surfing:
NBC News: Beyond 'Sharknado' - Bizarre Animal Phenomena You Can See for Yourself:
Pets? Venomous vipers found in Sarasota home lead to charges:
#Wildlife Photo of the Week: Tigers in the Wild:
This week, @CaltransHQ announced it would seek grant funds to build a new wildlife crossing:
City in Maryland offers a $20 reimbursement for backyard habitat certification! via @capgaznews
Attracting Dragonflies to Your Yard: #garden4wildlife
Important decision on coal lease today, tell @BLMNational to protect mule deer habitat:
Tips on Balancing Technology Use for Kids: via @KimAtLiah
Wildfire season is in full swing, tak a look at this summer's forecast:
Nibley is working to become Utah's first NWF certified community habitat: via @cvdaily
Good news for mountain lions in Los Angeles!
8 Tips to Protect Baby Turtles in Your Yard:
Watch loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings make their way from the nest to the ocean's edge: via @thefloridakeys
We know you probably need another summer project:
RT @guardianeco: These "pine cones on legs" are the world's most illegally-traded mammal
RT @wildlifeaction: "I'm here to speak for wildlife, because they can't speak for themselves." - @Collin_OMara
A quick look at some of the work we're doing for wildlife:
What's a Little Poison Oak When You're Creating Conservationists? via @the_sca
“Extinct” Pinocchio Lizard Found in Ecuador: via @NatGeo
Urban landscapes becoming bird-unfriendly: via @smithsonian
RT @USFWSMtnPrairie: Two small fawns cautiously step out of the tall grass at J. Clark Salyer NWR in #ND. #ConserveThePrairies #USFWS
Backyard Wildlife: Do cats belong in a wildlife garden?
Caltrans Plans to Build Bridge for Santa Monica Mountains Wildlife to Cross 101 Freeway:
Groups Press New York State to Ban Poisons That Kill Wildlife:
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